Review Of Builderall Page Builder 2019

Introduction To Review Of Builderall Page Builder 2019

This is a Review Of Builderall Page Builder 2019 and Website Builder, and AutoResponder. It is a very powerful and flexible software package, which has many expensive features built it. It is marketed by Mark Wightley.

Review Of Builderall Page Builder 2019

Who Is Mark Wightley?

Mark Wightley is a successful internet marketer from Australia, who is marketing Builderall and recommending it. Mark also operates Funnel Franchise which we have reviewed separately.

What About The Builderall Team?

The Builderall story started only in 2011  but has been extremely successful so far. The founder of Builderall is the Brazilian entrepreneur Erick Salgado, whose two passions are Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Review Of Builderall Page Builder


What Are The Features, And The Pros and Cons of Builderall?

Features of Builderall

Builderall is an extremely capable website builder which allows you to construct your own websites, and all necessary Sales Funnels, Landing and Sales Pages. Additionally, Builderall incorporates an AutoResponder, so that you do not need to subscribe to one of the usual Autoresponder software packages such as AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.

You can design your own website within Builderall and use any of the built-in templates. You can make your own videos within Builderall.

You can even make your own Apps within Builderall.

Builderall comes with its own built-in SSL, making this a very attractive feature.

Builderall is a relatively new software package.

Review Of Builderall Pagebuilder 2019


Pros Of Builderall

Builderall gives very good functionality at a reasonable price, $49.90 per month.

When compared with ClickFunnels, this would be much more expensive, either at $99 per month, or the full functionality Enterprise version costs $297 per month. The Builderall functionality is more flexible than ClickFunnels.

You can change background colours and images, fonts and text size.

There is the capability for dealing with GDPR compliance within the software, and also setting up membership sites.

The software is suitable for optimising for Desktop, Tablet or Mobile reception.

You can connect to as many domains as you want.

You can make your own Apps if you wish within Builderall.

There is SEO capability and browser notifications built into Builderall.

You can see where people are clicking on the screen with Builderall´s built-in ClickMapping feature.

Chat reviews are also included within Builderall.

You can prepare presentations using Builderall, and there is built in photo studio and videomaker.

The built-in email marketing system allows you to deal with up to 10,000 subscribers. You can deal with more subscribers, but you need to pay extra for that.

There is also an Affiliate program with Builderall, so apart from considering the use of the product you may wish to consider selling the product as an Affiliate, which can give you a good rate of commission.

If you want to try out Builderall, you can do so for 7 days for free, without needing to use your credit card.

Cons Of Builderall

One big consideration when choosing to use Builderall is that you are unable to transfer your sites and funnels to another platform, should you decide that you do not want to continue to use Builderall for whatever reason.

Some user feedback about the AutoResponder is not totally positive, so you need to check whether it is suitable for your needs before committing to it.

User feedback also says there have been glitches with the drag and drop functionality of the software.

How Much Does Builderall Cost?

There are 3 plans for Builderall membership which are:

Basic – $9.90 per month.

This level of functionality does not really give you enough benefits to start to use all the features

Standard – $29.90 per month

Enterprise – $49.90 per month.

To get the best functionality from the software you would probably choose the most expensive membership option.

Are There Testimonials For Builderall?

Review Of Builderall Page Builder 2019

Builderall Success Stories

On their website, there are numerous success stories about Builderall.

What Do Other People Think Of Builderall?

Here is a video review of Builderall from Crypto Robert, also known as Roope Kiuttu, of Wealthy Affiliate who gives a thorough appraisal and identifies the Features, and  Pros and Cons of the software as well as a few other options for consideration:

There are a lot of other reviews of Builderall available as well, here are a few of them:


This review compares the Affiliate Programs available for Builderall vs Click funnels:

Conclusion And Recommendation About Review of Builderall Page Builder 2019

We have yet to try out Builderall, but it certainly seems to be a powerful package and provides very good functionality and is very competitively priced compared with other similar products.

It is well worth considering in comparison to ClickFunnels, depending on what your precise needs are.

What other options are there? Thrive Themes could be used in conjunction with WordPress as an alternative option, but you would need to buy an AutoResponder separately.

If you have tried out Builderall, then let us know what you think of it.








Review Of How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest Angie Gensler 2019

Introduction to Review Of How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest Angie Gensler 2019

How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest is a video training available from Angie Gensler, who has made a business success out of her expertise in Pinterest, since launching in December 2016.

grow your email list with pinterest

grow your email list with Pinterest

There are other reference articles on the benefits of How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest.


How to Grow Your Email List With Pinterest #socialmedia #smm #socialmediamarketing #smo


Another platform to consider. How to Grow Your Email List With Pinterest #KeystoneHDC #HotelMarketing…


How to Grow Your Email List With Pinterest

Who is Angie Gensler?

Angie Gensler worked in marketing in the busy and pressurised corporate world in the USA, and found more freedom to enjoy her life and family when she formed her own business in 2016, enabling her to quit her high paying job.

She tells her story in a short Free Training Video entitled ¨How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest¨.

Angie explains how she was stressed in her corporate 6 figure job, and not happy with her lifestyle, as she was overstressed and overworked and sick of the travel which her corporate job entailed. She spent 10 years as a professional corporate marketer before she came to that decision.

Angie Gensler also has 13 years of experience running her own businesses. Angie has a Degree In Marketing, and also an MBA.

Angie explains that she is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to build a business with balance because she believes in family time. She explains that she did not want a Non-Stop business, because of her belief in Family Time.

Angie is the Author of an Ebook entitled ¨The Viral Pin Formula – 7 Ingredients To Incorporate Into Your Pin Designs¨. See the ebook ViralPinFormula here.

Angie laid the plans for her own business in November 2016 and decided on her corporate strategy with her husband. She has carried out a lot of research into different business models and tested out different business tactics. When they launched the business in December 2016, they were surprised that the results which they were obtained from their marketing exceeded their goals and expectations, and she shares those success methods in her training.

Using the methods she describes in her training, she achieved 100 subscribers within 10 days, and more than 500 subscribers within 30 days and this is what she describes in her training video ¨How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest¨.

What Does Angie Gensler Offer?

Angie Gensler offers several training packages in becoming proficient and then expert at using Pinterest. She has used and developed these methods to progress her own business and will teach you using the same methods of How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest.

Angie Gensler offers to teach small business owners and Team Of One Marketer how to grow their business and get results, and she emphasises that this should be at your own pace, she is not a believer in the Hustle.

Angie Gensler has many training and information videos on Youtube, mainly on the subject of Pinterest, and showing you how to get your content shared, as well as a lot of other advice for small business owners.

Angie Gensler Videos On YouTube

Angie Gensler also offers the following services on her website:

Why Pinterest – What Are The Benefits?

In her training video ¨How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest¨, Angie Gensler explains some of the content of her Course Pinterest 101, and how Pinterest marketing works.

Pinterest is a Visual platform for users to discover ideas and inspiration. So Pinterest uses Pins which are essentially either Images or Videos, together with content, and a link to an online source.

Pinterest is partly a Social Network, enabling users to Like, Comment, Save and Follow other Pins and Members, with whom you can collaborate in order to work on Group boards.

Pinterest is also a Search Engine, so you can carry out very specific keyword searches for images videos and ideas, which is explained in one of Angie´s free training videos.

Pinterest also runs on Content, so you need to send traffic to your blog posts, which is the most popular and successful method, or send to a YouTube video or a Podcast, alternatively you can send traffic to a Squeeze Page, or a Sales Page or a Product Page, giving you an enormous capability to make conversions.

One of the big benefits of Pinterest is that you can get a very early influence on a visitor´s buying decision, which is extremely powerful.

Another benefit of Pinterest is that you can get instant traffic without paying for advertisements.

Also in Pinterest, your content lives forever, unlike most other Social Media platforms where your content or posts have a very short lifespan.

For SEO, Pinterest is very good because it is a rapidly growing platform, with plenty of opportunities for user growth in 2019 and beyond.

Pinterest posts can be automated using tools such as Tailwind, which can save you a lot of time.

Pinterest Ads cost a lot less than Facebook Ads and can produce significantly better results.

How Much Do Angie Gensler´s Training Products Cost?

Angie Gensler offers several products, and has bundled these up with a great Special offer:

Pinterest 101 – normally priced at $97

Pinterest 101 explains from the basic level:

  • How Pinterest works
  • How to brand your business
  • Create a Pinterest strategy
  • Building a strong Pinterest profile
  • How to create your own Pins
  • How to add your own Pins to Pinterest
  • How to grow your own Audience and Traffic
  • Pinterest Growth Strategies
  • How to make an Automation Strategy
  • Understanding Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Traffic Trifecta – normally priced at $297

Angie Gensler has prepared this advanced in-depth course about Pinterest strategies for existing Pinterest users and content creators. The objective is to produce consistent traffic for your business using 3 main strategies:

1. Tailwind Tribes

The basic entry level for Tailwind tribes is $9.99 per month, which should be sufficient for a small business, without needing to go to the more expensive Enterprise membership of Tailwind. You receive access to 5 tribes with the basic entry-level membership of Tailwind Tribes, but Angie Gensler shows you how to hack this limit to receive greater benefit. She also provides you with all the necessary spreadsheets and swipes files to manage Tailwind Tribes.

2. Pinterest Group Boards

Angie Gensler shows you how to find the best Group Boards for your business. She shows you simple tricks of how to get the best out of Pinterest Group Boards for your business and supplies you with the necessary swipe files, scripts and spreadsheets for management of Group Boards.

3. Promoted Pins On Pinterest

Angie Gensler has carried out testing on Facebook Ads and Pinterest Promoted pins and concludes that Promoted Pins offer much better value for money and a better Return On Investment. Angie Gensler will show you the best ways to promote and how much to spend on promotions. She will give you a cheat sheet which explains how to build your campaigns.

Special Offer From Angie Gensler for Pinterest 101 and Pinterest Traffic Trifecta – $297 If you Buy Within 5 days.

