Review Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice 2019

Six Figure ApprenticeIntroduction to Review Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice 2019

In This Review Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice 2019, we aim to get to the bottom of what this product comprises and what value you may get from it, should you choose to purchase the product.

Who Is Richard Legg?

Richard Legg is a successful online entrepreneur who developed his system while he was still studying at University. He refined his system over years and now has a highly attractive selling machine. Richard offers that you can become his apprentice and learn his online marketing system in order to make $100k per annum.

What Exactly Is Six Figure Apprentice? What Does Six Figure Apprentice Do?

Richard Legg offers to set up not just one but ten websites, which clone his online marketing system. These websites are all Done For You by Richard´s team. All you have to do is DRIVE TRAFFIC to the websites.

Any subscribers who you introduce will be targeted by the support team for all ten sales funnels.

You will receive commissions for all sales achieved as a result of subscribers introduced by you joining or purchasing products from any of the sales funnels

Six Figure Apprentice Revenue Commissions

What Are The Pro´s And Cons Of Six Figure Apprentice?

The Pros Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice System

You are buying a clone of an already proven and successful system comprising 10 sales funnels.

You will receive commissions on sales of all products introduced by you, from whatever level of each sales funnel, low level products, through to high ticket items.

You get a 12 month guarantee when you purchase the Six Figure Apprentice system – see below Richard Legg assures that you will make more than 10x your investment in that time.

Are There Testimonials For Six Figure Apprentice?

Six Figure Apprentice Testimonials
Six Figure Apprentice Value

How Much Does The Six Figure Apprentice Cost?

Six Figure Apprentice costs $997 as a special one off deal.

The normal price of Six Figure Apprentice is $1997.

Six Figure Apprentice Value

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice 2019

We purchased this product after Review Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice 2019, and are currently in the process of trying the system out.

Richard Legg offers a 12 month guarantee with his system and assures purchasers that they will make back at least 10 x their investment during that time.

Six Figure Apprentice Guarantee


Review Of Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer 2019

Introduction To Review Of Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer 2019

This Review Of Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer 2019 assesses what benefits you can get from buying a franchise of Dave Sharpe´s proven tried and tested sales and marketing system which has sold more than $170m of products and aims to assist you in evaluating whether it is suitable for you or not.

Review Of Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer 2019

Who Is Dave Sharpe?

Dave Sharpe tells his story of how he went from being a broke construction worker barely getting by on his wage, to invest many years in developing his marketing system for selling products online to now spending most of his time on his leisure pursuits, he enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.

Dave Sharpe was a previous co-founder of a product called Empower Network which was highly rated by subscribers, so the thought is that this successful pedigree will be passed on to Legendary Marketer.

What Exactly Do You Get With Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer 2019?

Quite simply you are buying a franchise of Dave Sharpe´s successful Legendary Marketer system. The whole website, funnels, emails and sales and marketing system is Done For You copying Dave´s successful business model which has sold more than $170m of products. Dave Sharpe explains that with a franchise business model you are in the region of 90% likely to achieve success.

Dave Sharpe explains that he needed a low-cost front-end product in his funnel which attracts a lot of subscribers. Once he has these subscribers he offers premium products to them and receives a smaller number of opt-ins for these.

Review Of Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer 2019

What Are The Pros And Cons From Review of Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer 2019?

The Pros Of Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer System

When you buy into Legendary Marketer you are immediately allocated a coach so that you can agree to a Business Plan and unlock steps for you to achieve your business goals.

Legendary Marketer is essentially an Educational Platform and a step by step business system, so you will need to follow the training and then implement it in order to achieve good results.

You have a lot of help in order to formulate your goals and how you will achieve them, from your coach, who will also deal with the

There is a book which you can use as a lead magnet and offer to prospective customers who are inter

It is not a Get Rich Quick scheme, and you will need to put work into your business and in proportion

Dave Sharpe quotes legendary motivational speaker and successful businessman Tony Robins who says that to achieve the success you should find someone who has achieved the results you aspire to, and then copy what they do.

Review Of Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer 2019

The Cons of Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer System

There is no flexibility in this system, you are buying a clone of Dave Sharpe´s successful business system, just that. You don’t have any options to develop in new and innovative ways. As long as the Dave Sharpe system is successful, then you will share that success.

Is There Training Available With Legendary marketer?

There are regular weekly training webinars available with Legendary Marketer, and you can see one here being presented by Larry Beachum.

The training is quite specific and to the point about explaining what you will need to do to achieve $5k per month at Legendary Marketer. Larry Beachum explains that 90% of the work is done by Legendary Marketer for its franchisees, whose contribution is in the region of 10% of the total effort to achieve sales.

All franchisees have to do is drive traffic to the Landing Page, using their affiliate link. Larry Beachum explains 32 ways in which franchisees can drive the traffic to achieve sales. Each franchisee will need to spend 80% of their time finding new business until you reach your income goal. Other time will need to be spent on training and other activities.

The lead man is David Sharpe who heads the $100m plus business.

All videos, images, ads, emails are all done by Legendary Marketer, and all these resources are available to franchisees.

Are There Testimonials For Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer 2019?

Dave Sharpe claims that there are thousands of satisfied subscribers to his Legendary Marketer system.

