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OMS Review Of Traffic Options, Organic and Paid Sources 2018

Introduction to Traffic Options, Organic And Paid Sources

This is an overview of the different options available to you for Organic and Paid sources of traffic for your website.

Traffic Options, Organic And Paid Sources

Traffic Options


Before embarking on any programme of traffic generation, you need to carefully think about who your target customer is, and where you can find them. These factors will largely dictate which options for traffic generation you choose.

There is no point in generating traffic and sending it to your webpage or website unless you are ready to be able to convert the visitors in some way, whether this is to secure their contact details, at the initial stage of contact, or to encourage them to buy something (Call To Action) at a later stage in the Sales process.

This post from SmartBug explains the difference between Direct and Organic Traffic Options.

What Are The Different Traffic Options for Any Business?

There are broadly two categories of Traffic available to any business, Organic Sources of Traffic and Paid Sources of Traffic.

Organic Sources Of Traffic

Organic Traffic

Email marketing is arguably the best traffic source, but in order to take advantage of it, you need to build an email list of subscribers who are interested in your products and trust you enough to consider purchasing from you.

Once you have a list of subscribers it is free to use and re-use, unless some people unsubscribe as a result of excessive emailing, spamming or loss of trust if low-quality offers are made.

You have control of your email list and it cannot be shut down by a quasi-authority such as Google or Amazon.

There are more than 4.6bn email addresses in the world.

The Return on Investment from an email list is a massive $44 from $1 of Advertising spend.

The cost of email marketing is quite low, but the time needed to harvest returns is quite high, but the engagement is also high.

The audience is your email list who are in your niche and have purchased from you or have at least received a Lead Magnet from you, a prospective purchaser.


The top results in Search Engine Optimisation get the most clicks and visits to their post or website. The aspiration is to be #1 in Google, Bing, Yahoo, or on the other search engines Youtube and Pinterest (visual search engine).

By optimising your blog and updating it you can take advantage of the Google algorithm to project your post to the highest possible level and therefore get traffic to your website.

There are 63,000 Google searches per second! 93% of internet journeys begin with a search engine search. There are 1.2 trillion global searches per month, and 91% of internet users use a search.

77% of all internet users read blogs.

Although the Google algorithm is complicated, it is generally agreed that blogs with high-quality content rank highly for featured keywords.

An active blogging site with high-quality content, targetted long tail keywords which are easy to read, and has diagrams, images and featured videos, banners and calls to action will do best.

Cost of blogging is not high, although the time investment is great. Engagement varies depending on the age of the site and authority, engagement etc, but can be enormous.


You can enhance your email list by inviting other trusted associates to swap or invite their email list to buy your product or service. Similarly, you may invite other associates to pitch offers to your list.

Guest blogs can be used in a  similar way to build engagement.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way of achieving organic traffic is to recruit affiliate marketers who will sell your product or service in return for a commission. This commission can be quite high, sometimes 50-100%, so there is a high incentive for affiliates to make conversions.

The cost of affiliate marketing is high, but there are guaranteed sales, and you only pay upon that sale, not if the product is not sold. There is a risk for the affiliate marketer, because he may expend resources trying to sell but not succeed.

Engagement is pretty good.

The audience is in your niche, and the audience intent varies depending upon the offer, the niche and the platform.

Social Media Engagement


A video is a fantastic way to build organic traffic, using the platforms of Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook Videos.

The medium of video comprised 75% of all online traffic in 2017, which is projected to grow quickly to more than 80%.

It is recognised that including a video within an email results in a much higher rate of conversion.

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world with 3bn users. There are 300hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute.

80% of all 18 – 50-year-olds watch Youtube. How to videos and review videos are extremely popular on Youtube.

So in summary, if you post a good quality video (which keeps the attention of the viewer) with a targetted keyword in your niche, you can be fairly sure of getting good engagement.

Cost of video making need not be high, and time involved also not excessive, but engagement as a return on that investment is usually high.

Neil Patel is a regular broadcaster on video and podcast when talking about SEO

Podcasts And Public Speaking Engagements

Podcasting of interviews, as well as guest speaking and guest blogging, can use an existing platform to boost credibility. An example of such a Podcaster is Neil Patel the King of SEO, who regularly issues podcasts and blogs weekly, as well as newsletters and bulletins for various purposes.

This method is great for building Brand. It also enhances reputation and authority and credibility.

Cost of this activity is low, but time involvement is high, however, it can result in quite high engagement.

Niche Engagement

Niche engagement is one of the best ways to attract organic traffic to your site, because of your involvement and engagement with the community. You can become an authority figure in the community which further enhances engagement and therefore traffic. You are building credibility and providing value to people by solving their problems and answering their questions.

You can contribute to various forums in your niche. Also, you can create links to your site by answering questions from such sites as Quora and Reddit, the subject of course to their terms and conditions and rules.

The cost of such niche engagement is very low, but the time engagement can be high, but engagement is also high so the returns on investment are good.

Referral Marketing And Influencing

Referral marketing is a fantastic way of getting traffic because you are getting the power of someone else´s testimonial endorsing your product or service. The referrer is influencing the purchaser to take an action, on the basis of trust between the influencer and the prospective purchaser.

It can be seen in many instances where successful marketers use other powerful influencers to endorse and recommend their products. For example, Anik Singal has his Lurn products endorsed by famous author and businessman Robert Kiyosaki.

Publicity Stunts and Competitions

You can create traffic and interest in your product or service by doing some unique publicity stunts or competitions in order to grab the headlines. Sometimes such events can be recorded on film or video and can go Viral which can have a dramatic return on investment.

Such events can dramatically improve brand awareness and can encourage new buyers and a different audience sector.

Ideally, the publicity should target your niche, but in a much broader way in order to gain a better return on investment.

Costs can vary immensely but you are in control of how much money and time is spent. The engagement can be tremendous if the publicity stunt is a success or the competition is popular.

Directories and Publications

You can get traffic if you are seen as an authority figure in your niche by contributing articles to directories and relevant niche authority publications. You can leverage these by including your bio in the article and links to your website. The higher quality the directories and publications, then likely the higher returns in terms of traffic. The cost of such articles is very low and the time needed also usually not a lot. The engagement is unpredictable.

