OMS Independent Review Of Online Marketing Software 2019

Introduction – OMS Independent Review Of Online Marketing Software 2019

When looking at the massive range of online marketing software products available on the internet, it can be very difficult to find a baseline for comparison between these software products because they are all slightly or greatly different, fall into different categories, and may offer completely different features and functionality, and are often priced quite differently as well. See the following references:

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The overall or final cost of each purchase may be very difficult to determine, from what the initial marketing and sales offer may indicate, since there may be numerous upsells to achieve full functionality, which depends on your particular requirements.

Additionally, the online marketing software may be marketed in different ways to attract different audiences or subscribers, who may then be offered various upsells or enhancements at different stages in order to achieve the best possible functionality whereas it may not have been apparent from the initial purchase that you were not buying that full functionality which you thought you were buying.

Some online marketing software products may not be what they appear to be and there are many products that have crossed over into Multi-Level Marketing, meaning that the software itself is part of a sales pyramid or layered marketing process. Purchasers of the initial software may have been offered a discount or a loss-leader level of pricing because purchasers are being drawn into a Sales Funnel, which will lead to much greater expenditure than was first apparent from the advertising of the product.

For that reason it is necessary to categorise the marketplace and to allocate each of the software products into one of the following categories, to clearly understand how they may compare:

  • Online Marketing Software Training
  • Website Hosting
  • E-commerce
  • Multi-Level Marketing

(1) Online Marketing Software Training

This group of online marketing software products focuses on the education and training of their subscribers and are essentially educational products, which are purchased by subscribers who are interested in gaining knowledge about online marketing with a view to making money online. Even though such software products may have a particular approach and claim that their methods have achieved great success, the making of money online is not part of the sales offer and most of these educational online marketing software products make disclaimers about any particular level of success which may be achieved.

The best example in this category is Wealthy Affiliate, where students are offered great educational training, great technical and website hosting capability as well as community support from the members who vary in capability from beginners (students) up to leading experts in their respective fields in internet marketing and commerce. Wealthy Affiliate is a type of Social Media site, which requires interaction and engagement from subscribers. For our review of Wealthy Affiliate click here.

(2) Website Hosting

These products host websites and offer domains for sale at various prices. Some of these companies do not offer training. An example of such a web hosting company would be Bluehost.

Wealthy Affiliate is unusual in that it offers its members tremendously capable website hosting and building capability, as well as the training which is described above.

(3) Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Companies and products in this category offer software and educational products which are targeted at people wanting to make money online and these may be part of a pyramid type selling operation.

Examples of companies in this category are The4%, where subscribers may be invited to join at an apparently very low rate, but are drawn into a sales launch process, which requires them at each next step or stage to buy more of the educational products which they are selling in order to meet their targets.

An example of a company which has crossed over from category one, educational type products into MLM is Digital Elites, which is now marketed under a different alias, and may even be defunct.

(4) E-commerce

This type of company is selling physical products usually by drop shipping (the customer pays for the product after ordering it online, then the drop shipping company orders from the supplier who fulfil the order directly to the purchaser.

Because it is very easy to get into this market, because of low investment compared to bricks and mortar business, there are a number of companies who offer services to subscribers to help them to get into the E-commerce business. Examples of such companies are Shopify, and there are companies who offer Shopify related products (training and software and services) to enhance Shopify stores for subscribers, for example, Slingly (previously known as Commercify).

For our review of Slingly click here.

Amazon is the most famous and largest of the e-commerce stores, and there are companies which specialize in Amazon, for example, ASM.

Another example of an e-commerce platform is T-REXecom, for which you can read our review here.


Differentiate between the offerings of various Online Marketing Software Providers

We have prepared a matrix which helps to better understand where each product which we have reviewed sits in the marketplace to give our readers a better idea of what they can expect from each product.

Online Marketing Software Comparison And Categorization

Software Systems Comparison

Alan James

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Marlinda - November 24, 2017

Thanks for the info Alan. I like how you created categories for the software. I hope that you continue to create good info so that others can be properly informed 🙂

    admin - January 18, 2018

    Hi Marlinda Thank you for your comment. I have developed the site a lot more now and am hoping this will provide guidance to newcomers. Alan

Jerry Huang | Smart Affiliate Success - January 19, 2018

Thanks for this informative post. I like how you compare the different types of online businesses. Just curious, which is the one you recommend? MLM, Affiliate Marketing or E-commerce?

    admin - January 19, 2018

    Hi Jerry, Thanks for taking the time to read my posts. Having looked in some detail and investigated all three, and tried Ecommerce as well, my conclusion is that I would recommend Affiliate Marketing as the least risk route for starters. Ecommerce requires a fair amount of knowledge but has been successful for many people so is a higher risk option, but feasible. I cannot imagine a scenario where I would recommend MLM, but some people are successful at that I guess as well. My recommendation is to start with WA https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=5e7d67ef
    Thanks again Alan

Jaime - July 6, 2018

Hi, Alan. I like the information you’ve provided here. I think it’s interesting to consider that in many cases what seems like a simple purchase comes with later caveats for making the original purchase work to it’s fullest potential requiring one to spend more money.

I hadn’t thought of it in software specifically, but there are a ton of examples where the success of a product turns into a MLM situation. I feel like that’s pretty prevalent in diet or health fads (It Works, Keto Drinks), and of course for decades with beauty or cleaning products (Mary Kay, Amway). I can’t even count how many MLM groups I’ve joined over the years after simply “trying a product.” I can’t personally think of a software example, but I’m also sort of new to the online marketing game.

I really appreciate that you mention Wealthy Affiliate as your recommendation, because it’s a perfect example of a situation where you can actually build a business for a defined monthly or yearly rate – with access to all the tools, software, and community. Of course, one would have to factor in domain purchase and registration costs, but that’s really the only thing I can think of that would need additional funding for getting a profitable business started with affiliate marketing through WA training and platform. In the year I’ve been there it has grown and grown, with more and better features being added – but the cost for me has been the same the entire time, and very predictable – unlike other courses or groups that kept releasing things for an additional cost.

Michelle - August 21, 2018

Hello Alan,
It is really nice when you can find an article that touches on all the points you need to know, especially when it is written in ‘plain English’ for the ‘masses.’ Thank you for taking the time to explain, inform, and educate. I have a confession to make – I might be stalking your website for more education. Thanks so much.

    admin - June 29, 2019

    Hi Michelle, Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. You are welcome to visit anytime as that is exactly what the site is for! Cheers Alan

Timotheus - September 8, 2018

Thanks for a very informative article, Alan. I had not thought of the categories of online marketing software products in the way you did. It does help to see the different types of software products in a clearer perspective. And from there, we can decide which is the best choice. This is really good!

    admin - June 29, 2019

    Hi Timotheus, Thanks very much for your comment, and I hope you can find some more useful information on the site as well, Cheers Alan

Faith T - August 10, 2019

Great info, Alan. I see you mentioned Shopify in the e-commerce section, have you tried commercehq? Thanks.

    admin - August 10, 2019

    Hi Faith, Thanks for your comment. I have not yet tried commercehq, but will check it out. I tried TREXEcom, and Shopify without any success. Ecommerce needs a lot of time in my opinion, which I have not yet been able to find. Cheers Alan


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