If you buy this deal after seeing Angie Gensler´s Free training Video Entitled ¨How To Grow Your Email List from 0 to 500 in 30 days or less using Pinterest¨, then you will receive the following:

Pinterest 101 as described above (normally priced at $97 if purchased separately)

Pinterest Traffic Trifecta (normally priced at $297 if purchased separately)

30 Minute Coaching Call With Angie Gensler (Valued at $150) where you can discuss your Pinterest Strategy with her, ask her questions, and receive personalised feedback on the discussion.

Bonus #1 – A Copy Of Angie´s Viral Pin Formula Ebook, which explains the 7 ingredients to creating viral pins, including explanations of 52 Irresistible Power Words, and Supercharged Headlines (Valued At $37).

Bonus #2 – Tailwind credit of 3months on an annual membership (Valued at $30).

Bonus #3 – Access To Angie´s Pinterest Support Group, which enables you to ask questions in a support forum, engage with other support group members, receive important updates, and maintain ongoing access to Angie Gensler (Valued at $47 per month).

So, if you are prepared or able to afford to buy both packages together, within 5 days of seeing the training video, then you will receive more than $1000 of Value for an outlay of $297. You receive lifetime access to all courses and any updates which may be made in the future. There is a 30 day Money Back Guarantee with this offer.

Are There Testimonials for Angie Gensler Products?

Angie Gensler provides one Testimonial from Bob Storrs of, who praises her training when compared with other training courses which he has purchased.

Erika testifies that her traffic increased by 80% within 10 days using Angie Gensler´s methods described in her Ebook Viral Pin Formula – 7 Ingredients To Incorporate Into Your Pin Designs.

How To Grow Your Email List WIth Pinterest


Conclusion and Recommendation

We are in the process of trying out Angie Gensler´s training products and will report later about the results which we have found.

We think Angie Gensler´s training is well thought out and well presented, and the methods seem to work.

If you want to look at Angie Gensler´s training products, go to .

grow your email list with pinterest




Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 from Patric Chan

Introduction to Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 from Patric Chan

Review Of CB Passive Income version5.0 2018

Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019

Here is our Review of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 which is a ClickBank product from Patric Chan, which enables you as a license holder to earn affiliate commissions from ClickBank from products which Patric Chan chooses and markets. The program was first released in 2013, so it has several years of track record during which time it has been improved through several versions. Patric Chan claims that it is a proven method of making regular affiliate commissions from ClickBank products which have been chosen by him, so effectively you can “Clone Everything” that Patric Chan does, and easily earn affiliate commissions by modelling his established business.  You as the license holder are obliged to send traffic to his web pages in order to create sales and earn your own commissions from the traffic which you drive to his products and web pages.

Who Is Patric Chan?

Patric Chan is an experienced and successful internet marketer who makes available his own proven CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 system for earning affiliate commissions, to you as a new subscriber. Patric Chan markets many software products usually from ClickBank (CB).

Here is some more information and here are some images for Patric Chan.

Patric Chan is the author of several books about Internet Marketing, and he has co-authored the book “Clicking Cash” in 2012 with Robert G Allen, and another book called “Wake Up Millionaire”. Bill Bartmann the Author of “Billionaire Cash”, also endorses Patric Chan.

Review of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2018

Books By Patrick Chan

Patric Chan has secured testimonials from several high profile internet marketers who endorse his brand, people such as Anik Singal, Russell Brunson, and Corey Davis, a former Vice President of ClickBank. This is quite an achievement because these are leaders in the internet marketing world, and for them to endorse Patric Chan, they obviously respect him and his methods.

What Does CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 Do Exactly?

When you become an affiliate of Patric Chan´s CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 system, you undertake only to send traffic to your own “Secret Web Page”, which is set up for you by Patric Chan when you subscribe to his system. All the rest of the system is Done For You by the CB Passive Income Version 5.0 program. Patric Chan will choose the ClickBank products to market and  will prepare and issue all the emails to subscribers and deal with the Sales process

Effectively you are cloning Patric Chan´s proven system for earning affiliate commissions from selling ClickBank products online.

CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 provides free software which is used as Lead Magnets on a Squeeze Page to obtain subscribers email addresses.

Your obligation is to drive traffic to your website, which encourages new subscribers to products which have been chosen by Patrick Chan.

You earn affiliate commissions from all sales made as a result of traffic from you.

It is as if you are a franchisee of Patric Chan´s system.

What Are the Features and Benefits of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019?

You get the benefit of all the development work which Patric Chan has invested in his CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 system, and you are piggybacking on an established and successful business, and helping to build it.

You get the benefit of all the pre-prepared emails which Patric Chan has prepared for sending to subscribers at every stage of the buying relationship, from the first introduction to the conversion of sales, and ongoing maintenance.

Patric Chan offers coaching as a bonus for purchasing his system, as well as regular training updates and videos.

Importantly there are three methods of training in how to drive traffic, which is available to you as a subscriber:

  1. Solo Ads
  2. Bing Ads
  3. Youtube traffic

There are 7 sales funnels which you can choose from in order to promote on your website.

How Much Does CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 Cost?

The cost to purchase CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 is $47 per month, or alternatively a one-off payment of $497 for lifetime membership of the program.

There is an Upsell as soon as you purchase the CB Passive Income Version 5.0, which is that you are offered a One Time Upgrade to Inbox Pro, which is priced at $97. There is a second upgrade which is Mass Bot Profits which is priced at $99, one-time payment. If you exercise either of these options and purchase the upgrades, you can add all the email addresses which you obtain via your sales funnel, to your own Auto Responder. This enables you to build two of your own email lists at the same time, and prospectively double your profits, if you market related products to your extended list of subscribers.

All of the Subscription costs are covered by ClickBank 30 day full money back guarantee, in case you don´t like the product after buying it.

If you decide on the Upgrade Option to Inbox Pro, then you will receive the following bonuses for signing up:

Bonus 1 – 106 instant email package, which gives you pre-written email campaigns which you can use and edit and adapt for your own purposes.

This comes with a 1.5-hour training video from a famous 6 figure marketer, who brainstorms his email ideas.

There is also Credibility Campaign training, Concept Campaign training, and a Proprietary Product Launch Program.

Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2018


Bonus 2 – A free account to in-house Automation Count Responder, which will assist you to be able to send email campaigns for minimal cost (approximately 0.65cents per 1000 emails) to your expanded email subscribers list. This Auto Responder is compatible with all the major Auto Responders such as AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp etc.

Review of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2018


The following diagrams illustrate the benefits of the Upgrade to Inbox Pro:

Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2018


Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2018


Are There Testimonials for CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019?

Here is a favourable Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 from Stefan Schwarzberger who is a subscriber and active successful user:

Here is an independent review from Seth Johnson, who is an internet marketer who has made a Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 and is getting good results from it. He shows you inside the system in his review.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation after Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019

After our Review of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019, we concluded that it all sounds extremely good. Patric Chan has spent the money developing and perfecting his system over several years since 2013 and he is willing to let you benefit from his expertise and success by becoming a franchisee of his system for a minimal cost of $47 per month, or a one-off payment of $497 for the lifetime membership.

Your obligation is to send traffic to the website, and you will benefit from commissions paid directly to you. This may not be easy, so you need to understand how you can do it, and how much it may cost you in order to generate sales and momentum in your business.

You can choose to buy the 2 Upgrades, the first of which Inbox Pro is priced at $97 one time payment, is recommended, and the second upgrade Mass Bot Profits is priced at $99 one time payment. Both are intended to drive traffic to your webpage automatically, so are worth investing in. The Upgrades allow you to build your own email list, which you cannot do if you just buy the basic version.

Additionally, you can benefit from all of the email addresses for subscribers introduced by you. You can store these email addresses in your own AutoResponder and use them to market other products of your own as well as the ClickBank products which the CB Passive Income system provides for you.

We are in the process of trying out the system ourselves as it seems to be a win-win. We note the favourable Review of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 from an existing subscriber Stefan Schwarzfischer who is successfully using the system himself and another favourable review from Seth Johnson who has successfully tried it out with good results.

We are starting to get new email subscribers through now, approximately one per day, which is quite good since we have not done any paid promotions of our webpage, so this has come only from free organic traffic. Hopefully, we will start to see some commissions coming through shortly. We will keep you updated on progress.


Funnel Franchise Review 2018 From Mark Wightley

Introduction to Funnel Franchise Review 2018

Funnel Franchise Review 2018 is our review of Mark Wightley´s complete business system which you can enter on two levels, either as a Basic (Free) Member or as an Elite Member. It is designed to give you multiple streams of passive income from a totally organised and pre-tested funnel system, as well as giving you training and other products and support for your business.

Both membership categories give commissions, but the Elite level of membership gives a significantly greater remuneration level than that of basic Free members, no surprise there. See our benefits comparison table below.

This Funnel Franchise Review 2018 is intended to give you an overview and appraisal of this software system in order that you can decide whether it suits you to participate in it, and to what extent – as a Free or an Elite member.

Funnel Franchise Review 2018

Funnel Franchise Review 2018

Who Is Mark Wightley?

Mark Wightley is an experienced and highly successful internet marketer who is building his own business by offering you the opportunity to participate in this Funnel Franchise system which is also a form of Multi-Level Marketing Organisation.

You can see from the below screenshot of a Google search for Mark Wightley, that not all of his product offerings are well received:

Funnel Franchise Review 2018

Mark Wightley

What Are The Features And Benefits of The Basic (Free) Membership of Funnel Franchise?

As a Basic (Free) Member of Funnel Franchise, you enjoy the following benefits:

Funnel Franchise Review 2018

Funnel Franchise Free vs Elite Member

  1. 2 Tested Funnels provided for you free.
  2. The ability to build a massive email list.
  3. 10% Commission on all Funnel Franchise upgrades introduced by you.
  4. 7 additional International Affiliate Programs.
  5. Step by step email marketing training.
  6. Blog creation training.
  7. Traffic generation training.
  8. Access to Quality Traffic Packs.
  9. Funnel Franchise Promotional Material.
  10. Access to the Private Funnel Franchise Facebook Group.

What Are The Features And Benefits of The Elite Membership of Funnel Franchise?

