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FlexOffers Review: Pros, Cons & More

If you are a business owner, whether big or small, you want your business to grow and be known. In this age where technology plays an important role in making or breaking a business, different platforms are needed in order to make sure that your business prospers.

The good thing about the latest technology is that there are a lot of ways to make your business known. Thanks to the internet, promoting your business is made fast, convenient and less expensive compared to the traditional process of having to advertise it with the use of different marketing or advertising agencies. Gone are the days that it is always a must to set up commercials on various media outlets just to be known, which by the way, can be very expensive.

A great option that is available nowadays is affiliate programs. These are programs where you sign up and promote a certain brand or product, and, for each sale made under your unique link, you earn a commission. With affiliate programs and platforms where you can source multiple programs, the world is open for being as successful as you or the advertisers desire. There are many platforms that offer a wide range of affiliate program options, and one of the biggest is FlexOffers, but is it worth it?

FlexOffers Review: Is it a good deal or not?

FlexOffers is a supported affiliate program which offers many inclusive services and features to most publishers and advertisers. This platform uses various options when it comes to marketing, payment processing, and data delivery information.

Users can choose among the millions of services and products on websites that they want to promote or post into. There are almost 12,000 affiliate programs in FlexOffers, making it one of the biggest affiliate programs worldwide. Companies such as IHG, Reebok, Macys, AT & T, Nike, Gap, Aldo, H&M are just some of them.

What are the benefits?

There are various benefits that you can enjoy as a publisher once you decide to utilize FlexOffers. Among them are the following:

Large network

FlexOffers is affiliated to almost 12,000 programs. With this kind of network, you can access different brands and deal with people that will be profitable for you and your affiliate. Furthermore, you have an edge because of the wide network of people and other merchants can help you grow your business. You can connect with them and get insider tips that can benefit your business.

Cost-Effective Method

You don’t need to spend a lot of money once you decide to use FlexOffers. Advertisers on this program only require a small amount of fee with a minimum deposit for the escrow. Every month, you are only required to pay the network fee when a sale is confirmed, or a qualified lead is verified. You spend as low as 1% every month.

Management of Ads

You will get support from FlexOffers as part of their benefits when joining. Partner merchants will help you promote your products or services through ads. So instead of handling everything, they will help you manage promotion and provide content that will be useful in your business.

Tracking is real-time

FlexOffers can provide you with reports regarding various metrics at any time. If you want to be provided with up to date information, they can do that. The information they provide you will be helpful to improve your marketing promotions and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Easy support system

You can easily contact them anytime through email or phone to seek help for any issue you may encounter. One of the most unique features of their support system is how they offer protection from fraud which means your account is protected. Added to that, they also take care of compliance on taxes and selection of currency.

Reliable payment system

You don’t need to worry when it comes to payment because you will be paid via the Net30 basis. This means that your payment will be due within the next 30 days upon making a sale. Other affiliate programs wait for the sale to be paid first before paying you, but not FlexOffers.

There is also the NET7 payment system where members can be paid within 7 days of the sale if they meet certain criteria. On top of that, they also encourage earning through referral systems.

Hassle-Free Sign-Up

Signing up is hassle-free with FlexOffers. All you need to do is fill out a form online. Once completed, you will hear from them as fast as after one business day. The best thing about them is that they are open to most publishing platforms such as email marketers, bloggers, media networks and others that are interested, making the network grow bigger every day. The more you refer, the more you will be able to earn.

Advertisers can also sign up easily. They just need to pay a certain amount.

FlexOffers – Pros

  • Quick Signup

We have already discussed the easy, hassle-free signup for publishers, but it is just as simple for advertisers. They only have to fill out their application form and make their payment to get started. This simple, two-step process means more advertisers for you to choose from.

  • Free for Publishers

Free is good when you are starting a new enterprise, and access to this platform is absolutely free for publishers. It isn’t, however, free for the advertisers, and that will help lead to higher quality options for the publishers.

For the advertisers, they will need to start with an upfront payment and deposit, and then they will have to pay 5% off the top of what they pay the publishers. There are multiple packages available to them that offer more benefits, as well.

