Understanding The Sales Process, Funnels, Up Sells, Down Sells, Cross Sells

Introduction To The Sales Process

Understanding the sales process in principle is essential before being able to comprehend what is the online sales process or process of conversions.

Personal selling

a sales process that typically includes up to nine steps. Some sales representatives develop scripts for all or part of the sales process. The sales process can convert ….

sales process flowchart or process map can be produced to represent the conversion process stages and can be adapted depending on the number of stages of the sales process.

A sales process template can be produced and adapted depending on whether there is a 5 steps sales process, or alternatively a 7 steps sales process (typical conversion process examples are shown below), or sometimes even more, up to 9 stages.

For example, simplified sales sequence examples are shown below:



An Example of the 5 Step Conversion Sequence is Shown Below:



An Example of a 7 Step Sales Sequence:













These diagrams explain that a purchaser may not purchase on the first or even second contact with a supplier, in fact it may take up to 7 or even 9 times before a prospective purchaser is ready to make a purchase, having researched the market, evaluated options, and familiarized themselves with your offer, and also most importantly built sufficient trust with your brand.

Sales Funnel Definition

The definition of Sales Funnel is a Process into which a purchaser is enticed into the mouth or entrance to the funnel usually with a low(er) value product and is offered various other products as Up-Sells, Down Sells, or Cross-Sells before they exit the sales funnel.

sales process

The Sales Funnel usually starts with a Lead Magnet such as a free offer, for example, an ebook, or downloadable information, which is offered by a vendor in return for which a potential purchaser enters their email address. This initial transaction provides the contact details for the vendor to inform the potential purchaser of offers in which they may be interested.

The potential purchaser goes through four stages prior to concluding a purchase:

    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Decision
    • Action

Upselling Definition

The definition Upsell means the offering of another higher value product in a Sales Funnel, usually after an introductory offer has been made by the vendor and accepted by a purchaser.

sales process

Upselling Definition

As an example of upselling, an Upsell in the context of a restaurant business would be the offer by MacDonalds Fast Food Restaurant of french fries and a shake, in addition to their basic offering of a burger.

The purpose of the Upsell is to increase the profit margin on any Sales Funnel. Usually, the initial or Doorbuster offer has little or no profit margin, whereas the Upsell has a greater profit margin. The net effect of the initial offer plus the Upsell is an increased profit margin.

Downselling Definition

The definition Downsell means the offering of another lower value product in a Sales Funnel, usually after an introductory offer has been made by the vendor and accepted by a purchaser, and a subsequent Upsell has been declined.

sales process

Down-selling definition

An example of a Downsell would be to offer an item such as a Low-Cost Personal Computer instead of a High Specification High-Cost Personal Computer. The purchaser´s credit card details have already been entered and the first purchase has been completed, the Downsell is a final attempt to increase the value of purchases before the purchaser exits the website.

Cross Selling Definition

The definition Cross Sell is the selling of an additional product or service to an existing customer.

sales process

So in this scenario, the customer is not new, there have already been sales previously so a certain level of Trust has been established between the vendor and purchaser.



The effort or Sales Intent is to increase the value of orders by selling additional items to the existing customer.

Sales Funnel Template Examples

Here are some real examples of Sales Funnels Templates Showing ¨Doorbuster¨ offers, Upsells and Downsells which you can adapt and use as templates for your own sales funnels if you wish.

Sales Funnel Template Example 1

sales process




Sales Funnel Template Example 2

sales process

Sales Process Template 2








Sales Funnel Template Example 3

sales process








OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

In order to succeed at making conversions, you need to fully understand the whole process of how to market your products and services, to the right audience, and how to encourage prospective purchasers to move from a state of unawareness about your product to sufficient trust to make the commitment to buy.

This is related to Branding, and this is the subject of a separate post.

OMS Review of Trustreach Facebook Messenger App Engagement Software

Introduction – What Is Trustreach?

Trustreach is a Facebook Messenger App which is used to engage with customers from their Facebook comments, market products and achieve conversions.



Messenger. Instantly connect with people in your life. Sign in with Facebook to get started. Sign In. Keep me signed in. Get the app on iOS , Windows Phone , …


facebook messenger app

Trustmessage works on Facebook Messenger

Trustreach has been developed and is marketed by Martyn Cook from the UK.

Who Is Martyn Cook?

Martyn Cook is an entrepreneur, author and software developer who lives in the south of England.

facebook messenger app

Here is Martyn´s Facebook Page, from which you can see he has many followers and is keen to engage with people.




What is the Purpose of Trustreach Facebook Messenger App?

