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How To Make Money Online Writing With Wealthy Affiliate in 2023

Introduction – How To Make Money Online Writing With Wealthy Affiliate in 2023

make money online writing

Make Money Online Writing With Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a software platform and online business community that is dedicated to the training and online business success of its subscribers and members. WA shows you how to make money online writing with Wealthy Affiliate in 2023, both vlogging and blogging about niches that you are passionate about. It is also a Social Media platform enabling you to make contact with like-minded individuals sharing the same broad interest in making money online by writing, vlogging, and blogging. You can sign up for FREE to try out the training and capability by clicking here.

Or you can sign up for the BF/CM offer here.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by its owners Kyle and Carson, and has undergone many improvements and upgrades over the years so that it is now at the leading technological edge and in a unique position in the online business, website hosting, online marketing training and education marketplace. 

In the latest upgrade, all subscribers’ websites are now mobile friendly and compatible.

Many of the long-standing subscribers run their own very successful online businesses and also act as Ambassadors for Wealthy Affiliate by contributing to the training and development of the whole community. There is, therefore, good availability of mentoring from more experienced members who are happy to share their success and techniques and methods with the less experienced newcomers.

More experienced students and subscribers can also assist newcomers to the site, “newbies” as they are affectionately known, by “Paying It Forward”, i.e. adding their guidance and mentoring to the support chain.

Thus there is always a pool of more experienced mentors and trainers who give their time, especially to newcomers some with little knowledge of online internet marketing, making this more of a caring Family or Community of Members, of around 2.7m subscribers rather than a business run strictly for profit.

What Exactly Do You Buy When You Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Grades and Features of Membership

Marketing Affiliate

Marketing Affiliate

It is possible to join Wealthy Affiliate and try it out for an unlimited time for FREE and to continue to use its basic features indefinitely, which is an extremely unusual and unprecedented offer in the online marketing software and training marketplace. You do not need a debit or credit card to sign up, just click here to check it out for FREE.

If you do not wish to pay for a premium upgrade you can set up and maintain 1 websites on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, at no initial cost, and have use of the Wealthy Affiliate streamlined training other features absolutely FREE indefinitely.

The cost for Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate, which is the level of membership that gives the most benefits to subscribers, is $49 per month or $359 per annum. 

There is also a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Offer (end November 2020) sale annual membership offer for $299, which is incredible value when compared to practically any other similar software and training offering in the marketplace (RECOMMENDED).

We recommend that you try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE, sign up here. YOU CAN THEN SEE IF YOU WANT TO SIGN UP FOR THE BF/CM OFFER.

Key Performance Indicators: Our assessment of Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Software is as follows:

Training: 4.9/5

Support: 4.9/5

Website Builder: 4.9/5

WordPress hosting: 4.9/5

Research Tools: 4.9/5

Success stories: 4.5/5

Online Marketing Software rating: 4.9/5

Whealthy Affiliate

Whealthy Affiliate

Here is a quotation from Kyle, one of the owners and founders of Wealthy Affiliate:

“You can come back here to the Wealthy Affiliate site and complain if you don’t like it (seriously). And we did say it was FREE to join! Upon joining, we will make sure to get in touch with you within the first day. We want you to make one promise however if you do join…that you will set-up your account. It is simple and you will be walked through it upon joining Wealthy Affiliate”.

When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate, we will be contacting you on your profile with our “welcome!” and some more information about Wealthy Affiliate, how to get help from us, and how to claim your bonus. Trust us, this is going to be some AMAZING stuff! You will never know what you have been missing all of these years until you step foot inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

Table of Key Features of Wealthy Affiliate:

WA Membership options online marketing software

Cost: $49 per month or $359 per annum for Premium Membership, and a Black Friday annual upgrade offer for $299 per annum (only during the period Friday after Thanksgiving and the following Monday, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, which will end November 202).

Training: Extensive structured and sequenced training videos are provided and a step by step set of instructions/advice which explain the full detail of the 4 step online business success system on which Wealthy Affiliate is founded.

Wealthy Affiliate Certification is provided as subscribers progress through the training videos and instructions. Additionally, Wealthy Affiliate members may contribute their own training blogs and educational videos on any subject which they choose, and all members have access to this ad-hoc training as well as the structured formal course training.

Website Building: Subscribers can build their own website on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, using WordPress and SSL security is provided as well as the latest software updates and many thousands of Plug-ins. 2500 plus themes are available free to Premium Members, as well as the facility to import their own themes if they prefer.

Website Hosting: Free hosting is provided for Premium Members for up to 25 sites, and it is possible to import your own domains into Wealthy Affiliate as well. Premium members can use the platform to set up their website for free, or alternatively can purchase domains.

Software Updates/Development and Support: Wealthy Affiliate has a team of 25 technicians working in the background who maintain, update and develop the systems constantly, so it is one of the most advanced and secure platforms available in the online marketplace.

Support: Support is available to subscribers to Wealthy Affiliate 24/7/365 days a year from a number of sources including Site Support, Livechat (other members who are online), and by posting a query or blog, and requesting comments or input from other members, see screenshot.

Make Money Online Writing

Screenshot of WA software system

Proven Effectiveness and Capability of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent reputation in its own community and also widely in the marketplace, as is demonstrated by the great number of users, currently more than 2.7 million, and still growing rapidly.

Wealthy Affiliate has a number of specific features that are unique to it.

A powerful feature within Wealthy Affiliate is for peer review of a member´s website using a facility called SiteComments. Comments can be sought by members on posts and articles which they have drafted from their peers who share the same interests, and comments are also be offered to other members as well on their posts and articles by way of quid pro. Thereby all members can receive the benefits of feedback of high-quality comments about their website, following peer review.

Another excellent feature is the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Research Tool feature which allows members to assess the effectiveness of various keywords for the niche in which they are researching or have chosen.

Another similar and more capable Keyword Research Tool is a software package called Jaaxy, see the screenshot below, which was developed by Kyle and Carson and which is more sophisticated and capable than the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool. 30 free searches using Jaaxy are offered to Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate, after which they need to subscribe to Jaaxy at a cost of $49 per month. However, this subscription is not essential and it is possible for members to effectively operate using the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool if they do not want to purchase Jaaxy.

Make Money Online Writing

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

Training: There are 5 levels of training and certification within Wealthy Affiliate, which are termed Online Entrepreneur Certification, within which there are a large number of lessons, so that all training is carried out in small simple steps, informed by written instructions and video explanation, which a subscriber can follow before he or she moves on to the next level:

Level 1) Getting Started

Level 2) Building Your Own Traffic-Producing Website

Level 3) Making Money

Level 4) Mastering Social Engagement

Level 5) Achieving Success Through Content Creation

Website Building is carried out by following the training sessions and gradually refining the member´s website until it is ready for launch and can be ranked by Google.

Website Hosting is offered free by Wealthy Affiliate for Premium Members up to 25 domains registered with the community plus hosting another 25 domains registered by members elsewhere.

So How Do You Make Money Online Writing?

There are numerous ways in which you can make money online writing and also making referrals using the Amazing Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate has a very active and successful Affiliate program, and training is given to subscribers who are interested to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to other potential users.

The training for this Affiliate Program is very thorough and extensive and is structured in 7 levels which take members through training in the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Level 1) Getting Your Business Rolling

Level 2) Content Keywords and Conversions

Level 3) Giving Your Site Social Value

Level 4) Get Visual. Get Aesthetic

Level 5) Knowing Your Audiences and Catapulting Your Referrals

Level 6) Bing, Yahoo and the Power of PPC

Level 7) How to Scale Successful PPC Marketing.

The remuneration system for referrals is quite beneficial for members who can profit from Premium Member upgrades and Annual upgrades of referrals who sign up, on an ongoing basis.

Members receive $23.50 for monthly referrals and $175 for annual referrals, plus credit for all domains purchased by their referrals.

Members can also earn revenue from Wealthy Affiliate itself, by preparing and issuing training for use by other members of WA.

Super Support at Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Support is available to members 24/7/365 using any of the following features, and experience of use indicates that the community as a whole is extremely supportive.

1) Live Chat – this feature allows members to raise queries and problems online and seek guidance from other members and leaders.

2) Support tickets can be raised for specific queries and logged with Wealthy Affiliate.

3) Members can consult with other more expert members and mentors via private email, or by making posts visible to all to which members usually quickly respond.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Software System

From our thorough review and evaluation and usage over a period of five years, we have concluded that Wealthy Affiliate is the best available software package and system that we have encountered for Affiliate Marketing.

It definitely does give you everything which will enable you to make money online writing or creating videos, vlogging, about your passion.

We propose in the near future to offer reviews of other comparable products (though we did not find any other products which offered exactly all the features and benefits offered by Wealthy Affiliate) so that our readers can see and evaluate for themselves the benefits offered by each system and product available in the marketplace.

We recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a first-class product with a stable history of trading and software development. It has expanded to become an active user community of more than 2.7 million, and still growing. It provides leading-edge technology for website building and hosting.

If you wish to join Wealthy Affiliate, then go to this link, where you can enjoy a free unlimited time trial, so you can verify our findings for yourself. We are confident that once you see and experience the facilities and features offered by Wealthy Affiliate you will agree with our assessment and upgrade to become a Premium member.


Here is another review of Wealthy Affiliate, which gives a view of the product against some other products in the same niche, Dead Beat Super Affiliate, from Dan Brook, and Affiliate Marketing Revolution.

Below is another Review Of Wealthy Affiliate, have a look and consider other people´s opinions as well as ours.