Document Sharing

You can share your posts and documents and reports on websites for uploading and sharing content.

Such documents are returned on Google, Bing and Yahoo searches for particular keywords.

The more documents you share, the more engagement there will be as a result, especially if you have links to your website built into the documents.

This activity helps to build your brand. It is a low-cost way to complement your blogging activities and they help to build your authority and credibility. They do not have to take a lot of time, if you already have the content, you are finding another way to share it.

Paid Sources Of Traffic

The Sources of Paid traffic are as follows:

Facebook Advertisements

This is the most popular of the Social Media, and best for advertising because almost everyone is on Facebook.

Advertisements can be expensive, especially when advertising to a targetted audience for conversions (as opposed to for engagement). You can, however, test out audiences and results from a very low level of around $5.

Facebook provides the best available targetting of Ads, and there are plenty of prospects so it could be viewed as beneficial for both advertisers and consumers. You can even target specific interests in your target audience so that the value of the Ads is quite high, they reach those who are receptive to them.

Additionally, Facebook Likes, Comments and Shares give the potential for posts and Ads to go Viral.

Instagram is also integrated into Facebook.

Features of Facebook and Instagram Ads are an attention-grabbing headline and an associated image.

There are basically four types of Facebook Ads:

  • Text Ads – which tell as a story to a lookalike audience.
  • Story Ads – which are a sort of long form sales letter.
  • Image Ads with a shorter text.
  • Video Ads or a series of images inside Facebook, or possibly animated video with short or long text.

Facebook Ads can become expensive especially for conversion ads. The time investment can be relatively small and the engagement can be good if the lookalike audience has been accurately targetted in your niche. The audience is not necessarily looking for purchases on Facebook they are more likely to be looking for content, and it can be hard to get their attention because there are lots of distractions.

Youtube Advertisements

Youtube is the second largest search engine, but at the moment is relatively little exploited, there is not much competition. Also at the moment, Youtube Ads are relatively inexpensive.

Youtube Ads tend to play at the beginning (before) videos are played, and sometimes during the time they are playing.

There are two types of Youtube Ads, Stream Ads, and Video Discovery Ads, which appear in a search.

Youtube videos are good for building Brand Awareness.

The cost of Youtube ads is relatively moderate, and time investment not excessive, and engagement is pretty good.

The audience is the targetted audience on Youtube and the Intent is usually to search for content (information or reviews) not necessarily to purchase.

Google Advertisements

Google Ads can be complicated, but there is buyer intent because people are searching for particular keywords.

The cost of Google Ads is relatively high, but the time investment is relatively low, and engagement moderate.

The audience is people who are searching for particular keywords, and there is intent to purchase.

Bing And Yahoo Advertisements

Bing and Yahoo are search engines similar to Google but with a smaller share of the overall search market.

Their Ads are less expensive than those of Google.

You should test out each of these and Google as well, to see which one gives you the best results.

There are already Make Money Online Paid Ads on Bing and Yahoo platforms.

The cost of Bing and Yahoo is moderate, and the time investment is relatively small, and the engagement level only moderates because these platforms are less popular than Google.

The audience is searching for particular keyword search terms, and the buyer intent is there because of that.

Twitter Advertisements

Twitter advertisements are good for connecting initially with prospective customers, often from initial cold contact. However, Twitter users are not usually in a receptive mood for Buying Intent. Twitter advertisements can take a cold contact and make them brand awareness so that they become a warm contact.

Twitter has good targetting features, but not as good as Facebook.

Certain Niches are more active on Twitter, such as Politics, Comedy and Technology.

Typically Twitter advertisements would have an image and a small banner ad with a clickable link.

There is more than 1 bn registered Twitter users, 100m active daily Twitter users and more than 120m unique visitors per month. More than 550m Twitter account holders sent at least one Tweet.

Twitter ads are moderately expensive, however, they take little time investment to initiate, and do get fairly good engagement.

The target audience is your target audience on Twitter, who are generally looking for content on Twitter, not usually having Buyer Intent.

LinkedIn Advertisements

LinkedIn is a great platform for Business to Business (B2B) transactions.

Advertisements on LinkedIn can be expensive, and users are not as active as they are on other forms of Social Media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn does have very useful targeting features, for example, job positions like CEO´s or HR Manager or other specific skills.

You can put your LinkedIn Ad into your target´s feed, in a similar way to Facebook Ads appear in your feed.

There are 443m registered LinkedIn users. 80% of all leads are Business to Business (B2B).

Examples of LinkedIn Ads are:

Sponsored Content – where the Ad appears as content in the target´s feed.

Text Ads – Where the Ad appears on the right side of the page in the column using traditional text ads.

Sponsored in Mail – Where the Ad is sent out as a message to someone´s inmail.

LinkedIn Ads are moderately expensive but can be justified if they can be accurately targeted.

Engagement of LinkedIn Ads is quite good.

The target audience is limited to LinkedIn members, who are generally seeking business contacts and networking, possibly for career advantage.

Pinterest Advertisements

Pinterest Ads are highly visual and mostly images, although videos are allowed as well.

Pinterest is a great platform for marketers and is used for ideas and cool products.

It is appropriate to advertise any niche on Pinterest particular is effective for Fitness products, Health, Cooking, and possibly Fashion goods.

Good Pinterest Ads (PINS) do have the potential to go Viral, and you can promote your PINS to give them a publicity boost.

Pinterest is great for advertising to Women, and more than 80% of all visitors to Pinterest are women.

Women go to Pinterest for good ideas and to look for inspiration, particularly around special occasions such as weddings and births, baby goods.

PINS tend to consist of a brightly coloured High-Quality Image (or video), to catch attention, and a brief text headline, with a clickable link.

There are more than 175m active Pinterest users, and there are more than 50 bn PINS, on more than 1 bn boards (PIN collections). 87% of PINNERs have made a purchase as a result of inspiration from Pinterest. 5% of referral traffic is from Pinterest, and more than 93% of Pinterest members are active.

Advertisements on Pinterest are moderately expensive, but take relatively little time invested in order to achieve great results and a lot of engagement.