From the Trustreach Facebook Messenger App Home Page we have copied the following quotation:

¨TrustReach creates engaging viral posts that suck in comments and explodes reach¨.

facebook messenger app


What Does Trustreach Do?

Martyn cook has developed Trustreach Facebook Messenger App software and personally offers the product and demonstrates its capability. The following posts give the claims made about Trustreach software. If you watch the Demonstration video Martyn makes claims about massive increases in fan page comments when using his software.

facebook messenger app


Are There Other Software Products Associated with Trustreach Software?

Trustreach is one product from Martyn Cook, the others are TrustMSG, and Trustads: The suite of products work together to ENGAGE then MARKET then SCALE  a business.

facebook messenger app



What Does Trustreach Cost?

Trustreach costs from only $10 per month, so it is incredibly cheap to try out and see if it suits your business.

What About Training on Trustreach?

We are in the process of assessing the training provided by Trustreach.

What About Technical Support for Trustreach?

We are in the process of assessing the technical support provided by Trustreach.

Is it Worthwhile to Subscribe to Trustreach?

We have not actually used the Trustreach software as yet, but if the claims made about it are true, then it seems to be incredible value for money.

We are in the process of appraising Trustreach software at the moment and will issue an update within a week or two so as to give our opinion and recommendation about the use of this Customer Engagement Online Marketing Software.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

OMS  will update our post and give you our conclusion and recommendation about the Trustreach software within a week or two, as soon as we have finished our testing and appraisal of the software. Unfortunately, appraisal of this software has been delayed.

We are also reviewing AutoEngage software from Anthony Morrison, which offers similar functionality to Trustreach and you can see our review by clicking here:






OMS Review of Sources of Free Images For Websites

Introduction – Sources Of Free Images For Websites

Very often it is useful to post images within articles such as blog posts or pages, and it can be very expensive to obtain images from established websites such as Shutterstock. For that reason, we have investigated sources of Free Images, and have identified a few sites from which you can download such Free Images to help with your article creation. Sometimes the quality of such images may not be as good as you can expect from paid images, but they can fill the bill at least temporarily, and sometimes long-term, especially if you don’t have a budget for online marketing software images. You need to be careful before you download any images of the terms and licence conditions under which they may be used – beware!

free images for websites

Beware before using images for your website

Some Useful Companies From Which to Source Free Images for Websites

We have investigated the marketplace for graphics available for use by individuals and have come across the following websites. The terms and conditions of use of these images vary, so you need to double check that these sites will suit your particular needs. You may have to purchase rights to use a particular picture if your specific needs demand that, especially if you are using such pictures commercially.

free images for websites

Stop And Look At Conditions Before You Use Free Images

Google Images (images.google.com)

It is possible to find Free Images For Websites using Google, but searching will also give you Images which are subject to charges as well.














sources of free images for your website


So you need to double check the ownership and rights for re-use of any images which you find as a result of a search online.

sources of free images for website


free images for website


Here is the Google Help page which may assist in your search for Free Images.

free images


In order to narrow down your search in Google Images go to the Advanced Search Under Settings, and note the following search filter where you can choose the categories of Usage Rights even including free to use, and modify even commercially.

free sources of images



Even if you find Free To Use Images you may be obliged to give them acknowledgement for their ownership

Under the Creative Commons Licencing Regulations, the only pictures which you can use without acknowledgement or attribution to their owners or creators are those in the Public Domain, which corresponds with Creative Commons Zero (CC0) level.

Otherwise for any other level of licence you need to give the author or creator or licence holder the appropriate level of attribution.

“Attribution – You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.”

Wikimedia Commons (https://commons.wikimedia.org/…)

An alternative source for Free to Use Stock Images is Wikimedia Commons which has a massive store of Images available to use by individuals, for non-commercial purposes.

search for free images


The total scope of the Wikimedia sources and categories is explained on the homepage.

search for free images



Pixabay is a very popular website for sourcing free to use images, and their stock size is massive at 1.3million images and videos.

search for free images


Life of Pix


search for free images




Pexels very helpfully clarifies the legal position regarding its photographs for users.

search for free images




search for free images


Public Domain Archive


search for free images




There are lots of Sources Of  Free Images For Websites to use for various purposes.

Before downloading any images you need to confirm on the basis of your required usage, what sort of licence you may require, and if necessary purchase the licence before you use the image.

Depending on the usage and type of licence which you decide on, then you may need to attribute the author, creator or licence holder.







OMS Review Of My Dot Com Business (#MDCB)

Introduction To My Dot Com Business (#MDCB)

What Is A Dot Com Business?

