OMS Review Of Steven And Darren Essa´s Money On Demand System

Introduction to Steven and Darren Essa´s Money On Demand System

Darren and Steven Essa are the owners of the Money On Demand X10 Effect System, which involves producing and publishing online webinars in order to generate revenue, which the two brothers claim to be far more profitable than any other means of making money on the net.

Who Are Steven And Darren Essa?

Steven Essa is a highly successful Webinar Training Expert and International Speaker who presents himself as the premier proponent and practitioner of presentation of webinars on the internet.

Hailing from Australia, and has had great success with his system called Money On Demand, the X10 Effect. Hailing a No 1 Amazon best-selling author as well from his book Money On Demand.

money on demand system


Darren Essa is Steven´s brother who owns 50% of the Money On Demand X10 Effect business, as well as several other businesses which they jointly own.

Darren is a proponent of partnerships in business as a means of achieving multiple streams of passive income online, and describes their methodology of leveraging the knowledge from their webinar system which they have optimised, and applying it to multiple other businesses, some of which they have commoditised and include in their package training.

What is Money On Demand System, X10 Effect?

Money On Demand is the Webinar training system offered by Steven and Darren Essa, and the software needed to implement the training.

money on demand system


What Does The Money On Demand Training Comprise?

The Money On Demand training comprises the following:

  • 8 Training Modules on CD, in order to help to create and launch high converting products and automate the online selling process.
  • Ready Made Webinars, which can be accessed and used to start earning revenue immediately.
  • Phone Support from the Money On Demand support team during UK office Hours.
  • Email Support from the Money On demand support team.
  • Private Facebook Group Access, where you can meet and interact with other Money On Demand students.

Additional facilities and functionality available at extra cost are as follows:

  • Webinator Software.
  • Facebook Ads Blueprint and Social Media 360 Home Study Course.
  • 2 Day Money On Demand Workshop.

Here is an explanatory video about How Steven Essa Created a Webinar Formula which led to marketing of the Money On Demand System (X10 Effect).

Is Money On Demand, The X 10 Effect Any Good?

What Benefits Will Money On Demand Bring To My Business?

Steven and Darren Essa claims that subscribers to his business system can dramatically improve their performance in 3 ways:

1) Conduct Professional Webinars

Subscribers, once they have carried out the necessary training will be able to make their own webinars and place them on the internet using Youtube or using zoom or skype or GoToWebinar conferences.

2) Automate the Webinar Sales Process

Steven´s Webinator software allows a subscriber to easily and quickly and efficiently prepare their own webinars for presentation on the internet.

3) Leverage Webinars For Maximum Profit

Using Steven´s guidance and mentoring from his extensive experience of preparing and presenting webinars, you can see the most profitable ways to mobilize your new skills.

money on demand system



How Much Does Money On Demand, the x10 Effect cost?

The cost of Money On Demand, the X10 Effect is 1500GBP, or a deposit of 497 GBP, followed by 2 x monthly payments of 597GBP. The cost of the offer depends on the venue and offer on the day, some of the above functionality and services may be monetized. Steven Essa offered  a particularly good deal including many bonuses for free at the Digital Nomads conference organized by Andrew Reynolds on 29 June to 1 July 2018.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We believe that the principle of Videos On Demand is exactly what is needed for internet success owing to the runaway success of video on Social Media channels such as YouTube.

Steven Essa has mastered the art of webinar preparation down to a fine art, and has also developed his own software in order to make webinars, called Webinator software. His system seems to be one of the best available on the internet.

We have not yet tried out Steven Essa´s training but once we have done so we will complete our review of the Money On Demand System.

The alternative of course, if you dont have money to invest in the X10 Effect System is to think through and formulate your own formula for success, using your own expertise, and who knows, it may be a winner!

If, however you do not have the two thousand pounds to invest in buying the Money On Demand system, and you do not have the expertise currently, why not check out this FREE training from Wealthy Affiliate. You can get access to see how to make your own webinars for minimal cost, go here to see our review of the Amazing Wealthy Affiliate. If you do not like the training you can unsubscribe at any time. You do not need a credit card in order to try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE.




OMS Review of Outsourcing And Virtual Assistant Companies and Services

Introduction to Outsourcing And Virtual Assistant Companies And Services

Outsourcing of some of the repetitive, time consuming and highly skilled tasks required for a successful online business can be a massive aid to the website owner and entrepreneur with limited time and tight deadlines to meet, provided that you specify everything which you need correctly and concisely, and are tight regarding allocated budgets, so as to avoid wasting time and money.

What Do You Need From Outsourcing?

An entrepreneur or website owner can decide to outsource almost anything from his task list, but you need to decide what exactly you want to get done by someone else and why that is.

Repetitive Tasks Which Are Time Consuming

There are a miriad of repetitive and time consuming tasks which the online entrepreneur needs to get done. Ideally you carry them out yourself in order to save money expended, but your time may have a higher value carrying out more productive tasks, from which you can get a better Return On Investment.

Virtual Assistant Companies

One of the biggest investments a company can make in Outsourcing is to hire a Virtual Assistant.

There are many potential Virtual Assistant companies who offer such services. One such company is, but there are many others in the marketplace also.

We do have some imited experience of working with but it was not a fruitful relationship and did not progress beyond the start up phase. From our side the relationship was not satisfactory.

One of the problems with hiring a Virtual Assistant is that you must precisely describe everything which you expect that employee to carry out, and in which priorities. This means that you must instruct them to do training on the particular software packages which you use, and allow them time to carry out the training as well, before they can productively use it.

Our particular initiative revolved around getting some feedback from the outsourcing company, which was not forthcoming, so we decided to cancel the arrangement before any more time and money was lost.

No matter what your VA carries out on your behalf, you are obliged to pay for their time. This may work out ok if you have a relationship with your VA and they are responsive to your needs. On the other hand, do you really know what your VA has been doing all day, when you are several thousand miles away in another continent.

Our conclusion is that you would be better served hiring a real assistant rather than a Virtual Assistant, and you can then personally instruct them and personally communicate with them about what results they have achieved. If necessary you can personally modify instructions to the Real Assistant. This applies even if the hourly cost of a Real Assistant is higher in theory than that of a Virtual Assistant. It is not about hourly cost, it is about real cost and efficiency ie real value, not virtual value.

Even if the cost of hiring an Assistant in your home country is higher than it may be in a low cost country such as India or The Phillipines, we urge you to strongly consider paying the higher cost as better communication and control could give you a higher value return on your investment.

Other Services Which Can Be Outsourced are the highly skilled and specialised ones for which you may need special software and a higher level of expertise than many people possess:

Logo Design and Preparation

There are many many companies on the internet who can offer logo design services, with a wide range of price structures.