Your audience on Pinterest is your followers in your niche, and this audience is generally looking for content and inspiration in that niche.

Solo Advertisements

Solo Ads are basically using someone else´s email list to advertise your products or services. It is extending your own email list. You can use the email to attempt to build a relationship with this new prospective customer.

A recommended resource for Solo Ads is

You can also buy clicks from verified sellers in your own niche.

Solo Ads are moderately expensive and do take some time to formulate and target effectively, but they do give a relatively good level of engagement if done correctly.

The audience is targetted and interested in your niche. Audience intent exists because of the level of trust from the owner of the email list from which you buy, so there is an element of risk.

How Do You Choose The Most Appropriate Traffic Source For Your Needs bearing in Mind All The Possible Options?

The decision about which source of traffic to use depends upon the answers to the following questions so can change as the answers to these questions may change. So you could start off with one form of traffic and move on to a different traffic source.

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Do you know the Avatar for your ideal customer? If not, then it would be beneficial to formulate such as Avatar, based on the following criteria:

Customer Age, Gender, Work and Home Location, Work profession, hobbies and interests etc.

Where Do Your Ideal Customers congregate?

At what location, physical or virtual, do your customers hang out?

What Niche Are You In?

Certain Niches are matched to certain Social Media. For example, Fitness is usually marketed on Youtube, owing to historical conditions.

What Is The Goal Of Your Campaign?

Is your campaign designed to achieve engagement or conversions (email addresses or sales).

What Does Your Sales Funnel Look Like?

Have you designed your Sales Funnel, with Doorbuster front-end products and upsells, downsells and cross-sells?

When you know the answers to the above question, then you are able to make a decision about the most appropriate Source of Traffic to use.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation Traffic Options

In order to use traffic sources efficiently, you need to properly understand the respective advantages and disadvantages of each type of traffic and the monetary cost or the time implications of each type of traffic.

You need to plan which traffic options you will use first before trying out each of them.

If you need to do things quickly, you need to be sure of the timing of the application of the investment.

A strategy which is planned around the use of Social Media will usually take longer, but not demand as much financial investment.

If you would like to receive training on how to decide on the best Traffic Options for your business then go here to read our review of Why You Need Wealthy Affiliate to Make Money Online Writing.

Alternatively, you can go here to sign up for a FREE account with Wealthy Affiliate and you can start to read the traffic training written there, and build and use two websites for FREE indefinitely.






Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box Review: Anik Singal

Introduction – Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box Review: Anik Singal

business in a box review

This review is of one of the product offerings from Anik Singal, a prominent and highly successful internet marketer and the owner of Lurn Educational company, and many other businesses.

The product is called Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0, Business In  A Box. This product allows subscribers to set up their own business using Lurn´s systems and automation, and pre-templated and pre-prepared documentation and emails, and Lurn´s chosen autoresponder Sendlane. Apparently, this is the only autoresponder choice according to one of the video reviews which are included below.

If you subscribe, you can set up multiple businesses on this Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In  A Box system, and take advantage of the massive amount of development work which has been carried out in order to make sure that everyone has the best chance to succeed with their Business In A Box.

Robert Kiyosaki gives a recommendation for the Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In  A Box, suggesting that knowledge and information provided to subscribers will lower the risks of starting such a business and allow a greater probability of success. He endorses Anil Singal and the Lurn system and comments that technological developments have made the opportunities available better than when he was developing such businesses.

Who Is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal is a prominent marketer, who is a Copywriter by profession, who has spent 14 years developing the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box until it is in the current state as offered. Anik claims to have spent $200,000 developing this software using a team of 23 people. In this interview in January 2018, Anik Singal explains how much money there is to be made from online educational courses.

Anik Singal´s businesses are quite sizeable, and he describes one of them as costing $1.1m for one week´s promotions. Another of his businesses has a turnover of $11m selling his own products. A third business for personal development has a turnover of $148k.

Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson are numbered among the friends and acquaintances of Anik Singal.

Anik Singal states that to achieve his success in business, it has required much of his time, dedication and attention. He recounts the story of his business success when he went from earning his first $300, then $10k in 60 days, $15k in the third month, then $25k per month. Within 6 years he had made more than $10m per annum, but then he acknowledges that he got distracted. In 2011, Anil abandoned the system which he had used to make money up until then and changed to a new system which was disastrous for his business and himself personally, as within a year he had gone $1.7m into debt.

Anik managed to clear his debt and turn things around for himself without actually going bankrupt, and learned lessons from what had happened to him, which he has put to good use in the new Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box system which he now offers.

| Lurn Nation Blog

To build a business, entrepreneurs need excellent leads. With the right resources and know how, business owners can dramatically increase their reach and …

Circle Of Profit Course –

You CAN start your own digital publishing business – today, even! … People setting up businesses online, ditching their day jobs, making mind-blowing amounts …

Inbox Blueprint Review and Bonus – Anik Singal – READ THIS!

Anik Singal is back with his Inbox Blueprint 2 review. … Anik Singal is RE- OPENING the doors to his #1 business course – Inbox Blueprint 2.0! ….. For instance, a call to action box that enables consumers or possible clients to register for …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 – LaunchPad Technology by Anik

Inbox blueprint 2.0 introduces LaunchPad, a full-proof system to boost your email marketing campaigns. Review and a tour of the members area inside. … 2018, will be able to access LaunchPad here – … email marketing is one of the most effective and fastest ways to grow your business.

What Does Lurn Inbox 2.0 Blueprint Business In Box Consist Of?

Business In A Box Review

Anik Singal explains his 5 Step System to achieve 4 passive streams of income, and gave a live demonstration of his Business In A Box system in action, at the workshop which we viewed on 27th September 2018.

Anik´s system consists of

  • Emails sent to an Autoresponder.
  • A one-page OptIn (not a website).
  • Your own URL, which has your own unique affiliate number for commissions earned.
  • Automated broadcasts from the Autoresponder to your email list.
  • High conversions 40-60%
  • Your email list is your prime asset.
  • Multiple businesses, each with 4 passive streams of income.

He explains that the first thing that anyone wanting to do business needs to do is to select which Niche they want to operate in. Any niche is possible such as Homecare health insurance, mortgage companies, credit monitoring, dating, games, E-commerce sites.

