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Introduction to Review Of Anthony Morrison Products 2018

Anthony Morrison is an entrepreneur, author and public speaker who has had massive success over the last 15 years in various internet businesses. He claims to be self-taught and has established himself as a guru in internet marketing with more than a million followers and students around the globe.

Anthony Morrison says that he enjoys empowering people to fulfil their entrepreneurial ambitions above all else, and helping people to be successful.

Who Is Anthony Morrison?

Check out Anthony Morrison´s Facebook Page click here: Anthony Morrison is a highly successful entrepreneur and author. His books are The Hidden Millionaire and Advertising Profits From Home.

I Am Anthony Morrison And I Have More Than A Million Students!

Review Of Anthony Morrison Products

I Am Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison Businesses At A Glance

Product Names: Morrison Ambassadors Club (Affiliate Program), Morrison Academy, The Success Connection, Partner Profit Strategies, Morrison Education software products (various), Ambassador Club Program, Anthony Morrison´s Travel Agency advertising Florida.

Review of Anthony Morrison Products

Anthony Morrison Facebook Page


What Do People Think About Review of Anthony Morrison Products?

There is some controversy about Anthony Morrison and his businesses and methods, and you will see a lot of complaints and negative comments in the following Review of Anthony Morrison Products:

Anthony Morrison Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Anthony Morrison is one of the internet’s and television’s most well-known internet marketing gurus. According to the bio on AnthonyMorrison.com, he is a ” self.

Success With Anthony Reviews

Product Name: Success With Anthony Website: www.successwithanthony.com. Price: $7, $147, $1,000’s (unethical pricing) Owner: Anthony Morrison

However, Anthony himself doesn´t seem to see that there is any problem at all!

Anthony Morrison Profit Cycle Training – Website | Facebook – 10 …

Anthony Morrison Profit Cycle Training shared Anthony Morrison‘s live video. Sp SonSsoSredS … Anthony Morrison was live. … Recommendations and Reviews.
Here are some of Anthony Morrison´s many companies and the training and education offers:

Best and Cheap Online Marketing Courses | Morrison Publishing

Join the best and cheap Online Marketing Courses at Morrison Publishing today! … I am going to guess NOT Right now when you join our Ambassador Club …

Anthony Morrison: A Solid System For Internet Marketing Success

Many people have been able to find success in online marketing through the techniques of Anthony Morrison. Let him help you realize the same dream!

Morrison Education Software & Education Products:

Prices for the Anthony Morrison software and educational products range from approximately $50 up to $2000+.

  • IncomeEDU
  • Marketer Software
  • Build Send Profit Live
  • Inbox Inner Circle
  • Email Domination
  • Mastery Funnel Club
  • Fan Page Domination
  • Auto Engage i.o
  • Build Redirects
  • M Insider
  • SWA3
  • Mobile Optin

Products Overview

Anthony Morrison (AM), who describes himself as an email marketing mentor, has recently rolled out the Morrison Ambassador Program (See new review below) and also runs Morrison Academy and offers a number of software products and extensive training programs under the banner Partner Profit Strategies and The Success Connection. Membership is entitled IncomeEDU which entitles the subscriber to all of the training videos and live webinar training as well as fortnightly coaching to ensure that a subscriber keeps up to date with changing marketing and online sales techniques developments.

Morrison Ambassador Program

Anthony Morrison has recently rolled out in January 2018, his Morrison Ambassador Program, which enables you or any subscriber to act as an Affiliate for all Morrison Education products, which are listed below. The subscription cost for this Ambassador Club Affiliate program is:

Lifetime Ambassadorship – $1497 one time.

Annual Ambassadorship – $997 per annum.

Quarterly Ambassadorship – $397 per quarter.

The benefits of membership of the Ambassador Club Affiliate Program are that it gives you 50% commissions on all first tier sales of all AM software and educational products.

Additionally, an Ambassador received 10% commission on all second tier sales from new subscribers introduced by him.

Anthony Morrison says it is not an MLM program, but it seems to be pretty close to it to us.

Below are listed all the software and educational products which are offered by Morrison Education, upon which the above commission rates apply for life.

