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Best Affiliate Marketing vs Dropshipping: What to Choose 1 ?

Affiliate marketing and drop shipping are often hailed as the best way to build an internet-based business. These two methods let you harness the power of digital marketing to build a profitable online business. For the uninitiated, telling the two business models apart might be a bit of a pickle and impossible to determine which of the two businesses is more lucrative.

That sparks a lot of affiliate marketing vs dropshipping debates, some of which are hardly conclusive. While both business models are primarily internet-based, they’re fundamentally different and use different strategies and approaches to generate revenue. To tell them apart, you need to understand how each model works, their strong points as well as the downsides that come with each of them.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an e-commerce business model that centers around the arbitrage process. It involves sourcing for products from various suppliers and manufacturers, then selling them at a profit through an online store. Simply put, dropshipping lets you fill the needs of your customer without carrying any inventory.

The first process in this business model entails identifying a range of products that you will sell on your webstore and identifying a target market. From there, you can go ahead and set up the online store complete with an ordering and checkout system. Once the store is set up, you must roll out a marketing campaign to engage and attract customers.

The difference between dropshipping and other forms of online businesses becomes apparent after a customer places an order. Since you don’t carry any inventory, you leave it up to your suppliers to process and fill the order. Once they’ve packaged the item, the supplier then ships the ordered goods to the customer’s address.

Customers pay for the items upfront when ordering through your dropshipping site, and then you pay the supplier. You earn money through arbitrage since you get to keep the difference after paying the supplier without having handled the product.

This business model is particularly attractive to first-timers because there’s no need to carry inventory. It allows you the freedom to test various products before making a full commitment. It also calls for small capital injection when starting out.

Dropshipping Top Features

Low Entry Bar

A domain name and web hosting are all that is required when starting out in dropshipping. That makes it one of the best low-cost online businesses to start since inventory is controlled solely by customer demand. Better yet, customers pay for the product upfront; then you use the funds to pay the suppliers.

The business model allows you total control over the range of products that you sell down to the packaging and pricing. Since you get to carry no inventory, you can sell as many products as you wish on your site. All you need are reliable suppliers who will fill in the orders as soon as they are placed on your website.

Limitless Earning Potential

Since there’s no risk of accumulating dead or obsolete stock, there’s no limit to the number of products you can have in your dropshipping store. It gives you the freedom to select any product you wish as long as there’s a market for it or you can turn a tidy profit selling it. You have a free hand setting the prices on each item in your portfolio, which assures you of a tidy profit from each piece.

In addition to selling your products, this business model lets you in on affiliate programs from major drop shipping companies, including AliExpress and WorldWideBrands. That gives you a chance to grow your income further.

Great Control Over Marketing

With dropshipping, you’re in charge of the marketing strategy and driving traffic to your website. You have total control over search optimization, sales copy, web site design, landing pages, and more. You can customize every aspect of the marketing process, including rolling out an email marketing campaign. You can use any trick in the online marketing handbook to reach your target market and direct traffic to your web store.

No Holds Barred

There’s no one looking over your shoulders and scrutinizing your activities when running a dropshipping business. Suppliers are only too glad to have you helping them sell their products. It means that you’re not at the mercies of any company and can add or drop any product you wish to your online store.

Huge Growth Potential

With dropshipping, you can create and grow your branded line of products. Most manufacturers are amenable to supplying you with custom branded products when your orders meet their threshold. That holds the potential of building and growing your branded line of products into a successful company. In essence, dropshipping is the fastest way to build a brand without incurring massive manufacturing costs.


You’re In-Charge of All Business Operations

Save for the manufacturing part, you’re in charge of every other aspect of the business. You’re in charge of building a website, creating the marketing copy, optimizing for visibility, and creating a marketing strategy. You also have to handle the customer support of your business, including customer complaints and returns. Luckily, you can outsource most of these tasks if you have neither the time nor the expertise to handle them yourself.

Little Control Over Your Supply Chain

Dropshipping leaves you at the mercy of your suppliers as you have no control over the quality of the product, return policies, and fulfillment speeds. That makes it quite tricky to handle customer complaints and product returns. You can only hope that the supplier addresses any problems that crop up while doing your best to reassure your customers when something goes wrong.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of e-commerce business that entails promoting items offered by an online store or a manufacturer. It involves using referral links to drive traffic to another online store. You earn a commission whenever a customer follows one of these links to a commerce site and buys the item you’re promoting. The e-commerce store or the manufacturer sets the commission structure as well as the payout timelines.

The business models entail creating a web site and using it to promote your choice of products. The core purpose of affiliate marketing sites is to help customers make informed buying decisions. These are content-heavy sites populated with quality product reviews, buyer’s guides, and other informative articles.

Your success as an affiliate marketer depends you on your ability to match shoppers with the kind of products they are looking for. Successful sites focus on solving the reader’s main points when looking to buy an item. Solving these problems convincingly and transparently increases the likelihood of a customer using your referral links to buy a product.

Additionally, you have to optimize the site for online visibility and improve its ranking to increase the number of visitors.

Highlights of Affiliate Marketing

Low Entry Barriers

E-commerce store use affiliate programs to grow their sales and increase their business reach. As such, there are no costs to joining an affiliate program. You only need pay for a domain name and hosting to get started as an affiliate. While there are other costs associated with affiliate marketing, a live site is all you need to get started and make some money promoting merchant links.

An Excellent Passive Income Source

Affiliate marketing follows a set it and leave it business model, making it an excellent source of passive income. Successful affiliates create and put systems in place to help their sites run seamlessly. Once you’ve laid the groundwork, you only need periodic updates to maintain the site’s visibility on the internet and grow traffic.

Minimal Involvement

Affiliate marketers promote any products sold by the companies behind their chosen affiliate programs. You only need to direct online traffic from your website to the e-commerce store you are affiliated with. Your involvement ends when a customer follows an affiliate link to the online store. The online store handles payment and fulfills the orders, limiting your participation to just directing the customer to the store. Once the sale is concluded, your commission is calculated and credited to your account.

Limitless Earning Potential

With affiliate marketing, you only need to direct online traffic to your favorite online store or stores to earn a commission. Large e-commerce sites such as Amazon boast a wide range of products giving an almost limitless selection of items to promote through your website. Additionally, you can have more than one affiliate site and can join more than one affiliate program. Some companies and manufacturers also run affiliate programs with handsome payouts giving you a wide selection of affiliate programs.


Affiliate Programs Have You Under Their Thumbs

Online stores and companies hold all the affiliate marketing cards. They dictate the commission rates, terms, and conditions for all affiliate marketers and change them regularly to suit needs. They can lower or raise the commission levels as they see fit. They can also revoke your affiliate membership if they so wish or if you violate the terms of engagement.

It’s Highly Competitive

There are more than half a million affiliate marketing sites on the internet, making the sphere quite competitive. Some of these sites have a rich history and command a considerable portion of the market, making them quite hard to beat. However, there’s always room for one more affiliate marketing site if you take the time to do it properly.

DropShipping and Affiliate Marketing Similarities

Although both business models are vastly different, they have quite an overlap and a lot of features in common.

  • They are both low-cost business ventures
  • Both are relatively low risk and beginner-friendly
  • They have limitless earning potential
  • They don’t need you to carry inventory
  • They require excellent online marketing skills
  • They’re easy to launch and run.

 Differences Between Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing

For all their similarities dropshipping and affiliate marketing are quite different.

  • Drop shopping entails creating an independent online store while affiliate marketing sites are dependent on companies behind the affiliate program.
  • With drop shipping, you need to liaise with manufacturers, often based outside the country, to supply you with products. In affiliate marketing, you only need to refer customers to an online store or a company’s website.
  • With drop shipping, you can create your own line of branded product lines. With affiliate marketing, you have to sell products carried by the company or the online store.
  • You have full control when running a dropshipping business while your business is wholly dependent on the company behind the affiliate program.

Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing: Which is More Profitable?