One of the sources of Logo design is

We have used for logo design services, and chose one of a number of competing logo designers. The logo was delivered within the agreed timescale and was of adequate quality. We paid approximately $12 for the logo, plus a tip, which is an unusual feature of, which we have not come across on other similar websites.

virtual assistant companies

fiverr-range-of-services is another website where you can commission many different types of service. Note the price of a mobile website is quoted in bottom right hand corner. Projects can be advertized for pricing alternatively specialist resource can be hired by the hour.

virtual assistant companies



Guru.Com is another outsourcing site similar to the two above, which says it has 3 million experts at your disposal.

virtual assistant companies


. is another outsourcing site, more geared towards content creation, writing articles. posts and pages, rather than design.

virtual assistant companies

www-iwriter-com is another large scale general outsourcing service site, with many specialists available.

virtual assistant companies




OMS Conclusion and Recommendation

We conclude that you need to categorise the tasks which you want to procure  from Virtual Assistant Companies.

The first category of tasks is those which are repetitive and time consuming and which can be outsourced and delegated to a cheaper resource.

Our recommendation would be to think very carefully before entering into a contract for Virtual Assistant services. A local assistant may be a better and more efficient arrangement.

You may be better served by hiring an assistant locally rather than employing someone remotely who you do not have first hand visibility of, and have difficulty managing and controlling.

The second category of tasks which may be delegated are usually those which are highly specialised and involve skilled work, for which there are many expert specialists whose services you can buy at very reasonable rates. You can get such expert services from companies like:


OMS recommends using such companies because you can get real value for money from buying from the right specialist for the job you need done.

If you are short of money to buy in such services, you could consider signing up to Wealthy Affiliate, which offers a massive amount of FREE training, as well as preparing and hosting 2 websites even if you decide not to join as a Premium Member, for more information click here.



OMS Review Of Multiple Streams Of Passive Income -Digital Nomads

Introduction – Multiple Streams of Passive Income – Digital Nomads

Recently we attended an event organised by Andrew Reynolds under the banner Digital Nomads, at Excel in East London, for the many people who are interested in making multiple streams of passive income, and who want the Laptop lifestyle, to be able to work minimally from anywhere in the world, whilst enjoying a luxury lifestyle.

multiple streams of passive income

Laptop Lifestyle – work from anywhere in the world

We have followed Andrew Reynolds for about 18 months now and he is an experienced and expert marketer of high quality and high value educational software and training products. His latest successful product offering is Video On Demand.

He also organizes seminar type events at which he arranges presentations by well known and successful entrepreneurs.

Last year there was a similar event which  was held over a 3 day weekend in June at Excel in East London.

This year the event was labelled Digital Nomads, because it portrayed that is is possible to have a nomadic lifestyle travelling the world and running your businesses from a laptop wherever you are in the world enjoying your wealthy lifestyle, as a result of Multiple Streams Of Passive Income.

Andrew suggested that delegates approach planning for their passive income streams using a Hub and Spoke type approach where each spoke of the wheel was a separate source of income, and during the course of the event several types of passive income stream business were presented. The suggestion being that you choose one or more of these options as your preferred source of passive income, and supplement it with more of these alternative options, so that you are never totally reliant on one source of income which could at some point in time dry up.

What Andrew Reynolds presented was several speakers who were each experts in their own fields and highly successful businessmen, from a variety of different types of moneymaking business, many of whom described how it was possible to make multiple streams of passive income, and recounting their own systems and experience of success.

Steven And Darren Essa The X10 Effect, Money On Demand

multiple streams of passive income


Steven and Darren Essa are specialists in producing and presenting webinars which can be put on Youtube or used for skype or Zoom type webinars. Their view is that Video and Audio are more successful and effective means of communication than written words. Steven is also a highly successful public speaker in his own field of expertise. Darren prefers to stay in the background, although he owns 50% of the business.

They have produced proprietory software for webinar automation, called Webinator Software.

He is an author of a best selling book called Money On Demand.

Steven Essa offers training of his webinar presentation methods and software, which includes a set of 8 Money On Demand training modules, a Facebook Ads Blueprint and Social Media 360 Home Study Course, plus Ready Made Webinars, Plus Phone and Email Support to subscribers as well as a Private Facebook Group, and a 2 day Money On demand Workshop. All notionally valued around 40,000GBP for a one of event price of 1500GBP, or split over 3 months 497GBP deposit then 2 x monthly payments of 597GBP.

Click here to read our full review of Steven and Darren Essa´s Video On Demand, X10 Effect.

Darren Winters – The Wealth Trading Company

Darren Winters has spent a lot of his own time and money being mentored by the best share trading experts in the world. He has made many millions from his expertise, and offers training courses to share his knowledge.

multiple streams of passive income

Darren Winters

He has intimate knowledge of the stock markets and trends during economic cycles, and the relevent stages for share trading, and the best type of stocks to invest in at each stage of the cycle, which are:

  • Early Capital Goods phase
  • Middle Expansion phase
  • Late Expansion phase
  • Early Contraction phase
  • Late Contraction phase

Darren also advises on Trading Psychology, and Trading Emotions.

He proposes leveraging the power of Compound Returns consistently.

The cost of Darren´s Wealth Training course is 2000GBP, and for those committing at the event he gave a lot of valuable bonuses.

Click here to read our full review of Darren Winter´s Wealth Trading Program

Sean Allison – Cash Flow Options Trading Program

Sean Allison is a specialist Options Trader and keen golfer.

multiple streams of passive income


He offers Professional Options Trading Education Program consisting of 9 modules:

Module 1 – The Fundation of Income Trading Success

Module 2 – Key Concepts to Generate Income

Module 3 – Sean´s Basic Cheat Sheet

Module 4 – The Key Set Up For Charting Success

Module 5 – Understanding Put Options

Module 6 – Understanding Call Options

Module 7 – The Call Spread Strategy

Module 8 – The Put Spread Strategy

Module 9 – Mastering Trading Psychology

In addition to the above educational modules valued at 9000GBP, Sean offers 6 x 1 hour skype sessions valued at 1500GBP and 12 months unlimited email access valued at 2000GBP.

Sean offered the following bonuses as well to attendees at the Digital Nomads Event:

How To Open Your Trading Account valued at 500GBP.

The Crash Strategy valued at 3000GBP.

Options Trading Program 2 Day Workshop Training valued at 6000GBP.

Elite Squeeze Strategy valued at 2000GBP.

Plus Lifetime Access to Sean´s Ultimate Trading Diary valued at 1300GBP.

The total value of the offer package was 25, 250GBP.

The Special One Off Digital Nomads Event cost of Sean allison´s Options Trading Program is 1500 GBP or 1590 GBP split over 2 monthly payments of 795 GBP each month.

Click here to read our full review of Sean Allison´s Cash Flow Options Trading Program.

Simon Coulson´s Internet Business Videos And Internet Business School

Simon Coulson has made a great success of internet marketing using ebooks on a themed basis, such as property guides to Bulgaria, and other central European countries and made many millions of pounds from his methods.

multiple streams of passive income


Simon now teaches his methods and charges 1500GBP for a training and mentoring course of 3days.