Hence Anthony Morrison is offering benefits of ongoing commissions and regular income, rather than the one-time commission offers of many Affiliate programs.

The Way Morrison Ambassador Club Affiliate Program Works

You generate traffic and send this to your Opt-In page, from which you collect new subscribers´email addresses, which are collected on your AutoResponder, so you can build your own email list for your personal business.

As a Lead Magnet, you offer a free Morrison Education course called How to Build Your Online Business.

New subscribers are invited to create an account, after which they are sent to a Thank You page, which invites them to subscribe to a Morrison Webinar.

New subscribers are also given access to a Morrison Members Portal.

New subscribers email addresses are passed to AM´s AutoResponder, which is loaded with 218 days of follow up emails to new subscribers, and they are offered various other education and training products, from which the introducer receives a commission.

Subscribers to AM Ambassadorship Program receive lifetime commissions on all products and services purchased by their introduces.

At the Webinar, new subscribers are offered the following products:

  • The Profit Cycle Blueprint Course
  • Links to Educational Products
  • Invitation to Bootcamp
  • Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Training Enrolment.

The Success Connection

The Success Connection is a community which subscribes to and receives Live Coaching from Anthony Morrison at twice-weekly webinars (usually attended by approximately 1000 people per session). Anthony Morrison also teaches Email Marketing Strategies Which Work, Traffic Generation Strategies, and Featured Live Questions and Answers. There is also a Facebook Group for subscribers to join and exchange information informally and receive updates and bulletins.

Anthony Morrison runs regular twice-weekly webinars and introduces guest speakers at these quite often. These guest speakers are usually expert and successful marketers or entrepreneurs, who are known to Anthony Morrison and who will offer their own specific brand of training and value-added services of how to make money online, very often at quite highly discounted rates, as Anthony Morrison presses guest speakers to give good deals to his students. The webinars are usually available as recordings online for a few days after the live webinars, for students who may not have been able to make the live webinar, and these are all free of charge in the training area for subscribing members.

Additionally, within the training webinars, Anthony offers his own specialized and detailed training about funnel building and marketing of products and services online. He quotes from his own successful marketing and sales and traffic generation strategies, including social media marketing and interaction, often using examples from his own businesses which have been tested and proven to be successful.

Anthony Morrison is a subscriber, user and Affiliate of ClickFunnels, and many of the free giveaways which he gives (of which there are many Done For You Funnels, as well as videos, and emails for various purposes) and they are quite comprehensive as well as proven sales funnels which are based on his own successful businesses which are marketed online. One such site is for holidays in Florida, AM also designs and develops software packages of his own.

AM his own team of software programmers who prepare software programs and sales funnels for his own businesses and these are the ones which he regularly gives away to attendees of his webinars, usually given away during the live sessions and for a few hours thereafter.

AM frequently gives away random cash prizes to incentivize students, as well as Investing Scholarship amounts of $1500 in students meriting reward.

Features of Anthony Morrison Products and Services

Comprehensive training is offered over a long period of time and AM tries to develop and educate all his students along with him to achieve a higher level of knowledge and helps them achieve the taught goals with the giveaways and coaching. The weekly webinars have been going for approximately 3 years, although we have experience of them only for approximately months. These are totally good quality training and education, and from our experience has been highly valuable.

AM introduces and recommends many guest speakers who have different software or services to offer, and there is usually a pitch at the end of the presentation in the webinar. Many of the offers are highly discounted because AM insists that his guests offer great value for his students. We have tried quite a few of these offers but never succeeded in making revenue from any of them.

AM makes a commission from products and services which he recommends, and which may be purchased by students. His view is that Clickfunnels is an ideal Landing Page builder, and also integrates Mobile Optin. The cost of Clickfunnels is $99 per month at a basic level and $297 per month for professional level higher volume users. However, AM makes clear that he does not force anyone to take up the recommended products such as ClickFunnels. For example, he invites people to go and buy ClickFunnels directly from the company if they do not want him to earn an Affiliate commission from the sale. AM does say to subscribers that if they choose not to use ClickFunnels, they will need some package with which to build their sales funnels.