ClickBank Review: How to Make Money with Clickbank

Maybe you are thinking of making extra income online make money, and you really do not know where to start. Everybody is talking about Amazon affiliates and WordPress websites and all these other digital marketing terms, like click funnels and marketing and sales funnels make money, and all this is just starting to overwhelm you. So, where to go to and where and when to start is the big, unanswered question.

Is it really possible to make any money online? The big question here is, is there money to be made online or is all this just another scam? There are so many beautiful people with big, white smiles and beautiful clothes advertising how they are making lots of money from this thing online or from that digital marketing platform.

They are all living their dream and make lots of money from the sideline…or are they all just paid models to get you to listen to their marketing ploy? Here, we are looking at yet another of these ventures to make money online. We need answers to our questions, and we are going to see for ourselves if it really is possible to make enough money from an online enterprise.

We’ve compiled all the information you need for our article. This is the ClickBank Review. Let’s begin the journey by a study of one of the largest online marketplaces: ClickBank.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank gives business owners an opportunity to sell a variety of digital products online, like ebooks and software, for instance. ClickBank also provides a marketplace where the vendors give information about the products they offer. ClickBank is a payment processor that provides menial financial services between the vendor and the affiliate or buyer, such as processing credit card transactions and electronic funds transfers.

This is an easy-to-access marketplace with a worldwide presence that provides a huge amount of different products from a myriad of vendors. These products are supplied to the affiliates, who earn a commission from sales that were driven and generated through their websites.

ClickBank in a few words

ClickBank is an online reseller with a worldwide presence that provides its clients with secure payment processing and a reliable payout tracking service. ClickBank also provides a vast network of marketing affiliates to merchants. ClickBank is the middleman between the merchant and the marketer that takes the product to the buyer. It also provides the financial services between the vendor and the marketer and, finally, the buyer.

ClickBank is a great opportunity for vendors to sell their products through an extensive marketplace that exposes them to buyers from around the globe. At the same time, marketers with their own websites find an extensive database of available products through the ClickBank marketplace to promote on their websites.

Benefits of ClickBank

For vendors: The benefits of joining ClickBank as a vendor is that you are exposed to a huge online marketplace with millions of daily visitors.

For affiliates: There is a wide range of products and categories for affiliates to choose from when they are looking for products to suit their websites and what they may share with their audience.

ClickBank also provides a myriad of other benefits.

Advanced search: ClickBank uses advanced search filters for more convenient search options for the vast amount of products available. This helps prevent you from wasting time searching through every category to find what you are looking for.

Tools: ClickBank provides a large array of tools to help vendors promote their products to potential affiliates and marketers that will eventually sell their products to a worldwide clientele.

Resources: There is a wealth of resources available from ClickBank for vendors and affiliates to gain information about the marketplace, as well as gain information about the huge range of products and services available from the ClickBank marketplace.

Statistics and information: ClickBank has a huge information bank to provide statistics about the vendors and the products they supply.

Training: Lots of training is provided by ClickBank to merchants and affiliates alike through their library of training and instructional videos. These videos provide you with training on how to join as a vendor or how to make money as an affiliate through the ClickBank marketplace.

A look at the services provided by ClickBank

ClickBank provides a number of services, like APIs and other software services, that will give you access to a host of statistical data and history that may help you build an infrastructure for your business profile.


  • A large range of products available
  • An extensive marketplace to sell your product
  • An easy way for affiliates to make money


  • A little overwhelming and steep learning curve

How to make money with ClickBank

There are two basic ways to make money on ClickBank

The first way

With the first way to make money on ClickBank, you do not need to have money to make money. This may sound like just another scam, as we said in the introduction of this article. The old and trusted way is that you need money to make money, but that is not the case using this first method on ClickBank. Yes, that is true, so let’s have a look at it.

First, you must find a niche and offer on ClickBank. That simply means that you need to find a product that you want to promote on your website. The proper term is a product to “drive” on your website. The following niches are popular products that may sell more than other products, and that is exactly what you need to make money.

  • Health and fitness
  • Crypto and stock trading
  • General internet marketing
  • Software

There are three main steps involved in doing this:

Step 1

Sign up for your ClickBank account by following the very easy steps provided by ClickBank. After the account is created, go to the menu on top and find the marketplace. The next step will be to go to the health and fitness section or whatever product you may choose. There are a couple of things you need to look out for when selecting your niche.

1.) It is better to go for things that are cheaper options because the more expensive ones might not convert for you that quickly compared to cheaper ones. Cheaper ones may have more sales than more expensive products, and you make less commission per product, but you may make you more money with more sales in the long run.

2.) Make sure the products you choose to drive on your website have an affiliate page so you are allowed to promote their products by using their links.

3.) The next thing to look for is something called gravity. Gravity simply means the amount of this product that has been sold previously.

4.) From there, you go to the landing page of this product and make sure that it looks good and is well-designed and will generate sales.

5.) The last thing is to promote the product you chose. Just click on promote and complete the promote form with the necessary details, and you will be able to launch it on your website. It’s as easy as that.

Step 2

Create a quick website. It will be good if you have your own website with a paid hosting service, but, for now, you may go to WordPress and create a free website there. This will help get you up and running quickly without forking out any cash. This is good for a beginner start-up just to get you going. You just need to sign up and choose a username and create your quick website on WordPress.

Use a clean and easy-to-read username for your website. On WordPress, you just need to create a simple, easy website with only the necessary things on it to help you promote the product you chose on ClickBank. There are a couple of things you must have on your website to generate sales.

When creating a good website, you need to create a hook to get people to come to your website. The hook may be something like a need or a problem, like losing weight, that will hook readers into visiting your site.

The next step is to persuade the visitors to your website to purchase the product by offering them a solution to the initial problem presented by your hook.

The final step in creating your website is to provide a closing to the potential buyer. The closing can be anything that can be offered with the main product. It will be some kind of incentive to bring them over to that final step of purchasing the product.

All these steps mentioned must be included in the content of your website. You may use promotional content provided with the product you got from ClickBank, like videos and interviews and other elements. Integrate all of that material into your WordPress website to make it easy to browse and to make your website as simple as possible for a good user experience. Some products may provide articles with their products that you can use on your website, but you may also use your own to give it a personal feel.

Finally, you will need the website to make you look legitimate and make people trust you. This is the most important of all and so is the trust of the people that visit your website.

Step 3

After you have created that all-important website of yours, you need to find traffic on as many social media sources as you can. One of the most powerful social media sources out there currently is Facebook groups. This is an easy and powerful way to find traffic to link to the website you just created on WordPress. Through all these steps, you just created a possible way to earn some commission through the products that you are promoting with your website that are sold through the ClickBank marketplace.

Here is one final note on how to make money on ClickBank. For you to be successful in making money through the links to ClickBank, you need to have a website that makes you look legitimate. If you do not look legitimate, social media groups will probably just ban you from their forums. Therefore, it is very important to look legitimate, and your WordPress website or any other website you may have will provide you with that.

The second way

The second way to make money on ClickBank is for you to have a product you want to sell and sell it through the marketplace of ClickBank. There are a number of products you may sell on ClickBank, as mentioned earlier. You can sell digital products like ebooks and software, or you may even sell other physical things like health products.

You could also sell anything else that you may manufacture, like jewels and clothing and such. You can use the ClickBank marketplace to sell your product, or you may make use of the affiliate marketing methods like the one described in the previous section.


To come back to the questions asked in the intro, let’s look at the answers provided. Is this just another scam? No! This whole money-making on ClickBank idea looks like a great way to make money. Even if you are only looking to make some money on the side, this seems like a legitimate way of doing that.

On top of that, you don’t even need to be technically savvy to do all the steps required to get yourself set up for the real money-making part. This is so easy that it sounds just too good to be true. However, the whole thing about it is that this is so easy and quick to get going that it feels like a sin!

Why didn’t we know about this before?! But let’s not dwell and on the past and instead let’s just jump right into it and start making money! With this ClickBank Review: Pros, Cons and How to Make Money with ClickBank, you now have everything you need to know to get sorted.

Why We Chose Best AWeber over GetResponse

Among all the popular email marketing platforms, Aweber and GetResponse definitely seem to be the best. So, what makes them stand out of the crowd full of email services? And what is the difference between these two? We will present our findings in this Aweber vs GetResponse: Review and Comparison, which we recently updated after resolving to go with AWeber.

What are Aweber and GetResponse, and what do they do?

If you are new to the world of email marketing, you might be wondering what these two services actually do. Basically, both of these are tools that allow you to host your mailing list, create beautiful email templates, and send newsletters to your subscribers.

You might be wondering why can’t you just use Gmail and import all the subscribers into the “To” section, and then send emails. However, every single email service that is free, including Gmail, has a daily limit of emails that you are allowed to send. If you have a massive list of subscribers, that limit will, most probably, be too low for you.

Another great thing that Aweber and GetResponse have is an autoresponders feature. It allows you to automate your communications with subscribers.

Autoresponders provide your subscribers with newsletters at intervals that you define. For example, you can set the autoresponder to send a newsletter when the user signs-up, and they will receive an email a day or a week later, a day before a discount at your store, and so on. If you have a list of 100,000 subscribers, for example, you would have to spend the whole day only sending emails. That’s how much time autoresponders save you, which is fantastic.

Now, let’s see how they differ from each other.


When it comes to AWeber, there are five different subscription plans, importantly starting with a free plan If you have less than 500 subscribers, you will need to pay $19 per month. If you have between 10,000 and 25,000 subscribers, the fee that you have to pay will be $149 per month. However, if you have even more subscribers, you will have to contact Aweber directly to get the price.

