Introduction and Overview of Online Marketing Software Products


When looking at the massive range of online marketing software products available on the internet, it can be very difficult to find a baseline for comparison between these software products because they are all slightly or massively different, fall into different categories, and may offer completely different features and functionality, and are often priced quite differently as well.

The overall or final cost of each purchase may be very difficult to determine, from what the initial marketing and sales offer may indicate, since there may be numerous upsells to achieve full functionality.

Additionally, the online marketing products may be marketed in different ways to attract different audiences or subscribers, who may then be offered various upsells or enhancements at different stages in order to achieve the best possible functionality whereas it may not have been apparent from the initial purchase that you were not buying that full functionality which you thought you were buying.

Some marketing software products may not be what they appear to be and there are many products that have crossed over into Multi Level Marketing, meaning that the software itself is part of a sales pyramid or layered marketing process. Purchasers of the initial software may have been offered a discount or a loss-leader level of pricing, because they are being drawn into a Sales Funnel, which will lead to much greater expenditure than was first apparent from the advertising of the product.

For that reason it is necessary to categorise the marketplace and to allocate each of the software products into one of the following categories, to clearly understand how they may compare:

Training and Education

Website Hosting

Multi Level marketing



(1) Training and Education

This group of online marketing software products focuses on the education and training of their subscribers and are essentially educational products, which are purchased by subscribers who are interested in gaining knowledge about online marketing with a view to making money online. Even though such software products may have a particular approach and claim that their methods have achieved great success, the making of money online is not part of the sales offer and most of these educational online marketing software products make disclaimers about any particular level of success which may be achieved.

The best example in this category is Wealthy Affiliate, where students are offered great educational training, great technical and website hosting  capability as well as  community support from the members who vary in capability from beginners (students) up to leading experts in their respective fields in internet marketing and commerce.

Website Hosting

These products host websites and offer domains for sale at various prices. Some of these companies do not offer training.

Wealthy Affiliate is unusual in that it offers its members tremendously capable website hosting and building capability, as well as the training which is described above.

Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Companies and products in this category offer software and educational products which are targeted at people wanting to make money online, and these may be part of a pyramid type selling operation.

Examples of companies in this category are 4%, where subscribers may be invited to join at an apparently very low rate, but are drawn into a sales launch process, which requires them at each next step or stage to buy more of the educational products which they are selling in order to meet their targets.

An example of a company which has crossed over from category one, educational type products into MLM is Digital Elites, which is now marketed under a different alias.

E commerce

These companies are selling physical products usually by drop shipping (the customer pays for the product after ordering it online, then the drop shipping company orders from the supplier who fulfill the order directly to the purchaser.

Because it is very easy to get into this market, because of low investment compared to a bricks and mortar business, there are a number of companies who offer services to subscribers to help them to get into the E commerce business. Examples of such companies are Shopify, and there are companies who offer Shopify related products (training and software and services) to enhance Shopify stores for subscribers, for example, Slingly (previously known as Commercify).

Amazon is the most famous and largest of the ecommerce stores, and there are companies which specialize in Amazon, for example ASM.

Differentiate between the offerings of various Online Marketing Software Providers

We have prepared a matrix which helps to better understand where each product which we have reviewed sits in the marketplace to give our readers a better idea of what they can expect from each product.

Software Systems Comparison

Software Systems Comparison


Review of The Amazing Wealthy Affiliate


Review Of The Amazing  Wealthy Affiliate

( www.wealthyaffiliate.com)

Overview – Why The Amazing Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best Available Online Marketing Software!

Wealthy Affiliate is a software system and online business community which is dedicated to the training and online business success of its subscribers and members.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by its owners Kyle and Carson, and has undergone many improvements and upgrades over the years so that it is now at the leading edge and in a unique position in the online business website hosting and online software training and education marketplace.

Many of the long standing subscribers and members run their own very successful online businesses, and act as Ambassadors for Wealthy Affiliate by contributing to the training and development of the whole community.

More experienced students and subscribers can also assist newcomers to the site, “newbies” as they are affectionately known, by “Paying It Forward”, i.e. adding their guidance and mentoring to the support chain.

New Online Marketing Student
New Online Marketing Student

Thus there is a pool of experienced mentors and trainers who give their time especially to newcomers with little knowledge of online marketing and entrepreneurship, supported by members at various stages of education and development, making this more of a caring Family or Community of Members, rather than a business run strictly for profit.

Grades and Features of Membership

It is possible to join Wealthy Affiliate for and try it out for 7 days for free and to continue to use its basic features indefinitely, which is an extremely unusual and unprecedented offer in the online marketing software and training marketplace.

A person not wishing to pay for Premium upgrade can set up and maintain 2 websites on the Wealthy Affiliate siterubix.com platform, at no initial cost, and have use of the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool and other features absolutely free indefinitely.

The cost for Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate, which is the level of membership which gives the most benefits to subscribers, is $49 per month or $359 per annum. If a person joins within 7days of starting his free trial they receive a 59% discount on the first month premium ($19 instead of $49)!

There is also a Black Friday/Cyber Monday (24-27 November 2017) sale annual membership offer for $299, which is incredible value when compared to practically any other similar software and training offering in the marketplace.

We recommend that you try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE AT Link:https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c…

Key Performance Indicators: Our assessment of Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Software is as follows:

Training: 4.9/5

Support: 4.9/5

Website Builder: 4.9/5

WordPressHosting: 4.8/5

Research Tools: 4.8/5

Success stories: 4.5/5

Online Marketing Software rating: 4.9/5

WE RECOMMEND TO PURCHASE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP Link:https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c…

Our Opinion + Special BONUS! Join the starter, it’s $0 (FREE), so you have nothing to lose!