  • Referral Program

This is a unique feature of FlexOffers. This allows the publisher to refer other applicants to affiliate programs. If approved, you will then earn a percentage of commission from their sales, as well. Plus, there is no referral limit; you can refer as many people as you want.

  • Advertisers Decide Publishing Models

Advertisers are able to choose how they want their product marketed. By being able to choose which publishing models are used and where they can be used, they are given ultimate control of their brand image. While this may not be great for publishers, it is a great benefit for advertisers.

  • Tracking Capability

The link tracking that is available through the easy-to-use platform is also a great benefit. You can study your analytics on an hourly basis to see if the link is effective or if you need to restructure the content that it is housed in. This will allow you to course-correct on a dime and not waste your time or the advertiser’s time on a campaign that isn’t working.

  • Easy to Use

The dashboard is very simple and easy to navigate. Once you have signed up and logged in, you will be automatically greeted with your personalized dashboard. It isn’t a complicated dashboard, but it does offer multiple tabs designed to help increase your capabilities.

  • Access to Promotional Content is At Your Fingertips

There are multiple options to promote your affiliate product or service, and they are readily available to you. This includes everything from banner links to dep ink. You can even use the system to automate the delivery of the content you choose to use.

  • Reliable Payment

Payment is done on a NET30 structure. That means that 30 days after a sale, the payment will be issued by the advertiser. You don’t even have to wait for the sale to be finalized like other platforms. There is also a NET7 option for proven publishers.

  • Good Customer Service

Though you will be left to your own devices with a majority of the issues, it is easy to contact FlexOffers customer service if needed. All you have to do is fill out a form, phone or email the team at the office, and they will help you resolve any major issues.

FlexOffers – Cons

  • Process

The process allows for in-the-moment promotion of products for the publisher, but there is also the chance of earning less commission off every sale.

  • Payment Methods

For US residents, FlexOffers only pays in direct deposit or check. If you are an international publisher, you have access to payment through PayPal or wire transfer.

How to Sign Up with FlexOffers

If you are an advertiser and want to give FlexOffers a try, you just need to go through the 3-step process:

  1. Provide your name, email address, and your password to create a username or account.
  2. Provide all the information about your company.
  3. Give all the necessary marketing information that you need for your affiliate program.

Once your application is approved, you can search for affiliate programs or advertisers to sell their products or services on your website. Here are further steps to follow:

Find your affiliate programs

Make sure that you know the niche of your target of interest so you can decide your affiliate programs. There are various categories such as electronics, business, clothing, careers, automotive and the like. When you find the perfect affiliate program, you can sort, check the status and check the commission it can provide you. Utilize them well and look for the affiliate programs that you think go well with your niche and that will provide the best profit for you.

Apply for your chosen affiliate programs

Once you have chosen your affiliate programs, start applying to them. Click on the “apply now” button and read through their terms and conditions. Once you have applied to those programs, they will automatically be sent to the program manager of the affiliate for approval. They will review your application and you will know the result within one to two business days. Once approved, you can use the affiliate links.

There may be times that you will be declined. Don’t worry because there are a lot of other programs you can apply to. Sometimes the reason why an application is denied is that your website does not have enough content, or it may be new. That is why it is important that you build a strong website first to make sure that you can be successful when applying for affiliate programs. Show proof that your website is something that can generate traffic and has good content.

Finding the links

When you receive confirmation that your application is approved, you can use your affiliates. Start by going to the Home page and scroll down further until you find the section of “Advertisers”. Click on the “approved” button to look for the companies that have already approved your application.

Start filtering what kind of link types you will use. Here are the choices:

  • Text links are where you can write articles about your services and the products that you offer.
  • Banner links are for graphics or images which you can add on your website. The banners are made by affiliates, but you can always make your own.
  • Widget links can serve as live ads to show what deals are currently going on. Not all companies have one, though.

It is vital that you only use the links from FlexOffers to get the credit on your sales. Do not create a new one or use the website link of the company because you will not get any commission.