Also, note that there are no differences in features between subscription plans. Everything that you get in the basic plan will be included in the premium plan, too. The only difference is the allowed number of subscribers. Also, Aweber offers discounted plans for non-profit organizations of three months free, and 25% off after that. For students, it’s 20% off.

GetResponse has four subscription plans, and they are different from Aweber’s plans. The first three plans, Basic, Plus, and Professional, cost $15, $49, and $99, respectively. However, they are all for up to 1,000 subscribers and differ by features that come with the plan. There is also an Enterprise plan in case you have more than 100,000 subscribers, and it costs $1,199 per month.

If you are a non-profit organization, you should note that there are also special pricing plans included. However, you will have to contact GetResponse directly about that. The main difference between plans includes the addition of landing pages, CRM, webinars, and e-commerce, but you will also get more functionality if you pay more.

So, which one is better in terms of price? If you have a list of between 500 and 1,000 subscribers, then GetResponse is a more cost-effective solution. If your list is bigger than 1,000 subscribers, GetResponse is again a better solution, around $5 per month cheaper than the similar Aweber plan. In a year, you will save around $50-60 if you choose GetResponse. There are also great discounts if you pay for one or two years in advance – you will get a discount of 18% or 30% respectively. If you pay for a year in advance to Aweber, you will get a 15% discount, which is slightly less.

Overall, we can say that GetResponse is the winner when it comes to pricing. However, there are also other things that we should consider.


Let’s see what features both of these services offer. Of course, they both have the ability to capture data and host mailing lists. Additionally, both Aweber and GetResponse have pre-designed templates for newsletters. There are numerous different styles to choose from to satisfy everyone’s needs. Also, autoresponder and statistics are available with both services.

Statistics usually include the percentage of people who received, clicked, and opened your emails. Furthermore, they both offer integration with various third-party services and tools, such as Amazon Payments, Google Checkout, and similar.

However, GetResponse has some features that Aweber doesn’t. Those are webinars, CRM functionality, “autofunnels”, landing page builder, and even more advanced marketing automation.

Marketing automation is a feature that GetResponse recently featured, and it takes autoresponders to a much higher level. Basically, you are able to create more sophisticated automation using a drag and drop builder. It makes your job of automation much more manageable.

There are many triggers that you can use to optimize and shape your automation workflow, such as email opens, product purchases, abandoned carts, link clicks, and similar. It means that you can fully customize your subscriber’s journey, depending on how they react to your emails. Aweber offers a similar tool but is much more basic.

Importing Data

Both services are very similar when it comes to importing data. They both recognize extensions such as .xls, .xlsx, .txt, and .csv, and a few more. Also, GetResponse allows you to import data from various third-party services, while they both allow adding contacts manually and adding users to a particular autoresponder. Not all email marketing services allow that.

However, there is an important thing to note. When importing a new list of contacts, Aweber can take up to one business day to process the information, which is not very efficient if you are in a hurry. Anyway, we can say that both services are good when it comes to importing data.

Single and Double Opt-In

You can run a mailing list in only two possible ways – using a single, or a double opt-in approach to subscribers. But what does it mean?

A good example of a single opt-in method is using a subscription form or a sign-up form. When the user submits the information, their email is automatically added to your “subscribers” list. With a double opt-in process, the person that subscribes to your list receives a confirmation mail. That mail contains the link that they have to click to subscribe to your newsletter. Although the first method might seem like an easier way to gain more subscribers faster, both of these have their pros and cons.

As mentioned, using the first way, you will definitely get more subscribers. However, with the second method, you will be sure that the entered email is correct, and that a real person has subscribed to your list. Also, you will know that they are interested in what you have to offer. You can think about it as the quantity and quality.

The first way will get you more subscribers, but the second one will get you “quality” subscribers. It’s important because you pay monthly based on the size of your subscription list, so you don’t want to have a big list with random entered email addresses and waste money on that.

Integration with Other Systems

As mentioned, both GetResponse and Aweber offer integration with lots of third-party sites and apps. Besides Amazon Payment and Google Checkout, you can also integrate them with Facebook and Twitter. However, that’s not all. While GetResponse offers around 150 integrations, Aweber offers several hundred. In this field, Aweber is a clear winner.

You should also know that some of the integrations require you to set up a connection between your account and a third-party tool. It’s not too complicated but might require some trial and error until you get everything to work correctly.

Data Segmentation

Another important factor that we should consider is data segmentation. That’s also the main reason why some people prefer GetResponse over Aweber.

Both of them allow you to create data segments pretty easily. There are a variety of filters that you can use to identify subscribers and save them. However, GetResponse is better since Aweber allows you to send newsletters to only one segment at a time.

Let’s say that you have a mailing list of car owners with three pre-existing segments, such as red, green, and blue car owners. Now, you want to send newsletters only to red and green car owners. You can do it by ticking these two segments and clicking send. In Aweber, you have to create a completely new segment each time, for red car owners OR blue car owners. This leads to more manual work and can be exhausting if you have to repeat it every day.

Creating a Landing Page

Creating a landing page is another aspect in which GetResponse is better than Aweber. But first, what’s a landing page? It’s a page that is specially designed for data capture. Usually, it contains a form with some very attractive images and is intended to make the user subscribe and enter their details, such as email address.

GetResponse has a landing page creator which allows you to directly customize or create your own landing page, or choose from many templates and customize them. The truth is, you can get a beautiful landing page in a very short amount of time.

It also allows you to create an unlimited number of landing pages, display them to how many users you want, and also do A/B testing. When it comes to testing, the system will automatically identify the best performing page.

When it comes to Aweber, you can make landing pages using a variety of third-party integrations, or you can manually code your landing page. It also allows you to do split testing. The downside is that using third-party apps to create landing pages can be quite expensive. For example, if you use apps such as Ubounce or Instapage, it will cost you a minimum of $99 per month, and the price can go much higher.

Which is better, AWeber, or GetResponse?

The truth is, although AWeber and GetResponse are good at doing what they are supposed to do, we have evolved from using both software programs to choosing AWeber to go forward with. Even if you are not too into coding and technical stuff, you will be able to use them with ease. However, the definite winner is AWeber

After an in-depth analysis, we can say that AWeber is much better. It is also much cheaper and comes with much better and more advanced automation features.

At first, GetResponse allows you to get a free trial account without entering credit card details. AWeber has a free scheme though to allow you to get started.

There are a few things at which Aweber is better. The templates (700 from AWeber) are a little bit more attractive, and there are more templates to choose from.

With Aweber, that works perfectly. Additionally, a lot more third-party integrations are available with Aweber than with GetResponse, and the company offers excellent phone support.


In the end, if you can’t decide which one is a better fit for you, then you should know that there are a few very good alternatives. For example, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp are great choices, but a little bit expensive for some users. If you want a cheaper solution, you should check out Moon Mail. It has some great features that will not cost too much.

All of these options are great, and if you are looking for email marketing platforms, you should definitely check them out! However, with all things considered, when it comes to Aweber and GetResponse, we still think they are two of the best options out there. So take a look for yourself and decide.

We hope this Aweber vs GetResponse: Review and Comparison has helped you with your decision.

In conclusion as a latest update,We recently changed all our emails over to AWeber.

We were running both AWeber and GetResponse for a while, then we had an issue with a telephone number needing to be registered, or rather two telephone numbers for GetResponse, at the insistence of GetResponse compliance team so it was the clincher to stop using GetResponse. I dont understand why this was an issue, and we tried for several weeks to resolve it but it was just too difficult, and I dont see why i should buy and run a new phone just so as to use GetResponse.


Funnel Franchise 2.0 Review 2019 From Mark Wightley

Introduction to Funnel Franchise 2.0 Review 2019 From Mark Wightley

Funnel Franchise 2.0 Review 2019 from Mark Wightley is our review of Mark´s new and updated complete business system which you can enter on two levels, either as a Basic (Free) Member or as an Elite Member ($47 per month). It is designed to give you multiple streams of passive income from a totally organised and pre-tested funnel system, as well as giving you training and other products and support for your business.

Both membership categories give commissions, but the Elite level of membership gives a significantly greater remuneration (7x) level than that of basic Free members, no surprise there. See our benefits comparison table below.

This Funnel Franchise 2.0 Review 2019 is intended to give you an overview and appraisal of this software system in order that you can decide whether it suits you to participate in it, and to what extent – as a Free or an Elite member.

Funnel Franchise Review 2018, Funnel Franchise 2.0 Review 2019 From Mark Wightley

Funnel Franchise 2.0 Review 2019

Who Is Mark Wightley?

Mark Wightley is an experienced and highly successful internet marketer who is based in Australia, and is building his own business by offering you the opportunity to participate in this Funnel Franchise system. He is really good at this and it is a great system.

What Are The Features And Benefits of The Basic (Free) Membership of Funnel Franchise 2.0?

As a Basic (Free) Member of Funnel Franchise, you enjoy the following benefits:

Funnel Franchise Review 2018, Funnel Franchise 2.0 Review 2019 From Mark Wightley

Funnel Franchise Free vs Elite Member

  1. 2 Tested Funnels provided for you free.
  2. The ability to build a massive email list.
  3. 10% Commission on all Funnel Franchise upgrades introduced by you.
  4. 7 additional International Affiliate Programs.
  5. Step by step email marketing training.
  6. Blog creation training.
  7. Traffic generation training.
  8. Access to Quality Traffic Packs.
  9. Funnel Franchise Promotional Material.
  10. Access to the Private Funnel Franchise Facebook Group.

Comparitive figures for Basic Member income would be typically be for the 5 income streams $300 per month.