Quote from Kyle, one of the owners and founders of Wealthy Affiliate: “You can come back here to the Wealthy Affiliate site and complain if you don’t like it (seriously). And we did say it was FREE to join! Upon joining, we will make sure to get in touch with you within the first day. We want you to make one promise however if you do join…that you will set-up your account. It is simple and you will be walked through it upon joining Wealthy Affiliate”.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership options online marketing softwareJoin Wealthy Affiliate, it’s $FREE. Get Rolling Now! How to Claim Your Bonus… When you join your FREE Starter Account,  you will receive a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount).

When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, we will be contacting you on your profile with our “welcome!” and some more information about Wealthy Affiliate, how to get help from us, and how to claim your bonus. Trust us, this is going to be some AMAZING stuff! You will never know what you have been missing all of these years until you step foot inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Table of Key Features of Wealthy Affiliate:

WA Membership options online marketing software

Cost: $49 per month or $359 per annum for Premium Membership, and a Black Friday annual upgrade offer for $299 per annum (only during the period Friday after Thanksgiving and the following Monday, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, which was 24-27 November 2017).

Training: Extensive structured and sequenced training videos are provided and a step by step set of instructions/advice which explain the full detail of the 4 step online business success system on which Wealthy Affiliate is founded.

Wealthy Affiliate Certification is provided as subscribers progress through the training videos and instructions. Additionally Wealthy Affiliate members may contribute their own training blogs and educational videos on any subject which they choose, and all members have access to this ad-hoc training as well as the structured formal course training.

Website Building: Subscribers can build their own website on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, using WordPress and SSL security is provided as well as the latest software updates and many thousands of Plug-ins. 2500 plus themes are available free to Premium Members, as well as the facility to import their own themes if they prefer.

Website Hosting: Free hosting is provided for Premium Members for up to 25 sites, and it is possible to import your own domains into Wealthy Affiliate as well. Premium members can use the siterubix.com platform to set up their website for free, or alternatively can purchase domains.

Software Updates/Development and Support: Wealthy Affiliate has a team of 25 technicians working in the background who maintain, update and develop the systems constantly, so it is one of the most advanced and secure platforms available in the online marketplace.

Support: Support is available to subscribers to Wealthy Affiliate 24/7/365 days a year from a number of sources including Site Support, Livechat (other members who are online), and by posting a query or blog, and requesting comments or input from other members,see screenshot.

WA Screenshot
Screenshot of WA software system

Proven Effectiveness and Capability of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent reputation in its own community and also widely in the marketplace, as is demonstrated by the great number of users, currently more than 1.2 million, and still growing rapidly.

Wealthy Affiliate has a number of specific features which are unique to it.

A powerful feature within Wealthy Affiliate is for peer review of a member´s website using a facility called SiteComments. Comments can be sought by members on posts and articles which they have drafted from their peers who share the same interests, and comments are  also be offered to other members as well on their posts and articles by way of quid pro. Thereby all members can receive the benefits of feedback of high quality comments about their website, following peer review.

Another excellent feature is the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool feature which allows members to assess the effectiveness of various keywords for the niche which they are researching or have chosen.

Another similar and more capable Keyword Research Tool is a software package called Jaaxy, see screenshot below, which was developed by Kyle and Carson and which is more sophisticated and capable than the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool. 30 free searches using Jaaxy are offered to Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate, after which they need to subscribe to Jaaxy at a cost of $49 per month. However this subscription is not essential and it is possible for members to effectively operate using the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool, if they do not want to purchase Jaaxy.

Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

Training: There are 5 levels of training and certification within Wealthy Affiliate, which are termed Online Entrepreneur Certification, within which there are a large number of lessons, so that all training is carried out in small simple steps, informed by written instructions and video explanation, which a subscriber can follow before he or she moves on to the next level:

Level 1) Getting Started

Level 2) Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

Level 3) Making Money

Level 4) Mastering Social Engagement

Level 5) Achieving Success Through Content Creation

Website Building is carried out by following the training sessions and gradually refining the member´s website until it is ready for launch and can be ranked by Google.

Website Hosting is offered free by Wealthy Affiliate for Premium Members up to 25 domains registered with the community plus hosting another 25 domains registered by members elsewhere.

Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate has a very active and successful Affiliate program, and training is given to subscribers who are interested to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to other potential users.

The training for this Affiliate Program is very thorough and extensive and is structured in 7 levels which take members through training in the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Level 1) Getting Your Business Rolling

Level 2) Content Keywords and Conversions

Level 3) Giving Your Site Social Value

Level 4) Get Visual. Get Aesthetic

Level 5) Knowing Your Audiences and Catapulting Your Referrals

Level 6) Bing, Yahoo and the Power of PPC

Level 7) How to Scale Successful PPC Marketing.

The remuneration system for referrals is quite beneficial for members who can profit from Premium Member upgrades and Annual upgrades of referrals who sign up, on an ongoing basis. Members receive $23.50 for monthly referrals and $175 for annual referrals, plus credit for all domains purchased by their referrals.

Super Support at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Support is available to members 24/7/365 using any of the following features, and experience of use indicates that the community as a whole is extremely supportive.

1) Live Chat – this feature allows members to raise queries and problems online and seek guidance from other members and leaders.

2) Support tickets can be raised for specific queries, and logged with Wealthy Affiliate.

3) Members can consult with other more expert members and mentors via private email, or by making posts visible to all to which members usually quickly respond.



Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Software System

From our thorough review and evaluation and usage over a period of three months, we have concluded that Wealthy Affiliate is the best available software package and system that we have encountered for Affiliate Marketing. We propose in the near future to offer reviews of other comparible products (though we did not find any other products which offered exactly all the features and benefits offered by Wealthy Affiliate), so that our readers can see and evaluate for themselves the benefits offered by each system and product available in the marketplace. We recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a first class product with a stable history of trading and software development. It has expanded to become an active user community of more than 1 million, and still growing. It provides leading edge technology for website building and hosting.  If you wish to join Wealthy Affiliate, then go to this link, where you can enjoy a free 7day trial, so you can verify our findings for yourself. We are confident that once you see and experience the facilities and features offered by Wealthy Affiliate you will agree with our assessment and upgrade to become a Premium member. Link: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c…


Understanding The Money In Online Business

The Customer Purchase Lifecycle

The first step in the cycle is to identify a need for something, a product or a service, which will solve a problem for a purchaser, and save them either time or money, or risk.

The Wealthy Affiliate training on this subject is here:


The Customer Purchase Lifecycle


So recognizing the need within your niche, or target audience, you will need to offer solutions to purchasers in order to achieve success for yourself, ie conclude sales.

There are many sources of products and services which you can access and use in (in addition to making or providing your own products and services) in order to make a good offer to your customers. Some of the sources available are as follows:

  • Amazon Associates
  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction
  • LinkShare
  • Fiverr (for services)

Affiliate marketing is a popular low risk type of business model, where the introducer of the buyer receives a commission from the seller or party who fulfils the order.

There are many models involving drop-shipping where the seller of the product does not fulfil the order themselves. The seller places an order with the drop shipper, or fulfilment company who may be in a different country, such as China. AliBaba and Ali Express are wel known and successful drop shipping companies with a massive range of products available.

The products which you offer will need to satisfy the demands of purchasers, solve their problems, help them in order to be successful.

Therefore you need to choose carefully which products you choose to offer and from where to source them.

You can create your own products and services to suit your niche.

Alternatively you can offer products produced by someone else, which is known as Affiliate Marketing, for which you receive a commission when a sale is made.


Customer Comprehension

There are many known facts about the typical behaviour of customers and the processes which they employ prior to making a purchase, either online, or offline.

1) Customers rarely buy upon first contact with a product or a seller.

2) It typically takes seven times contact from first encounter to concluding a purchase, including the research phase, familiarity and information gathering, comparison then then finally purchase from a trusted seller.

3) Purchasers do not buy from sellers they do not trust.

4) Purchasers exchange money for something which they believe will solve a problem for them.

5) Customers have far greater access to information and reviews and feedback about products than has ever been the case before, so they are better informed purchasers.

6) Customers see through scammy products and will not buy from sellers who offer these.

Consider your own process for identifying and evaluating a product before purchase and imagine that many people will follow similar processes before they decide to purchase a particular product, and then the process for identifying the supplier from whom to purchase the product.



Once you have relevant traffic, you have all the potential in the world to earn money from sales.

You can get traffic from a number of sources:

Social Media – eg Facebook advertizements


Google Ads

Bing Ads

Yahoo Ads

Pay Per Click

Ideally you would want Free Traffic, but that may not be sufficient volume to acheive anough sales.

Therefore many providers pay for Ads, and drive traffic to their websites.

Amazon has a massive pool of potential buyers who are primed and ready to buy, so in many ways it is an ideal marketplace, but on the other hand there is a massive amount of competition, so prices will tend to be lower.



Customers have a perceived value about what they are prepared to pay for a product, depending on how they like to receive that product. For example shoes may be preferred to be bought traditionally from High Street stores by some buyers, because they want to ensure the comfort and fit of the shoes.

Other buyers may be quite happy to receive something through the post by ordering online if they think that there is no risk, and they trust the seller.

Some customers may be prepared to pay more if they preceive there is added value from certain sellers, for example no quibble money back guarantee, or servicing and repairs are provided.



If you would like to subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership then click here.




How To Create Your Initial Website Content

Once you have created a website on your domain, you have a framework and blank canvas upon which you can express your ideas and communicate with your audience of potential customers for your chosen niche.

You have the opportunity to leverage the Site Content platform within Wealthy Affiliate, which will facilitate and make the process of content creation and uploading to your website a very easy process, since everything is linked and compatible.

Here is the Website Content training available to Free Members of Wealthy Affiliate (as well as Premium Members of course):


The About Me Post

One of the first things which you need to do is to introduce yourself via your website content to your customers, and this is usually done using the About Me Post.

Posts are articles which allow readers to communicate with your website using comments, so they can engage with you and you with them and exchange information.

You can communicate with your readers and customers about your Brand, and what it stands for and why people would benefit from trusting you and purchasing from your Brand.

All About Me

Privacy Statement

Pages are articles which do not allow comments or engagement, they are statements of fact, and one of such is the Privacy Statement which communicates the company´s Privacy Policy and also states its compliance with the GDPR Regulations which are recent manadatory EU Legislation.



You can choose which theme to use from more than two thousand available if you subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate, and more than sufficent selection of theme options even as a Free Member.



Dependent upon which Theme you choose, you can allocate Menus at Top, Bottom or Side of the screen which enables you to Organize and Structure the Pages and Posts which comprise your content.