Have a look at this video review of Legendary Marketer from  Steven Rachel who achieved more than $6000 sales in 30 days of promoting the product. He says that the results depend on what you put into the business, and this depends on consistently driving traffic to Dave Sharpe´s video, which is very effective at achieving conversions. He plans to make even more money in future months.

Here is another independent and unbiased review of Legendary Marketer from Ryan´s Big Project. Ryan is not a current user of Legendary Marketer. Ryan knows some people who have achieved success with Legendary Marketer including the top earners. Ryan also knows Dave Sharpe as well as being an experienced internet marketer.

Ryan expresses some caution about buying products from the Legendary Marketer. He quotes that his roommate made $7k last month.

Ryan speaks positively about Dave Sharpe and the program itself, but cautions against spending large sums of money before testing the system out and getting some success.

Andre Miller talks enthusiastically about Legendary Marketer and is adamant that the system does work. He invites people to contact him personally if they are sceptical about whether it works or not.

Here is another review of Legendary Marker from Freedom Influencer:

What Is the Cost of Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer 2019?

There are various levels of membership with Legendary Marketer, so you can choose to buy in at a low level or at a higher level depending on what capital you may have available to start.

Can get started with 30-40 per month, then choose an annual payment option.

Builder´s club is $2500 and you get a lot more training provided to you.

You are assigned a coach from Legendary Marketer, who is selling you more products, in order to educate yourself.

The coaches also sell the Upsells to subscribers who you introduce, so all the high-value commissions are Done For You.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer 2019

We have not yet tried Dave Sharpe´s Legendary Marketer system ourselves, so we cannot yet give you an assessment and conclusion based on personal experience.

It seems to be a fail-safe system with no risk, and offers purchasers a Money Back Guarantee, with a few qualifications. So if you are unsure about the product you need to ask for your money back within 30 days.

Steven Rachel´s video review is enthusiastic about the success of the system and notes that he has had several $1000 days within his first 30 days of promoting Legendary Marketer, during which he made more than $6000.

Andre Miller is also enthusiastic about the fact that the system works and he is currently making money. He says that you are able to earn high commissions $1000, as long as you own the licence for high-value products.

What is clear is that nothing will happen unless you can successfully send targetted traffic to the Landing Page. Dave Sharpe´s video then takes over and converts subscribers well. Your coaches and the backup sales team then give you support in converting the high-value product sales.

You receive training when you buy Legendary Marketer and you will need to follow the training so that you can achieve the levels of sales which you aspire to.  See the note above about the training which directs you that you need to spend 80% of your available time finding new leads and prospective buyers.

There are thousands of people in Legendary Marketer and there are unsuccessful ones as well as successful ones. You will need to decide how committed you are to making the system work, as is the case with many Done For You systems.

If you have experience of Legendary Marketer, then please let us know what you think.

Review Of VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 2019

Introduction To Review Of VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 2019

In the Review Of VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 2019, we will be assessing what you can do with the new upgraded version 2.0 which is due to be released on 1st February 2019.

Review Of VideoAdsTraffic Version2.0 2019

Who Are Adam Payne And Paul Venables?

Adam Payne and Paul Venables are the authors of VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 2019. They also produced the original Version 1.0 in 2013 and have updated the product to reflect the latest market changes, adding many new features, and hence upgrading the product and pricing accordingly.

What Exactly Do You Get With VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 2019?

The Sales ad shows results claimed to be achieved using VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 2019.

Review Of VideoAdsTraffic Version2.0 2019


Here is an example of some results obtained using VideoAdsTraffic for a targetted list of more than 600k customers.

Review Of VideoAdsTraffic Version2.0 2019




What Are The Pros And Cons Of VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0?

There is good training provided with VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 2019.

The software is tried and tested having been on the market and in use since 2013.

The Version 2.0 is enhanced over the original Version


How Much Does VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 Cost?

Version 1.0 of VideoAdsTraffic has been around since 2013, and costs $97.

Version 2.0 of VideoAdsTraffic is due to be released on 1st February 2019, and will cost $197.

Why the price increase? What has been enhanced and why does it cost more than Version 1.0?

What if you bought Version 1.0 for $97, is there an upgrade possible for you to Version 2.0?

Are There Testimonials For VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 2019?

Here is a video testimonial of VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 2019 from Mark Wightley a successful internet marketer:

Here is another video review of VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 2019 from Mike From Maine:

Conclusion And Recommendation From Review Of VideoAdsTraffic Version 2.0 2019

We have not yet tried out the new software, Version 2.0 2019, but may well do in the near future.

Do you have any experience of VideoAdsTraffic Version 1.0 or 2.0?

If so, please let us know how you found the product and what were your results like. Was it worth the money?


Review Of Ewen Chia Affiliate Wealth System 2019

Introduction To Review Of Ewen Chia Affiliate Wealth System 2019

We recently became aware of Ewen Chia via introductory emails. We saw a webinar hosted by Ewen Chia on 2nd January 2019, which followed the usual pattern of him explaining his story, how he became the successful internet entrepreneur which he presently is, wrote a book about his success, followed by an explanation of his system and business model, followed by a sales pitch. Nothing unusual there, and we are sure that you have had the same sort of experience daily or practically daily if you are interested in reviewing internet marketing products, and making money online.

Who Is Ewen Chia?