As an Elite Member of the Funnel Franchise System, you enjoy all of the above benefits as per Basic (Free) Members, plus the following valuable benefits:

  1. 4 Tested Funnels.
  2. 80% Commission on All Funnel Franchise Upgrades.
  3. 15% Tier 2 commissions on all Funnel Franchise Sales.
  4. 25% Commission on coaching.
  5. 7 Additional Affiliate Products.
  6. Priority Support from Mark Wightley.
  7. Push Notification List Methods.
  8. Landing Page And Funnel Creation Training.
  9. Advanced Traffic and Tracking Training.
  10. Monthly updates.
  11. Weekly Traffic for Free.
  12. Notification List Training.
  13. YouTube Advertisements Training.
  14. Tracking And Split Testing Training.
Funnel Franchise Review 2018

FF System Elite Benefits

So How Does It All Work?

Once you upgrade to the Elite Membership, which typically is the case for 1 in 3 Basic (Free) Members to Upgrade, then you get a full video explanation from Mark Wightley about how the Funnel Franchise system works.

You have explained to you that in order for the Funnel Franchise system to work you need to set yourself up with some Essential Tools And Resources. These are:

1. Your own Domain – which you can purchase from Uniregistry, at a reasonable cost. Alternatively, you can use your own domain which you may already have. It is suggested that this should be based upon your name since you are going to be the Go-To Expert in your business.

You also need to set up an email address related to this domain, which again is recommended to be done using GoogleApps, GSuite, which costs $5 per month. You can get the first 14 days as a Free Trial before you need to start to pay for it.

If you wish to use your own domain, then Mark Wightley recommends that you check out using, that there are no residual issues with it, which may affect your business adversely.

2. An AutoResponder – for storing all subscribers email addresses.

3. A Page Builder – For Building Landing Pages, Thankyou pages, Funnels and Blogs. Builderall is recommended as the most suitable tool for this purpose.

Mark Wightley also recommends that you purchase a Click Tracker, although this is not essential.

How Much Does Funnel Franchise Cost?

The cost of joining as a Basic Member of Funnel Franchise is $Nothing – it is Free to join!

The cost of joining as an Elite Member of Funnel Franchise is $397 or 10 monthly payments of $47.

You need to budget for the above mentioned Essential Tools And Resources as well as your Funnel Franchise payments.

Is Funnel Franchise A Scam?

From our preliminary evaluation Funnel Franchise is not a scam. You receive training and guidance in setting up your business system. Mark Wightley also sends you traffic on a weekly basis if you are an Elite member (but not if you are a Basic Member). You need to know that it is a form of Multi-Level Marketing, so you benefit from the number of new subscribers who you introduce to the Funnel Franchise system.

Testimonials And Reviews

Here is a review of Funnel Franchise System from Jeremy Bowen:

Here is another review of Funnel Franchise System from Ed Newman:

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

From our Funnel Franchise Review 2018 of the Basic Free Membership, we would suggest that it could be worthwhile to invest in the upgrade to Elite Membership of Funnel Franchise.

You can take the risk and pay the $397 upgrade fee, or you can spread the cost over 10 months at $47 per month for the Elite membership. It should be noted that you are warned that there is no refund policy on the upgrade to Elite Membership of Funnel Franchise. This is because Mark Wightley says that you will receive instant payment of commissions, and since you are dealing with downline members, it would become extremely difficult for him to deal with the complexities of refunds as you are part of a chain of transactions.

We are in the process of going through the set up at the moment, so will keep you informed about progress and any successes or notable events.


Review Of Velocitii Commission Generation Software From Paul Prissick 2018

Introduction – Review Of Velocitii Commission Generation Software From Paul Prissick 2018

Velocitii commission generation software is a method of online revenue generation marketed by  Paul Prissick who claims that it can produce up to $231 per day, which equates to approximately $84,000 per annum. This is a significant revenue, and we have no idea if the amount claimed can be realised from the information we have at present, so we suggest caution be applied before purchasing the product. Having said that the software system is offered with a full money back guarantee.

Velocitii Commission Generation Software

Velocitii – Speed and Revenue

Who Is Paul Prissick?

Paul Prissick is an experienced internet marketer who is offering Velocitii through JVZoo? Paul Prissick works with Mark Barrett in bringing various products to market.

Another product from Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett is called Profit Reign, and we refer to a review of this product below.

The Velocitii software is actually labelled with Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari as the owners, so presumably, Paul Prissick is selling this product on their behalf as an affiliate.

Velocitii Commission Generation Software

Velocitii Owners

What Exactly Is Velocitii and What Does It Do?

Velocitii commission generation software is claimed to be a beginner friendly revenue generation system, for which you do not need an email list, nor do you need a website. It is claimed to use 100% free traffic. It is based on proven case studies which have produced the results claimed. it is also claimed to be completely beginner friendly. All you need to do is watch the training videos provided and then copy what is shown. There are many free add-ons and bonuses provided with the software so that you are buying a complete Done For You system for revenue generation.

Velocitii Commission Generation Software

Velocitii Features






Features Offered With Velocitii

Look at the features of Velocitii here:

Paul Prissick claims that Velocitii enables you to benefit from multiple commission streams, which will eventually give you Financial Freedom.

Velocitii Commission Generation Software

Velocitii Multiple Commission Streams

Velocitii Commission Generation Software

Velocitii Financial Freedom

What Is The Deal With Velocitii – How Much Does It Cost?

Firstly, Paul Prossick offers what appears to be an amazing offer. He includes numerous Upgrades in his One Time Offer, such as:

  1. A Done For You Campaign
  2. Automatic Cash Funnels, which makes this your own personal cash generation machine.
  3. $1k paydays consistently, offering you the ability to scale your business.
  4. Advanced Velocitii Tactics, enabling you to 10x your profits.
  5. An Autopilot set up so that you can do everything on a remote control, saving you time.
  6. 100% Private Label Rights, enabling you to sell this product as your own with 100% commissions.

Additionally, the following Extra Bonuses Are Included:

  1. Your Own Exclusive Profit Funnel valued at $397.
  2. Your Own BLG Money System valued at $197.
  3. Free Traffic Wave Software 2.0 valued at $127.
  4. Free Traffic Forever XT valued at $99.
  5. Your own personal Consultation  With Paul Prissick for one year, valued at $2500.
  6. Black Label Done For You valued at $1750.
  7. Free Leads Bonuses (23.941)valued at $2200.
  8. Mail to Paul´s Buyer List valued at $2997.

Additionally If you invest in the main offer plus any 3 One Time Offers you receive your own exclusive profit funnel valued at $897, Free TrafficWave 2.0 valued at $127, Free Traffic ForeverXT valued at $99, and a Year´s Free Consultation with Paul, valued at $2500, Black Label Done For You Buying Traffic valued at $1750 value.

If you invest in any 4 One Time Offers and you will receive all the above bonuses, plus 23,941 free leads bonus, and Mail To Buyer´s List valued at $2997.

Paul Prissick offers a Full Money Back Guarantee with his offer.

I had to double check this offer and according to Stuart Lewis´s review of Velocitii it is available for $13, which is an amazing value purchase. Maybe there are a lot of Upsells once you click to purchase at this price?


Is Velocitii A Scam?

We do not know the full performance and capability of Velocitii, having not yet tried it out.

Here is a review of another product from Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett, called Profit Reign.

Velocitii Testimonials

The Owners offer the following testimonials from satisfied customers regarding Velocitii.

Velocitii Commission Generation Software

Velocitii Testimonials

Velocitii Commission Generation Software

Velocitii Testimonial

Here is an honest review from Momen Khaiti.

There are lots of other reviews of Velocitii on Youtube, so just search on Youtube under the product name, and you can see them. Here is another review from Dan Ashendorf.

OMS Conclusion and Recommendation

We have not yet tried out Paul Prissick´s offer to purchase Velocitii Commission Generation Software. We hope that the price has not been escalated too much by the time we purchase, as it is threatened to rise in price dramatically in the near future, owing to high demand.

Velocitii seems to offer an amazing amount of value if it works, as stated by the advertising claims and as testified in the Testimonials.

Do you have experience with Velocitii? If so, please share your experience with us.




Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2018

Introduction to Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2018

Content Samurai is the best video production software for automatic production of videos using Artificial Intelligence to assist the user with the process. The product is marketed by Noble Samurai, which is owned by Anthony Noble.

best video production software

video production software

Content Samurai has recently been updated and is unique in that it offers an Auto Voiceover feature so that you don’t need to personally prepare your own voiceover for your video, you can choose one of a range of professional voiceover artists.

Since more than 70% of all web traffic is video-based, then you obviously need to be aware of what tools are available in the marketplace and what are their respective capabilities, so that you can most efficiently produce the necessary videos for your own business.

Content Samurai is among the best video production software a great tool and deserves serious consideration depending on what your video requirements are, see what you think from our review below.

Noble Samurai – What´s That?

best video production software

Noble Samurai Products

Noble Samurai is the company which markets Content Samurai for video production, and also Market Samurai, which is the company´s flagship keyword research tool, which we will review separately.




Content Samurai HomepageFeatures of Content Samurai Video 2018

Content Samurai is a well-established video production tool and more than 151,000 videos have been produced using the software. It produces Stunning Shareworthy Videos Fast!

Content Samurai offers both Landscape and Square Formats for their videos, the former being most suitable for desktop and the latter for social media users on mobiles.

It is easy to pump out videos with Content Samurai using their pre-prepared templates and standard formats from which you can choose what best suits your purpose with your own video.

Content Samurai makes the video production process Simple!

Content Samurai - Fast And Easy

Content Samurai – Fast And Easy

Content Samurai offers users help with the formulation of their videos by giving them free access to the following Templates and Pre-prepared information.

You prepare a script for your video and post it into Content Samurai, and the software prepares suggested images for you to choose from.

Then when you have selected the images you want, Content Samurai links them all together and animates them.

You can even upload and incorporate your own video clips within the Content Samurai process so as to make them part of the finished video.

Apart from choosing pre-prepared templates as a format for your video, you can give it one of a number of pre-prepared styles. What this allows you to do is to give a style appropriate to your own brand, for consistency, or if you are preparing videos for clients, you can consistently style to suit their brand.