Simon describes his simple 3 step system, as follows:

1) Something to sell – A Product or a Service

2) Website – should be good quality, better than competitors, sales funnels, upsells, offers.

3) Traffic – The Most Important Thing.

Click here to read our full review of  Simon Coulson´s Internet Business Videos And Internet Business School.


Pat Mesiti – Pathway to Prosperity – 12 Steps to Financial Freedom

Pat Mesiti is a Mentor and Lifestyle coach with a powerful and personable character. he offers mentoring and training courses with him personally. Pat is acquainted with many famous and successful personalities including Arnold Schwarzeneger.

multiple streams of passive income


Pat´s Pathway to Prosperity is a 3 day event valued at 1500GBP, or 3 x payments of 597GBP per month.

Within the currculum Pat promises to cover:

  • The 12 Irrefutable Laws of money
  • The 8 Vital Associations for Wealth
  • How to Set Your Money Goals
  • The 12 Steps to Financial Recovery and Acceleration
  • How to Develop a Financial Pathway to Freedom
  • How to Change Your Money Story and Financial Directions

Also you will receive:

The Wealth Mastery Program, which is an extensive collection of mindset training, with inspirational life training presented by Pat Mesiti and guests. This is a Home study program.

Click here to read our full review of  Pat Mesiti – Pathway to Prosperity – 12 Steps to Financial Freedom


Paul O´Mahoney – ReThink Social Media

Paul O´Mahoney is a specialist in Social Media, who has become very succesful through his use of webinars and social media endorsement producing viral traffic growth.

multiple streams of passive income

Paul O´Mahoney Facebook

He is an author of a book called ¨ReThink Social Media – Stop Wasting Time. Start Earning Money¨.

Paul offers training courses in the Social Media methods which he uses and the cost is 2000GBP for a x week course which includes his personal support and mentoring.

Paul has a 4 step strategy:

1) Find a Niche

2) Social Media – find audience, Marketing

3) Free Gift + Opt In Page to build an email list – your database of contacts, customers.

4) Email marketing

In addition for success you will need targetted traffic, a database (email list) AutoResponder, Ongoing Support

Paul offers a total package value of 32,950GBP for an event Special Offer price of 2000GBP, or 3 payments of 795GBP.

Click here to read our full review of Paul O´Mahoney – ReThink Social Media.


Tom Hua – PRIMO3

Tom Hua is a top flight internet marketer and has had great success with his own Affiliate Marketing business, being a previous winner of ClickBank Resellers Viral Marketing Award.

PRIMO stands for Passive, Residual, Income, Machine Online.

PRIMO3 - Tom Hua

PRIMO3 – Ecourse Capital Ebooks And Ecourses

The PRIMO system offers Affiliates the ability to use all of Tom Hua´s existing ebook and ecourse products, either sell them as they are or to adapt them to your own purpose and sell them as your own. Go here to see OMS Review of PRIMO3.

Tom´s system comprises the following basic elements:

1) Product or Service

2) Website

3) Traffic (visitors = customers)

Products can be:

1.1 Afiliate Programs eg Clickbank, offer instant start, but no control. Preferable to spend money on high ticket items for higher commission.

1.2 Resell Licences

Instant start – better control, possibly expensive, ie ecourses

1.3 Own Products

You have full control with your own products but full responsibility for fulfilment of orders and after sales, returns etc.

Information products are easy to sell and distribute, just need to find customers.

2. Website

Webhosting vs Cloud Computing, Amazon Web services

2.2 Cross Platform Content delivery

PC/Tablet/Laptop/Mobile Phone

2.3 Accept Payment Online

Paypal or Stripe, Alipay is popular in China, or,

3. Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of the business. The 3 most effective ways of getting traffic are:

Search Engines vs Social Network, ie Google, FaceBook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, SnapChat.

Joint Venture is the fastest way to achieve traffic to your website

Viral Traffic is the best if possible to achieve

Tom Hua´s offer for PRIMO3 at the Digital Nomads event is one payment of $3777 or staged payments over up to 2 years 24 payments of $250.

Click Here for our full review of Tom Hua´s PRIMO3 System.

Brian Koz – Webfire Software

multiple streams of passive income

With his partner Shawn Casey, Brian Koz is the co-author of Webfire software, which is a highly sophisticated online marketing sotware system with multi functional capabilities. including:

  • Keyword Analysis and Research
  • Backlinks
  • Leads Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Marketing

Click here to see OMS review of Webfire software.

The cost of the software is $1997pa, which was discounted for the Digital Nomads event.


Kevin Green – Property Developer/Social Entrepreneur

Kevin Green is one of the wealthiest people in the United Kingdom. He specialises in purchasing properties where the owners have defaulted on their mortgages or loans. He offers a deal to take on the liabilities, acquire the property, develop it and sell it on. He does so in cycles of three properties, so that he keeps appreciating assets as well as trades and sells on properties for cash flow for his business.

His business model is to buy properties at 50% Below Market Value, selling at 20% Below Market Value.

He also uses a unique model of financing the purchases of properties, which is a sort of crowd funding approach.

Systemization is the key to Kevin Green´s approach and success.

Kevin Green claims that the returns from such property investment is very large, and has enabled him to buy gold and silver bullion and to trade in jewels from Indonesia and Malaysia.

He claims to sublet and delegate most of the work to his team of specialists who deal with the technical processes involved in acquisition of the properties, settlement of debts, and development activities.

Kevin Green offers training courses which teach the methods which he uses and are always popular, costing 3000GBP per person for a 3 day course.


Andrew Reynolds – Digital Company Set Up Offer

Andrew Reynolds made an unusual and extremely generous offer upon the announcement of his retirement after working for 21 years building his businesses.

multiple streams of passive income

To all attendees of the Digital Nomads workshop, as a one offer retirement offer, Andrew Reynolds offered to set up a company for each attendee of the workshop, Additionally he offered to give to each attendee the Private Label Rights to all of his electronic products, and show each attendee the software which he uses to run and operate his company.

This is an incredible offer, and Andrew Reynolds fulfilled this at the event from 29th June to 1st July 2018.

Additionally Andrew Reynolds offered a free traffic workshop which was held on 15th July which demonstrated successful traffic generation methods as practiced by an expert in that field.

Andrew Reynolds gave every person who attended his Digital Nomads conference the opportunity to start off their own multiple stream of passive income.


OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We have not yet tried all of the above products, but have provided you with links to those which we have reviewed.

If you have tried or used any of the above products, and wish to share your review, we would be pleased to receive it.

On the whole we think that the products presented by Andrew Reynolds are high quality and in general presented excellent value for money, as many of them were heavily discounted for the Digital Nomads event only.

If you want to check out FREE online marketing training in order to build yourself a business online, then check out our review of the Amazing Wealthy Affiliate here.