The easiest and quickest way to start selling is to find other people´s products which you can sell on their behalf for a commission, using Affiliate Marketing.

Anik explains his ideas about how to start selling products immediately using ClickBank or one of the other affiliate sites which provide a marketplace for digital products.

You can buy traffic at a cost of no more than $1 per click, depending upon your niche, and sell products at $2, so you are making 100% profit.

Anik Singal did a live demonstration of his business system on screen and he managed to get his webpage operational within 17 minutes, which was extremely impressive.

What Do Anik´s Customers Say About Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box?

We have identified one testimonial from 2014? which seems to relate to the previous version 1.0 of Inbox Blueprint Business In A Box, and followed the comments from this person, Erica, who gave the testimonial.

Testimonial About Inbox Blueprint 1.0 From Erica

Here is another previous user who gives as a Testimonial for the Lurn Inbox Blueprint Business In A Box system.

Here are some other testimonials about Lurn Inbox 2.0 Blueprint Business In A Box system.

Inbox BluePrint

I’m now making $20,000 to $30,000 a month – thanks to Inbox Blueprint! … Over $400,000 and 14 months were invested into creating the first ever system to build a DONE FOR YOU business that is actually 100% unique for … 12 Months – Unlimited Support & Help From Our Lurn Family (Value $997). … Customer Reviews.

Lurn Insider Review

May 8, 2018 Well, Lurn Insider reveals a business in a box. … He created Inbox Blueprint which was his latest launch where he teaches how to build a list …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review and Bonus – Does It Really Work?

Apr 18, 2016 Full Feed View · Headline View · SI Premium Squawk Box · Alerts … (SI Newswire ) Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint 2.0 teaches users how to set up an email marketing business and quickly make a profit. … Anik Singal, the Founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc has recently created a program named “Inbox Blueprint …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review, DEMO & Bonus (2018)

Jan 12, 2018 Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review from ANIK’S FORMER HEAD COACH! … Jeff Lenney Speaking at Lurn & Anik Singal Event … you how to build a profitable online email marketing business… but it actually does most of the hard work for you! …. Your Email Before Sending – Avoid Spam Box and Promotions Tab …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review 2018 – REAL member review + Bonus

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 2018 is a whole business model. …. The importance of testing your email before sending – avoid spam box and … Is it the same as Lurn?

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box Review Pricing Offer

Anik Singal´s amazing offer is explained in the screenshots from the webinar presentation below:

Business In A Box Review

Lurn Summary Offer

Business In A Box Review

First Day Traffic League

Business In A Box Review

More Help

Business In A Box Review

4 Pillars Of Site Support

Business In A Box Review



Business In A Box Review

No Student Left Behind


Business In A Box Review

Make Systems Accessible

Business In A Box Review

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 offer price is reduced as it is defined as a Partnership between The Company and the Subscriber:

Business In A Box Review

Online Blueprint: Partnership

Business In A Box Review

Inbox Blueprint Payment Plan

To cover his development costs of $200,000, Anik explains he would need 40 students if the Business In A Box were to be priced at $6000. Using the final pricing below ($1500 per subscriber) then he would need 4 times as many subscribers for him to break even.

What you get for your money seems to be amazing, including the following bonuses offered on the webinar:

The system software

Automation software                                                      – value $15,976.

Niche detective software, to help you select a niche – value $797.

Bonus – First Day Traffic League                                 – value $2,997.

Bonus 4 – Technical Support                                        – value $3,997

This includes normal ticket based technical support, during office hours (60 hours), and regular weekly access to Anik Singal, and A Facebook Forum.

Bonus 5 – No Student Left Behind – this provides for unlimited support for anyone who is struggling to make money

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation: Business In A Box Review

The Online Blueprint Business In A Box system offered by Anik Singal seems to be incredible value priced at $1497 one-off payment for a lifetime membership or 3 monthly payments of $597.

Anik passionately expresses his desire to help people succeed hence he has competitively priced his offer so as to make it available to more people.

We have not tried Lurn´s Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box but would be interested to hear feedback from anyone who has.



OMS Review Of Neil Patel: How To Generate 1.7m Visitors For SEO Success

Introduction – Review Of Neil Patel: How To Generate 1.7m Visitors For SEO Success

Neil Patel blogs frequently about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and regularly explain in various forums, blogs and podcasts how his company can help subscribers and customers to improve their SEO success and ratings substantially.

SEO success

Factors In Search Engine Optimisation Success

Neil explains that his methods and techniques for SEO Improvement of traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo, will work for all types of business, such as B2B, B2C, local businesses, or e-commerce businesses.

Neil spends NO money on paid advertisements.

Neil explains that he has a very small team of people working for him and his businesses which are currently:, Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and

Crazy Egg and Hello Bar can be used to collect email addresses. is a free SEO service available to anyone.

Neil explains how he is very successful at SEO and has ranked very high compared with older and more established competitors, who have greater resources at their disposal.

You can see the video here.

He ranks number one and two on page one of Google for the keyword term ´online marketing´, and is ranked on page 1 of Google at #4 for the keyword term ´Search Engine Optimisation´.

His organic search value has been evaluated at more than $2m per month, even though he spends no money on paid advertising.

Neil explains that you need to do a lot of investigation and analysis with regard to your own website and its competitors if you are to win the race for SEO success. Further, he states that the principles of SEO have not changed for many years even though there are now new platforms such as Facebook and Youtube, which were not around in the early days of SEO.

Firstly, Think Like A Detective

SEO Success

Neil Patel Generates Visitors

Competition is everywhere, so you need to find out what are the best keywords to use because keywords are not just for traffic generation. The value is in identifying those keywords which generate sales or conversions.

You need to find out which keywords your competitors use for their conversions, and decide on a plan of action how you will generate your own sales.

Neil suggests the use of SEMRush and Ubersuggest as good keyword research and SEO tools for this purpose.

Keywords should not be too broad, such as the term Search Engine Optimisation, which has far too much competition. there are more than 111 thousand

However adding one word to make it into a long tail keyword Search Engine Optimisation Company, will make a massive difference.

In summary, you need to focus on keywords which are relevant to your own website.