Dropshipping is more profitable. It lets you create an independent store where you have full control over the product line you’re promoting. With careful product selection, you can have your store carrying a unique range of products with high market demand.

The scarcity can give you an edge when pricing your products, increasing the likelihood of turning a tidy profit. Most drop shippers source their products cheaply from countries like China then put a huge markup on them. It’s not uncommon to source a product for $1 or less then sell it for $20.

The massive earning potential makes dropshipping more lucrative compared to affiliate marketing. In the latter, the commissions are fixed by the companies running them and often work out to a small percentage of the price. Sometimes these companies lower the commission payable on some items, which reduces the amount of money paid to their affiliates.

Can You Combine Dropshipping and Affiliate Marketing?

Yes. Savvy internet markets have figured a way to have the best of both worlds. Many affiliate marketing vs dropshipping debates fail to explore their compatibility.  Since they both revolve around building online audiences, it is possible to run both business models from the same website.

For instance, you can start out with an affiliate marketing site and then integrate dropshipping as your business grows. Building an online audience is crucial to creating a successful affiliate site. It entails creating a professional-grade website, populating the site with superior content, improving the site’s online visibility and SEO, and building site authority.

Building a site’s traffic backed by useful and informative content lends credibility to your website and build’s trust with your audience. That increases the likelihood of the target audience buying the products you review or recommend on the website using your affiliate links.

Once you’ve built a large online audience that trusts your recommendations, you can introduce dropshipped goods to your store. Adding a store to your website can increase the amount of revenue generated by your affiliate marketing. Initially, most of the work is upfront, and it entails adding products to the store and writing product descriptions. Later, you’ll have to roll out a marketing strategy, manage orders, and handle customer service. Luckily, you can outsource most of this work to skilled experts.

Coupling the models boosts your revenue and speeds up the growth of your business. It also affords a chance to test the waters if you’re skeptical about venturing into dropshipping. Starting out as an affiliate marketer lets you build a highly targeted audience, which makes it easy to choose relevant and popular products.


Review of PRIMO3 The Future Generation Of E-business In a Box 2019

Introduction to PRIMO3 Generation Of E-business In A Box

PRIMO3 is a software system and Generation Of E-business in a box package which allows you to sell ebooks and e-courses and educational software as a subscriber to Tom Hua´s proprietary system.  PRIMO3 uses all  Private Label Rights for educational products such as e-books and e-courses E-business In a Box, which are provided by Tom Hua, and you can supplement this with your own PLR´s if you wish. PRIMO3 is designed to be the next generation of E-business in a box.

What is a Business in a Box? | Pure-E-commerce Ready to Go …

The idea for a business in a box was first born after the experiences our Founder, Jennifer Varner, had when she started her first e-commerce site at her kitchen …

Who is Tom Hua?

Tom Hua is the Chinese owner and proprietor of a number of online businesses, including Hitech United Australia Pty Ltd, based in Victoria, and he has been extremely successful at internet marketing since he started his enterprises after emigrating to Australia for a university education E-business In a Box.

e-business in a box, Review of PRIMO3 The Future Generation Of E-business In Box 2019

Tom Hua Owner Of PRIMO3

I have heard Tom Hua speak publicly on two occasions since last year. He is a very amusing speaker who tells a very powerful story of his rise to wealth and success from his family´s humble start in China, from where he emigrated in the early 90´s, and made money in Australia, then New Zealand, and repaid all the loans which he had borrowed from his family members in China, in order to fund his education in computer science.


What Does PRIMO3 Provide You?

PRIMO3 is essentially an E-business in a box system for selling Tom Hua´s and subscribers products. It comprises several Packages which are as follows, as offered at the Andrew Reynolds Digital Nomads Summit 2018. Since the closure of that event terms and conditions of the offer may change, and the offer described may no longer be available.

E-business in a box


#1 – Product Package

Subscribers are able to offer more than 426 of Tom´s own information products, tools and resources to their own customers via social media connections.

There are also additional new and exclusive e-courses with Resell rights each and every month, for the next two years. Tom claims this to be the largest E-product Licence Collection in the world.

Subscribers receive a training course E-business In a Box which explains step by step how to set up the PRIMO3 system E-business In a Box. Subscribers are encouraged to take their time to work through the training, and there is support at every stage, including via a Facebook support group and a weekly Q&A session with Tom personally.

Tom claims the value of this package alone to be $57,250.

#2 – Website Package

Every subscriber receives their own Cross-Platform website, graphics and sales letter. All the products and websites may be branded and edited to suit each individual subscriber.

It is hosted on a Privately Managed Amazon Web Service (AWS) for two years, claimed to be the best possible Cloud Computing Service, using the most advanced technology on the most reliable platform in the world.

This can be run with or without your own domain name.

Tom claims the value of this package to be $120 x 24 = $2,880.

#3 – Viral Traffic Package

Subscribers can sell their own products on his platform as a Publisher by leveraging the promotion power of thousands of affiliates worldwide. Subscribers can sell their own products in order to make a profit quickly and are also empowered by PRIMO3´s unique E-branding system allowing affiliates to join your backend program and promote your products like no other. As a result, your name and links are exposed to thousands of more customers overnight.

Tom claims the value of this package to be $100 x 24 = $2400.

#4 – e-Business eLearning System

An E-learning system where PRIMO3 takes you by the hand and helps you to put every component of your business in the right place, step by step, including an Elibrary of ever-expanding video tutorials and weekly Q&A sessions. Also a Private Facebook Support Group, where you can get help and learn more and more as your E-business in a box grows.

Tom claims the value of this package is $4,997.

The training videos are clear and concise and are backed up with text instructions so that you see step by step what to do, then have it written for you to also follow step by step.

At the end of each training module there is a knowledge quiz, so you can test yourself on what you have learned.

#5 – Auto Promotion Package

Subscribers are offered ONE CLICK PROMOTION to many social networks, or alternatively, to SET UP ONCE and let the system promote automatically to Facebook or Twitter, 24/7/365days per year.

Subscribers websites are delivered to users according to the device they use, PC, Tablet or Mobile, all delivered by the Cross-Platform Intelligent Cloud Web Service which gives your customers the best visiting experience regardless of their device type, therefore more sales!

Tom claims the value of this package is $250 x 24 = $6,000.

The total value of all the above packages, Tom claims to be $62,000.

At the Digital Nomads Summit, Tom Hua offered other Mega Bonuses as well as the above packages, which may not be available after that event.

Mega Bonus #1

Unlimited support including a Uk local team, Tom claims the value is $1,000.

Mega Bonus #2

Private Facebook Group and weekly online Q&A sessions, Tom claims the value is $1,000.

Mega Bonus #3

WordPress pre-installed and integrated, Tom claims the value is $1,000.

Mega Bonus #4

5 x one-on-one screen shared support, Tom claims the value is $2,000.

Mega Bonus #5

PRIMO3 Resale licence, Tom claims the value is $5,000.

Mega Bonus #6

300 hours of Virtual Assistant, Tom claims the value is $9,000.

Mega Bonus #7

Free promotion to 200,000 people, Tom claims this is $priceless.

Mega Bonus #8

Surprise Bonus, Tom claims this is $priceless.

Tom claims the value on offer including Bonuses and Mega Bonuses is $100,000+

How Much Does PRIMO3 E-business In A Box Cost?

Tom Hua and Hitech United make every effort for their products and services to be accessible to most users. The cost structure is as follows:

A single payment of $3,777.

Alternatively subscribers can choose one of the following payment plan options:

$1,277 x 3 payments = $3,831.

$677 x 6 payments = $4062.

$337 x 12 payments = $4444.

$250 x 24 payments = $6000.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We are currently trying out the PRIMO 3 package from Tom Hua, and are about 2 months into the training course, which is now complete.

OMS recommends subscribers to consider the purchase of this E-business in a box from Tom Hua and Hitech United since it appears to provide excellent value for money when you consider all the bonuses which are included in the price.

The payment plans are also good value, with the possible exception of the 2-year payment plan which does seem to be over-priced at $250 per month (in our view $200 per month would be a fairer rate).