Listicle Templates

best video production software

Listicle Template

What is a Listicle video? It is simply one which ranks well under SEO.

It is structured correctly and features images, videos, bulleted lists and most importantly the correct keywords for which you want to rank.

Features of Listicle Templates are:

  • Compelling Title

Your title needs to grab the reader´s attention and curiosity so as to draw them into the video itself.


Your video needs to have an introduction where you can tell your viewer what the video is all about, and what they can expect to see when they view the whole video.

  • Bulleted List

Bulleted lists are popular because they convey a lot of information concisely to the viewer or reader, and they tend to rank well in SEO.

  • Call To Action

Your video needs to tell the viewer exactly what they need to do, whether that is to click on a button, provide an email address or whatever you need them to do.

Question And Answer Template

best video production software

Question And Answer Video

Question and Answer videos are very appropriate because many people search for things they need, either products, services or information, using search terms in one or other of the search engines.

This template gives you advice on how to ask the right question, and also positioning yourself as an Authority in the subject which you are discussing; this Q&A Template gives you the Anatomy of a Q&A Video:

best video production software



Killer Content Template

best video production software

Killer Content Video

The purpose of a Killer Content video is to fully inform a reader or viewer about a subject. They are also useful to explain difficult concepts to the viewer. If done successfully they help to build rapport and subject authority. They help to lay the foundations of trust so that readers and viewers may become prospective buyers in the future.

This template provides a proven formula which works and so pretty well ensures that a successful Killer Content will be produced.

best video production software


Curated Video Newsletter Template

best video production software

Curated Video Newsletter

The objective with a curated video is to grow a captive audience using other people´s authority content.

The media is a collection of trusted sources that we use to learn about important news and events.

The aspiration is that you become part of the trusted media.

best video production software



Product Review Template

best video production software

Product Review Video

The most frequent searches on the internet across all search engines are Product Reviews, and you are provided with an easy to use template for a product review.

best video production software



You can protect and copyright your video by using the built-in watermark feature in Content Samurai.

VoiceOver Feature

There is an amazing new Voiceover feature available with Content Samurai, which gives you a choice of:

1. Recording Your Own Voiceover Track for your video

2. Uploading a Pre-recorded Voicetrack

3. Using the Autovoiceover feature which gives you the option to use built in voices with different accents to say your script. A neat feature is that the choice includes 6 American voices, 4 British and 4 Australian voices, all of which are split 50/50 between male and female voices.

Content Samurai offers the following tips for creating spellbinding videos with great sound quality:

  • Use a good microphone – Content Samurai recommends the Yeti Mic.
  • Use a Pop Filter to eliminate the puffs of air which you exhale when using a microphone.
  • Speak close to the microphone.
  • Add a Music track to tap into the emotions of your audience.
  • Eliminate background noise by using shortcut keys, so as to alleviate click noise from your mouse.

Support And Training

There are 5 basic training videos built into the Content Samurai video production software which explain the basics of the features and functionality and advise you on capabilities and best practice. These are prominently displayed on the dashboard and you can just click on them to remind yourself of the necessary actions to perform any task or activity which you need.

Additionally, there is a Knowledgebase which avails you of all the recorded questions and answers which have been raised by previous users, as well as useful articles and instructions to users.

best video production software

Content Samurai Support

Content Samurai Community

There is a Content Samurai Facebook community which you can join and exchange information with a large number of existing users of the software.

best video production software

Content Samurai FB Community

Help Desk

There is a Content Samurai Help Desk to answer your technical Support problems and issues, and they are pretty responsive from what we understand from other users.

Product Reviews

What do other users think of Content Samurai?

Adam Payne is a Content Samurai user and gives a favourable Youtube video review of the product below:

This review explains the Auto-Voice feature newly introduced to Content Samurai:

Pricing of Content Samurai

Content Samurai Basic version is priced at $47 per month, and the Pro version is priced at $97 per month.

Recently the product has been discounted from the standard version by 40% to $29 per month. This is a pretty amazing price for the functionality offered with this software.

If you want to consider Return On Investment and how you can recover your expenditure on Content Samurai, you can sell animated videos to clients or customers of yours for prices ranging up to $50 per video. So it should not take you long to recoup your expenditure, you just need to sell one video per month to make it pay for itself.

Conclusion and Recommendation About Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2018

We recently started to use Content Samurai as a trial and were so impressed with its good functionality and ease of use that we signed up as a regular subscriber. One factor which influenced the decision was that the product was discounted by 40%, which offer has now expired. Even priced at $47 per month, we think that it offers very good value for money.


OMS Review of Brian Dean And His Awesome Blog Backlinko 2018

OMS Review of Brian Dean And His Awesome Blog Backlinko 2018

We have come across other Reviews of Brian Dean and read about his Awesome Blog Backlinko over quite a time now, and have looked into his methods and found that there are some fantastic content and tips which we would like to share with you in this review.

Who is Brian Dean?

Brian Dean is an Internationally recognised expert in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Review Of Brian Dean

About Brian Dean

What is Brian Dean´s Speciality?

Brian Dean is an internationally recognised SEO expert, whose particular forte is Backlinks, hence the name of his Blog, Backlinko.

You can sign up to Backlinko by clicking Brian Dean´s Blog Backlinko, and receive the benefits of Brian Dean´s expert advice on Free Exclusive Traffic Tips straight to your inbox.

Here is Wikipedia´s definition of Backlinks, from which you will see that a backlink is a sort of citation regarding your website from another website.

Google takes account of the quality, relevance and quantity of the backlinks on your website when ranking your posts.

Here is a Youtube Video of Brian Dean explaining How To Get Powerful Backlinks In 2018:

Brian Dean Recommends a Non-Technical Site Audit

Brian Dean recommends carrying out a non-technical site audit on your website and gives a simple checklist which you can work your way through and fix the bugs step by step.

  1. Find And Delete Zombie Pages.
  2. Check to see If Your Site is Mobile Friendly.
  3. Make Sure Google Indexes One Version Of Your Site.
  4. Speed Up Your Site.
  5. Find And Fix Indexing Problems.
  6. Check Organic Traffic.
  7. Improve Your On-Page SEO.
  8. Set Up Keyword Rank Tracking.
  9. Analyse Your Backlinks.
  10. Fix Broken Links.
  11. Competitor Analysis.
  12. Make Your Content 10xBetter.
  13. Optimise For UX Signals.
  14. Flatten Your Website Architecture.
  15. Re-write Duplicate Meta Tags.
  16. Launch a Skyscraper Post.
  17. Get More From Your Internal Links.
  18. Use A Site Audit Tool.
  19. Optimise For Featured Snippets.

Brian Dean´s Advice How To Rank #1 In Google

Brian Dean has several videos on his Youtube channel and following his advice, you can learn step by step How To Rank #1 In Google

Brian Dean´s Advanced SEO Tips

On his videos, or in his Blog post you can pick up amazing advice for FREE on Advanced SEO Tips, which can make all the difference to your own website´s rankings in Google.

1. Use Title Tag Power-Ups

You need to think about the impact and effect of your Post Titles and introduce words which are effective in getting your reader´s interest. Such words as Guide, Awesome, New, Fast, Crazy, How-To, Research, Proven, Results, Amazing, and Step-By-Step have been proven in research to gain better interest and fantastic search results. You should consider using words such as these in your own posts, to increase their effectiveness and improve efficiency, they help to optimise your site for SEO.

2. Stop Page Sticking

You can optimise your site for page sticking by adopting the following principles in your structuring and writing of your posts.

  • Use Lots Of Bullet Points And Sub-Headings
  • Use Short Introductions Of 4-9 Sentences
  • Delete Zombie Pages
  • Do An Industry Study

Brian Dean´s On-Page SEO Checklist

Brian Dean thinks that On-Page SEO is Huge! He gives his readers and followers a checklist to optimise their own websites in accordance with his views.

Backlinks are still Google´s #1 ranking signal, but to actually rank for your target keywords, your On-Page SEO needs to be Spot On! Follow these actions to optimise your website pages:

1. Front Load Your Title Tag

Google puts more weight on words found at the beginning of your Title Tag, so that is where you need to put your keywords.

2. Use SEO Friendly URL´s

Google uses your URL to work out the topic of your page, so rather than using long URL´s, use ones which are short and sweet.

3. Use Multi-Media In Your Blog Posts

If you add multi-media such as images, lists, videos, screenshots etc to your blog post, it boosts interaction, which is picked up by Google and this positively affects your ranking.

4. Use Outbound Links

You should include at least 2 outbound links to related authority sites, such as popular blogs, news sites and .edu or .gov sources in every piece of content which you publish.

5. Include Your Keyword At The Beginning Of Your Post

Your keyword needs to appear within the first 100 words of your post.

6. Wrap Your Target Keyword (Or A Synonym) In An H1 Tag

Your H1 Tag is like the sub-headline of your post, and ideally, your target keyword should appear here.

7. Quick Loading Speed.

You can use the Google Page Insights Tool to check the loading speed of your post or page and address any issues to optimise loading speed for all devices including mobiles.

8. Add Modifiers To Your Title Tag

You should wherever possible add modifiers to your Title Tag, which are words such as 2018, Best, Guide, Review, which help you to rank for long tail versions of your keyword.

9. Use Prominent Social Share Buttons

Make sure that your Social Share buttons are positioned front and centre of your blog post so that visitors can easily share the content.

10. Publish Long Content

You need to write at least 1500 words in each of your posts, for content that you are trying to rank for competitive keywords.

11. Slash Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is an SEO and Conversion Killer. You need to include Internal Links at the top of your post.

12. Use LSI Keywords

LSI is Latent Schematic Indexing, which are words which are commonly found alongside your keywords. For example, if you have a keyword phrase ¨Weight Loss Tips¨, then LSI keywords would be nutrition, dieting and fat loss because these words are commonly found in association with your keywords. You need to include 1-2 LSI keywords per post.

13. Dwell Time

The Dwell Time is the length of time a visitor stays on your website post or page. You need to write long engaging content which keeps people reading. Especially, you need to make the first paragraph interesting and compelling.

14. Internal Linking

A good example of a website having excellent internal linking is Wikipedia. Following their example, you should add 2-3 internal links to older articles when posting a new one.