You can use to analyse your competitors’ links and try to emulate them or improve on their strategy on your own website. Find out who is liking your competitor´s website.

Buzzsumo is also useful for this purpose.

Secondly, Think Like A Journalist

In order to achieve SEO success, you need to create content!

SEO success

You Need Content For SEO Success

Neil Patel recounts one of his successes with a random niche called, which he took from scratch to 120,000 visitors per month to that website.

You can use the tools available from Google, specifically Google Search Console, in order to identify search Traffic, Search Analytics and identify Click Through Rate (CTR) and Impressions.  Selecting Pages will show all the top performing posts with a CTR of more than 5%. Those posts with a CTR of less than 5% will show the most potential for improvement, so these are the posts which you need to concentrate on. Look for keywords with a low CTR and adjust keywords in Title Tags as well. Once you have adjusted keywords in your Title tags, re-submit your URL to Google, Fetch and Render.

Thirdly, Think Like A Monk

Google wants to rank sticky websites. In general, this mode of thinking is ´Less is More´.

SEO success

Think Like A Monk For SEO Success

To help you with your analysis of how sticky your site is, use, which creates browser-based push notifications for your visitors.

Neil uses as an example, the website, which he helped to take to more than 487,000 visits per month, with more than 93,000 unique visits. is Google friendly and uses Google Analytics in the Chrome Browser toolbar. Google monitors return visits to your site.

You need to think about your link building strategy as well.

Fourthly, Think Like A Circus Trainer

Here, you need to think about the encouragement of your visitor using a Lead Magnet offer in return for their email address. Such a Lead Magnet could be a PDF file, a checklist or spreadsheet or other useful documents, even an E-book.

You can use HelloBar to create a Lead Magnet, or ClickFunnels, or LeadPages, or BounceExchange.

Sometimes you will need to do some more research about what it is that your ideal customer is looking for, so you need to consider the use of Surveys (use SurveyMonkey or BuzzSumo) to ascertain exactly what is needed.

You need to consider from where you get your traffic, and how many visitors come from Social Shares, how many from Backlinks, and how many from repeat customers.

You can use for a step by step guide on how to define this or consider Chefworks also, which features a discount coupon.

Fifthly, Think Like A Scientist

SEO is like dating – you don’t ask someone to marry you on a first date.

You need to think about how the relationship between you and your customer develops during the time period between pre-sale and post-sale.

Use Ubersuggest to generate keyword ideas for SEO, it will possibly give you more than 1000 keyword ideas.

Look for 3-word keyword phrases – for example ´search engine optimisation´ is far too broad, instead choose ´search engine optimisation company´ or ´London search engine optimisation´, which will return a much less competitive score.

Use Action or Power Words such as:

  • How to….
  • Lists (numbers)….1,2,3,4,….
  • Free…..
  • You….
  • Tips about…..

After optimising your post and website, you will need to Fetch as Google and resubmit your sitemap, Fetch and Render then wait up to 30 days for Google to re-crawl and adjust your rankings.

Lastly, Think Like A Winner

Here you need to be smart and innovative and look for mentoring. The best sportspersons and business people have all received mentorship in order to help them to achieve their current high status. Therefore you need to consider investing in such training, coaching and mentorship so that you can learn from the best.

SEO success

Think Like A Winner For SEO Success

Neil quotes numerous examples where he has helped companies such as Alana Mitchell,, where he increased traffic significantly to more than 150,000 visitors per month using SEO.

Similarly, MuscleForLife increased its traffic to more than 400,000 visitors per month, with Neil Patel´s help, even though it is a seasonal business.

Also, Legion Athletics, which is an e-commerce store, increased its traffic to more than 350,000 visitors per month under Neil´s guidance.

Google has more than 200 ranking criteria, and probably only 20% of those criteria result in 80% of the results.

Neil Patel acknowledges the thinking and expertise of Brian Dean from Backlinko in SEO success.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

If your company is Venture Capital Funded, or has a revenue of more than $3m per annum, or has a regular marketing budget of more than $10k per month, then you are encouraged to get in touch with, with a view to discussing how they could possibly help you increase your traffic and SEO performance.

Neil Patel cites lots of examples of companies which his agency has helped to further SEO success.

He further recounts a friend and former colleague who he quotes as saying that the role of the CEO of any company is to:

´Find people who are smarter than you to help your business to increase its value and worth.´

It, therefore, makes sense to hire an agency who is expert in doing such things, rather than inefficiently apply your own resources to that task if they do not have as much expertise.

For those of us who do not yet fall into that category of successful business, Neil Patel encourages that you continue to learn best practice in order to achieve SEO success on your own. There are lots of sources of information and advice, including his own videos, podcasts, forums and newsletters.

The notes from Neil Patel´s video on How To Generate More Than 1.7million Visitors Per Month are available on his company website

Our own recommendation is to follow guidance and advice Neil Patel, as he is the undisputed market leader in the race for SEO Success.

If you need training on SEO Optimisation techniques they are taught at Wealthy Affiliate, and you can read our review here. You can sign up for FREE to try it out indefinitely, click here.



OMS Review Of Awesome Video Animation Maker Renderforest

Introduction to Awesome Video Animation Maker Renderforest

awesome video animation

Introduction to Renderforest

We recently became aware of Renderforest which is a FREE ONLINE WHITEBOARD AND AWESOME VIDEO ANIMATION MAKER!  We started trying it out and found that it is really AMAZING! Here is our review.

Where is Renderforest From?

Renderforest is a product from Geek Culture Podcast, Youtube Channel. Who are these guys? just a group of friends who collaborate on the production of geeky stuff! Here is a little information about each of them.

awesome video animation

GeekCulture Podcast About Us




And here is their own review and tutorial about Renderforest:

And here is another review from

Geekculture Podcast also do other products to do with Film and Television, apart from awesome video animation, which you can check out here.

How Does Renderforest Work?

Here is a video tutorial introduction to Renderforest:

What Are The Features of Renderforest?

Do you need a tool to help you to tell your stories more creatively? Renderforest is an awesome tool to try out.

Have you considered using animated characters to do that for you? Renderforest gives you lots of standard templates pre-made scenes and backgrounds as well as characters from which to choose.

