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Multi-Level Marketing Or Network Marketing (And Why We Do Not Recommend It)

Introduction To Multi-Level Marketing Or Network Marketing (And Why We Do Not Recommend It)

We have done a lot of research into Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing (NM) schemes and will share our reviews and experience in this post and elsewhere on our website.

We will explain in this post how MLM or NM schemes work and who they benefit the most.

We will explain why they should, in general, be avoided, in our opinion.

We do not recommend MLM or NM schemes and suggest that before you get involved in any such scheme, especially before you invest money in any such schemes, that you thoroughly research the company involved and check them out on some of the websites which we refer you to in this post, or through your own lines of enquiry.



What is a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme?

A Multi-Level Marketing scheme involves you selling to your friends and family and acquaintances whatever product or service it may be that you undertake to sell.

You receive a commission for the sale and your mentor or introducer to the MLM scheme also benefits from that sale because you are part of their downline.

There is pressure for you to introduce as many friends and acquaintances as possible to the scheme, as they will become your downline, and they will earn commissions for you whenever they make a sale.

The sales process acts like a pyramid, and to start with, you are at the base of the pyramid. As you gain more sales, then you progress up the pyramid. Another name for MLM or NM is Pyramid Selling.

Here is an explanation from Chris Holdheide at

Here is another explainer video which shows a typical compensation scheme for a worldwide sales organisation BeachBody brand.

What Is Wrong With MLM?

You will very soon run out of family friends and acquaintances who might be interested in buying into your MLM scheme. You will become feared as a stalker in the name of your business.

You only get paid on sales commissions, irrespective of what time you may put into the business.

You will become driven to make more and more sales, to a level of obsession. If you don’t make any sales, you will be paid nothing. You will be driven to meet more and more people with a view to getting them to buy into your scheme, and become part of your downline.

Here is a video which explains the dangers of MLM from Rachel Oates.

Here is Some Useful Reading About MLM and NM which you may wish to review.

This website is for the Anti-MLM Coalition, which is a worldwide movement and coalition against MLM and NM.

Here is another organisation which is FOR MLM and NM:

This is also a worldwide organisation in support of MLM and NM companies.

We urge you to take great caution and thoroughly research any opportunities before you get involved with any of the companies listed therein. Projected income figures may be very seductive but the reality of actually being able to achieve such high figures may be incredibly difficult or impossible.

Reddit also has a lot of information about MLM´s, both FOR and Against.
This is a book by Lou Abbott, who is a 15 year veteran of the MLM industry, who gives a different perspective on the MLM and NM scene. He claims to tell you the whole truth about MLM and NM.
This website lists many MLM and NM companies.

This website enables you to check out legal aspects related to MLM and NM companies.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation For Multi-Level Marketing Or Network Marketing (And Why We Do Not Recommend It)

OMS does not ever recommend that you get involved in an MLM or NM scheme.

We believe that it is morally questionable.

Our preference is for the Affiliate Marketing model of business, which we believe is ethical and is risk-free and potentially profitable.

You will find many examples of Affiliate Marketing business models and products and resources on our website, but very few MLM or NM products.

Best Review Of SiteGround (For Domains And Hosting)

Introduction To Best Review Of SiteGround (For Domains And Hosting)

We were recently introduced to SiteGround, and have started to trial it, so we will give you updates about how it performs and what the service is like from SiteGround compared with others offering similar services.

Who Are The Owners Of SiteGround?

SiteGround is based in Madrid, Spain

What Exactly Does SiteGround Do?

SiteGround offers domain registration and purchase as well as hosting.

It is one of the web hosting services recommended by WordPress, as is Bluehost.

Here is our review of SiteGround and a look around the backend:


How Much Are The Services Provided By SiteGround?

There is a graduated scale of pricing from SiteGround, starting with a single site which has a discounted price of 3.95Euro per month, payable annually.

The next pricing category is called Growbig and costs 5.95 Euros per month, for which you can host unlimited websites, and you receive 20GB of storage space and can deal with up to 25,000 visitors per month.