15. H2 And H3 Tags

You should include your keyword at least once in an H2 or H3 heading.

16. Image Optimisation

You should tag your images with keyword rich Alt-Text.

17. Optimise Links to Content

For 90% of websites on the internet, the homepage is the most authoritative. The closer your page is to the home page, the higher it will rank, so you need to check that each of your posts or pages is no more than 3 clicks from the home page.

18. Maximise Click Through Rate (CTR)

To find out how to maximise your CTR in Google, you need to check your keywords in a Google Adwords Ad.

For example, if you are using the keywords ¨Glass Water Bottles¨, then enter this as a search term in Google Adwords, and you will return the words ¨BPA Free¨. You can then add these words on to your keywords.

You can also consider adding some power words such as ¨Build¨, ¨Grow¨, or ¨Boost¨ to your keyword phrase.

Brian Dean´s method of improving the CTR is called the CTR Magnet Method, which involves.

  1. Finding Google Adword Ads relevant to your keyword.
  2. Include the words or phrases from the Adwords Ad into your keyword phrase.
  3. Add these words into your Title and Description tag as well.

How To Rank #1 in Youtube Videos Fast in 2018

Like in any review of Brian Dean he offers his advice on How To Rank #1 In Youtube Videos Fast in 2018 using the following step-by-step method, and watch his video too:

Step 1 – Youtube Keyword Research

Firstly, generate a list of keyword ideas, from which you can select the best keywords to rank on Youtube. You can use the Youtube Keyword Suggest feature to do this.

When you input a word, Youtube Suggest generates a list of actual search terms; or alternatively, you can:

Go to a popular Youtube video and copy the same keywords the video is ranked around.

Keyword Optimisation is a key part of Youtube SEO.

Go to another Youtube channel in your niche and sort the videos by ¨Most Popular¨, which shows the videos which generated the most views. Choose one video, and check the Video Title, Video Description, and Video Tags using the VidIQ Chrome Extension. Then find other keywords which you can use, eg SEO Basics.

Find the best keywords from your list, and target low competition keywords.

Try the Youtube Ranking Factors, and check the results there.

Then search for your keyword in Google – You will get 2-5 x more views if your keyword is also ranked in Google.

Optimise your videos around keywords that already have video results in Google.

Google only includes videos in the search results for certain keywords.

In general, Google tends to use video results for these types of keywords:

  • How to….(eg shave a cat, change a plug, dig the garden, fix your car engine etc).
  • Review of …..(Products or services)
  • Tutorials.…. (eg WordPress Tutorial)
  • Fitness Or Sports Related Stuff
  • Funny Videos

To use this method and find such videos, search in Google and get the Youtube results,

Make sure that your target keyword has no less than 100 and preferably up to 1000 searches per month in Google, and use the Google keyword planner.

Step#2 Publish A High Retention Video

If you can publish a High Retention Video then your audience retention will be close to 100%.

Tips to achieve this are to:

1. Start With The Topic And A Summary of the Video.

Many people leave within 10 seconds of clicking on your video, so you need to keep their interest by grabbing their attention with the right keywords, or punchy keyword phrase, such as 10 Tips For Low Carb Desserts!

2. Jump Right Into The Content.

People are in a  hurry to find information, so you need to satisfy that need very quickly.

3. Use Open Loops For Viewer Retention.

What this means is that you need to preview items which appear later in the video so as to inform and start curiosity which keeps your viewer´s attention/retention.

Step#3 Youtube Video Optimisation

You need to say your target keywords so that this is picked up by the auto-transcription.

A power tip is that your keyword should be at the beginning of the title.

The Description is important for the context, and should be no more than 250 words and should include the keyword in the first 25 words, as well as 2-4 times.

Tags can assist with targetting.

Step#4 Promote Your Video

You need to mention your video in other relevant places such as Forums, Quora, Question And Answer sites etc.

A good way to promote a video is to link the video to your email signature so that there are a lot of opportunities for visitors to click on this.

You can embed your videos in your blog posts.

Use the Skyscraper technique to build engagement.

Use Playlists, and link these to a series of videos.

Optimise your Youtube Channel page, and you can also include keywords in the Channel Description.

Does Backlinko Advice Work?

The answer to that question is undoubted yes, as any Review Of Brian Dean demonstrates, for example:

¨17 Untapped Backlink Sources¨and ¨Backlinks – The Definitive Guide¨.

You need to include links to your website from mega-authority sites such as Forbes, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur etc. Brian Dean suggests his 5 favourite link building strategies.

Features Of Good Backlinks

  1. Come From Trusted Authoritative Websites, With Domain Authority
  2. Include A Target Keyword In The Link´s Anchor Text
  3. Page Linking To You Is Topically Related To Your Site. You need to build links from sites in your industry and closely related industries.
  4. The Link Is A Dofollow Link. Links from such sources tend to be Blog comments, press releases, paid ads, and profile links.
  5. The Link Is From A Domain That Hasn´t Linked To You Before. Additional links from the same website to your own give diminishing returns.

You can use Link Magnets to attract links to your website from outside using blogs, videos, software, quizzes or surveys.

Brian Dean advises about the complete list of Google ranking criteria, of which there are approximately 200.

He also proposes using the Skyscraper Technique, which is explained in this post here.

There are 4 pillars of knowledge according to Brian Dean, the primary one being Linkworthy Content.

The second pillar is to Improve a post, meaning that you attempt to optimise the original content.

Then you can attempt to Outreach to others in the same niche with whom you can establish contact with a view to links to your site, possibly guest blogs or other external links.

You can use the software to assist with this technique. Check out their blog here which elaborates on the principles involved in Virality of a post.

How Much Does Backlinko Cost?

Backlinko is totally FREE! What´s wrong with that?

OMS Recommendation About Review Of Brian Dean And Backlinko

Our OMS Review Of Brian Dean finds that he is a leading light and Guru in the field of SEO, so we would not hesitate to recommend his teaching and methods, and use of Backlinko.

In fact, if you want to get ahead of the pack, you can’t do without Backlinko.

There is no reason why you should not sign up to Backlinko and get the benefits of Brian Dean´s strategies, thinking and actionable tips straight to your own email address for FREE in order to optimise your own website.

Backlinko is fantastic and so is Brian Dean!


How To Build A 7 Figure SEO Company From Marketing Inc. 2018

How To Build A 7 Figure SEO Company From Marketing Inc. 2018

Marketing Inc. is one of the companies owned by Glenn Allsopp, who is an expert in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and generation of organic traffic. Under the banner Marketing Inc., Glenn Allsopp offers to show you How To Build A 7 Figure SEO Company and Land $5k Clients (Even If You Never Did It Before).

How To Build A 7 Figure SEO company

How To Build A 7 Figure SEO Company

Glenn Allsopp says he is motivated and has made it his mission to help others to succeed and is happy to share his methods in order to help you to achieve the same level of success that he has, for a modest return.

He says that he provides Actionable Advice for you in order to learn SEO, which is a sellable service. This is the basis of the training from Marketing Inc. and they offer to show you how to build a 7 figure SEO Company. However, you have to take action after receiving the training in order to make it work!

What Does An SEO Company Do? | What Is an SEO Company?

Apr 12, 2018 … need one for your business? Find out the basics of what an SEO company is, and if you need one to help with your marketing plan, right here.

Ok so if you need an SEO Company, which is the best one?

Best SEO Companies & Services – 2018 Reviews |

Verified client reviews of leading search engine optimization agencies. Find the best SEO services and providers for your needs.

And how would I choose an SEO Company?

How to Choose an SEO Company – Whiteboard Friday – Moz

Jan 27, 2017 There’s both a right way and a wrong way to go about selecting an SEO company or consultant for your site. In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand …

Who is Glenn Allsopp?

Glenn is originally from Newcastle, England, and started his online journey in 2007, after he left school when he was 17 years old. You can read his story in his own words here.

He left college in Newcastle and travelled to Capetown in South Africa and started working for a company there on Search Engine Submissions, the terminology at the time for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This was for an SEO company who had many big-name clients, such as:

  • Land Rover
  • Nissan
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Bacardi
SEO Company


Glenn learned his profession there over many years and although he has been hailed as an overnight success, as he himself modestly states, it took him 11 years to achieve his present level of successful achievement.

Glenn tells his story as follows:

Viperchill was set up by him in 2006, at which time Glenn had just 17 articles on his website. He struggled for many years to make a success of his business and never received any offers of work from his initial website. He did, however, receive an offer of employment in South Africa, from a private message on a forum to which he contributed, which enabled him to start learning the SEO and organic traffic business.

Glenn started to look into success stories in the Search Engine Submission field (as it was known then, not SEO).

He came across NPE (Net Profit Explosion), which specialised in SEO for personal fitness trainers and gym owners. They operate and specialise in only that niche, no other.

He set up a company which targeted businesses in Singapore, and got commissions from clients such as Alibaba, and AXA Life Insurance, and generated an SEO marketing business with revenue of more than $60k per month.

Glenn says that the secret is that potential clients see the Niche which you are advertising as your specialism, and they think that you are the ideal company for them because you specialise in their niche.

Glenn Allsopp has successfully started 11 digital agencies in various niche markets, so he is one of the leaders in his field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What is The Marketing Inc. Offer All About?

Glenn Allsopp offers to teach you his marketing methods so that you can find Clients and offer them your SEO Company services under your own Marketing Agency, from which he claims that you can earn very high fees.

Glenn´s recommended strategy is to find existing websites which are deficient and approach the companies concerned in order to analyse their websites and identify problems and issues for them to fix,  so as to optimise their sites and make them work more efficiently and generate organic traffic.

Various testimonials are shown where past students have achieved great success within a short period of time, using the Marketing Inc. methodologies.

SEO company

SEO Company

Is There A Real Market For This Sort Of SEO Service?

Glenn shows the statistics which demonstrate the size of the SEO marketplace as being more than $180bn and growing strongly.

There are 170k new websites being created every day on the internet, which is 7,000 every hour, and 118 new websites every minute. All of these new websites are competing, with the existing websites, for the top 10 places on Google rankings.