Ewen Chia has been doing internet marketing since 1997, at first in order to make part-time income. His first attempts at launching an online business failed, he persevered and developed his system for Affiliate Marketing. Eventually, he made his first sale online after 5 years, in 2002, of just $10. Ewen Chia now claims to be the world´s No.1 Affiliate Marketer, so he has come an awful long way since the early days of his business struggle. Ewen Chia is the Author of the best-selling book ¨How I Made My First Million Dollars On The Internet¨. He has used ClickBank to develop his Affiliate Marketing business to become worth multi-millions of dollars.

Here is a short video from Ewen Chia:

What Exactly Do You Get With Affiliate Wealth System 2019?

Ewen Chia explains his successful Affiliate Wealth System in great detail and explains how and why it is successful, saying it is simple in concept and quite easy once you know the secrets.

Affiliate Wealth System

Ewen Chia explains how the system works in the diagram above, which is as follows:

  • As an affiliate marketer, you need to partner with vendors in order to sell their products and make commissions on the sales.
  • You can join any number of Affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Network Sharesale, Amazon Affiliates etc.
  • From these networks, you need to choose 5 good quality high selling and converting products in your niche.
  • The niche which you choose should be evergreen, profitable, and one which you are passionate about.
  • Your job is to focus on finding customers for the products which you have chosen to sell, in your chosen niche.
  • You need to create a secret High Conversion website at which visitors will convert into buyers, from which you will earn affiliate commissions.
  • This website will create your branding and help you to build an email list of buyers, who will become loyal customers.
  • The website will identify a problem which visitors have, as well as a solution to their problem, which will encourage them to buy from you.

You will have a presence on Facebook which will help to portray your brand image and engage with visitors, who will become your buyers.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Affiliate Wealth System?

From our Review Of Ewen Chia Affiliate Wealth System 2019, we found that there are many Pros to adopting the Affiliate Wealth System, amongst which are:

Ewen Chia has proven that his system works and has shown results for earnings.

You are offered a Done For You system, where Ewen´s team set everything up for you.

There is less risk of mistakes, which you could make by trying to copy his system without the expertise.

Ewen Chia claims that you do not need technical knowledge to achieve success from Affiliate Wealth System.

What Are The Cons of adopting Affiliate Wealth System?

As usual, you are paying up front for something which you are trusting will be delivered. There is always the risk that the Done For You system is not in fact what it says, and you need to put a lot more time and effort into the system than you envisaged. If that transpires to be the case, how do you get your money back?

What Is The Price Of The Affiliate Wealth System?

Ewen Chia made a One Time Offer at his webinar on 2nd January 2019 and included the following within the special price of $497 which is valid for 48 hours. After that, the price of the Affiliate Wealth System will revert to $997.

  • Custom creation and set up of the Affiliate Wealth System, valued at $4000.
  • Your website is integrated into a passive income wealth system (self-running).
  • You get to build and own your own email list.
  • Full lifetime access to his Accelerated Training Course valued at $3997.
  • The ability to make commissions from day 1, even if you are a beginner.
  • The Secret Master Blueprint to making commissions up to $10k per month.
  • Secrets to Unlimited Traffic.
  • A team of experts to help, support and coach you.
  • A Kickstart Skype coaching session to start up your business.
  • Lifetime Access to the Affiliate Wealth Membership site.

Ewen Chia claims that the total value offered with his one-time special offer is $9997, and you get all of this for a one-time payment of $497, for a limited period of 48 hours, after which the price reverts to $997.

Are There Testimonials For Affiliate Wealth System?

Ewen Chia offers 3 testimonials for Affiliate Wealth System from the following students who he has mentored:

Andra Morgan, who made $2530 in her first month using the system.

Winson Yeung, who is making 5 figures per month in 3 months.

David Gale, who is making $10k per month, within 4 months of starting to use the system.

We don´t know how many students Ewen Chia has and what his success rate is.

Here is a review from Youtube, see www.mybloggingguides.com.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review of Ewen Chia Affiliate Wealth System 2019

After our Review Of Ewen Chia Affiliate Wealth System 2019, we concluded that we liked the logic and simplicity of the approach from Ewen Chia and decided to take up his one time offer at a price of $497. It seemed that you get a fair amount for your money if it all works as promised and if you get what you think you have been offered.

We will let you know in due course how things progress with the training and set up for the website and driving traffic, and what results we get from Affiliate Wealth System. Another internet journey into the unknown – Let us hope it will be a good start to 2019!

If you have experience with Ewen Chia and Affiliate Wealth System, please let us know about it, we would be very interested to hear.


Review Of Ewen Chia Affiliate Wealth System 2019

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Introduction to Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019
Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

John Crestani Sales Revenue

This is our Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019, after hearing several webinar presentations from John Crestani, which tend to follow a similar format. They usually refer to building yourself a 6 or 7 figure side-income online, and John Crestani gives Free Training at the online webinar about how to do this successfully, using his tried and tested proven methods which have made him millions.

John Crestani advises people not to quit their job, and that his offer is to make money as a side income only, not to involve replacing your full-time job. He says that you don’t need your own product nor your own website, nor an email list of clients, and also importantly, you don´t need employees to make this work. Nor do you have to provide customer support, as this is provided by the product manufacturer which you are offering. The system is Affiliate Marketing in its simplest form, but you need a good product which is Proven to Sell, and Sales Copy which coverts in order to make the system work. To drive traffic John Crestani recommends using paid ads.