If you want to try out PRIMO3, then visit the link here: E-business In a Box

Fashion e-Commerce: 5 Steps to Starting an Online Clothing Store

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, looking to start your very Fashion e-Commerce own online clothing store venture? Feeling a little unnerved by how you don’t have any idea how to start online clothing store? Or maybe you’re feeling intimidated by the enormity of the whole task, wondering how you’ll ever go about achieving it?

Fashion e-Commerce: 5 Steps to Starting an Online Clothing Store

We know that starting out, it’s easy to get a little scared when you are starting something new online clothing store. And with so much at stake, it’s okay to feel that way online clothing store. But fret not, because we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a list of steps that will guide you in creating an amazing website Online Clothing Store.

Read on to find out more.

Step 1: Finding Your Clothing Store’s Niche

The foremost thing you need to decide is the niche of your store. The effectiveness of your future steps greatly depends on this, so be sure not to make a rushed decision.

You need to decide what market segment you’re going to specifically target fashion e-commerce Online Clothing Store. Once you’ve decided on that, you can conduct thorough, preliminary research on the decided target audience. The better you understand your target customers’ needs, the better you’ll be able to effectively cater to them.

Also remember, you’re going to put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this entire thing. So try to choose a profitable niche you’re passionate about

Note: We highly recommend against trying to cater to more than a single niche. Remember the expression, Jack of all trades, master of none? That holds true here too. Start out small online clothing store. It is crucial that you direct all your efforts (at least initially) onto a specific niche and try to establish a stronghold in it first.

Step 2: Deciding What Products You’ll Be Selling

When it comes to the market for online clothing store and apparel, the options are almost endless. From skirts and dresses to waistcoats and bow ties, it’s easy to become confused among possible options. Once again, our advice would be to start out small and conquer one mountain at a time.

If you focus on too many products, you’ll never be able to improve any of them to perfection. On the other hand, if you direct all your designing, producing, and marketing efforts at only a few selected items, you’re more likely to produce good quality output.

Once you have steady profits rolling in from the sale of your main product, you can expand to other garments as well. As an established business, the launch of new products is more likely to be a success.

Keep an Eye on the Latest Fashion Trends

Fashion trends are forever changing, and as someone who’s going to be directly affected by them, you should remain abreast of all the latest happenings in the fashion sphere. Beginning out, you should make it a point to stick to products with stable demand (like t-shirts, for instance) and whose designs can be easily altered to better suit changing trends.

Step 3: Learn From Your Competition

If you’re new to this whole thing, the best way to learn is by observing how your competition runs their operations. You can do this by going to the websites of different competitors and seeing how they’ve designed their websites. How are different categories organized? Is there an online support staff? How do they deal with customer queries?

Moreover, you can order stuff from these websites. This will give you insight into the entire checkout process. Once the products arrive, you can try returning them to see how they handle that process.

You can even try to email them and ask questions about behind the scenes operations, like how they source raw materials for their products and how much staff they hire. If you’re lucky (and maybe, annoyingly persistent enough), you may get all the answers.

Step 4: Setting Up A Website

Now that you’ve worked out your business plan, you can finally start on the fun part: creating and setting up a website.

First things first, you need to acquire a domain. A convenient way to do this is to buy through eCommerce platforms like Shopify or WordPress. The former is a good option for novices who aren’t particularly skilled at designing and don’t have the budget to hire a professional designer.

The next task is to design the website. Remember that the design and general layout of your website will go a long way in determining its popularity with users. You need to come up with something easy on the eyes, while simultaneously being user-friendly so that your customers can easily navigate their way around it.

Also remember that since you’re an online store, the only way for your customers to gauge the quality of your products is through the pictures you put up on your website. If your budget allows, consider hiring a professional photographer to get the best possible results.

Step 5: Promote the Heck Out Of Your Online Clothing Store

Now that your online store is up and running, the next step is to promote your newly set up business to attract customers and help you grow. Here are a few great options: Online Clothing Store

Social Media

Social media has become so deeply ingrained in most individuals’ lifestyles, that it has become a major tool for marketing. Marketing across popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is highly cost-effective, and can significantly increase traffic and sales on your website.

Creating a pleasing aesthetic for your social media brand page is definitely a must that will help you win followers. Keep in mind that social media is teeming with pages similar to yours. What’s the added incentive that your particular page brings to the table? Think out of the box, and find a way to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Influencer Marketing

Another great way to increase your brand awareness is by collaborating with social media influencers. Target influencers who have a considerable social media fan following in the same niche. If people see their favorite influencer wearing your designs, your social reach will increase massively. You won’t believe how the right word by the right person can make all the difference.

Paid Ads

A great way to increase your page’s reach is by putting out paid ads across different social platforms. Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising are two of the most effective ways to garner more likes and followers.

These ads target potential customers, who otherwise would not have come across your page. If you have the budget for them, we would definitely recommend investing.


Right now you’re probably bursting with motivation and enthusiasm. That’s great. But be mindful that running an online store is no easy task; it is bound to be taxing at times.

You’ll face setbacks, no doubt. All great businesses do online clothing store. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged. Instead, build on those setbacks, and keep on improving. Because with the right attitude, there’s nothing you can’t do.

How to Best Drive Traffic to Your Etsy Store 2023

If you’ve ever run a store on Etsy, you’ll know it is not an easy business. There’s a fair bit of competition, and it’s hard to achieve your desired sales. Moreover, the numbers on your Stats page aren’t always motivating. If all this sounds incredibly familiar, there’s only one question you should be asking. How to drive traffic to your Etsy Store?

There’s no doubt that you’ve got a brilliant product with excellent pictures to promote them. However, unless and until there’s someone to see it, it’s of no use. Therefore, if your Etsy Store isn’t doing too well, you need to focus on your traffic.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Etsy Store?

Increasing the traffic to your store is the most vital element when you want to increase conversion rates and ultimately drive up your sales. It’s simple. The more traffic you get, the more chances you get to turn visitors into customers. Accordingly, here are some ways to increase the traffic to your Etsy Store.

  • Improve your Visuals

This can be true for most online businesses but especially so for an traffic to your etsy store. Your store visuals are the lifeblood of your store. People can’t help but be attracted to good visuals. Be it your brand logo or product pictures, they should be bold and impressive.

That way, even people who don’t know about your products or weren’t planning to buy your products, will be tempted to at least click on your store and see the pictures in more detail. This would be the perfect chance for you to convert new visitors. Moreover, a good display can also help you stand out amongst the competition.

When everyone is selling the same thing, the only way to distinguish yourself is through how you present yourself. Amazing product pictures will make you distinct when visitors are browsing Etsy. Furthermore, when it comes to online stores where buyers can’t touch or feel what they’re buying, they need to see good product pictures.

Therefore, cool product pictures that highlight their best features will also help drive traffic to your etsy store and increase sales in your Etsy Store.

  • Etsy SEO

If you’ve opened a store recently, you might not know this, but Etsy operates much like a search engine and has its own algorithm. As a seller, if you learn how this algorithm works, you can use it to your advantage without much effort on your part. Not only that, but there are also various other seller tools for driving traffic to your store.

Since Etsy is like a search engine, your goal should be to try and get your products listed on the first page and higher up in the searches so that visitors can see you before other competitors. This will not only increase traffic but also help you in dealing with competition. Accordingly, one easy way to do this is to use appropriate and relevant tags.

If a person is searching for something particular such as ‘customized gold name rings,’ and you have used a similar tag in your product, Etsy will put your business first. Moreover, by using tools like featured listings, you can display your best products at the very top of your traffic to your etsy store page. That way, whenever someone visits, they’ll see the best products and be tempted to try them.

Then, there are also the store stats, promoted listings, etc., all these tools can further help you get in your audience’s sight and drive traffic to your etsy store.

  • Use Social Media

Etsy is not the only place to bring traffic from. You can drive traffic from external sites too. Moreover, the best way to do this is through social media platforms. Platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc., have a large number of users that can hopefully be converted into customers.