SEO company

Google Top 10 Rankings

The number of clients is therefore always increasing and is practically limitless.

If you do not want to do the actual work yourself, you can outsource it using such resource websites as and There are currently more than 4000 jobs for SEO advertised on Upwork.

This business can be operated using any language in the world, and examples are given of the following successful companies using other languages than English:

  • operates in Brazil and uses the Portuguese language, and a sales revenue of $1.4m and use 250+staff.
  • is a Dutch company with a sales revenue of more than $10m.
  • Archimedia is an Italian company with a sales revenue of between $20k and $50k per week.
  • IDS Agency is a similar size company to Archimedia.

Changes in Google rules and criteria can create opportunities. For example, Google has banned Banner Advertisements for Cryptocurrency, which means that companies in that niche must find ways of finding organic traffic from SEO, in order to attract prospective companies.

Glenn gives his advice on what are the top ten niches for SEO agencies in 2018, which are listed in reverse order below, No 1 being the best niche of all:

10. Automotive Niche – (Either motor cars or motorcycles)

Examples of successful agencies are:

  • FoxDealer with a sales revenue of approximately $18.7m in 2017, who have experienced a growth rate in the region of 6000% over the last 3 years.
  • PureCars specialise in building websites for the Automotive niche.
  • L2T Media has a sales revenue of approximately $50m, and have experienced a 61% growth rate over the last 3 years, specifically promoting SEO.

There is lots of scope in this niche for sub-niches such as Detailing, Repairs, Rentals and Dealerships.

9. Dentists

There are more than 195,000 dentists registered in the USA, and there are some marketing agencies which specialise in this market, such as:

ConversionWhale, which is less than 4 years old and already has more than 400 clients.

Progressive Dental Marketing which has experienced 146% growth during the last 3 years.

SmartBox Web Marketing deals with Local SEO and has experienced approximately 300% growth during the last 3 years.

8. Publishers

It is a tough time for the Publishing Industry with the furore about Fake News.

Google News has shown a 477% increase in traffic for SEO.

Examples of specialist SEO Marketing agencies in this niche are:

Polemic Digital

Clickseed -a solo SEO agency who deals with Rolling Stone Magazine, Nasdaq, and Kiplinger.

There is lots of content, and you can fix things to optimise client´s websites so they can dramatically improve their SEO.

7. Local SEO

There is a great variety of industries in Local business and many different specialities, so there are massive opportunities for any marketing agency. It is variable depending upon which country and which specific location you are in.

Statistics show that an average customer will spend in the region of $50k per annum.

It is a huge market, which will only grow more in the short term.

SEO company

Local SEO

6. Gym Owners And Fitness

Gym and Fitness is one of the most profitable niches, and the following are some of the specialist agencies in that market:

NPE – sales revenue $7.2m in 2016.


5. Lawyers

There are many thousands of legal practices and they are in an extremely profitable niche, with sub-niches such as injury claims, PPI, employment law, mediation, divorce, Trust Law. is a leading company in this niche with $179k of new business, on top of their existing recurring income, and have experienced 385% growth during the last 3 years.

Midmark Media had a sales revenue of $2.4m in 2017 and have experienced 500% growth during the last 3 years.

FindLaw deals solely with Lawyer marketing to 17k Law firms, with a dedicated focus on SEO.

4. Non-Profit Organisations

NextAfter has increased their sales revenue from $2.5m in 2017 to $3.8m in 2018, and have experienced 3-year growth in the region of 700%.

Idfive – have increased their sales revenue from $5.6m in 2017 to $7.7m in 2018, and significant growth during the last 3 years.

Rescue – have increased their sales revenue from $25.2m in 2017 to $68.6m in 2018, and their growth rate during the last 3 years was 416%.

Companies in this niche can afford high customer acquisition costs because once a customer has donated once, there is a high probability that they will donate again regularly thereafter.

3. E-commerce

This is a very lucrative niche, in which the following marketing agencies specialise:

Visiture – had a sales revenue of $2.6m in 2017 and experienced 236% growth during the last 3 years.

Boost Marketing – had a sales revenue of $10.9m in 2017 and experienced 227% growth during the last 3 years. This company has only 6 employees, so has a massive revenue per person.

Outerbox – Had a sales revenue between $5-10m in 2017, and experienced a growth of 83% during the last 3 years.

2. Content SEO

There are many aspects to this niche, including preparing fresh content as well as editing old content and optimising for SEO.

Seige Media – Specialise in offering content which ranks, have a sales revenue of $3.2m per annum and have experienced 39% growth during the last 3 years.

Demand Acceleration Trifecta – has a sales revenue of $29m and has experienced growth of 839% during the last 3 years.

Growth Machine – Has a sales revenue of $85k per month and is less than 12 months old, just on providing SEO focussed content marketing.

1. CryptoCurrency

The cryptocurrency market is in a deep depression at the moment. Bitcoin value is down from $19k at its peak to around $6700.

However, there are lots of people who believe that the cryptocurrency market will bounce back and they are preparing for such a recovery.

ICO Benchmarking is one company who are specialists in this market. One of their packages is on offer from $240k!

There are 19 pages of service providers in this market niche.

The Google ban on cryptocurrency banner advertisements means that their sales businesses are suffering. People are still searching online for cryptocurrency products, and so the companies will offer their services using SEO optimisation principles.

What is Provided by Marketing Inc. As Their Offer?

Glenn Allsopp offers to teach you exactly how to do SEO and learn his wildly successful methods.

There are 7 reasons for any client to use your services as an SEO consultant.

Almost every website has technical issues which can be improved in order to optimise the site for SEO.

Glenn recommends that you offer the same service that he does, which is to identify issues with the subject website and to document them for the Owner of the website to address and correct, so as to optimise his website.

The regulating document for all the optimisation of SEO is the current Rules And Guidance from Google, the latest edition of which is dated July 2018. This document contains approximately 200 Rules which dictate how the Google algorithm works.

An example is a need for SSL on all sites.

Many sites still do not comply with this requirement. It is not difficult to find these non-conforming sites and to contact the owners in order to offer a service to correct that, and any other deficiencies or issues which may be found.

How to Find Sites Which Do Not Have SSL?

Glenn Allsopp explains how you can use a simple Google search to identify those websites, in any niche, which is not compliant using the code in the search:


Using SimilarWeb enables you to check all competitor websites for their features.

Once you find a suitable client who wishes to use your services to identify and correct their issues and problems, then you have an opportunity for either one-off or recurring income.

How Much Is The Training Offered by Marketing Inc.?

Glenn Allsopp offers a package of the following training from Marketing Inc.:

1. Video Training – 24 hours, explains the whole method which Marketing Inc. recommend.

2. Content – More than 100k words are available to be used and adapted for your site.

3. Forum – Access to the Marketing Inc. Forum, with more than 29k posts displayed and stored there, and access to all other members and users.

4. Templates – Availability of standard templates for Proposal, Site Audit and Client Outreach.

5. Success Stories – Access the marketing Inc. database of success stories.

The whole package is available for a one-off reduced price of $997.

A payment plan is available and you can pay either over 4 or 6 months, but the cost is significantly more than the one-time payment.

Glenn Allsopp offers a 60-day guarantee and says he will reimburse 110% to anyone who has not achieved at least $5k in terms of sales revenue within that time.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation About The Marketing Inc. Offer

We recently became aware of and its owner and founder Glenn Allsopp, from Dylan Reiger who is a successful affiliate marketer at Wealthy Affiliate, being ranked in the top 100 members.

Dylan Reiger recommends when he explains how he found success with his online businesses in one of his blog posts, which you can read here.

Having watched some of the videos from Glenn Allsopp, we can see that his methods are novel and undoubtedly successful from the results which he can prove from the success of his various businesses (12).

We think that this offer from Marketing Inc. is worth trying as it is priced at $997 one time payment.

Glenn offers a 60-day money back guarantee, and even says he will give back 110% of the purchase price if you do not achieve success and find at least one $5k client for your business using the methods which he uses. Remember though it is not just a matter of watching the videos, you have to take action as well.

If you have experience of Marketing Inc. and training from Glenn Allsopp, then please let us know what you think about it.



















OMS Review Of Traffic Options, Organic and Paid Sources 2018

Introduction to Traffic Options, Organic And Paid Sources

This is an overview of the different options available to you for Organic and Paid sources of traffic for your website.

Traffic Options, Organic And Paid Sources

Traffic Options


Before embarking on any programme of traffic generation, you need to carefully think about who your target customer is, and where you can find them. These factors will largely dictate which options for traffic generation you choose.

There is no point in generating traffic and sending it to your webpage or website unless you are ready to be able to convert the visitors in some way, whether this is to secure their contact details, at the initial stage of contact, or to encourage them to buy something (Call To Action) at a later stage in the Sales process.

This post from SmartBug explains the difference between Direct and Organic Traffic Options.

What Are The Different Traffic Options for Any Business?

There are broadly two categories of Traffic available to any business, Organic Sources of Traffic and Paid Sources of Traffic.

Organic Sources Of Traffic

Organic Traffic

Email marketing is arguably the best traffic source, but in order to take advantage of it, you need to build an email list of subscribers who are interested in your products and trust you enough to consider purchasing from you.

Once you have a list of subscribers it is free to use and re-use, unless some people unsubscribe as a result of excessive emailing, spamming or loss of trust if low-quality offers are made.

You have control of your email list and it cannot be shut down by a quasi-authority such as Google or Amazon.

There are more than 4.6bn email addresses in the world.

The Return on Investment from an email list is a massive $44 from $1 of Advertising spend.

The cost of email marketing is quite low, but the time needed to harvest returns is quite high, but the engagement is also high.

The audience is your email list who are in your niche and have purchased from you or have at least received a Lead Magnet from you, a prospective purchaser.


The top results in Search Engine Optimisation get the most clicks and visits to their post or website. The aspiration is to be #1 in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or on the other search engines Youtube and Pinterest (visual search engine).

By optimising your blog and updating it you can take advantage of the Google algorithm to project your post to the highest possible level and therefore get traffic to your website.

There are 63,000 Google searches per second! 93% of internet journeys begin with a search engine search. There are 1.2 trillion global searches per month, and 91% of internet users use a search.