His system recommends numerous sources of free adverts as well so that if you have $75 to spend on ads, you can receive more than $800 of free ads if you go to his recommended sources.

John Crestani´s system is tried and tested and he has successfully used it himself to make millions of dollars online, and he currently makes $400-500k using these methods. His system is used by large companies and small-scale users as well, both with great success.

John Crestani states that his system works and that you can start to make money on the same day you start if you follow it exactly, in fact, he suggests that it is possible to start to make up to $460 within a day. John Crestani shows his sales revenues as proof that his system works, and continues to work.

John Crestani also on occasions gives away hundreds or thousands of dollars to people who see the whole of his webinar presentation, as a sort of incentive to prove that he makes more than enough money using his proven system.

It is clearly stated that this is not claimed to be a Get Rich Easy system, that it will take a lot of work to get the system set up and running, however, after that it will only take about 4 hours per week to keep it maintained. In fact, it is stated that ¨Nothing Works Unless You Do¨, and that his results are not typical.

Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a very famous and very successful internet marketer, who has previously been featured in Forbes magazine, amongst many other magazines and media. John is 29 years old and lives in Malibu, California, and lives the laptop lifestyle.

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

John Crestani claims that his life changed after he read Tim Ferris´s book ¨The Four Hour Work Week¨. After that, he tried many systems for making money online but spent four years without any success.

Eventually, after much trial and error, he managed to find the right formula and has never looked back to his time as an employee after he ¨Fired The Boss¨. He mentions particularly a Mentor who helped him to find the right formula, Kelly Felix. He developed his business from zero to $400k per month in 4 years.

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online

What Exactly Do You get From John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

If you are chosen to work with John Crestani, as offered in the webinar, usually for a price of around $997, he promises to teach and mentor you in his successful online business method for providing a 6 figure online business, using Super Affiliate System.

The first step is to Find a Product which sells successfully. John Crestani uses as an example of Christie Brinkley´s beauty products, anti-ageing cream, which has sold successfully for him over many years.

He strongly recommends that you purchase a proven sales page, ie one that converts, rather than try to develop one yourself, as you will get immediate results from a tried and tested high converting sales page.

Traffic is the other key factor according to John Crestani, and Solo Ads is one method which is used because it gets quick results.

There are 2 upsells after the webinar is given, firstly the Super Affiliate System, which costs $47 per month and secondly the Internet Jetset Package.

There is a lot of value given in the webinar by John Crestani, and he highlights the most common mistakes which he comes across when reviewing work by his students, such as:

  • Not advertising internationally (English is spoken all over the world).
  • Not using free advertising network credits, such as Youtube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Amazon Services Ads, and many other networks which will give free credits for advertising if you sign up with them.
  • Creating your own pre-sell pages, it is better to outsource them from professionals in John Crestani´s view.
  • Doing your own programming, again it is better to outsource this to professionals.
  • Not using a swipe file, it is essential to use tried and tested emails and ads.
  • Not building recurring revenue, it is easier to sell to your existing customers then have to constantly seek sales from new customers.
  • Not targetting the right audience – John Crestani has developed his own 1-5-10 targetting workaround for Facebook Ads, which involves getting hold of a list of buyers for your chosen product, and getting a lookalike audience from Facebook to match this.

Pros and Cons of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Pros of John Crestani 6 Figure Side Income Online 2019.

  • John Crestani´s system is proven to work, and he shows you the results to prove the money he has made online using his system.
  • John provides a good step by step training, which tells you clearly what to do, and his recommendations on how to do it.
  • John Crestani provides good pre-built templates for Ads, Landing Pages and Campaigns.

Cons Of John Crestani´s 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019.

You are not guaranteed that the system will work, and you are reliant on the advice and mentoring from John Crestani and his team. Having said that, John Crestani´s reputation is extremely good and would not fair well from many failures of his coaching and mentoring.

There is a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, which we understand is honoured.

What Is The Price Of John Crestani´s Super Affiliate System?

John Crestani has made a limited time special offer which we saw on 1st January 2019, which seems to offer amazing value for money.

Here is the Special Offer which was priced at $997, offering more than $30k of value products and services if you purchased his Super Affiliate System.

Review of JohnCrestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

There are numerous products offered by John Crestani including Internet Jetsetter.

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Are There Testimonials For John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019?

John shows many testimonials from his own successful online students, and they genuinely give him a lot of praise for his various training and products, which has enabled them personally to achieve success.

Review of JohnCrestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Although we have not personally tried out his system, from our Review of  John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019, we have heard his webinar presentations on a few occasions, and each time the presentation was very similar and quite convincing. We did some research on reviews for John Crestani´s products.

From his webinar presentation information, we believe that John Crestani´s system works well because we saw the results presented by him in his sales video. We also heard the many testimonials from his students about how his system and products have helped them to achieve personal success online.

What we are not sure about is whether it really is possible to earn money so quickly from John Crestani´s system. Maybe that is not a big issue since his systems and methods do clearly work, so is it that important that you make money in days rather than hours?