Similar to the keywords and tags you use on Etsy, you can use appropriate hashtags on Instagram and Facebook to appear in the right searches. You can also post a lot of other content to attract people and engage with your audience. People love to see behind-the-scene pictures, so you can show the making process of your product. You can also post photos of work-in-progress products.

If people like your stuff, they’ll even share it with their friends and family and you’ll benefit from free marketing. The more people you reach, the higher the traffic will be in your store.

However, you should be careful. If you’re new at this and can’t handle all the pressure, it would be better to choose one or two social media platforms and just stick to them. Setting up numerous profiles and not doing justice to even one of them won’t be of much help to your store. Therefore, pick one and focus on that to generate useful, engaging content for your visitors.

  • Collaborate with Influencers

If you can’t reach that many users or your audience yourself, a good option is to ask someone else to do it. By someone else, we mean influencers who have a fair bit of followers and who would be interested in your products. You can send your products for free as PR packages to the relevant influencers and ask them to promote it or just give their honest opinion on it.

These influencers’ followers will at least look up your products, if not buy them, when they see their favorite personalities talking about them. Moreover, it doesn’t even have to be a promotion. For instance, if you’re making handmade engraved leather notebooks, you can ask someone to write a blog post on simply why a notebook is necessary.

Then, you can share that post on your own profile for people to see and visit your store.


Hopefully, you’ve learned a few tips and tricks on how to drive traffic to your Etsy store. However, regardless of how you decide to do it, there are two crucial things to remember. Firstly, you must be consistent. For instance, if you’re using social media, try to use it regularly to keep your followers engaged.

Secondly, you need to be patient. Your goal is not to bring temporary traffic for a short period. But instead, you want to slowly and steadily increase your traffic permanently. Moreover, these things take time, for which you need a little patience. After which, you’ll be sure to reap some great rewards.


Review Of Ecompare 2 2019

Introduction to Review Of Ecompare 2 2019

Review Of Ecompare 2 2019

Review Of Ecompare 2 2019

Affiliate marketing still works, but it is more difficult than it used to be. Our Review Of Ecompare 2 2019 will help you to decide if this product will help you to achieve your business goals. Unlike in the past, when only a few people were interested in digital products, nowadays there are many more people competing to sell to the same hungry audience of potential buyers. And buyers or customers are far more sceptical of the sort of products they may be sold. So you need to engage with your audience and demonstrate authority in your niche, so that they will Know Like and Trust you. Only then will customers be at all likely to buy your products. It’s not surprising the online sales of such products has now surpassed 3 billion dollars, and it’s not stopping there; it is growing year after another. This is a fact, not a fad, so nothing will get you rich than selling information products online, because that’s what a majority of people wants.

But here is another fact, unless you employ the right strategy as an affiliate marketer, you are not going to get that 6 figure income from commission. However, if you use the right tools, and the right strategies, achieving this goal can be a piece of cake. Still, it is not going to be that easy, as we all know competition has always been robust for most people, because of the processes involved, and customers ability to discern what they want to buy and from whom they trust as a seller.

Affiliate marketing is not something you can casually get yourself into and make it work. That’s why Ecompare 2.0 was developed. With this software building, the best affiliate store in the market is a piece of cake. You don’t need to convince buyers to purchase anything, they are out there looking for the best deal, and with this software, it just happens that you can find and then offer your customers the best deal! Does this sound a too good deal to be true? Well, that’s why we are here. Here, we offer you a non-biased review about eCompare 2. By the end of the review, you will be able to determine whether this software is worth your time, effort, and money, is it right for you and your business?

Who Are The Authors Of Ecompare 2?

ECompare 2 was authored by Mark Bishop, a master digital multimillionaire, and a very successful entrepreneur. Mark´s success can be associated with his extensive experience in the industry; many awesome tools on the e-commerce market has his name behind them. He developed some of the products for himself, this include the infamous digital product store known as Jvzoo , VidioJack, and VidSkippy and Ecompare which is the predecessor to eCompare 2.0. Mark worked with Prady and Ramara to make eCompare 2 the product it is today.

What Exactly Does Ecompare Do?

So what exactly is Ecompare? Well, it is an affiliate application software that allows you to make use of ethical loopholes to have your own e-commerce site in a matter of minutes. The Ecompare 2 is an upgraded version of the Ecompare, which has been in existence for the last two years. Was it a success? Well, those who used it claimed to help them generate 6-figure income and more. This version comes with even better features, it has an FaceBook compatible them, content spinner, and you can include your review video. And that’s not all; it also has an email lead collection with various triggers and many more features, so yes, you should be expecting more capabilities with the Ecompare 2– 2019 version.

It has an added ability to build a highly converting store within minutes from last version. This brand new application and theme helps create user capitalize more on today online shopping trends. The app will help you skip those tedious process involved in making it in e-commerce, by targeting the physical products that sell and it does this is five minutes!

Ecompare 2 now builds a complete niche targeting fully stoked affiliate stores based on nothing more than keywords. Great, right? But it does not stop there; the app allows you to grow your online business every step of the way. It doesn’t matter whether you are the beginner or an expert affiliate marketer.

7-platform API

People often believe that to succeed online; you need to take a huge risk to expect huge returns. Well, that is not necessarily true; you can take less risk and receive high return on investment. You don’t have to carry overheads of an online retailer, because all you will be doing is helping them sell more. Of course, you still need those major stores, because consumers usually have their most favorite retailers. The problem if the retailer has a slightly higher price than competing retailer does, you will lose that sale.

Ecompare 2 cuts this risk, by integrating seven best retailers, so if a customer really wants a product, there is no way you are going to lose that sale. The integrated retailer includes Ali Express, eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Discount. These retailers are displayed with their reviews along with the price comparison, so there is nowhere else a customer will need to go to get an insight to make s buying decision. To you, this means higher conversion rates within an hour.

Automatic Embedded Referral links

One every item that is sourced from your list of retailers, there will be an embedded link which is automatically added. It doesn’t matter whether the customer wants to buy from, whether its Amazon, or eBay or whatever the site, you will get your commission which will be added into your accounts.

Store Built from a Single Keyword

Filling your store with products can be tiresome, but with eCompare 2, you have a chance to build a niche store by entering a keyword, it’s that simple. With a very little amount of effort, you get a chance to grow multiple businesses targeting a specific niche. Then it will browse the entire e-commerce store and bring back a range of related products before loading them into your brand new store. In case, there are changes in the platform; everything is automatically updated. This is not just another store builder in town; it includes targeted traffic modules so you will put your store in front of the targeted traffic the very first day.

Affiliate marketing used to be a tough job, but with this kind of feature, the job is becoming on the best, and the most lucrative. The application also automatically built attached blogs as well as video content that allow your content to rank, thus driving traffic to your site. The new traffic module on 2019 version unlocks the flow of super targeted traffic to your affiliate store. Even better, you also have a chance to increase your credibility and engagement through the reviews.

What Are The Price Options For Ecompare 2?

The price comparison is the unique feature Ecompare 2-2019 has to offer you. For every product on your site, you get a list of prices on several retailer’s sites. The platform takes the “I hope I am getting the best price’ scenario and makes it work for the customer and you as the affiliate marketer. This gives you a chance to fill in your new site with the most reasonable pride goods, not with price tags that will chase customers away. ECompare exploits the products that customers are looking for by showing the best price in the market. Either way, as an affiliate marketer, you still make profit regardless of the price or where the customer purchase it. You also have a chance to add unlimited products and image, so unless the customer didn’t really want to purchase the product, there is no way they will go somewhere else to find the product.

Attention-grabbing themes

Other than the fact that content and your affiliate site is optimized, the theme is designed to custom fit any market niche. You can also edit my store, so you get to build your vision the way you want it. Ecompare live search also allows you to know the bestselling product, and this way, you could feature description, images as well as reviewed from retailers sites. Ecompare also view your stock and update the price accordingly.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Ecompare 2?