Dot-com company – Wikipedia

A dot-com company, or simply a dot-com is a company that does most of its business on the Internet, usually through a website that uses the popular top-level …
dot com business

A Dot Com Business

My Dot Com Business franchise

My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) is an online marketing software system and Multi-Level Marketing business operated by Paul Lynch from the UK.

Paul Lynch claims to have made more than $10m in revenue in the last few years using his proprietary My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) online business system, which he developed himself. He now offers Franchise Memberships of his system for $3000, or Pro Memberships for $77.

Welcome To My Dot Com Business

Disclaimer: This is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme, MLM, pyramid or Ponzi Scheme. This is a genuine business franchise that takes time, investment, work and …

The key attraction to bring in new Franchise members is what is called the Viral Money Effect, which comes from the Multi-Level Sales so that new Franchise Members continually subscribe and make money from commissions for more new members which they introduce to the downline of their own business.


My-Dot-Com-Business (#MDCB) Sign-In

There are more than 500 Franchise Members of the business at the moment and many thousands of Pro Members of My Dot Com Business (#MDCB).

Pro Members can also make commissions from sales which they make, but at a much lower level than Franchise Members.

Franchise Members can make considerable commissions from sales made by their own Pro members, as well as their own sales funnel.

Franchise Members receive a duplicate of the My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) Website branded to their own chosen company name and personal profile. Initially, this new franchise website is protected within a ´custom wrapper´ from the My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) franchise.

Franchise Members are allowed to price some of the products which they sell on behalf of My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) themselves, so it enables them to make attractive offers to be made as a Lead Magnet for their sales funnels.

Paul Lynch promised to send FREE traffic to new My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) franchisees to enable them to get started and he promises to get them, 30 new members, to kick-start their business from this free traffic. This is a big incentive regarding an MLM business because it generates some cash flow from the outset.

What Does My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) Do?

My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) advertises software products for sale at reasonable prices, and in some cases free, for example:

    • Insta Tsunami (free)
    • One Penny Per Visitor (free)
    • EasySketch Pro Software (various)
    • Sales Funnel Boot Camp (various)
    • Traffic Hacks (various)
    • AutoEmulate Live (various)
    • Tsunami (various)
Dot Com Business

#MDCB Easy Sketch Pro Software

Franchise Members can, in fact, vary the price of the software to suit themselves.

You can join My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) as a PRO Member for a one-off payment of $77.

Alternatively, you can join My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) as a Franchise Member for a one-off payment of $3000.

All New Franchise Members of My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) are encouraged to follow the established business and sales system exactly because it works, and they are also encouraged to use the existing sales promotion videos which have been prepared by Paul Lynch, again because they work.

Any New Franchise Members of My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) are also encouraged to create their own YouTube channel and to make their own videos of the products available from the franchise and to post them on YouTube, so as to create a following and to create engagement with their own new prospective new online customers, which will be their own downline customers.

My Dot Com Business

My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) Self Belief

All Franchise Members of My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) are also required to join the My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) Facebook Group so they can communicate with other Pro and Franchise members and the Headquarters team.

If you decide to sign up to the My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) franchise, then you will need to link it to an AutoResponder and email service provider of your choice, such as AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp or SendLane. The choice is yours but it is suggested that AWeber may be preferable.

Any new Franchisee is provided guidance on how to obtain traffic from Solo Ads, which must be bought from a database of possible suppliers of email list contacts, and step by step guidance is given on how to use this by the My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) franchise Headquarters team, and in the training videos.

Dot Com Business

#MDCB Franchisee Screen

What Are The Drawbacks of My Dot Com Business (#MDCB)?

My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) is essentially a Multi-Level Marketing business, so if you are not prepared to apply yourself to energetically promoting your own business and sales then it may not be for you.

It is suggested that 80 -100 hours are needed every week to get their own My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) Franchise started and established. This should be looked on as an investment in the success of the business, so is not necessarily a drawback, unless you do not have that sort of time available, and can’t make the required commitment of time and effort.

Is It Worth Participating in My Dot Com Business (#MDCB)?

Some of the franchise members do make very good sales, so it is clear that the system established by Paul Lynch does work and money can be made, in some cases large amounts of the commission have been paid to some franchisees. What it requires is for members of My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) Pro and Franchise levels to apply themselves energetically to selling the My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) products.

Is Training Provided with My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) Pro and Franchise Membership?

There is comprehensive training provided for My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) Pro and Franchise Members through a series of videos which are provided to all subscribers. Progress on training is monitored from the My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) Headquarters so that if subscribers do not complete training, they are reminded to do so via email.

What About Technical Support With My Dot Com Business (#MDCB)?