If you are interested in trying out John Crestani´s Super Affiliate System, then you can go here and buy it from Clickbank, where you are sure of obtaining a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

John Crestani says on his video presentation, that the Money Back Guarantee is also for the protection of his team as well and that he will eject people from the course who are problematic and give them a full refund.

If you have experience of John Crestani´s courses and products, please let us know about it, and whether they lived up to your expectations.

If we eventually try this system out, which we could well do in future, we will give further information about our results and verdict.

Review Of Funnel XROI System 2019

Introduction To Review Of Funnel XROI System 2019

We received an invitation to join a sales System at the end of December 2018, upon which we have carried out this Review Of Funnel XROI System 2019. On the face of it, everything seems very positive and you are given the information that this Done For You system can help you to attain at least $100 per day consistently online, hinting that $300 per day is possible, or even more, which would enable you to quit your job and develop this business as your own. On the introductory video you are told that you do not need any prior experience, nor do you need a product or your own website.

You are told that the Done For You system will provide all the necessary promotions, advertisements, emails, offers and leads.

You are even told that there are a limited number of free places available and that if these have expired on the Sales page then you can proceed to buy the system for $1997. Nice touch, encouraging you to sign up for free!

What you need to do is to drive traffic to the Done For You website which you will be provided when you agree to proceed and set up the system for yourself. You will be given step by step instruction of what to do next.

Lots of testimonials are shown on the sales videos, many of them without names so that you can verify who they are and when and over what period their successful results were obtained.

You are told that it is not a Get Rich Quick scheme and that your results depend on your hard work.

Who Is David Dekel?

David Dekel is a successful internet marketer and the owner of the Funnel XROI System. He claims to have developed this system out of long periods of trial and error using his own internet marketing systems since 2013.

What Exactly Does Funnel XROI System Do?

What we understand is that when you set up your Funnel XROI System, you can offer certain products on your website. You can then earn commissions on the sale of these products. In order to use the system, you need a Desktop or a Laptop computer (not a mobile phone or tablet).

Some of the products which you are encouraged to offer are as follows:

  • Easy1Up: which is a low-cost product $25, plus $5 registration fee.
  • High Energy: Balanced Lifestyle product.
  • Clickmagick: – tracking tool. This is an excellent product.
  • Udimi: – Sol ads provider, which is also an excellent product.
  • Vertex: – High-cost educational product $2000 – but high commissions possible.

You will be required to buy the products in order to be able to offer them for sale on your Done For You website.

The analogy of MacDonalds is used by David Dekel in his introductory video, and especially the need to be able to offer Multiple products. Where would MacDonalds be if they only sold burgers, on which their margin is a few cents only? MacDonalds is profitable because they have a range of complementary products, and the profit margins are on these rather than the basic (burger) product.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Funnel XROI System?

The Pro´s of Funnel XROI System on the face of it are:

You are getting a FREE copy of a successful and proven marketing system of product sales, upon which you will receive commissions of up to $1000 on educational software products.

The Cons of Funnel XROI System are:

You are being drawn into a sales funnel.

  • In order to offer products for sale you will be required to purchase those products, and these products range in cost up to $2000 +.
  • So before you can make any commissions on sales, you are already being sold to and required to invest.
  • Your available disposable funds and capital may become exhausted before you earn any commissions whatsoever.
  • Commissions are stated to be high, but the investment is also relatively high.
  • You are required to follow instructions in order to succeed without knowing in advance what those instructions require you to do.
  • The benefits are more with the operators Funnel XROI System rather than with the subscriber.

Pros and Cons Of Funnel XROI

What Is The Price OF Funnel XROI System 2019?

The price you pay if you accept the conditions with the offer is NIL. The Done For You System is provided Free subject to their conditions.

The conditions attached to the offer are:

  1. That you will follow instructions which you are given.
  2. That you will give a Testimonial to the company as soon as you have achieved success.

Are There Testimonials For Funnel XROI System?

There are a lot of testimonials for Funnel XROI System out there, as you would expect because a condition of you signing up for your free account is that you will give a testimonial to the company when requested after you have attained successful results.

Here is an independent Review of Funnel XROI System 2019, which gives a very thorough appraisal of the Pros and Cons, the reviewer has been inside the system.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of Funnel XROI System 2019

This Review of Funnel XROI System 2019 concludes on the basis of what we currently know, that we would not recommend Funnel XROI System to anyone.

We should perhaps qualify that to say that if you are prepared to invest several thousand dollars in the system, it may give you some return on your investment.

The way that Funnel XROI System is presented in its sales video is that it is free to the subscriber. This is not the case and you will be required to buy products on which you may be able to earn commissions.

Since we have not personally used the software, we would ask that if you have good experience with Funnel XROI, please let us know and we would be pleased to look at your feedback and comments.

Here is some advice from the independent reviewer in the video review, make your own mind up, but we suggest you check it out thoroughly before diving in.

Factors to Consider Re Funnel XROI

Factors to Consider Re Funnel XROI

Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019

Introduction to Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019, from Omar Martin.

In our Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019 according to the sales video for Buzzinar, the Squeeze Page is dead. People want and need a new way to collect subscribers, and Buzzinar is suggested to be that new way of doing things using a Viral Traffic System to spread word of mouth recommendations. This brings new subscribers into your sales funnel.

Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System

Who Is Omar Martin?