The Final Verdict

After reading through this FlexOffers review, now you know that FlexOffers is one of the most successful marketing networks in today’s industry for they have been in the business for a long time. Unlike other affiliate networks, it is hassle-free to sign up, pay-out is fast and easy, and there’s a wide range of networks available.

FlexOffers is one good affiliate program to collaborate with, especially if you want your business to grow. Whether you are just a new business or have been in the business for quite some time, having a large network will be beneficial to you because it will help a lot to promote your business.

By joining FlexOffers, you will have the advantage of having a large network that can help grow your business. What’s even better is that there are no monthly fees for you to pay.


Social Media – Make Money Online Free PDF

FREE Offer – OMS Social Media -Make Money Online PDF 2018

There are many ways to really make money online or to make money online fast and here we give you several ideas which we have summarized and which we can send you by email as a PDF document called ´OMS Make Money Online Free PDF´.

Make Money Online With Facebook

To really make money online or make money online fast using Facebook usually involves buying Facebook Ads, for which you need to open a Facebook business account from your personal Facebook account.

Facebook gives you a tracking pixel with which you can track your views, and sales conversions. This is important so that you can get feedback on the performance of your ads.

It is possible to identify a pre-selected audience for your advertisements using the filters available within Facebook, such as:

    • Gender: Male or Female;
    • Age: in band categories from children up to 65 years plus,
    • Parental categories: such as parents, parents with young children, grandparents etc,
    • Hobbies and interests,
    • and whether they are active buyers on Facebook.

Depending on the parameters chosen Facebook will give you an indication of the audience size which you will reach with your chosen parameters.

Hence you can target your chosen niche market using the parameters within Facebook Ads, and gradually refine your searches depending on the success of your sales campaigns in your quest to really make money online fast. So audiences can be pre-created or adjusted and testing of results can be done frequently until the right audience selection and sales results are achieved.

Facebook Ads for information and engagement are reasonably priced, but purchase of Facebook Ads for conversions has recently become very expensive. You can set the budget for your expenditure on Facebook Ads, and Facebook will automatically manage the Facebook Ads expenditure for you. For example Facebook can manage to expend at your specified dollar rate per day, until your budget is fully used. Alternatively the expenditure can be set dependent upon clicks or sales. You choose from the available parameters which method suits your business the best.

Make Money Online With Facebook Messenger

You can really make money online if you can get the maximum engagement with your prospective purchasers. One of the best ways to do this is using Facebook Messenger. The reason that Facebook Messenger is particularly successful is that Facebook Messages are almost always opened by the recipient, at a 95% open rate, compared with a less than 10% rate for emails. This leads to much higher engagement with the recipient or prospective buyer and thus much higher sales. Receipt of a FB Message is comparible wih receiving an sms on your telephone so it is viewed as a highly personal message.

There are some software packages which specialize in Facebook Messenger such as Trustreach or TRUSTMSG.

Make Money Online With Instagram

Use of Instagram is another way in which you can really make money online, and make money online fast, and this works in a very similar way to Facebook Messenger. Instagram is popular with younger users, and is also primarily intended for use of images. Images are a prompt to conversion of sales, so there is very high engagement with propsective buyers. See Pinterest which also has a high usage of images, and so is a means to really make money online or make money fast online.

Make Money Online With Pinterest

Use of Pinterest is a good way to build engagement and trust with prospective buyers and to provide social proof about your products and services, which will eventually lead to sales, and really make money online or make money online fast. Links to Pinterest are the best way to display images, and then link them back to your website for Call To Action. Pinterest is the fastest growing Social Media.

Make Money Online With Google

In order to Really Make Money Online, you need to get engagement with your prospective purchasers so you can use Google Adwords, as an alternative to Facebook Ads, or in addition to Facebook Ads, and Google Ads  are reasonably priced. The trick is to target your Google ads precisely to suit your audience, which is the niche market which you have chosen.