Many people will agree with me that Ecompare 2-2019 is a perfect choice for everyone in the e-commerce field; whether you are a newbie or an expert will get most out of it. You don’t have to hassle to earn you a six-figure income, whether it’s setting up your store, or creating a blog post on every product for all the retailer stores. With this tool, you got an ethical shortcut, making you successful, but as I said at the beginning of this review, we aim to give you both sides of this product for you to make an informed decision, so here are few pros and cons of Ecompare 2.

Pros Of Ecompare 2

• Amazingly easy to use thanks to its friendly interface

• Does not require any prior experience

• You get to build an amazing shop in a matter of minutes

• It’s integrated with seven major stores, which means high conversion rates to you

• Turns your focus on selling rather than building

• It’s passive, so once you set up, it will work for you all 24/7 for 365 days.

• It automatically updates the products

• There’s a price comparison feature which means regardless of the customers choosing you still make commissions.

Ecompare 2 is integrated with social channels

• Tutorial videos are also provided

• It works on all niches

• No third party is involved.

• Can turn your existing WordPress site into a ‘purchase on steroid’ solution.

Cons of Ecompare 2

• Honestly, there are not many  cons on this product; however, some people feel that Mark should have included videos on choosing the best products to add on the established store.

What Are The Price Options For Ecompare 2?

If you decide to get this new version of Ecompare, there are several options for you.

The Ecompare 2 (core version)

This has two basic features, where you get to install the sites of your choice based on your budget.

  • Installation on three sites will cost you $ 23
  • Installation on ten sites will cost $28

These are regular price, so you may need to take advantage of them.

  •  Regular price for a 3-site license is $37 and $47 for ten sites.

Features in this package include front end plugin, a price comparison engine, seven API integration, reviews, sliders, store builder, full customization, traffic module, and Amazon 1 Link.

Ecompare 2 Agency rights starting price is $77

Ecompare 2 (Pro) starting price is $37

Features included in this package include Facebook compatibility, content spinner, an ability to add review videos, email collection trigger, and three additional store themes.

Ecompare 2 Master starting price is $47

Features include in Ecompare two master package are the basic features plus and right to commercialize your store. This means you can set up and sell of Ecompare store, build a store and flit them to earn more money.

Each of these options are tailored to meet everyone’s need. It would however be a good idea to start with the Pro package. It comes with advanced features than the basic version and with pretty reasonable extra charge. The master options are still okay, but I am sure you will be making much that you won’t need to go that further, at least not now. Of course, that just a personal opinion, the decision is all yours depending on your needs.

Are There Testimonials For Ecompare 2?

Yes, although this version has not been in existence for that long, those who have invested in it have already seen its benefits in their e-commerce business. Affiliate Marketing is not easy, and everyone who wants to succeed has to take advantage of every opportunity that can increase their ROI. Those who have taken this amazing opportunity claims that it is the best application out there, there is nothing like it.

Here is Jono Armstrong´s own review of his own product, well he would recommend it wouldn´t he?

Here is a Review Of Ecompare 2 from Freedom Influencer:

Here is a review of Ecompare from Chris at Affiliate

Conclusion and Recommendation For Review Of Ecompare 2

Affiliate Marketing  is not high-risk, high return; it can be low-risk high return if you use the right strategies and tool. Ecompare is a fantastic product that allows you to invest just a few dollars in building a 6-figure income. So, Yes, with this tool, you will be investing without any risk on your side. For $23- $47, this is no brainer, it is a highly recommended product. Make sure you get the right package for you, for us, it would be the Ecompare 2-2019 pro version. For you it might be something else, either way, it’s not an opportunity you should let slide if you want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

Is Ecompare2 For You? Leave us your comments below:


Review Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice 2019

Six Figure ApprenticeIntroduction to Review Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice 2019

In This Review Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice 2019, we aim to get to the bottom of what this product comprises and what value you may get from it, should you choose to purchase the product.

Who Is Richard Legg?

Richard Legg is a successful online entrepreneur who developed his system while he was still studying at University. He refined his system over years and now has a highly attractive selling machine. Richard offers that you can become his apprentice and learn his online marketing system in order to make $100k per annum.

What Exactly Is Six Figure Apprentice? What Does Six Figure Apprentice Do?

Richard Legg offers to set up not just one but ten websites, which clone his online marketing system. These websites are all Done For You by Richard´s team. All you have to do is DRIVE TRAFFIC to the websites.

Any subscribers who you introduce will be targeted by the support team for all ten sales funnels.

You will receive commissions for all sales achieved as a result of subscribers introduced by you joining or purchasing products from any of the sales funnels

Six Figure Apprentice Revenue Commissions

What Are The Pro´s And Cons Of Six Figure Apprentice?

The Pros Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice System

You are buying a clone of an already proven and successful system comprising 10 sales funnels.

You will receive commissions on sales of all products introduced by you, from whatever level of each sales funnel, low level products, through to high ticket items.

You get a 12 month guarantee when you purchase the Six Figure Apprentice system – see below Richard Legg assures that you will make more than 10x your investment in that time.

Are There Testimonials For Six Figure Apprentice?

Six Figure Apprentice Testimonials
Six Figure Apprentice Value

How Much Does The Six Figure Apprentice Cost?

Six Figure Apprentice costs $997 as a special one off deal.

The normal price of Six Figure Apprentice is $1997.

Six Figure Apprentice Value

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice 2019

We purchased this product after Review Of Richard Legg´s Six Figure Apprentice 2019, and are currently in the process of trying the system out.

Richard Legg offers a 12 month guarantee with his system and assures purchasers that they will make back at least 10 x their investment during that time.

Six Figure Apprentice Guarantee

Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 From Anik Singal

Introduction – Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 from Anik Singal

In Review Of Lurn On Demand Start-Up 2019,you will be shown step by step how to start and develop your own $multi-million e-commerce business, in a very short period of time. Just 8 weeks of training and coaching from LURN between the start of January and the end of February 2019 is all it needs. Anik Singal claim that it will transform your life for the better.

Review Of Lurn On-Demand Start-Up 2019
Anik Singal The CEO Of LURN Academy

The Course shows you from first basics how to conceive and start to develop a Shopify store, and takes you step by step through the training of how to do everything from niche selection, naming, keyword selection and identification, domain choice and registration, branding, product choice, through to Social Media marketing and sales development and scaling your very own dropshipping business.  You also get to learn Daymond John´s 4 steps to making a successful business, as well as the Shopify E-commerce training from LURN Academy. What an amazing opportunity to work with Anik Singal, Daymond John and three selected coaches from LURN Academy to have the training you and available for coaching and looking over your shoulder to ensure success with the development of your new e-commerce business.

What is LURN?

LURN is the largest online provider of training for entrepreneurs and they make more than $200m of sales per annum. The CEO of LURN is Anik Singal and he is a very successful entrepreneur who dedicates himself to selling his training courses worldwide. His business has grown massively and is extremely successful because there are many many people who wish to develop their business online and take advantage of the internet for creating wealth. LURN has built a massive entrepreneurship centre in Maryland USA, from where they organise and manage their worldwide operations.

Review Of Lurn On-Demand Start-up 2019

Anik Singal has teamed up with Top People´s Shark Daymond John for this particular offering, and it is clearly the case that once you have started a successful business, you can develop your full potential by further consultation with Lurn and where you have access to this top entrepreneur Daymond John.

Anik Singal also does a lot of charity work and LURN sponsors schools in impoverished areas of India, and also in West Africa as well.

Who Is Anik Singal? Who Is Daymond John?

Anik Singal is a highly successful internet marketer who has made more than $200m in sales from his group of companies, of which LURN Academy is one. Anik tells his story that he started his business in 2003, at which time it took him 18 months to achieve his first online sale. In 2004, he transformed his business going from $12k to $150k per annum sales. He became successful but then lost everything, going $1.7m in debt. He turned things around however using his unique Influencer marketing methods.

You can tell that Anik Singal is passionate about what he does, and he loves to partner with his students and make them his next success stories and testimonials. Anik´s LURN Academy has build a large Transformational Home For Entrepreneurs in Maryland USA, which is at the disposal of his students who come from all over the World to learn his techniques and success methods.