You can also choose GoGeek which costs 11.95 Euros per month, for which you can host unlimited websites, and you receive 30Gb of storage space and can deal with up to 100,000 visitors per month.

Are There Testimonials For SiteGround?

There are many reviews of SiteGround on YouTube, and a few Testimonials as well.

Here is a well-balanced review from Digital Millionaire, who recommends SiteGround.

Here is another favourable review and tutorial from Freddie Korpershoek:

Here is another favourable review of SiteGround and a backend tour from Tom at TheTechRoost:


Here is one reviewer (Tyler from Affiliate Watch), who explains the three reasons that he does not recommend SiteGround (because it sucks).


OMS Conclusion And Recommendation For SiteGround

We are just in the process of trying out SiteGround, so it is probably a little too early for us to say definitively how SiteGround compares with competitors such as Bluehost, Namecheap, GoDaddy etc.

One of the reasons which we are trying out SiteGround is the high loading speeds for websites hosted there.

There are some comparison videos on Youtube where reviewers compare SiteGround with Bluehost, from Sling And Stone:

Here is another comparison of SiteGround with GoDaddy, also from Sling And Stone:

Here is another comparison of SiteGround with Hostgator and Bluehost, from Travis Marziani:

Best Review Of TrafficXPro (From Mosh Bari And Jason Fulton)

Introduction To Best Review Of TrafficXPro (From Mosh Bari And Jason Fulton)

We saw the Honest Review Of TrafficXPro by Brendan Mace today and were pretty impressed with what we saw of TrafficXPro, the latest product launch from Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton. Traffic XPro takes videos and automatically creates unique original written content from transcripts of the videos. These videos and the written transcripts are then posted on your website, and generate traffic for you. The site is monetised by linking to Amazon and eBay where your ads are shown for selected products. Hence the idea is to generate passive income from automatically generated content, Great Idea!

Who Are Mosh Bari And Jason Fulton?

Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton are two top software producers who have a long track record and a lot of successful products and product launches under their belts.

What Exactly Is TrafficXPro And What Does It Do?

Here is a link to our own video review of TrafficXPro.

TrafficXPro is a unique software which creates written original content from targeted videos and enables you to post the written content as well as the video to your own website, thus generating traffic. Your website can be monetised using affiliate links to Amazon and eBay, thus generating affiliate commissions and passive income.

Best Review Of TrafficXpro

Best Review Of TrafficXpro – Campaign

How Much Is TrafficXPro And Where Can I Buy It?

The basic version of TrafficXPro is $24.

There is an Unlimited Profits Edition DS available for $47.

There is a Done For You Affiliate Sites version available for $197.

There is a Super Traffic Machine Version available for $57.

You can also purchase a further upgrade to 100x your profits for $200.

You can also purchase the Reseller Rights for $100?

You can buy TrafficXPro from Brendan Mace or Jono Armstrong, who work together and who both offer a great package of bonuses if you buy TrafficXPro through either of their affiliate links.

The validity of Brendan and Jono´s launch bonuses is limited by a count-down timer, so will not be available after the time expires.

Are There Testimonials For TrafficXPro?

Here is a TrafficXPro Review From Tim Verdouw, who is offering the product and bonuses if you buy through his affiliate link:

This review by Jono Armstrong gives the lowdown on the product and offers some great bonuses if you buy through Jono´s affiliate link.

Brendan Mace has also done an honest review of TrafficXPro, which we will post here for your reference.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation For TrafficXPro (From Mosh Bari And Jason Fulton)

From our Best Review Of TrafficXPro (From Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton) we concluded that this was a pretty useful piece of software if it could genuinely generate unique written content from videos, and save a lot of time researching and writing your own unique content or paying to outsource such content.

We invested in the Unlimited Profits Edition DS, and the Done For You Money Sites, as well as the Super Traffic Machine.

We will be trying these software packages out over the coming weeks and will keep you informed about the results.

Have you tried TrafficXPro yourself? How did you find it? Did it live up to your expectations? Let us know your own assessment of this original software, and how good quality was the content which is generated.