77% of all internet users read blogs.

Although the Google algorithm is complicated, it is generally agreed that blogs with high-quality content rank highly for featured keywords.

An active blogging site with high-quality content, targetted long tail keywords which are easy to read, and has diagrams, images and featured videos, banners and calls to action will do best.

Cost of blogging is not high, although the time investment is great. Engagement varies depending on the age of the site and authority, engagement etc, but can be enormous.


You can enhance your email list by inviting other trusted associates to swap or invite their email list to buy your product or service. Similarly, you may invite other associates to pitch offers to your list.

Guest blogs can be used in a  similar way to build engagement.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way of achieving organic traffic is to recruit affiliate marketers who will sell your product or service in return for a commission. This commission can be quite high, sometimes 50-100%, so there is a high incentive for affiliates to make conversions.

The cost of affiliate marketing is high, but there are guaranteed sales, and you only pay upon that sale, not if the product is not sold. There is a risk for the affiliate marketer, because he may expend resources trying to sell but not succeed.

Engagement is pretty good.

The audience is in your niche, and the audience intent varies depending upon the offer, the niche and the platform.

Social Media Engagement


A video is a fantastic way to build organic traffic, using the platforms of Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook Videos.

The medium of video comprised 75% of all online traffic in 2017, which is projected to grow quickly to more than 80%.

It is recognised that including a video within an email results in a much higher rate of conversion.

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world with 3bn users. There are 300hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute.

80% of all 18 – 50-year-olds watch Youtube. How to videos and review videos are extremely popular on Youtube.

So in summary, if you post a good quality video (which keeps the attention of the viewer) with a targetted keyword in your niche, you can be fairly sure of getting good engagement.

Cost of video making need not be high, and time involved also not excessive, but engagement as a return on that investment is usually high.

Neil Patel is a regular broadcaster on video and podcast when talking about SEO

Podcasts And Public Speaking Engagements

Podcasting of interviews, as well as guest speaking and guest blogging, can use an existing platform to boost credibility. An example of such a Podcaster is Neil Patel the King of SEO, who regularly issues podcasts and blogs weekly, as well as newsletters and bulletins for various purposes.

This method is great for building Brand. It also enhances reputation and authority and credibility.

Cost of this activity is low, but time involvement is high, however, it can result in quite high engagement.

Niche Engagement

Niche engagement is one of the best ways to attract organic traffic to your site, because of your involvement and engagement with the community. You can become an authority figure in the community which further enhances engagement and therefore traffic. You are building credibility and providing value to people by solving their problems and answering their questions.

You can contribute to various forums in your niche. Also, you can create links to your site by answering questions from such sites as Quora and Reddit, the subject of course to their terms and conditions and rules.

The cost of such niche engagement is very low, but the time engagement can be high, but engagement is also high so the returns on investment are good.

Referral Marketing And Influencing

Referral marketing is a fantastic way of getting traffic because you are getting the power of someone else´s testimonial endorsing your product or service. The referrer is influencing the purchaser to take an action, on the basis of trust between the influencer and the prospective purchaser.

It can be seen in many instances where successful marketers use other powerful influencers to endorse and recommend their products. For example, Anik Singal has his Lurn products endorsed by famous author and businessman Robert Kiyosaki.

Publicity Stunts and Competitions

You can create traffic and interest in your product or service by doing some unique publicity stunts or competitions in order to grab the headlines. Sometimes such events can be recorded on film or video and can go Viral which can have a dramatic return on investment.

Such events can dramatically improve brand awareness and can encourage new buyers and a different audience sector.

Ideally, the publicity should target your niche, but in a much broader way in order to gain a better return on investment.

Costs can vary immensely but you are in control of how much money and time is spent. The engagement can be tremendous if the publicity stunt is a success or the competition is popular.

Directories and Publications

You can get traffic if you are seen as an authority figure in your niche by contributing articles to directories and relevant niche authority publications. You can leverage these by including your bio in the article and links to your website. The higher quality the directories and publications, then likely the higher returns in terms of traffic. The cost of such articles is very low and the time needed also usually not a lot. The engagement is unpredictable.

Document Sharing

You can share your posts and documents and reports on websites for uploading and sharing content.

Such documents are returned on Google, Bing and Yahoo searches for particular keywords.

The more documents you share, the more engagement there will be as a result, especially if you have links to your website built into the documents.

This activity helps to build your brand. It is a low-cost way to complement your blogging activities and they help to build your authority and credibility. They do not have to take a lot of time, if you already have the content, you are finding another way to share it.

Paid Sources Of Traffic

The Sources of Paid traffic are as follows:

Facebook Advertisements

This is the most popular of the Social Media, and best for advertising because almost everyone is on Facebook.

Advertisements can be expensive, especially when advertising to a targetted audience for conversions (as opposed to for engagement). You can, however, test out audiences and results from a very low level of around $5.

Facebook provides the best available targetting of Ads, and there are plenty of prospects so it could be viewed as beneficial for both advertisers and consumers. You can even target specific interests in your target audience so that the value of the Ads is quite high, they reach those who are receptive to them.

Additionally, Facebook Likes, Comments and Shares give the potential for posts and Ads to go Viral.

Instagram is also integrated into Facebook.

Features of Facebook and Instagram Ads are an attention-grabbing headline and an associated image.

There are basically four types of Facebook Ads:

  • Text Ads – which tell as a story to a lookalike audience.
  • Story Ads – which are a sort of long form sales letter.
  • Image Ads with a shorter text.
  • Video Ads or a series of images inside Facebook, or possibly animated video with short or long text.

Facebook Ads can become expensive especially for conversion ads. The time investment can be relatively small and the engagement can be good if the lookalike audience has been accurately targetted in your niche. The audience is not necessarily looking for purchases on Facebook they are more likely to be looking for content, and it can be hard to get their attention because there are lots of distractions.

Youtube Advertisements

Youtube is the second largest search engine, but at the moment is relatively little exploited, there is not much competition. Also at the moment, Youtube Ads are relatively inexpensive.

Youtube Ads tend to play at the beginning (before) videos are played, and sometimes during the time they are playing.

There are two types of Youtube Ads, Stream Ads, and Video Discovery Ads, which appear in a search.

Youtube videos are good for building Brand Awareness.

The cost of Youtube ads is relatively moderate, and time investment not excessive, and engagement is pretty good.

The audience is the targetted audience on Youtube and the Intent is usually to search for content (information or reviews) not necessarily to purchase.

Google Advertisements

Google Ads can be complicated, but there is buyer intent because people are searching for particular keywords.

The cost of Google Ads is relatively high, but the time investment is relatively low, and engagement moderate.

The audience is people who are searching for particular keywords, and there is intent to purchase.

Bing And Yahoo Advertisements

Bing and Yahoo are search engines similar to Google but with a smaller share of the overall search market.

Their Ads are less expensive than those of Google.

You should test out each of these and Google as well, to see which one gives you the best results.

There are already Make Money Online Paid Ads on Bing and Yahoo platforms.

The cost of Bing and Yahoo is moderate, and the time investment is relatively small, and the engagement level only moderates because these platforms are less popular than Google.

The audience is searching for particular keyword search terms, and the buyer intent is there because of that.

Twitter Advertisements

Twitter advertisements are good for connecting initially with prospective customers, often from initial cold contact. However, Twitter users are not usually in a receptive mood for Buying Intent. Twitter advertisements can take a cold contact and make them brand awareness so that they become a warm contact.

Twitter has good targetting features, but not as good as Facebook.

Certain Niches are more active on Twitter, such as Politics, Comedy and Technology.

Typically Twitter advertisements would have an image and a small banner ad with a clickable link.

There is more than 1 bn registered Twitter users, 100m active daily Twitter users and more than 120m unique visitors per month. More than 550m Twitter account holders sent at least one Tweet.

Twitter ads are moderately expensive, however, they take little time investment to initiate, and do get fairly good engagement.

The target audience is your target audience on Twitter, who are generally looking for content on Twitter, not usually having Buyer Intent.

LinkedIn Advertisements

LinkedIn is a great platform for Business to Business (B2B) transactions.

Advertisements on LinkedIn can be expensive, and users are not as active as they are on other forms of Social Media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn does have very useful targeting features, for example, job positions like CEO´s or HR Manager or other specific skills.

You can put your LinkedIn Ad into your target´s feed, in a similar way to Facebook Ads appear in your feed.

There are 443m registered LinkedIn users. 80% of all leads are Business to Business (B2B).

Examples of LinkedIn Ads are:

Sponsored Content – where the Ad appears as content in the target´s feed.

Text Ads – Where the Ad appears on the right side of the page in the column using traditional text ads.

Sponsored in Mail – Where the Ad is sent out as a message to someone´s inmail.

LinkedIn Ads are moderately expensive but can be justified if they can be accurately targeted.

Engagement of LinkedIn Ads is quite good.

The target audience is limited to LinkedIn members, who are generally seeking business contacts and networking, possibly for career advantage.

Pinterest Advertisements

Pinterest Ads are highly visual and mostly images, although videos are allowed as well.

Pinterest is a great platform for marketers and is used for ideas and cool products.

It is appropriate to advertise any niche on Pinterest particular is effective for Fitness products, Health, Cooking, and possibly Fashion goods.

Good Pinterest Ads (PINS) do have the potential to go Viral, and you can promote your PINS to give them a publicity boost.

Pinterest is great for advertising to Women, and more than 80% of all visitors to Pinterest are women.

Women go to Pinterest for good ideas and to look for inspiration, particularly around special occasions such as weddings and births, baby goods.

PINS tend to consist of a brightly coloured High-Quality Image (or video), to catch attention, and a brief text headline, with a clickable link.

There are more than 175m active Pinterest users, and there are more than 50 bn PINS, on more than 1 bn boards (PIN collections). 87% of PINNERs have made a purchase as a result of inspiration from Pinterest. 5% of referral traffic is from Pinterest, and more than 93% of Pinterest members are active.

Advertisements on Pinterest are moderately expensive, but take relatively little time invested in order to achieve great results and a lot of engagement.