Daymond John ¨The People´s Shark¨is partnering with Anik Singal on this offer from LURN Academy. Daymond has achieved more than $6bn in sales from his various companies, and he has invested in more than 250 companies to date. Daymond is the author of the best-selling book Rise and Grind.

Daymond took a long time to achieve his first successful business FUBU, which he started from scratch, and even shelved on a few occasions because of lack of financing capital to fund his expansion, but eventually he became sponsored by Samsung Textiles who invested in his company.

After that he has had multiple success stories and has assisted many companies in transforming their fortunes, as well as invested in about 150 companies as well.

What Do You Get From LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019?

Within the Review of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019, you are taught step by step how to start and operate your own Shopify e-commerce business and take it from zero to multi-million $ business.

You receive 8 weeks training through a concentrated series of workshops.

There is an introductory Pre-Workshop training series of modules to give you some preliminary training, ready for the concentrated series of training and coaching, which starts in January. Within this series of modules you are shown how to choose a niche, either general or specialist niche, choose a domain and register it, think about your brand for your company, and set up Paypal so that you can receive payments from customers, also look at AliExpress, where you can source the products which you are going to sell in your new dropshipping e-commerce business. You can also design a logo for your brand or commission one to be done for you from outsourcing at or 8 weeks of training modules are on the following topics:

Introduction to E-commerce

Find Perfect Profitable Products (Golden Product Guide)

Use of Apps and Introduction to Facebook

Facebook Ads

Mastery of Facebook Ads

Store Management Mastery

Instant Influencer Marketing

Your E-commerce Store Systems Optimisation and Discounts.

A Facebook Group is set up for subscribers to the LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019, and you can set up Mastermind groups, get help from coaches here, and interact with like-minded students.

There is a 6 module step by step Influencer Academy course.

You are given a list of the top recommended Influencers.

You are given Top Ad Creatives.

You are given 10 High Converting Landing Page Examples.

Stage 3 Creation of Content and Ads

Basically, this method is about Social Media, not advertisements. You are encouraged to share photos and videos of your products. The idea is to catch people´s attention with your images and encourage them to share with their friends. It is Interactive Marketing.

Stage 4 Scaling Your Business

You will need to find more Influencers, more products, more marketplaces, and automate your sources.

What you need to bear in mind is that it is easier to upsell an existing customer, or sell more products to them, rather than acquire a new customer which costs money and takes time and effort to achieve.

The next stage of the course is Daymond On Demand

This is where you are exposed to the Full Secret Money Model Training.

This involves 16 hands-on intensive training sessions. There are 8 weeks of workshops, involving 2 webinars per week, comprising 8 weeks of coaching.

So you are trained and given tasks to perform and you are also coached in the system and how to do it.

The Community which you have access to includes Anik Singal, Daymond John and the successful coaches who are allocated to your progression, all previous students of LURN academy, themselves running successful businesses.

How Much Does LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 Cost?

Anik Singal offers subscribers a very good deal with more than $9000 of value claimed to be included within the offer for subscribers to LURN On -Demand Start-Up 2019. There is a one-off payment of $997 for all of the training material and coaching for the two month training period and ongoing access to the Facebook Group.

Are There Testimonials For Review Of LURN On -Demand Start-Up 2019?

LURN offer many testimonials including from the 3 coaches who will be assisting you during the training course, who themselves were students of LURN Academy, and have used the methods taught to build themselves successful multi million dollar businesses online.

Geoff Hand is one of the coaches, whose business turns over $40-50,000 per month

Andrea Koput is another coach who is a success story of LURN Academy, whose business turns over $70,000 per month. She trasnformed her life going from $170k in debt to being a successful businesswoman

Aaron Delezenski is another LURN success story with a Million dollar sales turnover business.

Also Rosalee Maquinay is another student turned successful businesswoman and LURN coach for this course.

A big name testimonial for LURN Academy is Robert Kiyosaki the bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Here is a video review and interview with Anik Singal about his eSCAPE book, to which he often refers in his presentations, and you will find many such reviews of LURN products on youTube.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019

From Our Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 from Anik Singal we believe that it offers very good value for Money. We have yet to fully appraise the whole course since it was only subscribed a few days ago. We will keep you informed how things progress once training and coaching has been provided .

The Training course proper will start in January 2019 and is intensively scheduled to take 8 weeks, with 2 webinar sessions each week for training and coaching.


Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box Review: Anik Singal

Introduction – Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box Review: Anik Singal

business in a box review

This review is of one of the product offerings from Anik Singal, a prominent and highly successful internet marketer and the owner of Lurn Educational company, and many other businesses.

The product is called Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0, Business In  A Box. This product allows subscribers to set up their own business using Lurn´s systems and automation, and pre-templated and pre-prepared documentation and emails, and Lurn´s chosen autoresponder Sendlane. Apparently, this is the only autoresponder choice according to one of the video reviews which are included below.

If you subscribe, you can set up multiple businesses on this Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In  A Box system, and take advantage of the massive amount of development work which has been carried out in order to make sure that everyone has the best chance to succeed with their Business In A Box.

Robert Kiyosaki gives a recommendation for the Lurn Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In  A Box, suggesting that knowledge and information provided to subscribers will lower the risks of starting such a business and allow a greater probability of success. He endorses Anil Singal and the Lurn system and comments that technological developments have made the opportunities available better than when he was developing such businesses.

Who Is Anik Singal?

Anik Singal is a prominent marketer, who is a Copywriter by profession, who has spent 14 years developing the Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box until it is in the current state as offered. Anik claims to have spent $200,000 developing this software using a team of 23 people. In this interview in January 2018, Anik Singal explains how much money there is to be made from online educational courses.

Anik Singal´s businesses are quite sizeable, and he describes one of them as costing $1.1m for one week´s promotions. Another of his businesses has a turnover of $11m selling his own products. A third business for personal development has a turnover of $148k.

Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson are numbered among the friends and acquaintances of Anik Singal.

Anik Singal states that to achieve his success in business, it has required much of his time, dedication and attention. He recounts the story of his business success when he went from earning his first $300, then $10k in 60 days, $15k in the third month, then $25k per month. Within 6 years he had made more than $10m per annum, but then he acknowledges that he got distracted. In 2011, Anil abandoned the system which he had used to make money up until then and changed to a new system which was disastrous for his business and himself personally, as within a year he had gone $1.7m into debt.

Anik managed to clear his debt and turn things around for himself without actually going bankrupt, and learned lessons from what had happened to him, which he has put to good use in the new Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box system which he now offers.

| Lurn Nation Blog

To build a business, entrepreneurs need excellent leads. With the right resources and know how, business owners can dramatically increase their reach and …

Circle Of Profit Course –

You CAN start your own digital publishing business – today, even! … People setting up businesses online, ditching their day jobs, making mind-blowing amounts …

Inbox Blueprint Review and Bonus – Anik Singal – READ THIS!

Anik Singal is back with his Inbox Blueprint 2 review. … Anik Singal is RE- OPENING the doors to his #1 business course – Inbox Blueprint 2.0! ….. For instance, a call to action box that enables consumers or possible clients to register for …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 – LaunchPad Technology by Anik

Inbox blueprint 2.0 introduces LaunchPad, a full-proof system to boost your email marketing campaigns. Review and a tour of the members area inside. … 2018, will be able to access LaunchPad here – … email marketing is one of the most effective and fastest ways to grow your business.

What Does Lurn Inbox 2.0 Blueprint Business In Box Consist Of?

Business In A Box Review

Anik Singal explains his 5 Step System to achieve 4 passive streams of income, and gave a live demonstration of his Business In A Box system in action, at the workshop which we viewed on 27th September 2018.

Anik´s system consists of

  • Emails sent to an Autoresponder.
  • A one-page OptIn (not a website).
  • Your own URL, which has your own unique affiliate number for commissions earned.
  • Automated broadcasts from the Autoresponder to your email list.
  • High conversions 40-60%
  • Your email list is your prime asset.
  • Multiple businesses, each with 4 passive streams of income.