Introduction to Some Passive Streams Of Income Ideas

Introduction to Passive Streams Of Income Ideas

There are many ways in which to create multiple streams of income from your businesses. The following are some passive streams of income ideas:

  • Internet Business
  • Traditional Business (Bricks and Mortar physical premises)
  • Investment Business

Internet Businesses can do all their business online or they could be hybrids with traditional businesses. Many of the traditional retailers are offering more online services since the purchasing trend of consumers is more towards ordering online for home delivery.

passive streams of income ideas

Online Business

The best example of the success of the pure online retailer (with no physical store) is, of course, Amazon, which is growing and plans to enter into market areas which are more associated with the High Street, such as property sales.

Companies such as John Lewis or any of the major retailers have to offer online as an option to their customers, as well as keeping their high street stores open (at great cost). BHS was a casualty of which there have been many on the High Street

Traditional Businesses can also be quite varied and many traditional businesses have online departments as well, so as to offer their customers choices about how and when they can purchase the products which they want. Examples would be Currys PC World, who have physical premises as well as good online ordering and delivery systems for the products which they sell. They also offer installation of some products as well, so are more like a supply and install contractor in some circumstances.

Traditional businesses which have not adapted to the new way of doing business online have suffered and in some cases gone out of business, for example, House of Fraser.

So in terms of passive income, the only role in which you could expect to receive a good return would be as an investor, but the risks for such traditional businesses are high with increased competition in the marketplace.

passive streams of income ideas

Return On Investment

So how to reduce the risk?

Franchises are a business model with less risk than a completely new startup because the model has already been created and proven to be successful. A drawback is that to purchase the proven model and reduce your risk will cost you money paid to the franchisee. MacDonald’s franchises are expensive and you will not see a return on your investment for several years, depending on the location of the business and the level of trading. Some franchises can be run from home and do not necessarily need premises, but you need to carefully check out what you are actually buying with the franchise system which you have chosen.

Remember that for any business to work, you need customers, so no matter how much you spend on the franchise, how will you get sales? From where do you get customers? How to convert prospects into sales? How much effort will that take, ie how much of your time will you need to spend on this? Is this really passive income? Is it what I want to do?

Within the Investment Business category we would include:

  • Stocks and Shares and Options Trading (including commodities)
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Property Investment

Each one of the above categories needs a much more detailed explanation so as to see which one or more may suit your particular circumstances and financial capability.

Internet Business

Here are a few passive streams of income ideas which relate to Internet Business

passive streams of income ideas


Sale of Digital Products For Which You Own the Private Reselling Rights

Some of them relate to the selling of digital or educational products, either your own or selling e-products produced by others, under Private Reselling Rights.

An example of a system selling digital products is PRIMO3. If you want to see the OMS review of PRIMO3 then go here.

The main other ways of generating passive income online are listed below:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can produce good passive income streams from different websites selling other people´s products or services. Affiliate marketers usually specialize in a particular niche or niches.

Goods can be sold on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, or Shopify, which are the most popular online stores.

Products can be sourced from such marketplaces as ClickBankCommission Junction, JV Zoo.

passive streams of income ideas

Often Affiliate Marketers use their own website and blogs to write reviews of products with links to those products and similar ones, from which they can earn a commission on each sale.

OMS has done a review of several affiliate marketing systems including Wealthy Affiliate, which is one system which we highly recommend. However, WA is not a get rich quick system, and in order to arrive at a position where you will receive passive income from the websites which you develop, you will have to invest a large amount of time.

If you want to see our review of Wealthy Affiliate, go here.

Small value sales will give relatively small value commissions, but high ticket sales can also produce high-level commissions. Once buyers trust a seller then they can be offered Up-sells which generate higher returns and profitability. You need to decide on your marketing strategy of what products or services to sell, and how to market such products.


passive streams of income ideas


Sale of Own Products Online

Some retailers have their own range of products which they produce or source and then sell to customers online. Sometimes these are traditional retailers who also have high street stores, but also offer online shopping to remain competitive with full online retailers. Examples of online sellers with retail high street presence would be John Lewis, Next, Selfridges or Harrods.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer. As in retail business, the majority of retailers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price, but some retailers earn an agreed percentage of the sales in commission, paid by the wholesaler to the retailer.

Drop shipping involves a Vendor selling products online, which orders are fulfilled by another company.

The seller only orders the product once he has received payment from the customer. The seller places the order with the drop shipping fulfilment company at a lower price, in order to make his margin.

The seller has to keep no stock or inventory, nor premises, so there are big overhead savings over a traditional business.

The dropshipping fulfilment company sends the product to the customer by airmail for quick delivery, or train or sea shipment. Sometimes these dropshipping fulfilment companies are based in China, but they could equally be based in any country including the USA. Examples of Chinese drop shipping companies are Alibaba or AliExpress.

OMS has reviewed a couple of drop shipping companies which are based on the Shopify platform.

If you want to look at the OMS review of ZeroUP, go here.

An example of a USA based drop shipping company would be TREX or Slingly, although there are many other systems out there.

If you want to look at the OMS review of TREX, go here.

If you want to look at the OMS review of Slingly, go here.

Multi-Level Marketing

MLM involves selling of products at different levels within a system or programme. An example of such a system would be The 4%, which OMS, has not yet reviewed.

In most circumstances, OMS would NOT recommend that you invest in an MLM business.

However, there are a few exceptions which we will advise on shortly once we have fully explored and tested them.

Share And OptionTrading

Additionally, there are other forms of business which rely on trading, such as the buying and selling of shares and options.

These systems can be used so as to generate relatively good levels of passive income. It is claimed to be able to start with relatively low levels of capital, although we have yet to fully try this out.

An example of a Share Trading System is Share And Options Trading Education from Sean Allison. For the OMS review of How To Open Your Trading account With Professional Options Trading Education Program using Sean Allison´s training system click here.

For the OMS review of The Wealth Trading Company, from Darren Winters click here.

CryptoCurrency Trading

Another means of achieving passive income is from trading in Cryptocurrency. There are a number of groups specializing in the buying and selling of cryptocurrency, such as Keys To Freedom.

We will shortly be publishing our  OMS review of Keys To Freedom.

Property Investment And Development

Property is a massive subject for consideration in relation to Passive Streams Of Income ideas but does usually demand that you have at least a proportion of the capital available to invest in the development which you are interested in. The Rule Of Thumb is that you need approximately 20% of the development cost, whether you are managing a large development or investing in property on a small scale.

We are aware that some people claim it is possible to use entirely other people´s money, but we are quite sceptical about the effectiveness and risks of such a strategy.

Your role in the Development process could be as:

Owner (of the site and the eventual development), which could be Freehold or leasehold for a fixed term of years.

Investor (in all or part of the development).

Some investors purchase only Freeholds of properties and do not

There are numerous franchises available in the property market, one of which is Platinum Property Partnership. Their financial model is based upon Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO), and involve identifying properties in certain key locations, which have parking available and also which are near public transport. These properties may also be near such places of intense employment such as factories of large office complexes, Universities, Hospitals etc.

The identified house is purchased at a certain price level, which is factored depending on the anticipated rental income from each individual room available for rental.