The Buzzinar Viral Traffic software package is prepared and marketed by Omar and Melinda Martin. Omar and Melina Martin are both experienced and successful marketers and have produced many software packages previously.

Review Of Buzinar App 2019

What Exactly Does Buzzinar Viral Traffic System Do?

The Buzzinar Viral Traffic software system is claimed to double a lead per day for 30 days.

Omar Martin claims to have generated more than $396k within one year, although we understand from the review of Buzzinar from Mike From Maine, that this event actually occurred in 2015.

Step 1: It is claimed to operate like Word Of Mouth Advertising so that the subscribers which you attract are real subscribers.

Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System

Step 2 of the Buzzinar Viral Traffic System is To Monetise the Leads.

Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System

How Much Does Buzzinar Viral Traffic System Cost?

The Buzzinar Viral Traffic System is for sale for $29.97 from JVZoo.

Are There Testimonials For Buzzinar Viral Traffic System?

Here is a Buzzinar Review From Denis Wright

Here is another Review Of Buzinar Viral Traffic Software System 2019 from Mike From Maine:



If the product is really good, we would have expected to see a lot more Review of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019 on Youtube.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019.

We have not yet tried the Viral Traffic System, but are tempted to do so because of the low price $29.95, and the 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

We do however recognise that if this product were wildly successful, there would be far more reviews on Youtube for this product.

So maybe on reflection, we will pass on this one.

If you have experience with Buzzinar and would like to share your thoughts with us, we would be interested to hear from you.


Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019

Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019

 Introduction to Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019

This is a Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019 from JVZoo.  We aim to give you a complete and concise overview of the capabilities and functionality of the SEO XBusiness App should you be interested to try it out or buy it. The SEO XBusiness App is claimed to make SEO Analysis and Consulting available to anyone, even newcomers with no experience, enabling anyone to make their own SEO Consulting Business using this software. If you are that much of a newcomer that you do not know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is getting high rankings on Google. Although the sales video is targetted at people who will use the SEO XBusiness App for consultancy purposes, it is possible also to buy this software for your own use as well and avoid the need to pay monthly for a similar product.

The SEO XBusiness App is a cloud-based software so that you can log in on any device and from anywhere in the world, so there is no need for downloads or revisions of software and updated version.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019

SEO XBusiness App 3 Step Process

Who Is SEO XBusiness App 2019 From?

The SEO XBusiness App is offered by JVZoo. The Authors of SEO XBusiness App are Luan Henrique and Radu Hahaiana, and below is the welcome page from their sales presentation, which tells a little of their story and how they started reviewing products online but had the ambition to develop and sell their own products. The product was launched 22 Dec 18.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App

Authors of SEO XBusiness App

What Does SEO XBusiness Do Exactly?

SEO XBusiness App is claimed to do the following:

Review Of SEO XBusiness App

SEO XBusiness App Capability

The functionality is claimed to include the following:

  • SEO Audit on any website – you just enter the URL and the software searches and analyzes.
  • Compare SEO performance and results for 2 sites, so you can compare your own site with that of your competitors.
  • SEO Action Plan Preparation of an action plan For Hundreds Of Keywords
  • Preparation of  WordPress Tags
  • On Page SEO Optimisation
  • Video Optimisation
  • Creation of Back Links to aid fast ranking of your website (you can also analyze your competitors’ backlinks and copy their sources)
  • Video Backlinks
  • Social Signals – you enter your URL and decide which Social Media platforms to share to.
  • Branding (Add Your own Brand logo to SEO XBusiness Reports and present them as your own).
  • Training and Tutorials
  • Settings
  • Reports from SEO XBusiness App can be printed and used as Lead Magnets for potential customers.

If you buy the Commercial Licence you have no restrictions and can undertake unlimited campaigns.

Here are some of the results claimed by the Vendors to be achieved using the SEO XBusiness App.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App

Review of SEO XBusiness Results

How Much Does SEO XBusiness Cost?

The cost of SEO XBusiness App is currently a very reasonable $17 one time purchase price for a personal licence. This seems to us to be extremely reasonable as all the other SEO analysis tools which we have come across are all priced at a similar level per month. Maybe that will be the eventual pricing strategy for this App.

The commercial licence is also priced incredibly keenly at $18.93 one time purchase price.

The price of the product is going up since the launch on 22nd December 2018, so the price which you may see or may pay could be different from the one which we saw at the time of this review. Eventually, the personal price will be $37 and the Commercial licence $47.

30-day money back guarantee is offered if you purchase SEO XBusiness from JV Zoo, so you purchase is relatively risk-free, even if you were to be unhappy with it.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App

SEO XBusiness Costs

There are 3 Upsells once you choose to buy the basic SEO XBusiness App, which are:

  • Upsell #1: A One Click Article Generator for $37.
  • Upsell/Downsell #2: VIP Training and Done For You Sales templates for $27.
  • Upsell #3: Reseller licence to sell SEO XBusiness App as your own product.

As can be seen from the SEO XBusiness App Sales Page, there is an offer of a Free 30-day plan of how to easily sell SEO services, which you can take advantage of if you buy now.

Depending on who you buy the product from, you may receive Bonuses, in addition to the Vendor´s bonuses, such as from the Video reviewers later in this Review Of XBusiness App 2019, there is Mark Gossage who offers 1200 Bonuses if you buy through him. Also, the other video reviewer offers 5 bonuses if you buy through him.