He explains that the first thing that anyone wanting to do business needs to do is to select which Niche they want to operate in. Any niche is possible such as Homecare health insurance, mortgage companies, credit monitoring, dating, games, E-commerce sites.

The easiest and quickest way to start selling is to find other people´s products which you can sell on their behalf for a commission, using Affiliate Marketing.

Anik explains his ideas about how to start selling products immediately using ClickBank or one of the other affiliate sites which provide a marketplace for digital products.

You can buy traffic at a cost of no more than $1 per click, depending upon your niche, and sell products at $2, so you are making 100% profit.

Anik Singal did a live demonstration of his business system on screen and he managed to get his webpage operational within 17 minutes, which was extremely impressive.

What Do Anik´s Customers Say About Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box?

We have identified one testimonial from 2014? which seems to relate to the previous version 1.0 of Inbox Blueprint Business In A Box, and followed the comments from this person, Erica, who gave the testimonial.

Testimonial About Inbox Blueprint 1.0 From Erica

Here is another previous user who gives as a Testimonial for the Lurn Inbox Blueprint Business In A Box system.

Here are some other testimonials about Lurn Inbox 2.0 Blueprint Business In A Box system.

Inbox BluePrint

I’m now making $20,000 to $30,000 a month – thanks to Inbox Blueprint! … Over $400,000 and 14 months were invested into creating the first ever system to build a DONE FOR YOU business that is actually 100% unique for … 12 Months – Unlimited Support & Help From Our Lurn Family (Value $997). … Customer Reviews.

Lurn Insider Review

May 8, 2018 Well, Lurn Insider reveals a business in a box. … He created Inbox Blueprint which was his latest launch where he teaches how to build a list …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review and Bonus – Does It Really Work?

Apr 18, 2016 Full Feed View · Headline View · SI Premium Squawk Box · Alerts … (SI Newswire ) Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint 2.0 teaches users how to set up an email marketing business and quickly make a profit. … Anik Singal, the Founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc has recently created a program named “Inbox Blueprint …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review, DEMO & Bonus (2018)

Jan 12, 2018 Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review from ANIK’S FORMER HEAD COACH! … Jeff Lenney Speaking at Lurn & Anik Singal Event … you how to build a profitable online email marketing business… but it actually does most of the hard work for you! …. Your Email Before Sending – Avoid Spam Box and Promotions Tab …

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review 2018 – REAL member review + Bonus

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 2018 is a whole business model. …. The importance of testing your email before sending – avoid spam box and … Is it the same as Lurn?

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box Review Pricing Offer

Anik Singal´s amazing offer is explained in the screenshots from the webinar presentation below:

Business In A Box Review

Lurn Summary Offer

Business In A Box Review

First Day Traffic League

Business In A Box Review

More Help

Business In A Box Review

4 Pillars Of Site Support

Business In A Box Review



Business In A Box Review

No Student Left Behind


Business In A Box Review

Make Systems Accessible

Business In A Box Review

The Inbox Blueprint 2.0 offer price is reduced as it is defined as a Partnership between The Company and the Subscriber:

Business In A Box Review

Online Blueprint: Partnership

Business In A Box Review

Inbox Blueprint Payment Plan

To cover his development costs of $200,000, Anik explains he would need 40 students if the Business In A Box were to be priced at $6000. Using the final pricing below ($1500 per subscriber) then he would need 4 times as many subscribers for him to break even.

What you get for your money seems to be amazing, including the following bonuses offered on the webinar:

The system software

Automation software                                                      – value $15,976.

Niche detective software, to help you select a niche – value $797.

Bonus – First Day Traffic League                                 – value $2,997.

Bonus 4 – Technical Support                                        – value $3,997

This includes normal ticket based technical support, during office hours (60 hours), and regular weekly access to Anik Singal, and A Facebook Forum.

Bonus 5 – No Student Left Behind – this provides for unlimited support for anyone who is struggling to make money

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation: Business In A Box Review

The Online Blueprint Business In A Box system offered by Anik Singal seems to be incredible value priced at $1497 one-off payment for a lifetime membership or 3 monthly payments of $597.

Anik passionately expresses his desire to help people succeed hence he has competitively priced his offer so as to make it available to more people.

We have not tried Lurn´s Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Business In A Box but would be interested to hear feedback from anyone who has.




OMS Review of ZeroUp Shopify System- Updated Sep 2019

Introduction to ZeroUp Shopify System

ZeroUp is an online marketing software Shopify System marketed by Fred Lam, and which claims to offer a means to achieve a very profitable online Shopify business. Fred Lam has himself achieved great success with Shopify and as a result of this can offer Zero Up subscribers some Shopify benefits, because of his close relationship with them.

Fred Lam describes his system as follows:

“ZeroUp™ is a powerful and comprehensive all-in-one e-commerce software to help you build, grow, and scale your business online. It is intelligently designed to help anyone, even those with little prior experience or technical skills to create a flow-blown online store and sales funnel with just a few clicks of the mouse.”

Shopify System

Fred Lam Owner ZeroUp

ZeroUp requires a subscriber to have a Shopify store and domain, which it can be imposed upon. It also requires a subscriber to be connected to Ali Express, and also to be connected to Facebook Ads. With all these features installed than ZeroUp should work smoothly.

ZeroUp offers a full training and support Shopify System to subscribers which they must follow in order to achieve success according to Fred Lam´s claims for massive revenue and profits.


ZeroUp has introduced (in November 2017) a product line of jewellery called ShineOn which is a line of US manufactured jewellery similar in concept and quality to Department Store range but at more advantageous prices. There is no additional payment or commission payable to ZeroUp for this facility.

Shopify System

ZeroUp Jewellery ShineOn

Main features of ZeroUp Shopify System are as follows:

  •  ZeroUp is a Cloud-Based Software System, which requires No Download Or Installation.
  • ZeroUp is fully Integrated With AliExpress which provides a subscriber access to millions of its products.
  • ZeroUp offers in addition to full integration with AliExpress to automatically fulfil and tracking product orders.
  • ZeroUp is fully integrated with Shopify.
  • ZeroUp includes 10 Pre-Designed Themes & 180 Pre-Built Stores which are suitable for any niche.
  • ZeroUp claims to be able to start within 5 minutes – Just follow our 1, 2, 3 processes and start generating leads from the multi-billion giant.
  •  ZeroUp claims to have a one-click profit multiplier which enables a subscriber to boost their average value per sale.
  • ZeroUp claims to be synchronised with more than 11 email Auto-responders.
  • ZeroUp claims to have a ” Plus List Segmentation” feature designed to promote relevant offers.
  • ZeroUp offers their own built-in Landing Page & Funnel Builder which offers Drag & Drop functionality in order to design your own strategy sales funnel.

How Does ZeroUp Work?

There were some problems with the rollout of the ZeroUp software system, and they had to implement an upgrade which was quite disruptive to users, all now resolved.

The Menu structure is shown in the diagram below, and Product Engine controls Products, advertisements, Orders and Re-stocking.

Shopify System

ZeroUp Product Engine

Training and Support

ZeroUp offers weekly training webinars, which started on 26th October 2017, and subscribers follow each week’s training with Fred Lam personally doing the presentations to his subscribers. Occasionally Fred Lam invites guest speakers to make presentations to his audience.

Zero Up Training Modules

Zero Up Training Modules

Niches Available within ZeroUp

The following niches are available within ZeroUp, presently:

  1. Art and Crafts
  2. Automotive
  3. Baby Care and Accessories
  4. Beauty
  5. Electronics
  6. Event Decor and Supplies
  7. Exercise and Fitness
  8. Games and Toys
  9. Gardening
  10. Health and Personal Care
  11. Home Decor
  12. Household and Kitchen
  13. Kids Clothing and Accessories
  14. Men’s Clothing and Accessories
  15. Men’s Jewellery
  16. Photography
  17. Sports and Outdoors
  18. Storage and Organisation
  19. Survival
  20. Travel
  21. Women´s Clothing and Accessories
  22. Women´s Jewellery

OMS Conclusion and Recommendation

From initial testing and usage, OMS has yet to be convinced that ZeroUp provides all of the features and functionality which it claims to offer. Certainly, we are sceptical whether the fast implementation and results which are claimed by Fred Lam are achievable.