What Are The Features And Benefits of The Elite Membership of Funnel Franchise?

As an Elite Member of the Funnel Franchise System, you enjoy all of the above benefits as per Basic (Free) Members, plus the following valuable benefits:

  1. 4 Tested Funnels.
  2. 80% Commission on All Funnel Franchise Upgrades.
  3. 15% Tier 2 commissions on all Funnel Franchise Sales.
  4. 25% Commission on coaching.
  5. 7 Additional Affiliate Products.
  6. Priority Support from Mark Wightley.
  7. Push Notification List Methods.
  8. Landing Page And Funnel Creation Training.
  9. Advanced Traffic and Tracking Training.
  10. Monthly updates.
  11. Weekly Traffic for Free.
  12. Notification List Training.
  13. YouTube Advertisements Training.
  14. Tracking And Split Testing Training.

Funnel Franchise Review 2018, Funnel Franchise 2.0 Review 2019 From Mark Wightley

FF System Elite Benefits

Return for an Elite member assuming the same number of opt-ins as for the basic member would be approximately $1200.

So it is well worth upgrading to Elite.

So How Does It All Work?

Once you upgrade to the Elite Membership, which typically is the case for 1 in 3 Basic (Free) Members to Upgrade, then you get a full video explanation from Mark Wightley about how the Funnel Franchise system works.

You have explained to you that in order for the Funnel Franchise system to work you need to set yourself up with some Essential Tools And Resources. These are:

1. Your own Domain – which you can purchase from Namecheap, at a reasonable cost. Alternatively, you can use your own domain which you may already have. It is suggested that this should be based upon your name since you are going to be the Go-To Expert in your business.

You also need to set up an email address related to this domain, which again is recommended to be done using GoogleApps, GSuite, which costs $5 per month. You can get the first 14 days as a Free Trial before you need to start to pay for it.

If you wish to use your own domain, then Mark Wightley recommends that you check out using Namecheap, that there are no residual issues with it, which may affect your business adversely.

2. An AutoResponder – for storing all subscribers email addresses.

3. A Page Builder – For Building Landing Pages, Thankyou pages, Funnels and Blogs. Builderall is recommended as the most suitable tool for this purpose.

Mark Wightley also recommends that you purchase a Click Tracker, although this is not essential.

How Much Does Funnel Franchise Cost?

The cost of joining as a Basic Member of Funnel Franchise is $Nothing – it is Free to join!

The cost of joining as an Elite Member of Funnel Franchise is $397 or 10 monthly payments of $47.

You need to budget for the above mentioned Essential Tools And Resources as well as your Funnel Franchise payments.

Is Funnel Franchise Legit?

From our evaluation Funnel Franchise is definitely legit – it is a well thought out funnel system which was created by Mark wightley. You receive training and guidance in setting up your business system, or you can choose a Done For You set up for $67.

Mark Wightley also sends you traffic on a weekly basis if you are an Elite member (but not if you are a Basic Member). You need to know that it is a form of Multi-Level Marketing, so you benefit from the number of new subscribers who you introduce to the Funnel Franchise system.

As an Elite Member you benefit from Tier 2 commissions, so this contributes to the 10 streams of income which you can benefit from as an Elite Member, whereas Basic Members have only 5 income streams.

Comparing income streams for Basic and Elite members

Testimonials And Reviews

Here is a review of Funnel Franchise 2.0 System from Colin McIntyre:

Here is another review of Funnel Franchise 2.0 System from April:

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

From our Funnel Franchise 2.0 Review 2019 of the Basic Free Membership, we would suggest that it definitely  worthwhile to invest in the upgrade to Elite Membership of Funnel Franchise. We have tried the system and seen the results, and it is a good one to invest in.

You can take the risk and pay the $397 upgrade fee, or you can spread the cost over 10 months at $47 per month for the Elite membership. It should be noted that you are warned that there is no refund policy on the upgrade to Elite Membership of Funnel Franchise. This is because Mark Wightley says that you will receive instant payment of commissions, and since you are dealing with downline members, it would become extremely difficult for him to deal with the complexities of refunds as you are part of a chain of transactions. That seems reasonable.

We are in the process of going through the set up at the moment, so will keep you informed about progress and any successes or notable events. We will keep you posted about future results as well from our own usage of Funnel Franchise 2.0 from Mark Wightley.


Twitch Partnership vs Affiliate: Which is Better?

If you are a streamer of Twitch or thinking of going to the Twitch platform, you might have heard of two ways you can monetize your brand, and this includes Twitch Partnership and Affiliate.

You have probably wondered what the difference Twitch Partnership vs Affiliate is. Is one easier compared to the other, or is the other one just completely impossible to reach? Let’s talk about all the differences and benefits between the two.

What is a Twitch Affiliate?

Affiliate channels are now allowed to receive cheers in bits as well as subscribers. Meaning with this, now streamers can monetize on their channel without worrying about chargebacks. Before Twitch Partnership Affiliates started, if you were not a partner, you would have to set up a donation/tip button and ask people to donate to you through PayPal.

What Twitch Partnership allows now with being an Affiliate is that there are no more risks to where someone can share bits and they can just easily subscribe to your channel and never have to worry about any kind of chargebacks as a streamer.

Requirements to be a Twitch Affiliate

In order to become an affiliate here are things you need to meet:

  • 5 hours streamed in the last thirty days
  • 7 days of streaming in the last 30 days
  • 3 concurrent average viewers in the last 30 days
  • At least 50 followers on your channel

How Much Do You Make?

The affiliate program uses bits to determine your revenue. When another member of Twitch purchases bits and then cheers, you will make a designated amount of money. Affiliates get one cent for every bit that is cheered.

Payouts for actual Twitch subscriptions are different. The subscription model utilizes a three-tiered system, and the affiliate will receive 50% of the subscription amount when purchased through their link.

Perks of Being an Affiliate

Here are the advantages and benefits of being an affiliate.


As an affiliate, you are not guaranteed of transcoding. You may receive transcoding, but it does not necessarily mean that bigger affiliates get bigger transcoding. Sometimes affiliates that are streaming a little more often or have slightly more average viewers in their channel can receive more transcoding. What transcoding does is it allows the viewers to click on a sprocket at the bottom of the video and change how they watch videos.

For example, if the audience is watching through their mobile phones and does not want to watch you in 1080p, they can downgrade it to 720p to save themselves data in the process. It can even be downgraded lower which before was only accessible twitch partner-specific and not guaranteed for affiliates.

14-Day Video on Demand Storage

What happens is that the audience can stream if they want as long as they click the small button in their dashboard that says, “save my past streams.” What that will do is it will be put a catalogue of videos into on-demand or VODs and will be saved up to 14 days.

Re-runs and Premieres

Any stream that the viewers have done in the past or uploaded to twitch can be viewed as a rerun when they are not streaming it live. It lets them still engage with their community since, even though they are not streaming live, they still get the content to watch. Premieres, on the other hand, can include when a new game is about to come out and the streamer can set a premiere notice which then sends out a notification to all their followers on Twitch. It is like a form of a reminder to let them know that you are about to go live with that premiere, which is a good option that affiliates get to have.

15 Day Pay Out

Back then, streamers had to wait 45 days for their pay-out to reflect, which was a long period of time. And then it went down to 30 days and eventually dropped down to 15 days which is a perk that every affiliate enjoys now.

Emoticon Times Five

What this means is that as a twitch partnership affiliate, you are allowed to have up to five emotes on your channel. However, affiliates don’t have them right away, they have to earn them, and you earn them by subscriber points. The more people that subscribe to someone’s channel, the more likely that affiliate can unlock all five of them and once they get to unlock all of them, they do not have to constantly keep going back to earn them.

Game Sales Revenue

Say you are playing the new Battlefield Six or Call of Duty, what it does is that it pops up below the streamer’s video saying something like “you are now playing game X” and if the viewer chooses to play the same game with the affiliate, they can recommend them by clicking the button below their video which then takes them to the Twitch platform and allows the viewers to purchase the game. As an affiliate, this allows them to collect a small monetization off that sells.

Twitch Partnership – What is a Twitch Partner?

For this type, they almost get the same perks as an twitch partnership affiliate, one of which is having reruns and premieres and 15-day pay-outs and even game sales revenue, but they still have a few differences. For example, for partnership, they can earn up to 60 emote. Just like the affiliate unlocking those 5 emotes, partners must unlock the 60 through their subscribers which is a lot more work to unlock all of it compared to being a Twitch affiliate since finding the 5 emotes easier to achieve than the 60.

This is the next level of the affiliate program. With this program, you get the same perks as a simple affiliate, but there are many more features and a few extra ways to make money, such as ad revenue. However, there are more hoops to jump through to get to the level where you meet the requirements needed to up your game. You also get better direct support from Twitch and custom emotes.

Requirements to be a Twitch Partner

In order to become a partner, here are the requirements you need to meet:

  • 75 average viewers
  • 12 streamed in the last 30 days
  • 25 hours streamed in the last 30 days

How Much Do You Make?

The commissions you get are very similar to the ones attached to the affiliate program. You also will get a commission off of subscriptions made through your links, but, at the top level of partnership, you will make 70% instead of 50% off of these sales.

You can also get donated bits, and, with this revenue stream, you will be making the same one cent per bit as the affiliates do.

Now, let’s talk about the biggest benefit of being in the partner program…ad revenue. The amount of revenue made off of this option depends on how many commercials you want to show during your stream. There are some streamers that make a couple thousand dollars off of a couple thousand views while showing minimal ads. This is a scalable money stream that could help you out.