The house is then refurbished and extended and upgraded to conform with the required Building Control and Fire Regulations.

Once the refurbishment is complete, the individual rooms are furnished to a suitable high standard and offered to young professionals to whom this standard of accommodation is targeted.

Rental agreements are prepared and signed by the landlord (you) and the tenant, on whom you will have taken up references before agreeing to rent them the room.

Another example of a successful property investor is Kevin Green.

Kevin Green´s success model is based on buying ¨Distressed Sales¨, ie those where the vendor is under some pressure. For example, there may be a charge on the property and the owner may be behind with payments, so is being pressurized by the bank to make all payments, or if the owner is unable to do so promptly the bank may threaten repossession.

Kevin Green specializes in doing deals under such circumstances, then refurbishing or improving the properties and selling them on at a profit.

Property is such a large subject area, we will publish separate reviews about these opportunities in due course.

Conclusion And Recommendation

From all of the passive streams of income ideas which are listed above, it is clear that depending on how closely you wish to be involved in each of the businesses, and in what role, there is potentially a lot of work involved in many of them. They can hardly be described as Passive Income.

So you need to choose carefully the business which suits you best, taking account of the amount of capital which you have available to invest, and also the amount of time which you are personally able to invest.

You need to be aware of how much money and time it will take to develop your business. You need to assess at what stage you will be able to make passive income from the business, and exactly what commitment will be required once that stage of development has been reached.

You also need to look at what options there are in the particular business model which you have chosen for an Exit Strategy. What will you do? Hold the business in perpetuity, and pass it to your heirs, as your legacy? Alternatively, do you plan to build the business up to a certain stage of success, and then sell the business as a going concern, so you bank the proceeds of the sale as your return on the investment which you have made to start and build up the business.



Why You Need Wealthy Affiliate To Make Money Online Writing

Introduction – What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

make money online writing

Make Money Online Writing

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a well proven successful training and online marketing platform which was started in 2005 by Kyle and Carson, who are the owners of the business. It is a comprehensive software system and also a membership community, which includes masses of training and support and enables all its subscribers to make money online writing, or blogging as it is commonly known.

You can even sign up to WA and try this platform out for FREE indefinitely!

This includes preparing and hosting two websites of your very own on WA, it really is an incredible offer!

Make Money Online Writing


Why Is Wealthy Affiliate Any Different To Any Of The Other Make Money Online Systems – Is It A Scam

Wealthy Affiliate has been developed and improved over the years and now has more than 1.3 million users and members worldwide. It is a fantastic and supportive community whose members help each other play it forward with regard to training as well as supporting and developing each members business.

So What Does Wealthy Affiliate Give Me?

You can sign up to Wealthy Affiliate in order to try it out, and you can continue to use Wealthy Affiliate for as long as you like for FREE. With this FREE membership, you have the ability to create 2 websites for your personal use, and use all of the system’s capabilities sufficient to develop those websites to be usable on the internet, and these are hosted and maintained by Wealthy Affiliate on the SiteRubix platform.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the platform, the hosting, the training, support, mentoring and content creation facilities and systems to successfully make money online writing for FREE.

make money online writing

Make Money Online Writing With Wealthy Affiliate

If you decide that you like Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for Premium Membership which costs just $49 per month and gives you enhanced facilities and functionality within Wealthy Affiliate. Alternatively, you can sign up for the annual membership which is further discounted.


Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Functionality

Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership Functionality

Why Do I Need Wealthy Affiliate to Make Money Online Writing?

make money online writing

Make Money Online Writing With WA

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make money online writing using their step by step training system, which is very comprehensive and supported by text lessons as well as videos. You are required to complete practical exercises at every stage of your own websites, to prove that you have understood each lesson.

If you are not clear about any points you can refer back to the training, or you can refer to a massive database of knowledge which has been built up by subscribers over many years

What Is Different About Wealthy Affiliate Compared With Other Systems and Software?

make money online writing

Shiny Object Syndrome

There are plenty of systems and offers of how to get rich quickly using their respective systems, fondly known as ¨Shiny Objects¨, which are available online.

Many of them involve various levels of UPSELLING, meaning that you subscribe at one level of price, but are quickly induced to spend more money on the next level of SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME so that you can ensure your success to the next higher level.

Some examples of other available training systems and software offers are present here on OMS, see our reviews of the following:

Morrison Academy, click here.

Affiliate Marketing Dude, Marcus Campbell, click here.

We do not recommend either of these systems as being superior in any way to Wealthy Affiliate.

There are too many systems out there to mention, but we have come across nothing which is close to the offer from Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate costs are clearly transparent from the outset, and you can try it out for as long as you want for FREE.

No other system in the marketplace offers this level of FREE usage for trial!  You don´t even need a credit card to sign up!

There is only one level of WA membership other than the FREE membership which provides limited functionality.

So there are NO UPSELLS WITH WA, which is a common feature of much other training and online marketing systems on the marketplace.

Successful WA Members Provide The Training Mentoring and Support for More Junior WA Members

There are many successful Wealthy Affiliate members, whose businesses have grown through the years with WA. These successful members help the more junior and newer members by providing training through videos, mentoring and problem-solving help to all members. There are help and technical support available 24/7 365 days per year.

Who Are These Successful Wealthy Affiliate Members? Why Should I Believe These Success Claims? Is It Just Another Scam?

In the table below are listed the top 13 Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors, and their Helper, Creator, and Activity rankings, together with their contribution in Ambassador Days

Make Money Online writing

Wealthy Affiliate – Top WA Members & Rankings

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We subscribed to Wealthy Affiliate in September 2017, and have been using and trying out the WA system extensively and in-depth since that time.

We have created several websites and either hosted them on Wealthy Affiliate or transferred them into WA. One of the sites is this one where we have written and published more than 50 posts or blogs about online marketing.

The Safety of the Wealthy Affiliate hosted sites is excellent and they are all provided with SSL, so https:// handle.

The training provided within Wealthy Affiliate is excellent and provides for those who wish to make money online writing, using their own Blog Posts, alternatively those who wish to promote membership of WA.

The community support from Wealthy Affiliate is also excellent, 1.4 million members can´t be wrong!

If you would like to try out Wealthy Affiliate for FREE click here.

If you would like to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership click here.


OMS Review Of Making Money In Online Business

Introduction To Making Money In Online Business

making money in online business

Making Money In Online Business

The Customer Purchase Lifecycle

The first step in the cycle is to identify a need for something, a product or a service, which will solve a problem for a purchaser, and save them either time or money, or risk. This is a fundamental step to understanding making money in online business.

making money in online business

making money in online business






The Wealthy Affiliate training on this subject is here:





make money in online business


What Is Your Niche Market?

You need to decide what niche you are in, that is who is your audience, or customers. What demand are you going to try to satisfy?