Create New Content

The Site Content Platform within Wealthy Affiliate is the Ultimate Writing Platform. It allows the user to carry out the following functions with great ease:

  • Grammatical and spelling check
  • Duplicate Content Check
  • Automated Publishing Direct to your website
  • Set Writing Goals and Record Accomplishments
  • Carry out SEO Analysis and Checking
  • Content Structure Analysis
  • Allows the Ability to Template Content
  • Gives Vocabulary Enhancement Suggestions
  • Standard size Headings and Sub Headings are available
  • Normal word editing and graphics enhancement such as bold, underline, italics

There are templates available within Wealthy Affiliate Site Content, which you can use, or you can create your own templates as may be required.


Within your content posts and pages you can allocate links to other documents and sites.



Choosing the correct keywords for Search Engines such as Google, Bing,  Yahoo to crawl over to find the most Relevant Content and index and rank is crucial to the success of your website and Wealthy Affiliate explains how to find the right keywords using different methods such as the Alphabet Soup method and using their proprietary JAAXY keyword tool, which is available to Premium Members.


Communication With Your Audience

You can develop your own writing style within your posts in order to effectively communicate and engage with your audience. You need to inform, engage with and communicate with your audience using a friendly style, rather than formal essay style.


Imagery And Graphics

You can enhance the effectiveness of your posts and pages by adding colour graphics, images and photographs to the content so as to make it more visually friendly and attractive to catch the readers eye.

Premium Members of WA get access to more than a million images free of charge as part of their membership subscription.

Free Members of WA can upload their own images without charge.

Imagery And Graphics

If you want to take advantage of Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership go here.

Choosing A Niche for Your Website

In order to start a Niche website, you need to select a Niche which you are interested in and which you enjoy writing about. This is because you will need to write content or articles (posts) about the subject which you choose.

This Niche could be almost any subject imaginable provided that it satisfies the following criteria:

1) It must be a subject which is of interest to people, an audience, because these are the potential customers for your product or service.

2) It must be legal.

3) The subject must not be too broad, otherwise the subject will not be of sufficent focus for your audience, and it will be difficult to promote because the audience is potentially too large.

What Is Your Niche?

For example, Health is a subject which is too broad for a niche. There is too big a potential audience size, so we need to narrow things down to Men´s Health, or Women´s Health, or Healthy Diet, or Exercise for Health, which can be again broken down by gender or category, or by country or area.

Here are some examples of Niches which may help you when trying to find inspiration, but this is by no means a complete exhaustive list, it is just for illustration:

  • Art and Craft
  • Automotive
  • Baby Care and Accessories
  • Beauty
  • Skin care (mens and womens)
  • Hair loss (mens and womens)
  • Electronics
  • Decorations
  • Do It Yourself
  • Football
  • Furniture
  • Golf
  • Interior Design
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Computer Games
  • Gardening
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Hobbies
  • Household and Kitchen
  • Kids Clothing and Accessories
  • Mens Clothing and Accessories
  • Women´s Clothing and Accessories
  • Mens shoes
  • Women´s shoes
  • Mens Jewellery
  • Women´s Jewellery
  • Photography
  • Sports and sports equipment
  • Outdoors and Outdoor living
  • Camping
  • Storage and Organization
  • Survival
  • Travel

If you would like to look at more detailed FREE training about choosing a Niche to suit you, then go to the following website and sign up (no credit card is required, and you can unsubscribe at any time):Wealthy Affiliate.com

Specific Niche training is at the following link(no cost once you register for FREE membership:


Online Marketing for a Niche

What Is The Process For Online Marketing Of a Niche Product?

1. You need to find the niche market or audience which you are interested in.

This could be any of the following, as examDecide On Your Nicheples, but are better to be something you know about and which you love to do:

Dieting and Weight Loss – narrow the problem, men´s, women´s, belly fat, so as to further categorize the audience.

Sports and Fitness – choose particular sports, such as golf, football, rugby, Les Mills, Triathlon, Running, Cycling, Swimming, sports equipment, weightlifting etc

Family – narrow to Mum´s, kids, Grandparents for example.

Professions, such as Firefighter, Nurse etc

Home and Garden – outdoor, indoor, furniture, carpets, garage and workshop

Motorcycles, Motor Cars – special interests such as vintage cars, particular makes of sports car.

Alternatively you may have your own unique ideas about a specialized small niche market which you will satisfy – even better!.

2. You need to ascertain which products are in demand by this niche market or audience.

To do this you can undertake a number of activities, such as:

Market Research among your niche market or audience. For example you can take a poll on Facebook and display several alternative products and ask for feedback which people from your audience prefer.

You can look at what is trending in the best sellers for each of the online market places such as:

Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Shopify, Google trends, Ali-Express

From this Online Market Research you can easily ascertain whether there is a demand for the product(s) which you have in mind to sell.

This exercise or conclusion is the validation of the market niche and the proposed product(s).Products In Demand

3. You need to drive Traffic to Your Website

Driving of traffic can be as a result of any of the following methods:

1. Organic growth

2. Paid Advertizements such as Solo Ads.

3. Pay Per Click Advertizements.Traffic To Your Website

4. Facebook Advertizements (or other Social Media Advertizing).

5.Youtube Videos to generate interest in your website.

6. Other Social Media advertizements eg Pinterest.

7. Google Ads, or equivalent Yahoo or Bing.

4. You need to Monetize your Website, so this could be by:

1. Selling your own products (which you source and store, pack ship and deliver).

2. Selling someone else´s products, drop-shipping, with fulfilment by another company, possibly from China such as AliBaba or AliExpress.

3. Selling Affiliate Products (someone else is responsible for fulfilment), for which you receive a commission on each sale.