Make Money Online With Youtube

Another Fast Make Money Online method is to use Youtube videos, which are free. Google owns Youtube and sets the rules for use of url´s. It is forbidden to blatanty promote your website from Youtube, but you can link Youtube videos to other posts, where you can display your url

Make Money Online With Yahoo

Yahoo Ads work in a similar way to Google Ads, and also Bing Ads. Yahoo is not as popular as Google but it is still widely used for searches. Engagement with prospective buyers is the key to building trust which will eventually lead to sales from Yahoo.

Make Money Online With Bing

Bing Ads work in a similar way to Google and Yahoo. Bing is not as popular as Google or Yahoo, but it is still reasonably widely used for searches. Bing alows engagement with propsective buyers in the same way as Yahoo, and once trust is built then conversions will follow.

Make Money Online Using Twitter

It may be that for your business Twitter is the best way to really make money online or a fast way to make money online. Twitter has grown in popularity extremely fast and is a quick attention getter, so engagement with prospective purchasers is high.


In order to really make money online, and make money online fast, you need to maximize use of Social media. All of the above Social Media are readily available and they each have advantages and disadvantages compared with others. You need to decide which one or more of these Social Media best suits your business strategy and your budget.

Once you decide which of the Social Media to use, you then need to plan a strategy of communication and rollouts of information to prospective purchasers.

Once your business gets to a certain critical size then you need to move to automated methods of dealing with engagement, otherwise the task of managing and responding to communications becomes extremely laborious and time consuming.

Check out our review of Wealthy Affiliate, here, where you can find out how to maximise the use of Social Media in order to optimise your business.






Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

Introduction to Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2018

Content Samurai is the best video production software for automatic production of videos using Artificial Intelligence to assist the user with the process. The product is marketed by Noble Samurai, which is owned by Anthony Noble.

best video production software

video production software

Content Samurai has recently been updated and is unique in that it offers an Auto Voiceover feature so that you don’t need to personally prepare your own voiceover for your video, you can choose one of a range of professional voiceover artists.

Since more than 70% of all web traffic is video-based, then you obviously need to be aware of what tools are available in the marketplace and what are their respective capabilities, so that you can most efficiently produce the necessary videos for your own business.

Content Samurai is among the best video production software a great tool and deserves serious consideration depending on what your video requirements are, see what you think from our review below.

Noble Samurai – What´s That?

best video production software

Noble Samurai Products

Noble Samurai is the company which markets Content Samurai for video production, and also Market Samurai, which is the company´s flagship keyword research tool, which we will review separately.




Content Samurai HomepageFeatures of Content Samurai Video 2018

Content Samurai is a well-established video production tool and more than 151,000 videos have been produced using the software. It produces Stunning Shareworthy Videos Fast!

Content Samurai offers both Landscape and Square Formats for their videos, the former being most suitable for desktop and the latter for social media users on mobiles.

It is easy to pump out videos with Content Samurai using their pre-prepared templates and standard formats from which you can choose what best suits your purpose with your own video.

Content Samurai makes the video production process Simple!

Content Samurai - Fast And Easy

Content Samurai – Fast And Easy

Content Samurai offers users help with the formulation of their videos by giving them free access to the following Templates and Pre-prepared information.

You prepare a script for your video and post it into Content Samurai, and the software prepares suggested images for you to choose from.

Then when you have selected the images you want, Content Samurai links them all together and animates them.

You can even upload and incorporate your own video clips within the Content Samurai process so as to make them part of the finished video.

Apart from choosing pre-prepared templates as a format for your video, you can give it one of a number of pre-prepared styles. What this allows you to do is to give a style appropriate to your own brand, for consistency, or if you are preparing videos for clients, you can consistently style to suit their brand.

Listicle Templates

best video production software

Listicle Template

What is a Listicle video? It is simply one which ranks well under SEO.

It is structured correctly and features images, videos, bulleted lists and most importantly the correct keywords for which you want to rank.

Features of Listicle Templates are:

  • Compelling Title

Your title needs to grab the reader´s attention and curiosity so as to draw them into the video itself.


Your video needs to have an introduction where you can tell your viewer what the video is all about, and what they can expect to see when they view the whole video.