Your audience on Pinterest is your followers in your niche, and this audience is generally looking for content and inspiration in that niche.

Solo Advertisements

Solo Ads are basically using someone else´s email list to advertise your products or services. It is extending your own email list. You can use the email to attempt to build a relationship with this new prospective customer.

A recommended resource for Solo Ads is

You can also buy clicks from verified sellers in your own niche.

Solo Ads are moderately expensive and do take some time to formulate and target effectively, but they do give a relatively good level of engagement if done correctly.

The audience is targetted and interested in your niche. Audience intent exists because of the level of trust from the owner of the email list from which you buy, so there is an element of risk.

How Do You Choose The Most Appropriate Traffic Source For Your Needs bearing in Mind All The Possible Options?

The decision about which source of traffic to use depends upon the answers to the following questions so can change as the answers to these questions may change. So you could start off with one form of traffic and move on to a different traffic source.

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Do you know the Avatar for your ideal customer? If not, then it would be beneficial to formulate such as Avatar, based on the following criteria:

Customer Age, Gender, Work and Home Location, Work profession, hobbies and interests etc.

Where Do Your Ideal Customers congregate?

At what location, physical or virtual, do your customers hang out?

What Niche Are You In?

Certain Niches are matched to certain Social Media. For example, Fitness is usually marketed on Youtube, owing to historical conditions.

What Is The Goal Of Your Campaign?

Is your campaign designed to achieve engagement or conversions (email addresses or sales).

What Does Your Sales Funnel Look Like?

Have you designed your Sales Funnel, with Doorbuster front-end products and upsells, downsells and cross-sells?

When you know the answers to the above question, then you are able to make a decision about the most appropriate Source of Traffic to use.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation Traffic Options

In order to use traffic sources efficiently, you need to properly understand the respective advantages and disadvantages of each type of traffic and the monetary cost or the time implications of each type of traffic.

You need to plan which traffic options you will use first before trying out each of them.

If you need to do things quickly, you need to be sure of the timing of the application of the investment.

A strategy which is planned around the use of Social Media will usually take longer, but not demand as much financial investment.

If you would like to receive training on how to decide on the best Traffic Options for your business then go here to read our review of Why You Need Wealthy Affiliate to Make Money Online Writing.

Alternatively, you can go here to sign up for a FREE account with Wealthy Affiliate and you can start to read the traffic training written there, and build and use two websites for FREE indefinitely.






Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box Review: Anik Singal

Introduction – Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box Review: Anik Singal

business in a box review

This review is of one of the product offerings from Anik Singal, a prominent and highly successful internet marketer and the owner of Lurn Educational company, and many other businesses.

The product is called Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0, Business In  A Box. This product allows subscribers to set up their own business using Lurn´s systems and automation, and pre-templated and pre-prepared documentation and emails, and Lurn´s chosen autoresponder Sendlane. Apparently, this is the only autoresponder choice according to one of the video reviews which are included below.

If you subscribe, you can set up multiple businesses on this Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In  A Box system, and take advantage of the massive amount of development work which has been carried out in order to make sure that everyone has the best chance to succeed with their Business In A Box.

Robert Kiyosaki gives a recommendation for the Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In  A Box, suggesting that knowledge and information provided to subscribers will lower the risks of starting such a business and allow a greater probability of success. He endorses Anil Singal and the Lurn system and comments that technological developments have made the opportunities available better than when he was developing such businesses.

Who Is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal is a prominent marketer, who is a Copywriter by profession, who has spent 14 years developing the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box until it is in the current state as offered. Anik claims to have spent $200,000 developing this software using a team of 23 people. In this interview in January 2018, Anik Singal explains how much money there is to be made from online educational courses.

Anik Singal´s businesses are quite sizeable, and he describes one of them as costing $1.1m for one week´s promotions. Another of his businesses has a turnover of $11m selling his own products. A third business for personal development has a turnover of $148k.

Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson are numbered among the friends and acquaintances of Anik Singal.

Anik Singal states that to achieve his success in business, it has required much of his time, dedication and attention. He recounts the story of his business success when he went from earning his first $300, then $10k in 60 days, $15k in the third month, then $25k per month. Within 6 years he had made more than $10m per annum, but then he acknowledges that he got distracted. In 2011, Anil abandoned the system which he had used to make money up until then and changed to a new system which was disastrous for his business and himself personally, as within a year he had gone $1.7m into debt.

Anik managed to clear his debt and turn things around for himself without actually going bankrupt, and learned lessons from what had happened to him, which he has put to good use in the new Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box system which he now offers.

| Lurn Nation Blog

To build a business, entrepreneurs need excellent leads. With the right resources and know how, business owners can dramatically increase their reach and …

Circle Of Profit Course –

You CAN start your own digital publishing business – today, even! … People setting up businesses online, ditching their day jobs, making mind-blowing amounts …

Inbox Blueprint Review and Bonus – Anik Singal – READ THIS!

Anik Singal is back with his Inbox Blueprint 2 review. … Anik Singal is RE- OPENING the doors to his #1 business course – Inbox Blueprint 2.0! ….. For instance, a call to action box that enables consumers or possible clients to register for …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 – LaunchPad Technology by Anik

Inbox blueprint 2.0 introduces LaunchPad, a full-proof system to boost your email marketing campaigns. Review and a tour of the members area inside. … 2018, will be able to access LaunchPad here – … email marketing is one of the most effective and fastest ways to grow your business.

What Does Lurn Inbox 2.0 Blueprint Business In Box Consist Of?

Business In A Box Review

Anik Singal explains his 5 Step System to achieve 4 passive streams of income, and gave a live demonstration of his Business In A Box system in action, at the workshop which we viewed on 27th September 2018.

Anik´s system consists of

  • Emails sent to an Autoresponder.
  • A one-page OptIn (not a website).
  • Your own URL, which has your own unique affiliate number for commissions earned.
  • Automated broadcasts from the Autoresponder to your email list.
  • High conversions 40-60%
  • Your email list is your prime asset.
  • Multiple businesses, each with 4 passive streams of income.

He explains that the first thing that anyone wanting to do business needs to do is to select which Niche they want to operate in. Any niche is possible such as Homecare health insurance, mortgage companies, credit monitoring, dating, games, E-commerce sites.

The easiest and quickest way to start selling is to find other people´s products which you can sell on their behalf for a commission, using Affiliate Marketing.

Anik explains his ideas about how to start selling products immediately using ClickBank or one of the other affiliate sites which provide a marketplace for digital products.

You can buy traffic at a cost of no more than $1 per click, depending upon your niche, and sell products at $2, so you are making 100% profit.

Anik Singal did a live demonstration of his business system on screen and he managed to get his webpage operational within 17 minutes, which was extremely impressive.

What Do Anik´s Customers Say About Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box?

We have identified one testimonial from 2014? which seems to relate to the previous version 1.0 of Inbox Blueprint Business In A Box, and followed the comments from this person, Erica, who gave the testimonial.

Testimonial About Inbox Blueprint 1.0 From Erica

Here is another previous user who gives as a Testimonial for the Lurn Inbox Blueprint Business In A Box system.

Here are some other testimonials about Lurn Inbox 2.0 Blueprint Business In A Box system.

Inbox BluePrint

I’m now making $20,000 to $30,000 a month – thanks to Inbox Blueprint! … Over $400,000 and 14 months were invested into creating the first ever system to build a DONE FOR YOU business that is actually 100% unique for … 12 Months – Unlimited Support & Help From Our Lurn Family (Value $997). … Customer Reviews.

Lurn Insider Review

May 8, 2018 Well, Lurn Insider reveals a business in a box. … He created Inbox Blueprint which was his latest launch where he teaches how to build a list …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review and Bonus – Does It Really Work?

Apr 18, 2016 Full Feed View · Headline View · SI Premium Squawk Box · Alerts … (SI Newswire ) Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint 2.0 teaches users how to set up an email marketing business and quickly make a profit. … Anik Singal, the Founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc has recently created a program named “Inbox Blueprint …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review, DEMO & Bonus (2018)

Jan 12, 2018 Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review from ANIK’S FORMER HEAD COACH! … Jeff Lenney Speaking at Lurn & Anik Singal Event … you how to build a profitable online email marketing business… but it actually does most of the hard work for you! …. Your Email Before Sending – Avoid Spam Box and Promotions Tab …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review 2018 – REAL member review + Bonus

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 2018 is a whole business model. …. The importance of testing your email before sending – avoid spam box and … Is it the same as Lurn?

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box Review Pricing Offer

Anik Singal´s amazing offer is explained in the screenshots from the webinar presentation below:

Business In A Box Review

Lurn Summary Offer

Business In A Box Review

First Day Traffic League

Business In A Box Review

More Help

Business In A Box Review

4 Pillars Of Site Support

Business In A Box Review



Business In A Box Review

No Student Left Behind


Business In A Box Review

Make Systems Accessible

Business In A Box Review

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 offer price is reduced as it is defined as a Partnership between The Company and the Subscriber:

Business In A Box Review

Online Blueprint: Partnership

Business In A Box Review

Inbox Blueprint Payment Plan

To cover his development costs of $200,000, Anik explains he would need 40 students if the Business In A Box were to be priced at $6000. Using the final pricing below ($1500 per subscriber) then he would need 4 times as many subscribers for him to break even.

What you get for your money seems to be amazing, including the following bonuses offered on the webinar:

The system software

Automation software                                                      – value $15,976.

Niche detective software, to help you select a niche – value $797.

Bonus – First Day Traffic League                                 – value $2,997.

Bonus 4 – Technical Support                                        – value $3,997

This includes normal ticket based technical support, during office hours (60 hours), and regular weekly access to Anik Singal, and A Facebook Forum.

Bonus 5 – No Student Left Behind – this provides for unlimited support for anyone who is struggling to make money

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation: Business In A Box Review

The Online Blueprint Business In A Box system offered by Anik Singal seems to be incredible value priced at $1497 one-off payment for a lifetime membership or 3 monthly payments of $597.

Anik passionately expresses his desire to help people succeed hence he has competitively priced his offer so as to make it available to more people.

We have not tried Lurn´s Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box but would be interested to hear feedback from anyone who has.



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