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OMS Review of Affiliate Marketing Dude September 2018

Introduction: Review Of Affiliate Marketing Dude September 2018

Marcus Campbell is the Affiliate Marketing Dude and within that brand are their advertised all his products such as Simple Sites Big Profits 2015, 2016, 2017, Simple Sites Bonuses, BlogNetwork2015, SevenDayBlogProfits, HighLevelNiches etc


Who Is Marcus Campbell?

Marcus Campbell is an expert marketer who does a lot of training online and offers various educational courses. Marcus makes no secret that he is a reformed alcoholic and has overcome various difficulties in his life before achieving his current success. Here is Marcus Campbell´s Facebook Page:

Review Of Affiliate Marketing Dude

Affiliate Marketing Dude







Here is a typical training video from the Affiliate Marketing Dude (Marcus Campbell).

Review Of Affiliate Marketing Dude: Products And Pricing

Price: Product prices vary depending on the particular product offering, see below (Prices can vary from time to time so best to check directly with the company for their current offers):

Simple Sites Big Profits, 2015

Simple Sites Big Profits, 2016

Simple Sites 2017 – Upgrade $297 (or 3 x $127) from Simple Site Big Profits 2016

Blog Profit Network, 2015

Blog Profit Members + Plug-Ins

Seven Day Blog Profits

Simple Sites Bonuses

HighTicketNiches – Upgrade from Simple Sites 2017 is one-off $700 payment, or $997 (or 3x $397) for a Done For You niche and domain package complete (includes 90 days support).

Ongoing Support: Affiliate Marketing Dude Mentorship Program: $37 per month.

We have subscribed to those products underlined above, and have a lifetime membership for these subscriptions.

Owners: Marcus Campbell

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Review Of Affiliate Marketing Dude Products

We have been using and carrying out a Review of Affiliate Marketing Dude for the past 6 months or more and have built up a familiarity with how the site and its group of products works, and its approach to online marketing of its various software packages such as SevenDayBlogProfits, BlogProfitNetwork, SimpleSitesBonuses, Simple Sites Big Profits, and High Level Niches.

After expressing initial interest in one of the products and subscribing to that, a user is then encouraged to upgrade to one of the other products on offer which are claimed to offer greater benefits for making money online.

Marcus Campbell is the proprietor and founder of Affiliate Marketing Dude and all its related products, and he personally makes many or all of the training videos which are provided by the group of companies, and personally advertises the products for sale.

Once subscribed, email activity starts off at a tremendous pace and we received numerous (more than 100) emails from Affiliate Marketing Dude about its various products and encouraging buying upgrades for various purposes such as 2015, 2016 and 2017 versions of software described as Beta versions, offered at reduced prices.
Marcus Campbell emphasises his skill at finding small specialist niches, and he does this using his Trigger word method, which is his own unique approach to keyword research, which does not choose the popular keywords but identifies more obscure keywords and less competitive niches.

Marcus Campbell has been marketing online for more than 17 years and is clearly very skilled at selling his products online, and uses many of these successful sites as examples in his training videos, for example, he quotes the following from his track record of successful sites:

My Space (made approximately $2m), Gas prices, Tattoo market (made $137 per day), Auto loans, Six Pack Abs, Football scores and results site, and Encouraging Bible Verses, all of which have been very successful for him over many years.

A General Review of Affiliate Marketing Dude:

The Good & the Bad

The Good: Marcus explains how he achieves his success in a clear and simple, and sometimes self-deprecating manner through the numerous training videos which are available within his site, and also generally available on Youtube. His manner is very personable and he inspires trust in a viewer.

PRO #1: There are numerous training videos which explain in the overview and also in detail various stages of the process of niche finding, domain selection, website building and driving traffic to your website.

PRO #2: There are no refunds available on his products so it is not possible to try for a certain period to see if you like the product(s), or to see how they perform.

PRO #3: It is possible to get support via email, and also via LiveChat, including contact with Marcus himself.

The Bad:

CON #1: There are numerous products and upsells, so when you think you are purchasing the product, you find that you only have part of the story, and you receive emails suggesting you upgrade to either newer or better functionality software products, for example, Simple Sites Big Profits has been sold (to us) in versions for 2015, 2016, and 2017, all in the last 3 months.

CON #2: In addition to the software products you need to pay extra for mentoring from Marcus Campbell which costs $37 per month, and it is quite unpredictable what level of support you will receive.