Whiteboard animations are one very good way of telling your story. Renderforest gives you that capability with as much functionality as is needed depending upon the budget you have available.

Renderforest provides you with hundreds of ready-made storybook scenes from which you can choose those which you think can best help you to tell your story in an interesting and entertaining way.

Renderforest provides you with Cloud-based tools to create your own videos online, effortlessly and with pleasure.

Renderforest offers you advice and training about how to create videos for various purposes, for example, in order to build your Facebook presence or to shoot a viral video. It really is practical and helpful advice.

awesome video animation

Renderforest which video tools

What Do Other People Think About Renderforest?

Here is a Renderforest review from Max Leno:

Here is another review from Michael Van breda:

Here is another review from Bearded Mango:

Here is a video which explains how to remove any watermark from Any video – we can’t imagine why you would need that as the Renderforest videos are very reasonably priced.

How Does Renderforest Price It´s Products?

Renderforest offers two sorts of pricing, one based on an annual subscription:

  • Free – for amateur users and to try it out.
  • Amateur – $15 per month (billed annually) for those who do a few videos from time to time.
  • Pro – $29 per month (billed annually) for good Youtubers and businesses producing videos constantly.
  • Business – $49 per month (billed annually) for re-sellers and businesses which create lots of videos.
  • Enterprise – $149 per month (billed annually) for companies which need large numbers of videos every month.

awesome video animation

Alternatively, you can choose a Pay Per Export payment plan:

You can download any videos which you prepare using Renderforest, and you can choose which quality you want, and this dictates the price charged for the video:

Low-Quality Videos – $9.99

Medium Quality Videos – $19.99

High-Quality Videos – $29.99


awesome video animation

Renderforest pay per export

OMS Conclusion and Recommendation

We are blown away by the functionality and capability of Renderforest.

We will continue to use Renderforest for our own purposes, as we found it to be an awesome video animation tool.

It is an amazingly capable tool, especially as all of the functionality and capability is yours to try out and use for FREE! When you have greater requirements and budget available you can upgrade to a better plan.



OMS Review Of Lipperhey Free Search Engine Optimisation Service

Introduction to Lipperhey Free Search Engine Optimisation Service

Search Engine Optimisation

Lipperhey Free Search Engine Optimisation Tool

Lipperhey is a new entrant to the marketplace for keyword research and is a very good and efficient Free Search Engine Optimisation Service. Lipperhey claims to be the Most Comprehensive Free SEO Service, which we recently became aware of. It enables you to identify how healthy your website is in SEO terms, and make improvements to it, and optimise for SEO.

We have just started to try out the Free version recently and do not yet have extensive experience of its usage, nor of the full functionality available from the business version of Lipperhey.

Who Are the Authors And Founders of Lipperhey Search Engine Optimisation Service?

The Owners and Authors of Lipperhey SEO Service are:

Gijs Barens – A former director of Isobar Communications, and co-founder of IProspect in The Netherlands.

Christian Branbergen – A software developer and former founder of Inobe software, who previously successfully developed the health software MyCalorieCoach.

Marc Noet – A former Director and founder of Isobar Communications in The Netherlands.


Search Engine Optimisation Tool

Lipperhey Founders

What Are the Features of Lipperhey Search Engine Optimisation Service?

Here is a video from Christian Branbergen of Lipperhey which refers to the Beta version of the software and describes an overview of the functionality and capabilities and pricing of the Lipperhey SEO service:

When you set up an account with Lipperhey, you can see your dashboard where all your useful statistics are displayed conveniently in front of you. You can take a tour of the system in order to familiarise yourself with its capabilities.

search engine optimisation

Lipperhey Tour

Fundamentally Lipperhey SEO Service analyses your website first using one of its spiders to crawl the site and prepare a status report known as an Improvement Report. Lipperhey has 100 spiders available and at its disposal for crawling of websites, and downloading pages.

search engine optimisation

Lipperhey Spider

From the Improvement Report, you can identify Quick Wins in order to improve and optimise your website. You are also given an Excel file with the Improvement Report information on it in tabular form.

Lipperhey SEO Service can identify 35 topics for improving your website´s score in Search Engine Optimisation and gives you a Score Card for each website.

What Are the Costs Of Lipperhey SEO Service?

You can use the FREE version of Lipperhey indefinitely, which gives you limited functionality.

If you upgrade to the Business Version of Lipperhey, priced at $99 per month you can analyze up to 50 websites, and make comparisons with competitor websites.

Improvement Reports are priced at $75 each. Comparison reports are priced at $15 each.

You can buy credits for use of the Lipperhey SEO service, which can be stored on your personal account.

You can use a Debit or Credit card to purchase credits. Alternatively, you can use a coupon to pay for Lipperhey SEO Services.

search engine optimisation

Lipperhey Price Plans

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Lipperhay Search Engine Optimisation Service?


  • You can use Lipperhey Free version indefinitely for free.
  • You only need to start to pay when you upgrade to the business version and this allows you much greater functionality.
  • The Business Version enables you to analyze up to 50 websites.
  • The Business Version has much greater functionality, which we need to further understand.
  • There are no contracts, so you can stop your subscription, whether free or paid at any time.


  • There is not an intermediate pricing level for Lipperhay between the free version, and the business version which allows you to process 50 websites, so you must decide at what point the $99 per month subscription is viable for you.

What Do Other Users Think Of Lipperhay Keyword Research Service?

Here is a review and testimonial for Lipperhey SEO service from Yellow Pages, who point out the common technology used between them and Lipperhey.

Search Engine Optimisation Tool

Lipperhey Yellow Pages Customer Review

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation Regarding Lipperhay

We are still evaluating Lipperhey and will continue to do so for a while yet.

Do you have any experience of Lipperhey SEO Tool? If so, please share it with us, as we would be very interested to find out about your user experience and how you find the functionality of the software.

For the time being, we think it is an amazing tool since you can get it and use it indefinitely for FREE!





Review Of Squirrly WordPress Keyword Research Tool 2018

Introduction: Review Of Squirrly WordPress Keyword Research Tool 2018

keyword research tool

Squirrly WordPress PlugIn And Keyword Research Tool

Squirrly is a WordPress keyword research tool which is available at very reasonable cost, depending on the scale of use, and therefore subscription level needed for your organisation. You can try Squirrly for free for a period of up to 30 days, before deciding which level of subscription you need.