4. Selling educational services, such as videos or ebooks, webinars etc.


Online Market Research is the starting point for any Niche Advertizing Campaign.

Customer Market Research is needed in order to ascertain what prospective purchasers are looking for, what they need, what problem they need to solve, and what they want to buy. This can be done on Facebook and virtual audiences created by selecting criteria such as gender, age group, occupation, interests.

Sometimes the Customer Market Reseach can be short circuited by using the real time records of Trending Products, ie those products which are being sought and bought in large numbers at the most popular online stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify etc.

OMS Review of Zero Up – Is this Legit?

Introduction to Zero Up – What Does It Do?

Zero Up is a software system marketed by Fred Lam which is linked to Shopify, and offers a means to achieve a very profitable online business. Fred Lim has himself achieved great success with Shopify and as a result of this can offer Zero Up subscribers some Shopify benefits. Fred Lim describes his system as follows:

“Zero Up™ is a powerful and comprehensive all-in-one e-commerce software to help you build, grow, and scale your business online. It is intelligently designed to help anyone, even those with little prior experience or technical skills to create a flow-blown online store and sales funnel with just a few clicks of the mouse.”

Fred Lam Owner Zero Up

Zero Up requires a subscriber to have a Shopify store and domain, which is can be imposed upon. It also requires a subscriber to be connected to Ali Express, and also to be connected to Facebook Ads. With all these features installed than Zero Up should work smoothly.

Zero Up offers a full training and support system to subscribers which they must follow in order to achieve success according to Fred Lim´s claims for massive revenue and profits.

Zero Up has recently intoduced (in November 2017) a product line of jewellery called ShineOn which is a line of US manufactured jewellery similar in concept and quality to Department Store ranges, but at more advantageous prices. There is no additional payment or commission payable to Zero Up for this facility.

Zero Up Jewellery ShineOn

Main features of Zero Up are as follows:

  •  Zero Up is a Cloud-Based Software System, which requires No Download Or Installation.
  • Zero Up is fully Integrated With AliExpresswhich provides  a subscriber access to millions of its products.
  • Zero Up offers in addition to full integration with Ali Express  to automatically fulfil and tracking product orders.
  • Zero Up is fully integrated with Shopify.
  • Zero Up includes 10 Pre-Designed Themes & 180 Pre-Built Stores which are suitable for any niche.
  • Zero Up claims to be able to start within 5 minutes – Just follow our 1, 2, 3 process and start generating leads from the multi-billion giant.
  •  Zero Up claims to have a one-click profit multiplier which enables a subscriber to boost their average value per sale.
  • Zero Up claims to be synchronized with more than 11 email Auto-responders.
  • Zero Up claims to have a ” Plus List Segmentation” feature designed to promote relevant offers.
  • Zero Up offers their own built-in Landing Page & Funnel Builder which offers Drag & Drop functionality in order to design  your own strategy sales funnel.

Problems with Implementation? How Does Zero Up Work?

There have been some problems with the roll out of the Zero Up software system, and they have had to implement an upgrade which was quite disruptive to users, all now resolved. The Menu structure is shown in the diagram below, and Product Engine controls Products, advertizements, Orders and Re-stocking.

Zero Up Product Engine

Training and Support

Zero Up offers weekly training webinars, which started on 26th October 2017, and subscribers follow each weeks training with Fred Lim personally doing the presentations to his subscribers. Occasionally Fred Lim invites guest speakers to make presentations to his audience.

Zero Up Training Modules

Niches Available within Zero Up

The following niches are available within Zero Up, presently:

  1. Art and Crafts
  2. Automotive
  3. Baby Care and Accessories
  4. Beauty
  5. Electronics
  6. Event Decor and Supplies
  7. Exercise and Fitness
  8. Games and Toys
  9. Gardening
  10. Health and Personal Care
  11. Home Decor
  12. Household and Kitchen
  13. Kids Clothing and Accessories
  14. Mens Clothing and Accessories
  15. Mens Jewellery
  16. Photography
  17. Sports and Outdoors
  18. Storage and Organization
  19. Survival
  20. Travel
  21. Womens Clothing and Accessories
  22. Women´s Jewellery

Conclusion and Recommendation – Should I Buy Zero Up?

From initial testing and useage, OMS has yet to be convinced that Zero Up provides all of the features and functionality which it claims to offer. Certainly we are sceptical that the fast implementation and results which are claimed by Fred Lim are not achievable.

It remains to be seen whether the claims will be fulfilled in due course. We will monitor and advize about this.

OMS Review of PRIMO3 The Future Generation Of ´Ebusiness In Box´

What is PRIMO3?

PRIMO3 is a software system and online marketing software package which allows you to sell ebooks and educational software as a subscriber to Tom Hua´s marketing system, and using all his Private Label Rights to educational products and ecourses.

Who is Tom Hua?

Tom Hua is the Chinese owner and proprietor of a number of online businesses, including Hitech United Australia Pty Ltd, based in Victoria, and he has been extremely successful at internet marketing since he started his enterprises in Australia.

Tom Hua PRIMO3

I have heard Tom Hua speak publicly on two occasions since last year. He is a very amusing speaker who tells a very powerful story of his rise to wealth and success from his family´s humble start in China, from where he emigrated in the early 90´s, and made money in Australia, then New Zealand, and repaid all the loans which he had borrowed from his family members in China, in order to fund his education in computer science.

What Does PRIMO3 Provide To A Subscriber?

PRIMO3 is essentially an Affiliate Marketing system for selling Tom Hua´s products. It comprises several Packages which are as follows, as offered at the Andrew Reynolds Digital Nomads Summit 2018. Since closure of that event terms and conditions of the offer may change, and the offer descrbed may no longer be available.