CON #3: The organisation of the reference material in terms of training videos could be better, and it is sometimes difficult to track down the answer to a particular query from the overwhelming number of available training videos.

Who Are Affiliate Marketing Dude Products For?

Marcus Campbell aims his products at people who are interested in making money online and implies that those signing up to his products and training can achieve success but he makes it clear there are no guarantees that a subscriber may achieve the same level of success as him.

Affiliate Marketing Dude Tools & Training

There are lots of specialised tools within the software which is purchased and numerous training videos to explain step by step how to go about finding a niche, choosing a domain name, setting up a website and driving traffic to the website in order to generate sales of Affiliate products. Many of the topics are repeated so you sometimes have to spend a lot of time reviewing known material in order to find the particular reference point which you want.

Affiliate Marketing Dude Support

There is email support provided to subscribers, as well as Live Chat and also the opportunity to chat with Marcus when he is available online. There a user community, and forum, and personal support, which is active from week to week.

Affiliate Marketing Dude Price

The overall pricing of Affiliate Marketing Dude is difficult to predict, as to only buy one or two of the available products would give very limited functionality. There is constant pressure to upgrade, especially to High-Ticket Niches, which involve an outlay of approximately $997 (or 3 x $397) for a Done For You niche and website. We did upgrade from the previous products which we bought (Simple Sites Big Profits 2015, 2016, and 2017 (early release demo), plus Blog Profit Network 2015, and Blog Profit Members plus Plug-Ins), and paid $700 for the Done For You niche, which we did eventually receive after 2-3 months. We never managed to get it working, nor to obtain any revenue from it in all this time.

Review Of Affiliate Marketing Dude: Scam Alert

Not everyone has had a good experience with Affiliate Marketing Dude:

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation:

Our Opinion of Affiliate Marketing Dude

Affiliate Marketing Dude is a suite of software products which have been designed and developed over time by Marcus Campbell to enable you to identify a suitable specialist niche and identify a suitable domain name and register a website in order to make money from Affiliate Marketing. The information available is quite a lot, but it is difficult to find exactly which information you will need in order to solve a particular problem, so the indexing and cataloguing of training information could be improved.

Marcus is obviously very experenced and expert at Affiliate Marketing and has an intuitive approach to it.

After a year´s usage and Review of Affiliate Marketing Dude products including the Done For You High Ticket Niche Website at $997, and never received a penny in return for our investment, so we would not recommend you to buy any of the products.



About Alpus Online Marketing Software

Introduction – About Alpus Online Marketing Software

I am Alan James the proprietor of Alpus Online Marketing Software, which is part of Alpus Group, established in 2015, and is based in Central Europe. The Alpus Group is involved in the marketing of handmade goods through our company Midiya Trading (, as well as marketing personalized goods through our sister company Alpus Personalized Goods ( We also have a Shopify store ( which offers another range of consumer products.

About Me – Alan James

About Alpus Online Marketing Software

About Alpus Online Marketing Software

I have always been interested in computers and their technological development through the years, as well as software and its rapid development to make peoples lives easier and much more productive in every field of endeavour. I was involved in the early use of specialist project management software systems for design and construction planning, monitoring and coordination of different elements also cost control of major projects and programs.

I took a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computing, and later did a Master of Science degree in Systems Engineering to develop my computer knowledge base.

Having always continued to develop my interest in the World Wide Web, and how best to use the internet for the speed of gaining knowledge and therefore greater efficiency of time use in my life, and of those around me.

Why I Would Like To Help People

I would like to help people who are interested in online marketing by identifying and sourcing the best possible software and providing this to them for their own and their colleagues’ benefit. We will pass on the knowledge which we have gained in order to help people who are seeking solutions to particular online marketing software requirements.

There are many software products in the vast internet marketplace which are not what they appear to be or what they are claimed to be, and which for various reasons may not be suitable for specific uses and demands.

We aim to filter out the best products for various purposes and to provide these to our customers, who may be reassured by the reviews which we carry out on products.

About Alpus Online Marketing Software

The goal of About Alpus Online Marketing Software is to identify and review the best of the available products in the marketplace and to provide them to our customers. Our customers will be reassured that the software offered by us has been thoroughly tested and reviewed to identify benefits and shortcomings which it may have before we incorporate it into our range of offerings.
If you have any questions about the products which we offer, please get in touch with us and we will be pleased to explain and clarify any issues. Or if you have a specific problem which you are trying to solve, feel free to talk to us and see if we can offer any advice to help you.

Best Regards,

Alan James

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