Some people choose a passion of theirs, such as a hobby or a sport they may be interested in. Whereas other people choose to solve problems such as weight loss for women, or hair loss for either men or women, or both. You need to choose a market segment which is sufficiently narrow that you do not have too much competition. For example, Corgi dogs as a niche, as opposed to the market for dogs as a whole, which would have massive competition. Or maybe fretwork patterns as shown in the image below.

making money in online business

Fretwork Patterns


So recognizing the need or problem to be solved within your niche, or by your target audience, you will need to offer solutions to purchasers in order to achieve success for yourself, ie to conclude sales.

There are many sources of products and services which you can access and use (in addition to making or providing your own products and services) in order to make a good offer to solve the problem of your customers. Some of the sources available for affiliate products are as follows:

  • Amazon Associates
  • ClickBank
  • Commission Junction
  • LinkShare
  • Fiverr (for services)

Affiliate marketing is a popular low-risk type of business model, where the introducer of the buyer receives a commission from the seller or party who fulfils the order.


There are many models involving drop-shipping where the seller of the product does not fulfil the order themselves. The seller places an order with the drop shipper or fulfilment company who may be in a different country, such as China. Alibaba and Ali Express are well known and successful drop shipping companies with a massive range of products available.

The products which you offer will need to satisfy the demands of purchasers, solve their problems, help them in order to be successful.

Therefore you need to choose carefully which products you choose to offer and from where to source them.

You can create your own products and services to suit your niche.

make money in online business


Customer Comprehension

There are many known facts about the typical behaviour of customers and the processes which they employ prior to making a purchase, either online or offline.

1) Customers rarely buy upon the first contact with a product or a seller.

2) It typically takes seven times contact from the first encounter to concluding a purchase, including the research phase, familiarity and information gathering, comparison then finally purchase from a trusted seller.

3) Purchasers do not buy from sellers they do not trust.

4) Purchasers exchange money for something which they believe will solve a problem for them.

5) Customers have far greater access to information and reviews and feedback about products that has ever been the case before, so they are better-informed purchasers.

6) Customers see through scammy products and will not buy from sellers who offer these.

Consider your own process for identifying and evaluating a product before purchase and imagine that many people will follow similar processes before they decide to purchase a particular product, and then the process for identifying the supplier from whom to purchase the product.


Once you have relevant traffic, you have all the potential in the world to earn money from sales.

You can get traffic from a number of sources:

  • Social Media – eg Facebook ads,
  • YouTube
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo Ads
  • Pay Per Click
  • Pay Per Transaction

Ideally, you would want Free Traffic, but that may not be sufficient volume to achieve sales quickly enough.

Therefore many providers pay for Ads and drive traffic to their websites.

Amazon has a massive pool of potential buyers who are primed and ready to buy, so in many ways, it is an ideal marketplace, but on the other hand, there is a massive amount of competition, so prices will tend to be lower.


Customers have a perceived value about what they are prepared to pay for a product, depending on how they like to receive that product. For example, shoes may be preferred to be bought traditionally from High Street stores by some buyers, because they want to ensure the comfort and fit of the shoes.

Other buyers may be quite happy to receive something through the post by ordering online if they think that there is no risk, and they trust the seller. Especially if they have the right to return the goods if they are not satisfied for any reason.

Some customers may be prepared to pay more if they perceive there is added value from certain sellers, for example, no quibble money back guarantee, or servicing and repairs are provided.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

Making money in online business is not as straightforward as many people originally anticipated.

There is a complex process of interaction and understanding between the purchaser and the seller. The purchaser has multiple choices at every stage of the transaction, and can easily be put off from buying from you at any stage of the process between introduction (or visit) and eventual purchase.

You need to establish a relationship with your prospective purchaser in order to build trust so that they would eventually buy from you, even if this may take up to seven visits before a purchaser is satisfied and has an intent to purchase from you.

In order to fully understand the Customer Purchase Lifecycle, and how to make money in online business, you may need further training, if you are not already fully aware of the process and all the variables and complex factors which contribute to it.

If you would like to see our review of  Wealthy Affiliate then click here.

Wealthy Affiliate can provide you with this training if you need it, and you can sign up for a FREE account to try it out for an unlimited time, click here.





How To Use Your Wealthy Affiliate Website Content Manager

Introduction To The WA Website Content Manager

Once you have created a website on your domain, you have a framework and blank canvas upon which you can express your ideas and communicate with your audience of potential customers for your chosen niche, by creating your initial website content.

You have the opportunity to leverage the Site Content platform within Wealthy Affiliate, which will facilitate and make the process of content creation and uploading to your website a very easy process since everything is linked and compatible.

Here is the Website Content Manager training available to Free Members of Wealthy Affiliate (as well as Premium Members of course):

website content manager

Website Content Manager

The About Me Post

One of the first things which you need to do is to introduce yourself via your website content to your customers, and this is usually done using the About Me Post.

Posts are articles which allow readers to communicate with your website using comments, so they can engage with you and you with them and exchange information.

You can communicate with your readers and customers about your Brand, and what it stands for and why people would benefit from trusting you and purchasing from your Brand.

Website Content Manager

It´s All About Me

Privacy Statement

Pages are articles which do not allow comments or engagement, they are statements of fact, and one of such is the Privacy Statement which communicates the company´s Privacy Policy and also states its compliance with the GDPR Regulations which are recent mandatory EU Legislation.

Website Content Manager

Privacy Policy


You can choose which theme to use from more than two thousand available if you subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate, and more than sufficient selection of theme options even as a Free Member.

Themes - Choice Of Many

Themes – Choice Of Many


Dependent upon which Theme you choose, you can allocate Menus at Top, Bottom or Side of the screen which enables you to Organize and Structure the Pages and Posts which comprise your content.

Website Content Manager

Menus – Top, Bottom or Side

New Content

The Site Content Platform within Wealthy Affiliate is the Ultimate Writing Platform. It allows the user to carry out the following functions with great ease:

  • Grammatical and spelling check
  • Duplicate Content Check
  • Automated Publishing Direct to your website
  • Set Writing Goals and Record Accomplishments
  • Carry out SEO Analysis and Checking
  • Content Structure Analysis
  • Allows the Ability to Template Content
  • Gives Vocabulary Enhancement Suggestions
  • Standard size Headings and Sub Headings are available
  • Normal word editing and graphics enhancement such as bold, underline, italics

There are templates available within Wealthy Affiliate Site Content, which you can use, or you can create your own templates as may be required.


Within your content posts and pages, you can allocate links to other documents and sites.

Links - Internal and External

Links – Internal and External


Choosing the correct keywords for Search Engines such as Google, Bing,  Yahoo to crawl over to find the most Relevant Content and index and rank is crucial to the success of your website and Wealthy Affiliate explains how to find the right keywords using different methods such as the Alphabet Soup method and using their proprietary JAAXY keyword tool, which is available to Premium Members.



Communication With Your Audience

You can develop your own writing style within your posts in order to effectively communicate and engage with your audience. You need to inform, engage with and communicate with your audience using a friendly style, rather than a formal essay style.