#1 – Product Package

Subscribers are able to offer more than 426 of Tom´s own information products, tools and resources to their own customers via social media connections.

There are also additional new and exclusive ecourses with Resell rights each and every month, for the next two years. Tom claims this to be the largest Eproduct Licence Collection in the world.

Subscribers receive a training course which explains step by step how to set up the PRIMO3 system. Subscribers are encouraged to take their time to work through the training, and there is support at every stage, including via a Facebook support group and a weekly Q&A session with Tom personally.

Tom claims the value of this package alone to be $57,250.

#2 – Website Package

Every subscriber receives their own Cross-Platform website, graphics and sales letter. All the products and websites may be branded and edited to suit each individual subscriber.

It is hosted on a Privately Managed Amazon Web Service (AWS) for two years, claimed to be the best possible Cloud Computing Service, using the most advanced technology on the most reliable platform in the world. 

This can be run with or wthout your own domain name.

Tom claims the value of this package to be $120 x 24 = $2,880.

#3 – Viral Traffic Package

Subscribers can sell their own products on his platform as a Publisher by leveraging the promotion power of thousands of affiliates worldwide. Subscribers can sell their own products in order to make a profit quickly, and are also empowered by PRIMO3´s unique Ebranding system allowing affiliates to join your backend program and promote your products like no other. As a result your name and links are exposed to thousands more customers overnight.

Tom claims the value of this package to be $100 x 24 = $2400.

#4 – eBusiness eLearning System

An Elearning system where PRIMO3 takes you by the hand and helps you to put every component of your business in the right place, step by step, including an Elibrary of ever expanding video tutorials and weekly Q&A sessions. Also a Private Facebook Support Group, where you can get help and learn more and more as your online business grows.

Tom claims the value of this package is $4,997.

The training videos are clear and concise and are backed up with text instructions, so that you see step by step what to do, then have it written for you to also follow step by step.

At the end of each training module there is a knowledge quiz, so you can test yourself on what you have learned.

#5 – Auto Promotion Package

Subscribers are offered ONE CLICK PROMOTION to many social networks, or alternatively, to SET UP ONCE and let the system promote automatically to Facebook or Twitter, 24/7/365days per year.

Subscribers websites are delivered to users according to the device they use, PC, Tablet or Mobile, all delivered by the Cross-Platform Intelligent Cloud Web Service which gives your customers the best visiting experience regardless of their device type, therefore more sales!

Tom claims the value of this package is $250 x 24 = $6,000.

The total value of all the above packages, Tom claims to be $62,000.

At the Digital Nomads Summit, Tom Hua offered other Mega Bonuses as well as the above packages, which may not be available after that event.

Mega Bonus #1

Unlimited support including a Uk local team, Tom claims the value is $1,000.

Mega Bonus #2

Private Facebook Group and weekly online Q&A sessions, Tom claims the value is $1,000.

Mega Bonus #3

WordPress pre-installed and integrated, Tom claims the value is $1,000.

Mega Bonus #4

5 x one-on one screen shared support, Tom claims the value is $2,000.

Mega Bonus #5

PRIMO3 Resale licence, Tom claims the value is $5,000.

Mega Bonus #6

300 hours of Virtual Assistant, Tom claims the value is $9,000.

Mega Bonus #7

Free promotion to 200,000 people, Tom claims this is $priceless.

Mega Bonus #8

Surprise Bonus, Tom claims this is $priceless.

Tom claims the value on offer including Bonuses and Mega Bonuses is $100,000+

How Much Does PRIMO3 Cost?

Tom Hua and Hitech United make every effort for their products and services to be accessible to most users. The cost structure is as follows:

A single payment of $3,777.

Alternatively subscribers can choose one of the following payment plan options:

$1,277 x 3 payments = $3,831.

$677 x 6 payments = $4062.

$337 x 12 payments = $4444.

$250 x 24 payments = $6000.

OMS Recommendation

OMS recommends subscribers to consider purchase of this package from Tom Hua and Hitech United, since it provides excellent value for money when you consider all the bonuses which are included in the price.

The payment plans are also good value, with the possible exception of the 2 year payment plan which does seem to be over-priced at $250 per month (in our view $200 per month would be a fairer rate).

If you want to try out PRIMO3, then visit the link here:

The Sales Process, Funnels, Up Sells, Down Sells, Cross Sells

The Sales Process

Understanding the sales process in principle is essential before being able to comprehend what is the online sales process.

sales process flowchart or sales process map may be produced to represent the sales process stages and can be adapted depending on the number of stages sales process. 

A sales process template can be produced and adapted depending on whether there is a 5 steps sales process, or alternatively a 7 steps sales process (typical sales process examples are shown below).

A simplified online sales process example is shown below:

Sales Process Map - Dropshipping

An Example of the 5 Step Sales Process is Shown Below:

5 Step Sales Process

An Example of a 7 Step Sales Process is Shown Below:

7 Step Sales Process

This demonstrates that a purchaser may not purchase on the first or even second contact with a company, in fact it may take up to seven times before a prospective purchaser is ready to make a purchase, having researched the market, evaluated options, and familiarized themselves with your offer, built sufficient trust with your brand.

Sales Funnel Definition

The definition of Sales Funnel is a Sales Process into which a purchaser is enticed into the mouth or entrance to the funnel usually with a low(er) value product and is offered various other products as Up Sells, Down Sells, or Cross Sells before they exit the sales funnel.