Another product which is recommended to members is BuildRedirects, an Anthony Morrison product, which is a Link Redirect software program costing Basic $19.99 per month, PRO $49.99 per month, and Super Affiliate $99 per month.

Who are the Products and Services from AM for?

AM´s products and services are aimed at those people interested in making money from marketing and selling online, such as entrepreneurs, small business owners, people looking for part-time income, retired people, and some of whom are Affiliate Marketers, others are in the E-commerce market.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation – Review of Anthony Morrison Products 2018

We have changed our opinion about the products and services offered by Anthony Morrison. His training is very detailed and based on his own successful email marketing and sales strategies. Anthony Morrison is loyal to his regular students and gives away many free and very valuable products, at the weekly webinar training. Also, he gives away email templates as well as Done For You Funnels, including videos and other graphics and documentation.

However, subscribers pay him to sell his products as well as underwrite their own advertising costs. Anthony cannot lose money, because he receives money from people (you) whether he sells products or not. We have spent a lot of money on Morrison products and listened to many of his webinars, and have never received any return on our investment.

We do not recommend Morrison Academy, The Success Connection or any of Anthony Morrison´s products or services.


Alan James

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BeverlyB - January 22, 2018

Wow! I never heard of Morrison Academy and now I feel, based on your article, that this is a great product. Thank you for this information.

    admin - January 22, 2018

    Hi Bev, I have been following Anthony Morrison for about 8 months now, and he certainly is an impressive character. He has built a number of successful businesses, and does a lot of free online training (some of it has been going on for about 3 years, so prior to my awareness).He has a lot of current offerings via Partner Profit Strategies, on a Tuesday evening, and Success Connection on a Thursday (UK time is 2am Friday morning, so a bit of a pain really). He has given away a lot of free sales funnels and pre-written email templates which I have benefited from.https://anthonymorrison.clickfunnels.com/webinar-registration if you want to check him out yourself. Best Alan

Morrel Crawford - January 25, 2018

I been following AM and his brother for about a year now! They offer great value frequently. My question is how successful has this business model been, and have you gotten a chance to partake in James?

    admin - January 25, 2018

    Hi Morrel, Thank you for your comment, and I note you have been following Anthony for quite a time now. The Ambassador Club Program is only just being launched, so I have no actual figures which I can give you for that. I am aware that AM has several successful businesses including Destination Florida travel business and Morrison Academy/Education which sells software products. He generates a lot of trust with his followers and I am hoping from his presentation of the Ambassador Club model that it will similarly be successful. Maybe in a few months I could give you more information. Alan

      admin - July 18, 2018

      Hi Morrel. I thought I would just mention I fell out with Morrison after about a year of following his webinars, subscribing to various products and services, but total ROI = nil, Alan

Amos - January 29, 2018

Scam written all over this, if you have pay to stay at a ‘level’ to get better commisions and buy over prices software and webinars who is making all the money… not you you have to pay to stay.. where do you host your site OH yeah AM what do you get if you only pay $99 per month for.. an if you stop do you still get the residuals.. no MLM at its worst…

    admin - January 31, 2018

    Hi Amos, Thank you for your comment and I can certainly see where you are coming from on this. I will keep this situation under review and update my post depending on what my conclusion is after say 3 months. Thanks Alan

    admin - July 18, 2018

    Hi Amos, I have changed my opinion about Morrison Ambassador Club, and all the Morrison products, that is one greedy company, and you have to sell a massive amount of their software to even cover the costs, Alan

Bianca - September 6, 2018


I am wondering if this is still worthwhile today? Do you need to have your own website, I am a little confused how you get people without having your own website? Is it in US or AUD also?

    admin - September 6, 2018

    Hi Bianca, Thanks for your enquiry about this product. I do not recommend that you purchase anything from Morrison Acadamy or any Morrison company. I need to update my post to make this absolutely clear to people. This is a greedy company. They do offer free training and various offers from time to time, but behind that they require you to pay money to promote their products. The prices are in US$. I recommend you should try Wealthy Affiliate, which is a much better product to subscribe to, you can try it for free. This is my affiliate link to WA should you want to look at it, you dont need a credit card or to make any upfront payment, https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=5e7d67ef Alan


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