Recently we noticed that Fred Lam has teamed up with Robert Kyosaki and is offering a ZeroUp elite training under the company name Lurn. We have not tried this out but are a little apprehensive about the method of selling this product. You are encouraged to give information about yourself and agree to be open for an invitation to join a condensed 4-day training with Fred Lam, but the price is not specified up front. You receive a personal telephone call with your invitation, if you are a ¨chosen one¨then are hit with the cost of the training.

What you are offered is very intensive 4-day training with Fred Lam personally, so maybe that will make all the difference to whether you will be successful or not.




How To Make Money Online With E-commerce 2019

Introduction How To Make Money Online With E-commerce

make money online with e-commerce

Make Money Online With E-commerce

There are many ways in which to generate sales and revenue, and one of the most popular and common ways is to make money online with E-commerce.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

From all the publicity,  there is no doubt this is the surefire way to make money online with E-commerce, see the following advertisements.

Neil Patel is a world recognised guru, who gives his thoughts in the article below:


From Start to Profit: How to Set Up an E-commerce Store and …

Setting up an e-commerce store is an increasingly popular way of making money online. If you’re interested in getting into the action and setting up your own …

These are articles from Shopify, who can ease the path to setting up your store on their platform:


How to Start an Online Store: 7 Ways to Run a Successful Business

Jun 14, 2018 Coming up with ideas that will actually make you money is tough. … Check out these 17 places e-commerce entrepreneurs go to find the product …

How to Start An E-commerce Business Without Spending Any Money

When most people think about starting an e-commerce business, they have a vision … are so it makes your life easier to find out WHERE they are online/offline.
Here is another article from European Entrepreneur about E-commerce:

How to Make at Least $1,000 Your First Month of Ecommerce

Jan 18, 2017 The thought of making money while you sleep is enticing. … After working closely with clients on the e-commerce side, my family and I decided …

Dropshipping – What Is It? Why Do It?

Often the E-commerce sales method involves Dropshipping, which means that the E-commerce website company has an arrangement with a supplier or suppliers, that they will directly fulfil any orders which are made for his particular products, to the customer or buyer. An example is the AliExpress and Oberlo model on a Shopify store.

make money online with E-commerce


So the customer places an order with you, which is passed to your Dropshipping Supplier, who will despatch his product(s) to the customer. The customer pays for the product at one price, your selling price, to your Company. Your Company pays your Dropshipping Supplier his selling price, which is usually much lower than your Company´s selling price to the customer.

A big advantage of Dropshipping over the traditional model for retailing is that there is no investment in stock or premises, and no direct handling of the goods sold by your Company, so it is a relatively risk-free and low capital way of starting to sell online.

What Are The Costs Involved in E-commerce and How Much Money Can I Make?

make money online with E-commerce

Dropshipping Costs Ecommerce

The margin between your Dropshipping Supplier´s selling price to you and your Company´s Selling price to the customer is the margin within which you must pay for all your costs and also make a profit.

Your Company´s costs would include payments to the platform which you use, for example, monthly payment to Shopify, Amazon, TREX or Slingly. The latter two are based on the WordPress platform.

Also, your Company will have to pay your own staffing costs and overheads such as office rental, heating, air conditioning lighting, computers and software, advertising, and your own accounting and audit costs as well.

Frequently the margin within which your Company operates is a factor of 2 times their cost price, which sounds a lot, but your operational overheads can also be significant especially the cost of advertising using Facebook, Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube (cost of video preparation and posting).

make money online with e-commerce


Your Company should frequently carry out Sales Campaigns to promote certain of their products at particular times. These Sales Campaigns usually comprise Sales Funnels which make an Offer or Lead Magnet so as to invite a potential customer to leave their email address, which is then used for informing of the Sales Campaigns which follow the Squeeze Page.

Sales Funnels will typically start with a DoorBuster Offer, something to really attract a visitor´s attention, and get them to purchase. This may be at cost or slightly over cost, so not a high-profit margin usually. Once they have purchased, and before they exit the site, there will be an Upsell Offer, which is usually more profitable for you as the seller. The buyer may decline this and be offered a Downsell Offer before they exit the site. The Sales Funnel can contain several Upsells and Downsells. Sometimes buyers can get a little annoyed if there are too many Upsells and Downsells, so be careful not to overdo the offers in your funnel.

So your Company hopes to entice a buyer to buy several items, rather than just the first Doorbuster Offer which was at the start of the sales funnel, and this will greatly increase your profit margin on each item, and your overall revenue.

What Are The Risks Involved in Ecommerce?

There are numerous hurdles which you have to overcome in order to achieve a significant level of sales:

1. Traffic – there need to be a  lot of visitors to the E-commerce Website Company to stand a chance of getting some conversions. Conversion rates are usually low which can considerably affect your ability to make revenue and profit.

2. Trust – If they have never heard of your store, or if they have doubts they will receive the product they order, then visitors may not buy from you and click away to a store which they trust to buy from.

3. Fulfilment – Dropshipping fulfilment from China (for example), may have a time delay and an uncertainty so that people may not wish to spend their money on your site.

make money online with e-commerce


4. Platform Problems – Sometimes there are issues to overcome related to the Sales Platform which you choose to use, for example:

Amazon – There are lots of competitors on Amazon, and you do not own the customer, so you cannot build an email list from Amazon customers. Additionally, Amazon may decide at any time to close your store, and possibly offer the items which you were offering for sale, themselves, really? Yes, really!

Nevertheless, proponents of Amazon say that irrespective of the foregoing limitations, Amazon is still worth pursuing because visitors to Amazon are ready to buy, and therefore it is possible to achieve conversions at a higher rate than with other sites.

Shopify – There are regular outgoings with Shopify, for the store and also various app add-ons which are necessary for trading, so these need to be taken into account in the margin between your cost and selling price of products on Shopify.

TREX – Dropshipping fulfilment is from the USA, rather than China, but costs are higher as well, especially shipping (surprisingly, since shipment is within the USA).

Slingly – Regular ongoing costs of operating Slingly, and other similar WordPress commerce sites.

5. Build an Email List – This is an essential part of building your business so you need to carefully consider means which will allow you to do this (Amazon, in particular, puts great constraints on affiliates regarding ownership of the customer, and also even acknowledging repeat sales, these are Amazon´s contacts, not yours, even if you introduced the customer).

6. Build a Niche – It can be difficult to build a General Store, so the conventional wisdom is that you need to target your audience (customers)  in a narrow niche, which you specialize in.

7. Marketing Strategy – Your marketing strategy should be geared towards your particular niche and how to sell to those customers in your niche. If you have success then you can Scale the business upwards.

There is a lot involved in setting up a successful E-commerce Website Company, and when you consider the costs of the setup and reliable arrangements with Dropshipping companies (which may be located in China or other countries), then it may be prohibitive for you to do so.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

You can make money online with E-commerce, especially the Drop-shipping model.

Amazon is recognised as a good bet to make money online with e-commerce because visitors have buying intent.

Shopify is another option but said to be hard to gain momentum.

In order to streamline the process, you need to ensure that you have a reliable fulfilment company to support your operation. That means the correct, quality products delivered on-time to the customer.

The last thing you want is for unhappy customers to make complaints and return goods, or have to track goods which have gone astray.

If you are fulfilling your orders from China, you need to select reliable suppliers, so will need to spend some time pre-selecting these.

Consider trying out Wealthy Affiliate (WA) where you can make a website for free, and try out your ideas for dropshipping and e-commerce, and learn a lot of lessons from the training and also from other community members before you commit a lot of costs to your e-commerce platform.

Click Here to see the OMS review of Wealthy Affiliate.