There are also other revenue streams that Twitch Partnership have access to. Things like sponsorships or brand deals are easier to get when in the partner program. This is when brands pay you to wear, play, or promote their product to your audience, and you are compensated for doing so. This is like a live advertisement for whatever brand is working with you.

Perks of being in a Twitch Partnership

Here are the advantages and benefits of being a partner:


Twitch Partnership can monetize off of ads. Not only that, but they are also entitled to run live streams and be ad-free for subscribers. What this means is all of their subscribers do not have to go through an ad while they are watching the live stream. However, for those who are not subscribed, they are subjected to watching the ad and having that stream break. Thus, the viewer can miss 30 seconds of content which eventually makes them want to hit the subscribe button to avoid that stream break.

Full Access to Transcoding

Any other viewers, whether they are watching it on their iPad, a mobile, Xbox, or any other device, have access to a transcoder which allows them to change how they want to view the content. Whether it be 1080p, 720p at 60 frames, 720 at 30 frames etc. The viewers can downgrade that to where it is not killing their data.

60-Day Video on Demand Storage

Unlike affiliates that only have 14 days of VOD storage, partners can have up to 60 days of a backlog of their live streams or upload content. This is convenient, especially if they have a bigger community and viewers have their day to day tasks. And, if they feel like they miss a stream, they can always go back and watch that on a later date and not have to watch it within a two-week period with the worry of the stream falling off.

Stream Delay up to 15 Minutes

You might be asking why a partner would want to increase their delay up to 15 minutes, but this is for a lot of professional gamers out there that are playing games such as League of Legends, Pub G or Fortnite and they are having issues with stream snipers which, by the way, means cheating in a game by watching another player’s stream. So, partners crank up that delay up to 15minutes to avoid being sniped; however, the side effect is that they do not have instant access to what is going on in the chat.

No Pay Out Fees

Even with affiliates, there is a fee when it comes to being paid out within that 15-day timeframe. The only difference is that the pay-out fees for the partners are already covered by Twitch itself. With partners, Twitch eats out the fee which then saves the partners a lot of bucks when getting their pay-out.

Priority Customer Support

Partners are considered VIPs to Twitch, basically being higher up on that tier ladder when it comes to customer support. This means that if you are having issues such as connecting to the servers on Twitch or your streams do not look that appealing, a partner can ask Twitch for support regarding the matter. This saves them time from sitting and waiting for the solutions to come. Unfortunately, affiliates do not have this perk at all.

Verified Channel Badge

Just like other social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram, Twitch also provides verified badges for streamers who usually have a bigger community and higher subscriber count. After all, being a partner is a lot of work before a streamer can achieve that status in the gaming platform.

Which is Better?

If you are a casual streamer and are not looking to make a career of this, then the affiliate program is just fine for you. Signing up for this program will allow you to make a little side money and is a great side hustle. If you are dedicated and stream regularly with the intention of making this your career, then working to get your way into the partner program is an ideal goal.

In the end, the decision of which avenue is the best for you depends on your goal and your dedication. Both have their benefits and very few disadvantages, so the choice is yours.


When it comes to Twitch partnership vs affiliate, while it’s true that a partner is a VIP status and makes more money than an affiliate, they are both a part of the Twitch community. The takeaway is, whether you’re a Twitch affiliate or partner, it’s always your responsibility to make sure that you give your subscribers and viewers the value for their support and money. This means putting content that is valuable, true, and entertaining in the platform, and not just subpar videos eating up people’s time and money.

FlexOffers Review: Pros, Cons & More

If you are a business owner, whether big or small, you want your business to grow and be known. In this age where technology plays an important role in making or breaking a business, different platforms are needed in order to make sure that your FlexOffers business prospers.

The good thing about the latest technology is that there are a lot of ways to make your business known. Thanks to the internet, promoting your business is made fast, convenient and less expensive compared to the traditional process of having to advertise it with the use of different marketing or advertising agencies. Gone are the days that it is always a must to set up commercials on various media outlets just to be known, which by the way, can be very expensive.

A great option that is available nowadays is affiliate programs. These are programs where you sign up and promote a certain brand or product, and, for each sale made under your unique link, you earn a commission. With affiliate programs and platforms where you can source multiple programs, the world is open for being as successful as you or the advertisers desire. There are many platforms that offer a wide range of affiliate program options, and one of the biggest is FlexOffers, but is it worth it?

FlexOffers Review: Is it a good deal or not?

FlexOffers is a supported affiliate program which offers many inclusive services and features to most publishers and advertisers. This platform uses various options when it comes to marketing, payment processing, and data delivery information.

Users can choose among the millions of services and products on websites that they want to promote or post into. There are almost 12,000 affiliate programs in FlexOffers, making it one of the biggest affiliate programs worldwide. Companies such as IHG, Reebok, Macys, AT & T, Nike, Gap, Aldo, H&M are just some of them.

What are the benefits?

There are various benefits that you can enjoy as a publisher once you decide to utilize FlexOffers. Among them are the following:

Large network

FlexOffers is affiliated to almost 12,000 programs. With this kind of network, you can access different brands and deal with people that will be profitable for you and your affiliate. Furthermore, you have an edge because of the wide network of people and other merchants can help you grow your business. You can connect with them and get insider tips that can benefit your business.

Cost-Effective Method

You don’t need to spend a lot of money once you decide to use FlexOffers. Advertisers on this program only require a small amount of fee with a minimum deposit for the escrow. Every month, you are only required to pay the network fee when a sale is confirmed, or a qualified lead is verified. You spend as low as 1% every month.

Management of Ads

You will get support from FlexOffers as part of their benefits when joining. Partner merchants will help you promote your products or services through ads. So instead of handling everything, they will help you manage promotion and provide content that will be useful in your business.

Tracking is real-time

FlexOffers can provide you with reports regarding various metrics at any time. If you want to be provided with up to date information, they can do that. The information they provide you will be helpful to improve your marketing promotions and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Easy support system

You can easily contact them anytime through email or phone to seek help for any issue you may encounter. One of the most unique features of their support system is how they offer protection from fraud which means your account is protected. Added to that, they also take care of compliance on taxes and selection of currency.

Reliable payment system

You don’t need to worry when it comes to payment because you will be paid via the Net30 basis. This means that your payment will be due within the next 30 days upon making a sale. Other affiliate programs wait for the sale to be paid first before paying you, but not FlexOffers.

There is also the NET7 payment system where members can be paid within 7 days of the sale if they meet certain criteria. On top of that, they also encourage earning through referral systems.

Hassle-Free Sign-Up

Signing up is hassle-free with FlexOffers. All you need to do is fill out a form online. Once completed, you will hear from them as fast as after one business day. The best thing about them is that they are open to most publishing platforms such as email marketers, bloggers, media networks and others that are interested, making the network grow bigger every day. The more you refer, the more you will be able to earn.

Advertisers can also sign up easily. They just need to pay a certain amount.

FlexOffers – Pros

  • Quick Signup

We have already discussed the easy, hassle-free signup for publishers, but it is just as simple for advertisers. They only have to fill out their application form and make their payment to get started. This simple, two-step process means more advertisers for you to choose from.

  • Free for Publishers

Free is good when you are starting a new enterprise, and access to this platform is absolutely free for publishers. It isn’t, however, free for the advertisers, and that will help lead to higher quality options for the publishers.

For the advertisers, they will need to start with an upfront payment and deposit, and then they will have to pay 5% off the top of what they pay the publishers. There are multiple packages available to them that offer more benefits, as well.

  • Referral Program

This is a unique feature of FlexOffers. This allows the publisher to refer other applicants to affiliate programs. If approved, you will then earn a percentage of commission from their sales, as well. Plus, there is no referral limit; you can refer as many people as you want.

  • Advertisers Decide Publishing Models

Advertisers are able to choose how they want their product marketed. By being able to choose which publishing models are used and where they can be used, they are given ultimate control of their brand image. While this may not be great for publishers, it is a great benefit for advertisers.

  • Tracking Capability

The link tracking that is available through the easy-to-use platform is also a great benefit. You can study your analytics on an hourly basis to see if the link is effective or if you need to restructure the content that it is housed in. This will allow you to course-correct on a dime and not waste your time or the advertiser’s time on a campaign that isn’t working.

  • Easy to Use

The dashboard is very simple and easy to navigate. Once you have signed up and logged in, you will be automatically greeted with your personalized dashboard. It isn’t a complicated dashboard, but it does offer multiple tabs designed to help increase your capabilities.

  • Access to Promotional Content is At Your Fingertips

There are multiple options to promote your affiliate product or service, and they are readily available to you. This includes everything from banner links to dep ink. You can even use the system to automate the delivery of the content you choose to use.

  • Reliable Payment

Payment is done on a NET30 structure. That means that 30 days after a sale, the payment will be issued by the advertiser. You don’t even have to wait for the sale to be finalized like other platforms. There is also a NET7 option for proven publishers.

  • Good Customer Service

Though you will be left to your own devices with a majority of the issues, it is easy to contact FlexOffers customer service if needed. All you have to do is fill out a form, phone or email the team at the office, and they will help you resolve any major issues.

FlexOffers – Cons

  • Process

The process allows for in-the-moment promotion of products for the publisher, but there is also the chance of earning less commission off every sale.

  • Payment Methods

For US residents, FlexOffers only pays in direct deposit or check. If you are an international publisher, you have access to payment through PayPal or wire transfer.

How to Sign Up with FlexOffers

If you are an advertiser and want to give FlexOffers a try, you just need to go through the 3-step process:

  1. Provide your name, email address, and your password to create a username or account.
  2. Provide all the information about your company.
  3. Give all the necessary marketing information that you need for your affiliate program.