  • Bulleted List

Bulleted lists are popular because they convey a lot of information concisely to the viewer or reader, and they tend to rank well in SEO.

  • Call To Action

Your video needs to tell the viewer exactly what they need to do, whether that is to click on a button, provide an email address or whatever you need them to do.

Question And Answer Template

best video production software

Question And Answer Video

Question and Answer videos are very appropriate because many people search for things they need, either products, services or information, using search terms in one or other of the search engines.

This template gives you advice on how to ask the right question, and also positioning yourself as an Authority in the subject which you are discussing; this Q&A Template gives you the Anatomy of a Q&A Video:

best video production software



Killer Content Template

best video production software

Killer Content Video

The purpose of a Killer Content video is to fully inform a reader or viewer about a subject. They are also useful to explain difficult concepts to the viewer. If done successfully they help to build rapport and subject authority. They help to lay the foundations of trust so that readers and viewers may become prospective buyers in the future.

This template provides a proven formula which works and so pretty well ensures that a successful Killer Content will be produced.

best video production software


Curated Video Newsletter Template

best video production software

Curated Video Newsletter

The objective with a curated video is to grow a captive audience using other people´s authority content.

The media is a collection of trusted sources that we use to learn about important news and events.

The aspiration is that you become part of the trusted media.

best video production software



Product Review Template

best video production software

Product Review Video

The most frequent searches on the internet across all search engines are Product Reviews, and you are provided with an easy to use template for a product review.

best video production software



You can protect and copyright your video by using the built-in watermark feature in Content Samurai.

VoiceOver Feature

There is an amazing new Voiceover feature available with Content Samurai, which gives you a choice of:

1. Recording Your Own Voiceover Track for your video

2. Uploading a Pre-recorded Voicetrack

3. Using the Autovoiceover feature which gives you the option to use built in voices with different accents to say your script. A neat feature is that the choice includes 6 American voices, 4 British and 4 Australian voices, all of which are split 50/50 between male and female voices.

Content Samurai offers the following tips for creating spellbinding videos with great sound quality:

  • Use a good microphone – Content Samurai recommends the Yeti Mic.
  • Use a Pop Filter to eliminate the puffs of air which you exhale when using a microphone.
  • Speak close to the microphone.
  • Add a Music track to tap into the emotions of your audience.
  • Eliminate background noise by using shortcut keys, so as to alleviate click noise from your mouse.

Support And Training

There are 5 basic training videos built into the Content Samurai video production software which explain the basics of the features and functionality and advise you on capabilities and best practice. These are prominently displayed on the dashboard and you can just click on them to remind yourself of the necessary actions to perform any task or activity which you need.

Additionally, there is a Knowledgebase which avails you of all the recorded questions and answers which have been raised by previous users, as well as useful articles and instructions to users.

best video production software

Content Samurai Support

Content Samurai Community

There is a Content Samurai Facebook community which you can join and exchange information with a large number of existing users of the software.

best video production software

Content Samurai FB Community

Help Desk

There is a Content Samurai Help Desk to answer your technical Support problems and issues, and they are pretty responsive from what we understand from other users.

Product Reviews

What do other users think of Content Samurai?

Adam Payne is a Content Samurai user and gives a favourable Youtube video review of the product below:

This review explains the Auto-Voice feature newly introduced to Content Samurai:

Pricing of Content Samurai

Content Samurai Basic version is priced at $47 per month, and the Pro version is priced at $97 per month.

Recently the product has been discounted from the standard version by 40% to $29 per month. This is a pretty amazing price for the functionality offered with this software.

If you want to consider Return On Investment and how you can recover your expenditure on Content Samurai, you can sell animated videos to clients or customers of yours for prices ranging up to $50 per video. So it should not take you long to recoup your expenditure, you just need to sell one video per month to make it pay for itself.

Conclusion and Recommendation About Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2018

We recently started to use Content Samurai as a trial and were so impressed with its good functionality and ease of use that we signed up as a regular subscriber. One factor which influenced the decision was that the product was discounted by 40%, which offer has now expired. Even priced at $47 per month, we think that it offers very good value for money.