Website Content Manager

Communicate With Your Audience

Imagery And Graphics

You can enhance the effectiveness of your posts and pages by adding colour graphics, images and photographs to the content so as to make it more visually friendly and attractive to catch the readers eye.

Premium Members of Wealthy Affiliate get access to more than a million images free of charge as part of their membership subscription.

Free Members of Wealthy Affiliate can upload their own images without charge.

Website Content Manager

Imagery And Graphics

Conclusion And Recommendation

You can use the Wealthy Affiliate Site Content Manager on the WA Platform to easily and quickly develop new content for your website if it is hosted at WA. It is by far the easiest way to complete your own website and establish your own valuable Internet Real Estate.

If you want to see our review of Wealthy Affiliate go here.

If you would like to sign up for a FREE Wealthy Affiliate Account for an unlimited period click here. No credit or debit card required.


Choosing A Niche for Your Blog On Your Website


When considering choosing a niche for your blog, you need to consider a Niche which you are interested in and which you know about and enjoy writing about. This is because you will need to write content or articles (posts) about the Niche subject which you choose, as an Affiliate Marketer.


How To Choose The Perfect Niche For Your Blog In 2018 | Blogging …

UPDATED: Don’t fall into the trap most bloggers do. Don’t waste time & money. Learn how to choose the perfect niche for your blog.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose, so it may be better to decide on something which you have a passion for as you will be investing a lot of time developing content about your niche.

What Are Your Choices For A Niche?

See the following reference for more brainstorming ideas for choosing your niche for your blog.


Blogging Basics 101: Choosing a Blogging Niche

Jan 8, 2015 Are you considering starting a blog? Great! You have the first step down. blogging_niche. Now you have to decide what your blog will be about.

Finding the Right Niche for Your Blog (Plus 21 Blog Niche Ideas)

Apr 5, 2017 Choosing the right niche for your blog is critical to its popularity and profitability. In this guide, we’ll share how to find the best niche for your blog …

Choosing a niche for your blog could be almost any subject imaginable, provided that it satisfies the following criteria:

1) It must be a subject which is of interest to people, an audience because these are the potential customers for your product or service.

2) It must be legal.

3) The subject must not be too broad, otherwise, the subject will not be of sufficient focus for your audience, and it will be difficult to promote because the audience is potentially too large, and there is too much competition.

choosing a niche for your blog

What Is Your Niche?

For example, Health is a subject which is too broad for a niche. There is too big a potential audience size, so we need to narrow things down to Men´s Health, or Women´s Health, or Healthy Diet, or Exercise for Health, which can be again broken down by gender or category, or by country or area.

Here are some examples of Niches which may help you when trying to find inspiration, but this is by no means a completely exhaustive list, it is just for illustration:

  • Art and Craft
  • Automotive
  • Baby Care and Accessories
  • Beauty
  • Skincare (men and women)
  • Hair loss (men and women)
  • Electronics
  • Decorations
  • Do It Yourself
  • Football
  • Furniture
  • Golf
  • Interior Design
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Computer Games
  • Gardening
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Hobbies
  • Household and Kitchen
  • Kids Clothing and Accessories
  • Men’s Clothing and Accessories
  • Women´s Clothing and Accessories
  • Men’s shoes
  • Women´s shoes
  • Men’s Jewellery
  • Women´s Jewellery
  • Photography
  • Sports and sports equipment
  • Outdoors and Outdoor living
  • Camping
  • Storage and Organization
  • Survival
  • Travel

Here are some ideas about 21 Businesses To Start On A Shoestring, by Shelley McNeil, a book available from Alpus Academy, if you do not have specific ideas of your own which you would like to develop.

Also, you could check out this book:

How To Make Working From Home Productive, by Julian Bright.

Other Criteria For Choosing A Niche For Your Blog

  • Do people want products in this niche?
  • Is this niche trending?
  • Is there a sufficient audience in that niche?
  • Can you monetise the products in your niche?

Conclusion And Recommendation

Only you have the knowledge for choosing a niche for your blog, since only you know your own areas of expertise and interest, although there are many considerations about whether a niche will be profitable or not, not least of which is how you will monetise your blog.

Alternatively, if you would like to look at more detailed FREE training about choosing a Niche to suit you, then go to the following website and sign up (no credit card is required, and you can unsubscribe at any time): Wealthy

Another option, if you have difficulty choosing a niche for your blog, is to consider promoting Wealthy Affiliate, and many WA Affiliates make a very good income from just doing that!

Specific Niche training is at the following link(no cost once you register for FREE membership:

How To Market Your Products And Services Online In 2018?

Introduction – How To Market Your Products And Services Online In 2018?

market your products and services online

How To Market Your Products And Services 2018

The marketplace for all products and services is becoming more and more competitive, and innovation will win the battle to market your products and services online in 2018.

Ways to promote your product or service

Understanding the different ways to promote your product or service can help you … online interaction between your customers and your business using various …

1. You Found Your Niche market

market your products and services online

Decide On Your Niche

This could be any of the following, as examples, but are better to be something you know about and which you love to do:

Dieting and Weight Loss – narrow the problem, men´s, women´s, belly fat, so as to further categorize the audience.

Sports and Fitness – choose particular sports, such as golf, football, rugby, Les Mills, Triathlon, Running, Cycling, Swimming, sports equipment, weightlifting etc

Family – narrow to Mum´s, kids, Grandparents for example.

Professions, such as Firefighter, Nurse etc

Home and Garden – outdoor, indoor, furniture, carpets, garage and workshop

Motorcycles, Motor Cars – special interests such as vintage cars, particular makes of sports car.

Alternatively, you may have your own unique ideas about a specialized small niche market which you will satisfy – even better!

2. You Need To Ascertain How Best To Market Your Products And Services Online

To do this you can undertake a number of activities, such as:

Market Research among your niche market or audience. For example, you can take a poll on Facebook and display several alternative products and ask for feedback which people from your audience prefer.

You can look at what is trending in the best sellers for each of the online marketplaces such as:

Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, Google trends, Ali-Express

From this Online Market Research, you can easily ascertain whether there is a demand for the product(s) which you have in mind to sell.

market your products and services online


This exercise or conclusion is the validation of the market niche and the proposed product(s).

3. You need to drive Traffic to Your Website

How to Market a Product: 20 Highly Effective Ways

Mar 28, 2018 You’ve found a product and created your online store. Now, what? Once you’re up and running, it’s time to start driving traffic to your store and …

Driving of traffic can be as a result of any of the following methods:

1. Organic growth

2. Paid Advertisements such as Solo Ads.

marketing your products and services online in 2018

Driving Traffic To Your Website

3. Pay Per Click Advertisements.

4. Facebook Advertisements (or other Social Media Advertising).

5.Youtube Videos to generate interest in your website.

6. Other Social Media advertizements eg Pinterest.

7. Google Ads, or equivalent Yahoo or Bing.

4. You need to Monetise your Website

Monetisation this could be by:

1. Selling your own products (which you source and store, pack ship and deliver).

2. Selling someone else´s products, drop-shipping, with fulfilment by another company, possibly from China such as Alibaba or AliExpress.