Once your application is approved, you can search for affiliate programs or advertisers to sell their products or services on your website. Here are further steps to follow:

Find your affiliate programs

Make sure that you know the niche of your target of interest so you can decide your affiliate programs. There are various categories such as electronics, business, clothing, careers, automotive and the like. When you find the perfect affiliate program, you can sort, check the status and check the commission it can provide you. Utilize them well and look for the affiliate programs that you think go well with your niche and that will provide the best profit for you.

Apply for your chosen affiliate programs

Once you have chosen your affiliate programs, start applying to them. Click on the “apply now” button and read through their terms and conditions. Once you have applied to those programs, they will automatically be sent to the program manager of the affiliate for approval. They will review your application and you will know the result within one to two business days. Once approved, you can use the affiliate links.

There may be times that you will be declined. Don’t worry because there are a lot of other programs you can apply to. Sometimes the reason why an application is denied is that your website does not have enough content, or it may be new. That is why it is important that you build a strong website first to make sure that you can be successful when applying for affiliate programs. Show proof that your website is something that can generate traffic and has good content.

Finding the links

When you receive confirmation that your application is approved, you can use your affiliates. Start by going to the Home page and scroll down further until you find the section of “Advertisers”. Click on the “approved” button to look for the companies that have already approved your application.

Start filtering what kind of link types you will use. Here are the choices:

  • Text links are where you can write articles about your services and the products that you offer.
  • Banner links are for graphics or images which you can add on your website. The banners are made by affiliates, but you can always make your own.
  • Widget links can serve as live ads to show what deals are currently going on. Not all companies have one, though.

It is vital that you only use the links from FlexOffers to get the credit on your sales. Do not create a new one or use the website link of the company because you will not get any commission.

The Final Verdict

After reading through this FlexOffers review, now you know that FlexOffers is one of the most successful marketing networks in today’s industry for they have been in the business for a long time. Unlike other affiliate networks, it is hassle-free to sign up, pay-out is fast and easy, and there’s a wide range of networks available.

FlexOffers is one good affiliate program to collaborate with, especially if you want your business to grow. Whether you are just a new business or have been in the business for quite some time, having a large network will be beneficial to you because it will help a lot to promote your business.

By joining FlexOffers, you will have the advantage of having a large network that can help grow your business. What’s even better is that there are no monthly fees for you to pay.


Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

Introduction to Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2018

Content Samurai is the best video production software for automatic production of videos using Artificial Intelligence to assist the user with the process. The product is marketed by Noble Samurai, which is owned by Anthony Noble.

best video production software, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

video production software

Content Samurai has recently been updated and is unique in that it offers an Auto Voiceover feature so that you don’t need to personally prepare your own voiceover for your video, you can choose one of a range of professional voiceover artists.

Since more than 70% of all web traffic is video-based, then you obviously need to be aware of what tools are available in the marketplace and what are their respective capabilities, so that you can most efficiently produce the necessary videos for your own business.

Content Samurai is among the best video production software a great tool and deserves serious consideration depending on what your video requirements are, see what you think from our review below.

Noble Samurai – What´s That?

best video production software, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

Noble Samurai Products

Noble Samurai is the company which markets Content Samurai for video production, and also Market Samurai, which is the company´s flagship keyword research tool, which we will review separately.

Content Samurai Homepage, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019Features of Content Samurai Video 2018

Content Samurai is a well-established video production tool and more than 151,000 videos have been produced using the software. It produces Stunning Shareworthy Videos Fast!

Content Samurai offers both Landscape and Square Formats for their videos, the former being most suitable for desktop and the latter for social media users on mobiles.

It is easy to pump out videos with Content Samurai using their pre-prepared templates and standard formats from which you can choose what best suits your purpose with your own video.

Content Samurai makes the video production process Simple!

Content Samurai - Fast And Easy, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

Content Samurai – Fast And Easy

Content Samurai offers users help with the formulation of their videos by giving them free access to the following Templates and Pre-prepared information.

You prepare a script for your video and post it into Content Samurai, and the software prepares suggested images for you to choose from.

Then when you have selected the images you want, Content Samurai links them all together and animates them.

You can even upload and incorporate your own video clips within the Content Samurai process so as to make them part of the finished video.

Apart from choosing pre-prepared templates as a format for your video, you can give it one of a number of pre-prepared styles. What this allows you to do is to give a style appropriate to your own brand, for consistency, or if you are preparing videos for clients, you can consistently style to suit their brand.

Listicle Templates

best video production software, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

Listicle Template

What is a Listicle video? It is simply one which ranks well under SEO.

It is structured correctly and features images, videos, bulleted lists and most importantly the correct keywords for which you want to rank.

Features of Listicle Templates are:

  • Compelling Title

Your title needs to grab the reader´s attention and curiosity so as to draw them into the video itself.


Your video needs to have an introduction where you can tell your viewer what the video is all about, and what they can expect to see when they view the whole video.

  • Bulleted List

Bulleted lists are popular because they convey a lot of information concisely to the viewer or reader, and they tend to rank well in SEO.

  • Call To Action

Your video needs to tell the viewer exactly what they need to do, whether that is to click on a button, provide an email address or whatever you need them to do.

Question And Answer Template

best video production software, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

Question And Answer Video

Question and Answer videos are very appropriate because many people search for things they need, either products, services or information, using search terms in one or other of the search engines.

This template gives you advice on how to ask the right question, and also positioning yourself as an Authority in the subject which you are discussing; this Q&A Template gives you the Anatomy of a Q&A Video:

best video production software, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019


Killer Content Template

best video production software, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

Killer Content Video

The purpose of a Killer Content video is to fully inform a reader or viewer about a subject. They are also useful to explain difficult concepts to the viewer. If done successfully they help to build rapport and subject authority. They help to lay the foundations of trust so that readers and viewers may become prospective buyers in the future.

This template provides a proven formula which works and so pretty well ensures that a successful Killer Content will be produced.

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Curated Video Newsletter Template

best video production software, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

Curated Video Newsletter

The objective with a curated video is to grow a captive audience using other people´s authority content.

The media is a collection of trusted sources that we use to learn about important news and events.

The aspiration is that you become part of the trusted media.

best video production software, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019


Product Review Template

best video production software Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

Product Review Video

The most frequent searches on the internet across all search engines are Product Reviews, and you are provided with an easy to use template for a product review.

best video production software, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019



You can protect and copyright your video by using the built-in watermark feature in Content Samurai.

VoiceOver Feature

There is an amazing new Voiceover feature available with Content Samurai, which gives you a choice of:

1. Recording Your Own Voiceover Track for your video

2. Uploading a Pre-recorded Voicetrack

3. Using the Autovoiceover feature which gives you the option to use built in voices with different accents to say your script. A neat feature is that the choice includes 6 American voices, 4 British and 4 Australian voices, all of which are split 50/50 between male and female voices.

Content Samurai offers the following tips for creating spellbinding videos with great sound quality:

  • Use a good microphone – Content Samurai recommends the Yeti Mic.
  • Use a Pop Filter to eliminate the puffs of air which you exhale when using a microphone.
  • Speak close to the microphone.
  • Add a Music track to tap into the emotions of your audience.
  • Eliminate background noise by using shortcut keys, so as to alleviate click noise from your mouse.

Support And Training

There are 5 basic training videos built into the Content Samurai video production software which explain the basics of the features and functionality and advise you on capabilities and best practice. These are prominently displayed on the dashboard and you can just click on them to remind yourself of the necessary actions to perform any task or activity which you need.

Additionally, there is a Knowledgebase which avails you of all the recorded questions and answers which have been raised by previous users, as well as useful articles and instructions to users.

best video production software, Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

Content Samurai Support

Content Samurai Community

There is a Content Samurai Facebook community which you can join and exchange information with a large number of existing users of the software.

best video production software  Review of Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2019

Content Samurai FB Community

Help Desk

There is a Content Samurai Help Desk to answer your technical Support problems and issues, and they are pretty responsive from what we understand from other users.

Product Reviews

What do other users think of Content Samurai?

Adam Payne is a Content Samurai user and gives a favourable Youtube video review of the product below:

This review explains the Auto-Voice feature newly introduced to Content Samurai:

Pricing of Content Samurai

Content Samurai Basic version is priced at $47 per month, and the Pro version is priced at $97 per month.

Recently the product has been discounted from the standard version by 40% to $29 per month. This is a pretty amazing price for the functionality offered with this software.

If you want to consider Return On Investment and how you can recover your expenditure on Content Samurai, you can sell animated videos to clients or customers of yours for prices ranging up to $50 per video. So it should not take you long to recoup your expenditure, you just need to sell one video per month to make it pay for itself.

Conclusion and Recommendation About Content Samurai Best Video Production Software 2018

We recently started to use Content Samurai as a trial and were so impressed with its good functionality and ease of use that we signed up as a regular subscriber. One factor which influenced the decision was that the product was discounted by 40%, which offer has now expired. Even priced at $47 per month, we think that it offers very good value for money.


Best Offer Vault Review: How to Use It and Make Money

If you’re an affiliate marketer and feel that your efforts can use a shot in the arm, Offer vault review is just what the doctor ordered. The people behind the search tool describe it as the Go-To Source For Affiliate Marketers, and they are right in that regard. Offer Vault Review is a research tool that affiliate marketers can use to search for lucrative affiliate offers and CPA programs they can promote on their sites.

As a site owner, you can use the tool to look for profitable services and products to promote. A data-driven approach is the only way to shrug off stiff competition in the sector and turn a tidy profit. Offer vault review is on hand to help you with this aspect of your business and ensure hefty paydays.