Are There Testimonials For SEO XBusiness?

There are numerous testimonials for SEO XBusiness Review, which are shown on the sales video. Here are a few examples of the testimonials:

Review of SEO XBusiness App

SEO XBusiness Testimonials

Here is a video Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019 from Mark Gossage (BestBonusKing.com) from youtube, in which Mark highly recommends the App and also offers a massive deal including 1200 bonuses if you buy through him!

Here is another video Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019 from Liberty To Travel, and Bauk the owner there offers a package of at least 5 different free bonuses when you buy the App through him:

  • Bonus #1: How to Build A Website.
  • Bonus #2: How To Easily Create Backlinks for SEO.
  • Bonus #3: Advanced Youtube Ranking Strategies.
  • Bonus #4: 6 Ways To Make Money On Youtube.
  • Bonus #5: How To Talk To Business Owners to Sell Your Services.

There are also 2 other bonuses when you buy any upgrade of the original product licence:

    • Bonus #6: Craigsbank – Find Client´s To Sell To On Craigslist.
    • Bonus #7: Full Reseller Rights to Craigsbank.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019

We have not tried out this SEO XBusiness App software, but the functionality seems very good for the price at which it is offered.

Maybe we will try it out soon, in which case we will post the results on this page on our website.

Do you have experience of the SEO XBusiness App? If so, please share it with us and we would be interested to know about your experience, good or bad.


Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg

Introduction to Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg

In this Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 from Richard Legg, we explain how  Richard Legg offers you a chance to clone his successful business and copy his results from a proven business model which has been working and earning money for him for many years. The reason that Richard Legg says that his business system works if that it is based on 3 fundamental principles:

1. It is based on NOT SELLING things, ie giving them away.

2. It is based on getting Less Traffic.

3. It is based on legally ¨Stealing¨ from the experts.

Richard´s system is based on multiple funnels, ten in all, which are inter-linked so that all visitors are offered many different offers, upsells and downsells at every stage of each funnel. Richard´s system involves giving away valuable lead magnets (such as a $27 value video) in order to bring in subscribers and build your email list.

The amount of money potentially to be generated from each sales funnel is enormous, up to $6395, and by buying the Done For You Business 2019 from Richard Legg, you get the opportunity to earn commissions from visitors who you introduce to the multiple sales funnels, as well as to build your own email list, which is a tremendous asset for your business.

12 Month Money Back Guarantee

There is a 12-month money back guarantee with the 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 from Richard Legg. Provided that you actively follow the training and take the action steps required, Richard Legg is confident that the system will work for you too, even if you are new to internet marketing, and he guarantees that if you do not make 10x your investment within 12 months he will buy your business back from you. If you do not make money he will refund you in full, alternatively, Richard Legg´s team will work with you until you become successful.

This seems like a pretty unusual guarantee to us, since in many cases for similar product offerings, we have seen either a ¨no refund¨ policy in operation even for such high ticket items ($1997 is a pretty substantial investment), or a fairly minimal 14 day or 30 days or at best 60 day trial period. It can be fairly difficult to try out such a complex product as well as see discernable results in such a short period, so we are fairly sure that there may be many purchasers who are not entirely happy with the product they have purchased, and yet the time has elapsed outside the guarantee period, so they are not eligible for a refund.

This 12 month guaranteed money back offer is a big differentiator for us, and make it a fairly risk-free investment for any purchaser, as you can try the product out over up to 12 months before saying that you have had no success, and still be confident that you will receive a refund. The only thing you risk in that instance is the time which you have invested in trying out the product.

Who Is Richard Legg?

Richard Legg is originally from the UK, but has lived in Ireland and now lives in the USA.

Richard Legg is a successful internet marketer who has made millions of dollars using his funnel system, based on Giving Things Away, over many years, since he was a full-time student, more than 10 years ago. He developed the system which he uses initially while he was a full-time student and even in those early days was making more than $100k pa with it.

He claims that users of his system can make lots of money from a minimal expenditure of time using this tried tested and proven system for ¨giving away stuff ¨.

What Do You Get With The 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg?

When you subscribe to Richard Legg´s 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 package you get the following within the package which you buy:

  • Your own license to 10 complete profit funnels
  • Done For You Hands-off affiliate promotions
  • Domain, and dedicated hosting and set-up
  • Traffic Training and advertising blueprints
  • Digital Millionaire Blueprint coaching
  • Full Support for you and your customers

Buying from the online webinar there were 3 Bonuses offered in addition within the sales price ($1997)

  • Bonus #1- Proven 6 Figure Affiliate Funnel (value $1997)
  • Bonus #2 – Proven 6 Figure EmailSequences (value $1997)
  • Bonus #3 -New Lead Magnets are given each month (value $13,200 pa)
Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019

6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 Value

What Is The Price Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg

If you go to Richard Legg´s website you will see the 6 Figure Business advertised for $2997, and you join a waiting list of applicants if you sign up there.

On his webinar, Richard Legg offers a discounted price of $1997, or two payments of $1100 to purchase the Six Figure business. The reason that a discount is offered from the webinar is that by buying there, you sign up to give a Testimonial to Richard Legg, which is valued at $1,000. It seems a fair trade, as you are only required to give a testimonial once you have had some success.