Keyword research – Wikipedia

Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and … Keyword suggestion tools usually aid the process, like the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, which offers a thesaurus and an alternative keyword …

Refer to the OMS Guide to Keyword Research for E-commerce 2018, for more information about the application of keyword research for your business:

Are There Other Products Which Do The Same Job As Squirrly, What Are My Options?

Here is an article by Neil Patel which lists a number of FREE keyword research tools which are available to assist you:

10 Free Keyword Research Tools to Help Plan Your New Site

There are a few keyword research shortcuts that you can take, and tools often serve as the most effective options. In the past, I’ve discussed a variety of keyword …
There is also another keyword research tool called Jaxxy which is worthy of consideration. It is not free, but is available at a reasonable cost. Here is the OMS Review Of Jaxxy Keyword Reseach Tool:

What Does Squirrly Do That Is Different To The Competitors?

From our research and experience of the use of the Jaxxy keyword research tool and comparing this with use of Squirrly, the key differentiator is the Real Time Optimisation feature present in Squirrly.

For example, we show you below a screenshot of Squirrly in use:

Squirrly Keyword Reseach Tool

Squirrly Dynamic Optimisation Feature





On the right-hand side of the document being edited is a table of the respective criteria to be optimised.

Squirrly Keyword Research Tool

Squirrly Dynamic Optimisation

% optimisation for keyword chosen

Squirrly offers relevant suggestions for Images, Twitter feeds, Wikipedia definitions, references and quotations, which you can choose to ignore, or you can click and insert within your post.

This feature is very powerful and saves the author a lot of time!


As each criterion is achieved the box turns green


Other Reviews Of Squirrly Keyword Research Tool

From research, we have found many favourable reviews of Squirrly and no adverse reviews at all.

However, Squirrly does not feature at all in the top 10 Keyword Research tools in 2018 assessed by 127 experts, consolidated by Robbie Richards.

127 Experts Reveal Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO in 2018

Apr 10, 2018 127 search marketing experts reveal their top 3 tools for SEO keyword research. Surprisingly, the most voted tool is NOT the Google keyword …

Nevertheless, we found some favourable reviews of Squirrly on youTube:

Most users and reviewers agree that the dynamic optimisation of keywords by Squirrly is the main differentiator between it and its competitors.

How Much Does Squirrly Cost?

Squirrly is available at 3 levels of subscription:

There is a free plan,  a Pro Plan priced at $29.99 per month, and A Business Plan priced at $71.99 per month

keyword research tool

Squirrly Price Plans

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Squirrly?


  • We found that Squirrly was extremely user-friendly, and especially liked the dynamic update feature, which gives you a green for go display as you solve issues with your article or post.
  • You can cancel Squirrly at any time, should you choose to do so. There are no contracts, so you are not committed to Squirrly for any period of time
  • You don´t need a credit card to sign up for your free trial of Squirrly.


We haven´t found any yet but will keep looking and let you know in due course.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation: Review Of Squirrly Plug-In 2018

We have been using the Squirrly PlugIn since August 2018, and have found it of great benefit for optimising our posts and articles for chosen keywords.

The live interaction and updating as the user edit the post means that there is immediate notification to the user about the status of the post, and a very clear % optimised display.

You can work on a post and edit keywords and other key features such as Meta titles, Meta Descriptions, and Alt image titles, whilst gradually improving the status until it is 100% optimised.

We recommend Squirrly, and feel confident that we reached the right conclusion because Neil Patel also recommends Squirrly Keyword Research Tool and WordPress Plug-In as well!



21 Businesses To Start On A Shoestring

21 Businesses To Start On A Shoestring

21 Businesses To Start On A Shoestring

Introduction – 21 Businesses to Start On a Shoestring

Do any of the following questions apply to you?

Are you stuck in a job which you’re sick of,  just to pay the bills?

Are you bored at work? Is your boss a pain?  Do you seem to matter at work? Does Your work interfere with your private life? Are You sick of your commute? Are You tired of having to beg for a day off? Is There anything worse than feeling trapped with no hope of escape because you’re worried about money?

To get right to the point, it’s not that the financial situation that ties you down, it’s your thinking. There are many people who felt just like you and worried just like you… But they chose to quit their jobs and went on to create their own highly successful businesses…. AND they managed to do it on a very small budget.

The thing that changed was their attitude;  instead of thinking about how bad their job was, they started thinking about how they could make a plan for a business idea to success. If they did this, how exciting their future independent life could be.

They realised that, when you are proposing to start up a small business, money isn’t everything. You don’t have to let a lack of money hold you back from pursuing your good business idea and becoming your own boss. What you need is a sound business idea and the right guidance in order to get started. Here’s how you can get it. Introducing “21 Businesses to Start on A Shoestring”.

business ideas to start on a shoestring

What is This E-Course? 21 Businesses To Start On A Shoestring?

This is an online E-course developed by experts who have successfully built their own small businesses without the big budget. The most important thing about this course is that it is practical and sensible, it shows you How To Do It. It works and It is real. The course won’t promise things that can’t be delivered. This course has been designed by people who know exactly how you feel, stuck in that job because they have been there, in that situation. They understand your worries because they’ve been there, done that. They were all looking for a business idea which didn’t cost an arm and a leg to take years to get going. This course is the result of their own research and real-life experience. Testimonials (evidence the course works).