Offer Vault Review

Most affiliate marketers make money by promoting affiliate links to various companies or e-commerce stores. They get a commission when a customer uses a referral link to buy a product. Savvy markets often delve into the more lucrative CPA (cost per acquisition) sector as well. With CPA offers, you get paid a commission when your online referrals convert into a lead.

The nature of these leads vary between companies and could include making a phone call, opting into a mail list, making an appointment, or buying a product or service. Cost per action programs are sometimes more lucrative than affiliate programs from various online stores.

Offer Vault puts a myriad of affiliate and CPA offers at your fingertips. It’s essentially a search engine that lets companies list and advertise their CPA and affiliate offers in a bid to expand their business reach and grow their sales. Offer Vault puts over 60,000 affiliate and CPA offers within reach to let you pick the ones that suit your needs. Using this platform can help steer your affiliate marketing sites in a more lucrative direction.

Who Needs Offer Vault?

Anyone operating in the online space can benefit from using Offer Vault. If you’re just starting out, Offer Vault can double up as keyword research tool. It lets you cut through the noise and pick a profitable niche right off the bat. A careful selection of niche, products, and affiliate network is crucial to your success as an affiliate marketer.

For experienced bloggers, Offer Vault gives you a chance to monetarize your email list. With the help of the search platform, you can pick a selection of relevant products and services and send them to the people on your email list. Sending the right offers to the right audience results in fantastic conversion rates.

If you’re a business owner, Offer Vault has your back as well. It gives you an avenue to connect with skilled affiliate marketers eager to join your affiliate program or snap up your CPA offers.

How to Use Offer Vault

As is the norm with most search engines, Offer Vault is a free service, for affiliate marketers at least. Better yet, you don’t need to signup to make use of its services. Just fire it up on your browser, and you’re ready to go. However, it’s advisable to sign up because it unlocks additional features and training materials. You can save searches, set up email alerts, and view restricted landing pages.

The platform has a simple search function that allows users to narrow them down by topics, affiliate, CPA offers, among other parameters. The site returns relevant results to help you evaluate the relevant offers. If you like an offer, you need to sign up with a suitable company to join their network.

Highly Customizable Searches

Offer Vault search function presents data in six columns.

  • Offer Name – the name of the product on offer
  • Payout – the amount of money payable after a successful lead or sale
  • Type – how you get paid – from leads, Cost Per Action, Sale, or Click
  • Category – the category where the offer falls
  • Network – a link that leads to the network where the offer originates from
  • Updated – when the offer was last updated.

You can refine your search further by including some additional features – all offers, Mobile, Pay per call, New, Traffic, New, Networks, and Jobs. You can narrow your search to a single country, customize your search preferences, or use the advanced search feature.

Joining A Network

Offer Vault facilitates you to find networks carrying affiliate offers or CPA offers that suit your specific needs. As such, the platform only provides you with clickable links that lead to the network carrying the offers. Clicking these links redirects you to the network’s website.

You must join a network to promote the offers they have going. You should know that some affiliate networks often qualify their members. As such, some systems have minimum requirements that you must meet before you’re accepted. Some of these factors could include niche relevance, web traffic, or even country of origin.

Pros and Cons of Offer Vault


  • It’s free of charge for affiliate marketers
  • A large selection of offers available
  • Presents detailed information including commissions
  • Offers advertising opportunities
  • Highly customizable search options
  • Relevant training manuals and videos for subscribers
  • Ability to save searches and set email alerts
  • Available worldwide


  • You need to signup to access some of the features and training material
  • The site has lots of ads, giving it a cluttered look

How to Make the Most of Offer Vault

One thing you should know is that Offer Vault is but a powerful search tool. As such, it does nothing more than help you discover some of the most lucrative affiliate and CPA offers available. Your success is dependent on your ability to use the offers you unearth. The results can help you identify a profitable niche to get into when starting out as a blogger or an affiliate marketer. For seasoned sites, getting on affiliate programs with handsome payouts increases revenue.

The network behind each affiliate or CPA offer sets out the terms and conditions as well as additional requirements. Pay attention to these details, especially the requirements, to increases your chances of eligibility. A lot of other affiliate markets are also trying to muscle in on the lucrative deals. Stick only to the offers where you make the minimum requirement to avoid disappointment.

Conclusion of Offer Vault Review

Offer Vault is an incredibly powerful, not to mention indispensable, tool for anyone playing the affiliate marketing field. It makes quick work of niche selection for anyone looking to join the sector while helping seasoned marketers pick the most lucrative offers on the market. It provides you with a highly customized search option for highly targeted results. It reduces your search for profitable affiliate programs and CPA offers to a few clicks of a button, all free of charge.

Best Affiliate Marketing vs Dropshipping: What to Choose 1 ?

Affiliate marketing and drop shipping are often hailed as the best way to build an internet-based business. These two methods let you harness the power of digital marketing to build a profitable online business. For the uninitiated, telling the two business models apart might be a bit of a pickle and impossible to determine which of the two businesses is more lucrative.

That sparks a lot of affiliate marketing vs dropshipping debates, some of which are hardly conclusive. While both business models are primarily internet-based, they’re fundamentally different and use different strategies and approaches to generate revenue. To tell them apart, you need to understand how each model works, their strong points as well as the downsides that come with each of them.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model that centers around the arbitrage process. It involves sourcing for products from various suppliers and manufacturers, then selling them at a profit through an online store. Simply put, dropshipping lets you fill the needs of your customer without carrying any inventory.

The first process in this business model entails identifying a range of products that you will sell on your webstore and identifying a target market. From there, you can go ahead and set up the online store complete with an ordering and checkout system. Once the store is set up, you must roll out a marketing campaign to engage and attract customers.

The difference between dropshipping and other forms of online businesses becomes apparent after a customer places an order. Since you don’t carry any inventory, you leave it up to your suppliers to process and fill the order. Once they’ve packaged the item, the supplier then ships the ordered goods to the customer’s address.

Customers pay for the items upfront when ordering through your dropshipping site, and then you pay the supplier. You earn money through arbitrage since you get to keep the difference after paying the supplier without having handled the product.

This business model is particularly attractive to first-timers because there’s no need to carry inventory. It allows you the freedom to test various products before making a full commitment. It also calls for small capital injection when starting out.

Dropshipping Top Features

Low Entry Bar

A domain name and web hosting are all that is required when starting out in dropshipping. That makes it one of the best low-cost online businesses to start since inventory is controlled solely by customer demand. Better yet, customers pay for the product upfront; then you use the funds to pay the suppliers.

The business model allows you total control over the range of products that you sell down to the packaging and pricing. Since you get to carry no inventory, you can sell as many products as you wish on your site. All you need are reliable suppliers who will fill in the orders as soon as they are placed on your website.

Limitless Earning Potential

Since there’s no risk of accumulating dead or obsolete stock, there’s no limit to the number of products you can have in your dropshipping store. It gives you the freedom to select any product you wish as long as there’s a market for it or you can turn a tidy profit selling it. You have a free hand setting the prices on each item in your portfolio, which assures you of a tidy profit from each piece.

In addition to selling your products, this business model lets you in on affiliate programs from major drop shipping companies, including AliExpress and WorldWideBrands. That gives you a chance to grow your income further.

Great Control Over Marketing

With dropshipping, you’re in charge of the marketing strategy and driving traffic to your website. You have total control over search optimization, sales copy, web site design, landing pages, and more. You can customize every aspect of the marketing process, including rolling out an email marketing campaign. You can use any trick in the online marketing handbook to reach your target market and direct traffic to your web store.

No Holds Barred

There’s no one looking over your shoulders and scrutinizing your activities when running a dropshipping business. Suppliers are only too glad to have you helping them sell their products. It means that you’re not at the mercies of any company and can add or drop any product you wish to your online store.

Huge Growth Potential

With dropshipping, you can create and grow your branded line of products. Most manufacturers are amenable to supplying you with custom branded products when your orders meet their threshold. That holds the potential of building and growing your branded line of products into a successful company. In essence, dropshipping is the fastest way to build a brand without incurring massive manufacturing costs.


You’re In-Charge of All Business Operations

Save for the manufacturing part, you’re in charge of every other aspect of the business. You’re in charge of building a website, creating the marketing copy, optimizing for visibility, and creating a marketing strategy. You also have to handle the customer support of your business, including customer complaints and returns. Luckily, you can outsource most of these tasks if you have neither the time nor the expertise to handle them yourself.

Little Control Over Your Supply Chain

Dropshipping leaves you at the mercy of your suppliers as you have no control over the quality of the product, return policies, and fulfillment speeds. That makes it quite tricky to handle customer complaints and product returns. You can only hope that the supplier addresses any problems that crop up while doing your best to reassure your customers when something goes wrong.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of e-commerce business that entails promoting items offered by an online store or a manufacturer. It involves using referral links to drive traffic to another online store. You earn a commission whenever a customer follows one of these links to a commerce site and buys the item you’re promoting. The e-commerce store or the manufacturer sets the commission structure as well as the payout timelines.

The business models entail creating a web site and using it to promote your choice of products. The core purpose of affiliate marketing sites is to help customers make informed buying decisions. These are content-heavy sites populated with quality product reviews, buyer’s guides, and other informative articles.

Your success as an affiliate marketer depends you on your ability to match shoppers with the kind of products they are looking for. Successful sites focus on solving the reader’s main points when looking to buy an item. Solving these problems convincingly and transparently increases the likelihood of a customer using your referral links to buy a product.