The Sales Funnel usually starts with a Lead Magnet such as a free offer, for example an ebook, or downloadable information, which is offered by a vendor in return for which a potential purchaser enters their email address. This initial transaction provides the contact details for the vendor to inform the potential purchaser of offers in which they may be interested. 

The potential purchaser goes through four stages prior to concluding a purchase:

    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Decision
    • Action

Inbound Sales Funnel Stages

Upselling Definition

The definition Upsell means the offering of another higher value product in a Sales Funnel, usually after an introductory offer has been made by the vendor and accepted by a purchaser.

As an example of upselling, an Upsell in the context of a restaurant business would be the offer by MacDonalds Fast Food Restaurant of french fries and a shake, in addition to their basic offering of a burger.

The purpose of the Upsell is to increase the profit margin on any Sales Funnel. Usually the initial or Doorbuster offer has little or no profit margin, whereas the Upsell has a greater profit margin. The net effect of the initial offer plus the Upsell is an increased profit margin.

Upselling Principle

Downselling Definition

The definition Downsell means the offering of another lower value product in a Sales Funnel, usually after an introductory offer has been made by the vendor and accepted by a purchaser, and a subsequent Upsell has been declined.

An example of a Downsell would be to offer an item such as a Low Cost Personal Computer instead of a High Specification High Cost Personal Computer. The purchaser´s credit card details have already been entered and the first purchase has been completed, the Downsell is a final attempt to increase the value of purchases before the purchaser exits the website.

Downselling Principle

Cross Selling Definition

The definition Cross Sell is the selling of an additional product or service to an existing customer.

So in this scenario, the customer is not new, there have already been sales previously so a certain level of Trust has been established between the vendor and purchaser.

Cross Selling Principle

The effort or Sales Intent is to increase the value of orders by selling additional items to the existing customer.

Sales Funnel Template Examples

Here are some real examples of Sales Funnels Templates Showing ¨Doorbuster¨ offers, Upsells and Downsells which you can adapt and use as templates for your own sales funnels if you wish.

Sales Funnel Template Example 1

Sales Funnel Template

Sales Funnel Template Example 2

Funnel Template Example 2

Sales Funnel Template Example 3

Sales Funnel Template Example 3

Sales Funnel Template Example 4

Sales Funnel Template Example 4

Sales Funnel Template Example 5

Sales Funnel Template Example 5

OMS Review of Trustreach Facebook Messenger Engagement Software

What Is Trustreach?

Trustreach is an online marketing software program which uses Facebook Messenger to engage with customers from their Facebook comments.

Trustreach has been developed and is marketed by Martyn Cook from the UK.

 From the Trustreach Home Page we have copied the following quotation:

¨TrustReach creates engaging viral posts that suck in comments and explodes reach¨.

Trustreach Home Page

What Does Trustreach Do?

Martyn cook has developed Trustreach software and personally offers the product and demonstrates its capability. The following posts give the claims made about Trustreach software. If you watch the Demonstration video Martyn makes claims about massive increases in fanpage comments when using his software.

Trustreach Offer From Martyn Cook

Are There Other Software Products Associated with Trustreach Software?

Trustreach is one product from Martyn Cook, the others are TrustMSG, and Trustads: The suite of products work together to ENGAGE then MARKET then SCALE  a business.

Trustreach TrustMSG Trustads

What Does Trustreach Cost?

Trustreach costs from only $10 per month, so it is incredibly cheap to try out and see if it suits your business.

What About Training on Trustreach?

We are in the process of assessing the training provided by Trustreach.

What About Technical Support for Trustreach?

We are in the process of assessing the technical support provided by Trustreach.

Is it Worthwhile to Subscribe to Trustreach?

We have not actually used the Trustreach software as yet, but if the claims made about it are true, then it seems to be incredible value for money.

We are in the process of appraising Trustreach software at the moment and will issue an update within a week or two so as to give our opinion and recommendation about use of this Customer Engagement Online Marketing Software.

Conclusion And Recommendation

We will update our post and give you our conclusion and recommendation about the Trustreach software within a week or two, as soon as we have finished our testing and appraisal of the software.

The Role of Video in Online Marketing

Video is a relatively new development in the environment of Online Marketing, but has rapidly grown in importance owing to the way in which people have readily adapted to the visual form of communication, and are eager to consume more and more video recorded information.

Video has been phenomenally successful in the field of Internet Marketing.

Youtube Make Money Online
Youtube Make Money Online

People are more likely to watch a video which informs them about a particular topic, than to read the equivalent amount of text on the same subject. So videos are used to advertize products which are available, or to inform interested parties about the uses of particular products or availability of offers, or to inform about changes in situations in fact to inform people about more or less anything.

The videos are extremely powerful because they can be viewed by large numbers of people at any time (in fact at different times in different time zones and in different parts of the world) without the need to identify and locate those people.

Anyone can view a video from their computer or from their mobile telephone.

No email address or identity is required such as is needed for email marketing, where usually an interested party must either send their email address or consent to receipt of an email about a particular subject.

There are a number of reasons for this fact, and one of the prime ones is that communication by video is more personal than communication via a website with pages or posts. It is direct communication between the author of the video and the viewer or recipient of the transmission.

Authors of videos have an opportunity to project their personality to the viewer, and gain their trust by at least starting to form a personal impression, the start of a personal relationship which can be further developed.

Additionally videos are relatively easy and cheap to produce, and can be authored or made by more or less anyone, thus opening up a powerful means of communication to more or less anyone, whether tied to a large company or promoting their own small brand and unique products.