What the E-course gives you:

  • 21 businesses to start on a shoestring, ie ideas for businesses to start on a small budget
  • Sound advice for getting started in order to hit the ground running
  • Practical tips for managing your cash flow while you build the business and avoiding the hidden money pits
  • Advice on how to look after yourself physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Advance warning of scams to look out for so you’re not taken advantage of
  • Advice on how to manage your business and your life so you enjoy the balance you’ve been wanting for so long
  • The confidence to believe in yourself and become a successful business owner

What the E-course includes: For each of the 21 business ideas, the course will teach you:

  • What is involved in the business
  • What skills you will need
  • How to build your business network and how to find clients
  • Where you will be able to find work

The E-course also explains:

  • Funding for your business
  • Some sources of finance
  • Points to be aware of with each form of finance
  • What licences you may need before you can run your business
  • The business support you may need, for example, an accountant
  • Reasons for business failure and how to avoid them

Course format: This is an online course, which can be done from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is an internet connection and your preferred computer or mobile device. Over 8 weeks you’ll be given:

  • 8 video lessons which are packed full of information (in easy to understand chunks) and great examples. This means you’ll see the techniques in action and learn how to apply them.
  • 8 practical activities, which refer to the course lessons, to help you to safely put the tips and techniques into action and get comfortable with them before you go out and start applying them in for real.
  • 2 progress quizzes – 1 at the end of the 4th week and another at the end of the course. These are designed to show you how you are progressing and how well you understand the course material.
  •  You will also get checklists and information sheets to keep you on track during and after the course.

After working through the E-course videos, spreadsheets, and practical exercises and activities, you will build your relevant skills with each lesson. After completing the E-course, you will know exactly which of the business ideas will work best for you and you will be able to get started straight away.

You will know whether you are ready to quit your job and be your own boss? If that’s a yes, then GO FOR IT!

How Much Does The E-course cost?

If you’re wondering how much the course might cost. Well, don´t worry. Knowing you’re concerned about your finances, this course has been priced to suit. In fact, thinking about everything it gives you, you could say it’s a real bargain! It’s only $97. That’s a mere $97 to sound out and verify your future as a business owner. But it gets even better.

How about a No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee! That’s right. Take a look through the materials and if you think it’s not worth the money, you can ask for your money back, no questions asked.

About The Author

The author is Shelly McNeil, who has worked for herself all her life. Shelly has owned over 15 various successful businesses, and she started her first business at the age of twenty-three.

As a teenager, Shelley went to college and graduated. After her education was completed Shelley got a job in the marketing industry, but she soon became bored. Shelly came from a family of business owners, and her father had a great drive in business. When growing up Shelly watched her father and admired his strength and industriousness. Shelly´s father was once a factory worker, an immigrant from Europe, who also became tired of working for other people and managed to start his own first business on a shoestring.

Shelly´s father´s business grew and thrived, which meant the business moved to bigger premises from time to time. Shelly joined her father in the business for a short time when she first left school but she decided to go to college and get a conventional education and studied for her degree.

Shelly dwelt on her dream of owning her own business, and after some consideration and discussions with her father, Shelly was encouraged to follow her dreams and she started her own business. Shelly was willing to put in long hours to make her business succeed, and she started her first business part-time, while still working her full-time job. After 18 months her business was sufficiently well established for Shelly to quit her job and she took her business to the next level, working full time. Shelly expressed amazement at just how many businesses can be started on a shoestring, and she shares some thought-provoking ideas for you in her book.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

To summarise, when you sign up to join the E-course, you will receive:

  • Instant access to “21 Businesses to Start on A Shoestring”
  • Instant access to proven techniques and years of experience shared by people who have lived through the stage you’re at and succeeded in building their own businesses!

If you do the E-course and follow the advice, you could end up with a profitable small business of your own – and the cost of all this advice is just  $97.

Also, you’re getting a 100% money back guarantee, so there really is no risk!

It is true that you could go and find similar information from many other sources, but this would take a lot of time? And how sure can you be that the information is current?

For only $97 you’re getting practical guidance which has proven itself day in and day out as the expert authors have built their own highly successful businesses. In any case, if you do not like the E-course you have a 100% money back guarantee. So, if your dream is to start your own business, then there’s no time like the present to make your start.

Go to this Link to sign up now! There are far too many people out there who stay in the jobs they hate. Don’t be one of them. There’s a bright future waiting for you. Get started today.


OMS Review of Bizpad Task And Project Management Software Tool 2018



Bizpad is a task and project management software package which is simple, intuitive and easy to use and it is produced by Greg Writer, serial entrepreneur.




What Does Bizpad Project Management Software Do Exactly?

Bizpad enables you as a user to manage multiple projects and list tasks and due dates and make relevant notes and comments about each task or activity.

It is set up on a matrix basis, and at the highest level enables a number of projects to be identified and tracked.

Below the project level, users can enter tasks or activities to be assigned to individuals or groups and these are seen in a list form and scheduled by start and due date.




A user can go into the software every day and update progress achieved and make relevant changes and updates, notes about progress or relevant events, or even delete items which are no longer relevant.

Multiple users can work collaboratively with Bizpad, which works like an online meeting place with a pad of paper, email and spreadsheet rolled into one.

You can filter the screen and the project management database of information so that you can see all projects and tasks, or just one project, and only remaining tasks to be completed.

What Bizpad is Not!

Bizpad is not a full engineering project management software package with the capability to identify Work Breakdown Structures and Cost Breakdown Structures, as would be found suitable for managing major projects of capital expenditure.

There is no capability to identify logic diagrams such as critical path analysis method or precedence diagrams.

Bizpad Training

Training for Bizpad is provided within the package which you can either try for free or subscribe to.

Bizpad project management software Blog And Training

Bizpad Blog And Training


OMS Conclusion and Recommendation about Bizpad Task Management Software

We have been using the Bizpad project and task management software tool for about a year now and on the whole have found its performance extremely satisfactory. We don’t have massive complex it or engineering projects, so don’t need a sophisticated system nor a massive database of activities, and multiple calendars.

We would have no hesitation to recommend to you to try out and use Bizpad software for yourself and see if its functionality is suitable for your needs, and carry out your own project management software comparison with your favourite it project management software tools.

If you would like to try Bizpad for FREE then click here.

Bizpad project management software pricing

Bizpad Pricing

As you can see from the screenshot of the Bizpad User Screen below, the user interface is very simple and easy to use, being WYSIWYG format.

Bizpad WYSIWYG format project management software

Bizpad WYSIWYG format

Bizpad is growing in popularity and is becoming a first choice for entrepreneurs, and small business owners freelancers and outsourcers, because of its simplicity and suitability for group working and sharing of information collaboratively. It can even be used by groups within large companies who may use more sophisticated project management software tools for high profile work and external presentations, but can use Bizpad to workshop amongst themselves.