Additionally, you have to optimize the site for online visibility and improve its ranking to increase the number of visitors.

Highlights of Affiliate Marketing

Low Entry Barriers

E-commerce store use affiliate programs to grow their sales and increase their business reach. As such, there are no costs to joining an affiliate program. You only need pay for a domain name and hosting to get started as an affiliate. While there are other costs associated with affiliate marketing, a live site is all you need to get started and make some money promoting merchant links.

An Excellent Passive Income Source

Affiliate marketing follows a set it and leave it business model, making it an excellent source of passive income. Successful affiliates create and put systems in place to help their sites run seamlessly. Once you’ve laid the groundwork, you only need periodic updates to maintain the site’s visibility on the internet and grow traffic.

Minimal Involvement

Affiliate marketers promote any products sold by the companies behind their chosen affiliate programs. You only need to direct online traffic from your website to the e-commerce store you are affiliated with. Your involvement ends when a customer follows an affiliate link to the online store. The online store handles payment and fulfills the orders, limiting your participation to just directing the customer to the store. Once the sale is concluded, your commission is calculated and credited to your account.

Limitless Earning Potential

With affiliate marketing, you only need to direct online traffic to your favorite online store or stores to earn a commission. Large e-commerce sites such as Amazon boast a wide range of products giving an almost limitless selection of items to promote through your website. Additionally, you can have more than one affiliate site and can join more than one affiliate program. Some companies and manufacturers also run affiliate programs with handsome payouts giving you a wide selection of affiliate programs.


Affiliate Programs Have You Under Their Thumbs

Online stores and companies hold all the affiliate marketing cards. They dictate the commission rates, terms, and conditions for all affiliate marketers and change them regularly to suit needs. They can lower or raise the commission levels as they see fit. They can also revoke your affiliate membership if they so wish or if you violate the terms of engagement.

It’s Highly Competitive

There are more than half a million affiliate marketing sites on the internet, making the sphere quite competitive. Some of these sites have a rich history and command a considerable portion of the market, making them quite hard to beat. However, there’s always room for one more affiliate marketing site if you take the time to do it properly.

DropShipping and Affiliate Marketing Similarities

Although both business models are vastly different, they have quite an overlap and a lot of features in common.

  • They are both low-cost business ventures
  • Both are relatively low risk and beginner-friendly
  • They have limitless earning potential
  • They don’t need you to carry inventory
  • They require excellent online marketing skills
  • They’re easy to launch and run.

 Differences Between Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing

For all their similarities dropshipping and affiliate marketing are quite different.

  • Drop shopping entails creating an independent online store while affiliate marketing sites are dependent on companies behind the affiliate program.
  • With drop shipping, you need to liaise with manufacturers, often based outside the country, to supply you with products. In affiliate marketing, you only need to refer customers to an online store or a company’s website.
  • With drop shipping, you can create your own line of branded product lines. With affiliate marketing, you have to sell products carried by the company or the online store.
  • You have full control when running a dropshipping business while your business is wholly dependent on the company behind the affiliate program.

Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing: Which is More Profitable?

Dropshipping is more profitable. It lets you create an independent store where you have full control over the product line you’re promoting. With careful product selection, you can have your store carrying a unique range of products with high market demand.

The scarcity can give you an edge when pricing your products, increasing the likelihood of turning a tidy profit. Most drop shippers source their products cheaply from countries like China then put a huge markup on them. It’s not uncommon to source a product for $1 or less then sell it for $20.

The massive earning potential makes dropshipping more lucrative compared to affiliate marketing. In the latter, the commissions are fixed by the companies running them and often work out to a small percentage of the price. Sometimes these companies lower the commission payable on some items, which reduces the amount of money paid to their affiliates.

Can You Combine Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing?

Yes. Savvy internet markets have figured a way to have the best of both worlds. Many affiliate marketing vs dropshipping debates fail to explore their compatibility.  Since they both revolve around building online audiences, it is possible to run both business models from the same website.

For instance, you can start out with an affiliate marketing site and then integrate dropshipping as your business grows. Building an online audience is crucial to creating a successful affiliate site. It entails creating a professional-grade website, populating the site with superior content, improving the site’s online visibility and SEO, and building site authority.

Building a site’s traffic backed by useful and informative content lends credibility to your website and build’s trust with your audience. That increases the likelihood of the target audience buying the products you review or recommend on the website using your affiliate links.

Once you’ve built a large online audience that trusts your recommendations, you can introduce dropshipped goods to your store. Adding a store to your website can increase the amount of revenue generated by your affiliate marketing. Initially, most of the work is upfront, and it entails adding products to the store and writing product descriptions. Later, you’ll have to roll out a marketing strategy, manage orders, and handle customer service. Luckily, you can outsource most of this work to skilled experts.

Coupling the models boosts your revenue and speeds up the growth of your business. It also affords a chance to test the waters if you’re skeptical about venturing into dropshipping. Starting out as an affiliate marketer lets you build a highly targeted audience, which makes it easy to choose relevant and popular products.

Better CJ Affiliate Review: Can You Really Make Money? 2022

CJ Affiliate or formerly known as Commission Junction is one of the oldest online advertising company owned by ValueClick, which operates in the affiliate industry market. As such, not having a CJ Affiliate review on our site is absolutely unacceptable.

CJ Affiliate is the largest affiliate networks in the USA which also operates worldwide. Amongst the top 500 retailers that use third party affiliate marketing software, 62% of them are powered by CJ Affiliate review.

CJ Affiliate review still works strong even today, but several people are confused whether this site’s claims are true or if they mean nothing at all. Hence, we decided to find out more about this website and give you a detailed review of it so that you can make an informed decision going forward.

CJ Affiliate Review: What Is It?

CJ Affiliate by Conversant is an affiliate network with over two decades of experience. This is an affiliate marketplace wherein you can find thousands and thousands of products to promote and then earn money.

This is a global affiliate marketplace and is one of the best solutions for independent blog owners to connect with affiliate programs offered by thousands of online brands.

One of the best things about CJ Affiliate is that you do not need any exclusive training in order to learn using the CJ network. All you need to do is simply sign up for free and then start exploring the dashboard.

Once you have signed up on this network, make sure you have completed your profile so that you get approved quickly for any affiliate program on the CJ network. After approval, you can click on the “get links“.

Then, you can either look for your target affiliate program via the Advertiser list or you can simply click on the general categories to go through all the new affiliate programs.

Signing Up

To get started with CJ Affiliate, all you need to do is head to their website and scroll down to find the sign-up section. You will find two different sign-up options: one for publishers and another for advertisers.

Signing up does not require you to pay for anything. You will need to click on the Publishers as the Advertisers is typically for companies looking to add their program on to the CJ network.

As a publisher for CJ, you will earn commissions by partnering with advertisers to advertise and earn commissions. It is important to note that you need to have a website before you apply for CJ. Once approved as a CJ Affiliate, you can begin using the affiliate network and find the affiliate programs within it.

You can search manually if you know the company you want to work with or search by affiliate category, which is ideal if you don’t know what company you want to work for.


For someone who is just beginning with affiliate marketing, CJ is a logical place to go to. As mentioned, signing up as a publisher is instant and free. Some top advantages of becoming a CJ affiliate include:

  • Wide Range of Offers: While CJ does have several merchants, it also offers a wide range of offers. Besides the classic pay-per-sale deal, you will also find pay-per-call or pay-per-lead offers.
  • Highly Established Merchants: One of the best things about CJ is you will find several merchants which are highly established. These also include companies belonging to the Fortune-500 list.
  • Tons of Affiliate Banners: Every merchant will come with tons of marketing materials and banners hosted by CJ. Each of these banners also displays the same.
  • Individual Product Links: You will be able to link directly to individual products, but this may not apply to every merchant. Linking directly to a product, as several affiliates know, is one of the most effective ways to make an affiliate sale. There are performance stats to refer to so that you can opt to use only banners which are doing well.
  • Centralized Affiliate Payments: All the commissions made are paid by CJ themselves and not the individual merchants. This ensures that all your paychecks are secured and predictable.

Here are some testimonials to back up some of its advantages:


CJ Affiliate may definitely be one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks at present. It comes with quite a few advantages, but over the years, people have faced quite a few issues with this network. Let us list some of them below.

  • Advertiser Application Process: Unlike sites like ClickBank wherein you are free to promote any affiliate program you like, in CJ you need to apply to individual merchants manually and even agree to each of their terms of service.
  • Closing Down Accounts: CJ is known to close down any inactive affiliate accounts. While this may seem appropriate, there have been complaints from people who claim that CJ randomly closed down their account even when they were making regular commissions. Furthermore, they did not respond to emails either.
  • Old-School Conversion Tracking: We found that all of CJ’s stats and the reporting features are quite outdated. The affiliates deserve much more conversion data than only the TID tracking and commission date.
  • Temporary Advertiser Deactivation: Often there tends to be some sort of billing issues between the merchants and CJ. If this does happen, you will constantly find yourself getting “Advertiser Deactivated” notifications. This can get annoying, especially when you have chosen that particular merchant. Once the advertiser is deactivated, you will no longer get any commissions for that merchant.

Here are some negative testimonials about CJ:

Is CJ Affiliate a Scam?

Ending this CJ Affiliate review, let’s answer the main question: “Is CJ Affiliate a scam or not?” Well, it is not. This is definitely a legit network and it does work. In fact, people have been using it for years and have made an income out of it.

Nonetheless, there are some glaring issues you just cannot ignore and you have to work through. We would not say that you should not try out CJ, but you should do so with caution. The best thing about it is that you do get access to many products to promote.

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