Social Media Sites – Youtube

Youtube is the second most popular Social Media medium, after Facebook. Youtube is owned by Google, and Youtube rankings have a relation to Google rankings.

Youtube Screen Shot
Youtube Screen Shot

Videos can be posted on Youtube for no cost and on any subject at all subject to conformity with Youtube rules and regulations.

Links can be placed in the footnotes to Videos which relate to relevant websites or other information so that visitors can look at relevant content. This feature is very powerful because it means that traffic can be created onto a website from an apparently unconnected subject.

Viewers of videos can subscribe to follow video authors on whom they are keen, which is another way of perpetuating communication, without any cost.

Anyone can make a Youtube Channel on which they can post their videos on any subject whatsoever.

Videos can be liked or shared as well, and some videos go viral, which can have a very dramatic effect on traffic related to such videos.

Social Media Sites – Facebook

Facebook is the most widely used of all the Social Media, and is used by 11billion people worldwide?

Videos can be uploaded to Facebook and made available to interested groups of people, using the Facebook Live Video facility.

Facebook Live Video
Facebook Live Video

Alternatively, videos can be streamed live to interested groups of people, which can then be posted and viewed later by other interested people .

Social Media Sites – WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows the transmission of images from an individual´s mobile phone to another party, including photograph and video images.

WhatsApp image
WhatsApp image

Social Media Sites – Twitter

Tweets can be made of trending topics and can link to images and videos, which greatly increases the power of a tweet which is limited to 140 characters.

Twitter Home Screen
Twitter Home Screen

Social Media Sites – Instagram

Instagram is a site devoted mainly to images but it is also possible to upload videos.

Instagram Home Screen
Instagram Home Screen

Social Media Sites – Facetime

FaceTime allows communication by real time audio and video to users who have internet or wi-fi connection.

FaceTime Home Screen
FaceTime Home Screen

Video Embedded Onto Your Website

Videos can be embedded onto your website which is an added way to add interest to your website, A lot of information can be communicated to a viewer in a short period of time and in an attractive way including sound narrative and music as well as moving images.

WA How to Embed a Video in WordPress
WA How to Embed a Video in WordPress

You can learn how to embed a video on your own website by following the training at Wealthy Affiliate, which you can see our review at this post here.


Video is a very popular and powerful medium, and can be posted on either Facebook or Youtube or embedded into a website with ease.

From these platforms (especially on Facebook and Youtube platforms), videos can be viewed by thousands if not millions of interested people. Some videos are extremely popular and are termed to have gone ´viral´.

You can use this to help to generate traffic to your website if you have one.

The interested parties visiting the video wherever it is located, can choose whether they watch the video, or not at all, or any portion of the video. The visitor has control over whether and to what extent he is informed by the video.

If you want to learn how to post videos on all the above platforms check out our Review of Wealthy Affiliate which you can see here.














OMS Review of Free Sources of Images

Very often it is useful to post images within articles such as blog posts or pages, and it can be very expensive to obtain images from established websites such as Shutterstock. For that reason we have investigated sources of Free Images, and have identified a few sites from which you can download such Free Images to help with your article creation. Sometimes the quality of such images may not be as good as you can expect from paid images, but they can fill the bill at least temporarily, and sometimes long term, especially if you dont have a budget for online marketing software images. You need to be careful before you download any images of the terms and licence conditions under which they may be used – beware!


Some Useful Websites From Which to Source Free Images

We have investigated the online marketplace for Images available for use by individuals and have come across the following websites. The terms and conditions of use of these images vary, so you need to double check that these sites will suit your particular needs. You may have to purchase rights to use a particular image if your specific needs demand that, especially if you are using images commercially.

Google Images (images.google.com)

It is possible to find Free to Use Images using Google, but searching will also give you Images which are subject to charges as well.

Google Images Search For FlowersSo you need to double check the ownership and rights for re-use of any images which you find as a result of a search online.

Flowers Taken From A Google Images Search

From You Flowers Owns This Image

Here is the Google Help page which may assist in your search for Free Images.

Google Search Help Free Images

In order to narrow down your search in Google Images go to the Advanced Search Under Settings, and note the following search filter where you can choose the categories of Useage Rights even including free to use, and modify even commercially.

Google Advanced Search Usage Rights


Even if you find Free To Use Images you may be obliged to give them acknowledgement for their ownership

Under the Creative Commons Licencing Regulations, the only pictures which you can use without acknowledgement or attribution to their owners or creators are those in the Public Domain, which corresponds with Creative Commons Zero (CC0) level.

Otherwise for any other level of licence you need to give the author or creator or licence holder the appropriate level of attribution.

“Attribution – You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.”

Wikimedia Commons (https://commons.wikimedia.org/…)

An alternative source for Free to Use Stock Images is Wikimedia Commons which has a massive store of Images available to use by individuals, for non commercial purposes.

Wikimedia Commons Home Page

The total scope of the Wikimedia sources and categories is explained on the home page.

Wikimedia Commons Categories


Pixabay is a very popular website for sourcing free to use images, and their stock size is massive at 1.3million images and videos.

Pixabay Home Screen

Life of Pix


Life of Pix Home Screen



Pexels very helpfully clarifies the legal position regarding its photographs for users.

Pexels Legal Clarity




Picography Home Screen


Public Domain Archive


Public Domain Archive Home Screen



There are lots of apparently Free sources of images for you to use for various purposes.

Before downloading any images you need to confirm on the basis of your required useage, what sort of licence you may require.

Depending on the usage and type of licence which you decide on, then you may need to attribute the author, creator or licence holder.