3. Selling Affiliate Products (someone else is responsible for fulfilment), for which you receive a commission on each sale.

4. Selling educational services, such as videos or ebooks, webinars etc.

Monetize your website

Monetize your website

Market Research is the starting point for any Niche Advertising Campaign.

Customer Market Research is needed in order to ascertain what prospective purchasers are looking for, what they need, what problem they need to solve, and what they want to buy. This can be done using Social Media, especially on Facebook to interact with prospective customers.  Virtual audiences created by selecting criteria such as gender, age group, occupation, interests.

Sometimes the Customer Market Reseach can be short-circuited by using the real-time records of Trending Products, ie those products which are being sought and bought in large numbers at the most popular online stores such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify etc.

Social Media

Social media is playing a growing role in marketing your products and services online in 2018. This is because marketing is becoming more about developing a long-term relationship between you and your customers.

You constantly need to be updating your prospective customers regarding developments and initiatives taking place in your company. This is so that your prospective customers can see that you are active in the marketplace and are following trends and fashions.

For our OMS review of Rethinking Social Media by Paul O´Mahoney go here.

Your Sales Platform

It is important also to consider which platform you will use to sell your products and services, for example, Amazon, e-bay, Shopify, Slingly, TREX

10 Sites to Sell Your Products Online: What’s Best for Your Business?

Nov 17, 2015 We go over 10 different sites to sell your products online. … the Fulfillment by Amazon service, which lets Amazon store your products, handle …


To market your products and services online in 2018 is becoming more and more complex. Purchasers are becoming more and more discerning, and are better informed than ever. Purchasers will only buy from people they trust. In order to convince people to buy from you, you need to convince them that your brand is better than others, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Social Media has to be a fundamental part of your Marketing Strategy for your business.

Video is becoming more and more influential so also needs to be integrated into your Marketing Strategy

If you are not already fully trained and experienced in this sort of expertise, you will never sell the products and services which you carefully researched and selected as being in demand by your Niche audience.

We recommend that you consider the full and thorough training available on Wealthy Affiliate as a means of acquiring the necessary skills and expertise.

You can try out Wealthy Affiliate for FREE for as long as you desire by clicking here. No Credit or Debit card is required.

You can see our review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.



OMS Review of ZeroUp Shopify System- Updated Sep 2019

Introduction to ZeroUp Shopify System

ZeroUp is an online marketing software Shopify System marketed by Fred Lam, and which claims to offer a means to achieve a very profitable online Shopify business. Fred Lam has himself achieved great success with Shopify and as a result of this can offer Zero Up subscribers some Shopify benefits, because of his close relationship with them.

Fred Lam describes his system as follows:

“ZeroUp™ is a powerful and comprehensive all-in-one e-commerce software to help you build, grow, and scale your business online. It is intelligently designed to help anyone, even those with little prior experience or technical skills to create a flow-blown online store and sales funnel with just a few clicks of the mouse.”

Shopify System

Fred Lam Owner ZeroUp

ZeroUp requires a subscriber to have a Shopify store and domain, which it can be imposed upon. It also requires a subscriber to be connected to Ali Express, and also to be connected to Facebook Ads. With all these features installed than ZeroUp should work smoothly.

ZeroUp offers a full training and support Shopify System to subscribers which they must follow in order to achieve success according to Fred Lam´s claims for massive revenue and profits.


ZeroUp has introduced (in November 2017) a product line of jewellery called ShineOn which is a line of US manufactured jewellery similar in concept and quality to Department Store range but at more advantageous prices. There is no additional payment or commission payable to ZeroUp for this facility.

Shopify System

ZeroUp Jewellery ShineOn

Main features of ZeroUp Shopify System are as follows:

  •  ZeroUp is a Cloud-Based Software System, which requires No Download Or Installation.
  • ZeroUp is fully Integrated With AliExpress which provides a subscriber access to millions of its products.
  • ZeroUp offers in addition to full integration with AliExpress to automatically fulfil and tracking product orders.
  • ZeroUp is fully integrated with Shopify.
  • ZeroUp includes 10 Pre-Designed Themes & 180 Pre-Built Stores which are suitable for any niche.
  • ZeroUp claims to be able to start within 5 minutes – Just follow our 1, 2, 3 processes and start generating leads from the multi-billion giant.
  •  ZeroUp claims to have a one-click profit multiplier which enables a subscriber to boost their average value per sale.
  • ZeroUp claims to be synchronised with more than 11 email Auto-responders.
  • ZeroUp claims to have a ” Plus List Segmentation” feature designed to promote relevant offers.
  • ZeroUp offers their own built-in Landing Page & Funnel Builder which offers Drag & Drop functionality in order to design your own strategy sales funnel.

How Does ZeroUp Work?

There were some problems with the rollout of the ZeroUp software system, and they had to implement an upgrade which was quite disruptive to users, all now resolved.

The Menu structure is shown in the diagram below, and Product Engine controls Products, advertisements, Orders and Re-stocking.

Shopify System

ZeroUp Product Engine

Training and Support

ZeroUp offers weekly training webinars, which started on 26th October 2017, and subscribers follow each week’s training with Fred Lam personally doing the presentations to his subscribers. Occasionally Fred Lam invites guest speakers to make presentations to his audience.

Zero Up Training Modules

Zero Up Training Modules

Niches Available within ZeroUp

The following niches are available within ZeroUp, presently:

  1. Art and Crafts
  2. Automotive
  3. Baby Care and Accessories
  4. Beauty
  5. Electronics
  6. Event Decor and Supplies
  7. Exercise and Fitness
  8. Games and Toys
  9. Gardening
  10. Health and Personal Care
  11. Home Decor
  12. Household and Kitchen
  13. Kids Clothing and Accessories
  14. Men’s Clothing and Accessories
  15. Men’s Jewellery
  16. Photography
  17. Sports and Outdoors
  18. Storage and Organisation
  19. Survival
  20. Travel
  21. Women´s Clothing and Accessories
  22. Women´s Jewellery

OMS Conclusion and Recommendation

From initial testing and usage, OMS has yet to be convinced that ZeroUp provides all of the features and functionality which it claims to offer. Certainly, we are sceptical whether the fast implementation and results which are claimed by Fred Lam are achievable.

Recently we noticed that Fred Lam has teamed up with Robert Kyosaki and is offering a ZeroUp elite training under the company name Lurn. We have not tried this out but are a little apprehensive about the method of selling this product. You are encouraged to give information about yourself and agree to be open for an invitation to join a condensed 4-day training with Fred Lam, but the price is not specified up front. You receive a personal telephone call with your invitation, if you are a ¨chosen one¨then are hit with the cost of the training.

What you are offered is very intensive 4-day training with Fred Lam personally, so maybe that will make all the difference to whether you will be successful or not.