What About Training And Support for 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019?

From the testimonials which we have seen, it is reported that the Training and Support for the 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 are excellent. 

Are There Testimonials for 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg?

Richard Legg shows a large number of testimonials from his satisfied customers on his webinar, see some of them are shown below.

Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019

Testimonials for 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019

Here is another Review of 6 Figure Done For You Business 2019, called Workshop in this review:

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg

After having reviewed the webinar from Richard Legg a couple of times, we thought that there seems to be some merit in his business idea, which seemed to be proven, and offered a lot of value for the investment required ($1997 as a one-off payment).

We signed up to purchase Richard Legg´s 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business, and are currently trying it out. Here is the homepage for our website: http://Alpusmarketing.com.

We will update you on developments as we try out the system and make progress over the forthcoming months. We will report on earnings and any glitches which we encounter along the way.

Here are some associated links regarding the 6 Figure Done For You Business 2019:

Traffic Generation Club:

Affiliate Profits Club:

eMarketers Club:

Membership Marketers Club:

Power Copy Club:

Power Marketers Club:

Product Profits:

Success Upgrade:

Wealth Upgrade:

Web Profits Club:

Have you had any experience or Review of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 from Richard Legg? If so, please drop us a line as we would be interested to hear your comments.


Review Of YouTargtr 2019 From Jono Armstrong

Introduction to Review of YouTargtr 2019 from Jono Armstrong

Jono Armstrong introduces you to and recommends it in his Review of YouTargtr 2019 and says he will be using it extensively for his own business in 2019. YouTargtr enables you to search for and identify popular videos which are monetizable. You can then use Google Adwords to place your own ads on other people´s viral videos in order to make money. What a great idea!

Who Is Jono Armstrong?

Jono Armstrong is a successful internet marketer based in Indonesia, who was originally from the UK. He is very active in the internet marketing software market offering many products from Warrior Plus and JV Zoo.

He regularly offers products on launches from these platforms and we regularly receive offers from him for many products of differing types. Jono Armstrong often works in conjunction with another successful internet marketer Brendon Mace.

Jono Armstrong will often offer his own custom bonuses with products which he recommends, so as to make these offers more attractive to you.

Come to think of it, he offers his own custom bonuses as an incentive to buy from him on every review which we have seen from him, and there are lots of them on Jono´s Youtube channel, see the illustration below.

Review Of YouTargtr 2019

Jono Armstrong Video Reviews

What Exactly Is YouTargtr And What Does It Do?

YouTargtr is a software package from Victory, which enables you to search for and find videos with viral potential and which are monetisable. So it enables you to find suitable videos, on which you can place your own Google ads, and make money because the videos where you place the ads are popular and are shared extensively, with lots of engagement, some of them becoming Viral. So the more traffic there is for a particular video, then the more chance you have of clicks on your own ads.

You can use YouTargtr for your own CPA offers, Affiliate Offers, and to reach out to influencers for your own benefit.

What Are the Benefits of Using YouTargtr?

In order to identify suitable potentially viral videos from Youtube, you would need to spend a very long time searching for such videos using the right keywords for the niche which you are in. Essentially YouTargtr enables you to quickly identify suitable potentially viral videos, and then put your own ads on these in order to make money. YouTragtr will save you a massive amount of time and effort.

One of the most powerful features of YouTargtr is the Video Rank Checker, which enables you to check what ranking any video has on Google for a particular keyword, and identifiable by locations, ie which country, and other criteria.

You can make your own Youtube Channel using YouTargtr.

How Much Does YouTargtr Cost?

YouTargtr costs just $27 at the launch price for the basic version. The price is supposed to increase after the launch.

There is an upsell to the YouTargtr Pro Version for $37, and if you do buy this Pro version you can achieve the following feature benefits:

  • Advanced Search Function
  • Audience Info Grabber
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Channel Research Tool

With these tools and features, you can select and search for videos of a particular length, or search for videos which are popular, in particular languages, published before or after a particular date, and videos made in normal or High Definition.

You can also purchase a YouTargtr Resellers Licence for a one-off Payment of $197. What this enables you to do is resell YouTargtr, and keep 100% of all commissions on your sales. So you would only need to achieve a few sales in order to make back your investment in the Resellers Licence.

Jono Armstrong´s Bonus Package to Accompany YouTargtr

Jono Armstrong offers you a discount coupon if you are late to purchase at the launch price and he can reduce the price for you if you buy through his affiliate link.

Jono Armstrong also offers you his own bespoke bonus package if you choose to buy from his affiliate link.

This Bonus Package includes Jono Armstrong´s Done For You Advertisements for YouTargtr.

Are There Testimonials For YouTargtr?

Jono Armstrong himself recommends YouTargtr and says he will be using it in his own personal business in 2019.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of YouTargtr 2019

We have yet to try out YouTargtr, so can’t really say that we are convinced enough to recommend that you purchase it.

However the price is not very high and the idea is a good one, to leverage other people´s popular videos which are getting a lot of engagement in order to benefit you own Ads with lots of traffic – Neat!

If we do get to try out YouTargtr, we will post our comments and recommendations here.

Have you tried YouTargtr? If so, what did you think of it? Was it worth the money? Did it do what it says on the tin?

Let us know, as we would be keen to share your observations!

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