There is full technical support available to subscribers from the My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) headquarters, via a prioritized support ticket system.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

OMS has tried out the business system of My Dot Com Business (#MDCB), and it does appear to be successful at every level, depending upon the effort which Pro and Franchise Members apply to make sales. It is a business solely driven by sales and the promise of big commissions for new members, as you would expect from an MLM system. We notice that MDCB claims not to be an MLM system.

We have updated this post because as of 26th February 2018, we had a dispute with MDCB over their promise to send traffic to our site, which we were expecting since early January (2 months previously). MDCB suddenly changed and said they had 6 months to send the traffic, which was not at all stated at the time of initial discussion.

If you are interested in this type of business make sure to get a clear statement from the MDCB about this issue, before committing any money.

There is a lot of Facebook communication from the My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) Headquarters in the UK, and the encouragement of members to be active and engage with new members via Facebook. There are daily Live Facebook videos and transmissions from many of the My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) team.

We have looked at many MLM type marketing schemes some of which have been reviewed by OMS. Of the available systems in the marketplace, we think that the franchise from My Dot Com Business (#MDCB) is not one we would recommend, from our own experience.

We have further updated our review on 11th September 2018, to say that we demanded a refund from MDCB as a result of them never ever providing the FREE TRAFFIC which they promised to do when we ordered our franchise in November 2017.

On the basis of our own experience, we do not recommend this product.






OMS Review of AutoEngage Social Media Software

Introduction To AutoEngage Social Media Software

AutoEngage is an online marketing software program produced and marketed by Anthony Morrison of Morrison Education, and its purpose is to automatically message people using Facebook Messenger. It is currently at beta/preliminary version and is being rolled out and released to a very limited number of chosen users, and it is not fully tested and marketed as yet. The software has been developed by and is currently being used by Anthony Morrison in his existing businesses, and has been demonstrated live onscreen to a webinar attended by us and shown and declared to be robust and reliable, but not fully and finally tested by Morrison Education.

social media software

AutoEngage Social Media Software

AutoEngage works in the Social Media environment using Facebook Messenger is the Number 3 App used by people, and there are 1.2 billion Facebook Messenger Users worldwide. 11% of the world´s population have the Facebook Messenger App, and 64% of all Facebook Users have the Facebook Messenger app.

social media software


What Does AutoEngage Do?

AutoEngage automatically responds to incoming messages on Facebook Messenger. It can also be set up to make Broadcasts of automated messages to customers, on the basis of the following criteria:

1. A set date and time.

2. A Step iteration, for example, sends a message 1 day after a customer subscribes, then further stepped communications, at preset time intervals.

3. Recurring Sequence of pre-determined activities.

Any of the above can be set up once only to run automatically thereafter, until re-programmed.

AutoEngage can also check how many of any planned sequence of messages were actually delivered as well.

Built in to the AutoEngage software is a FACEBOOK BUTTON, which a subscriber can hit, which allows them to grant access to their email address which they used to sign up to Facebook, without them having to re-write the email address. This means that the owner or operator of AutoEngage has access to potentially all email addresses of all Facebook Messenger users on their contact list.

So AutoEngage is building two online marketing contact lists, one contact list from Facebook Messenger, and one email list (with email addresses used by customers to sign up to Facebook) as well.

social media software


What Additional Value Does AutoEngage Provide to A User?

With the above capabilities, AutoEngage Social Media Software can be used to make broadcasts to all contacts on the Facebook Messenger and email lists, about forthcoming events.

Using Facebook Messenger, the AutoEngage message is almost certain to be received and read by the customer, because Facebook Messenger messages are opened to a level of 95%, which is more than 4 times the likely open rate for an email communication. There is a higher level of trust with Facebook Messenger users, and the AutoEngage messages are more personal than standardized email sequences.

What this means is that AutoEngage is a game changer in the online marketing software business because there is now no need to use Facebook or Google Advertisements, as a result of the following AutoEngage related actions:

ACTION 1: The user only needs to make Facebook Posts (not pay for Advertisements), and customers or prospective customers can Comment on, Share, or Like these posts.

ACTION 2: AutoEngage messages people directly, and they can Like or Comment, Share or Tag any of these messages.

There is a viral effect of these last two actions, regarding Facebook Posts and the growth as a result of Likes, Shares and comments to other customers, one step removed, which generates a lot more traffic.

social media software


How Much Does AutoEngage Software Cost?

AutoEngage software has only been released by Morrison Education to limited chosen audiences on a beta/preliminary version basis so that Anthony Morrison can work with these new users during the final phases of testing prior to full release to the marketplace.

The offer price when AutoEngage comes to the market is likely to be in the region of $1997, plus The Facebook Messenger Module for $197 per month, plus Agency Access (if required, for use on behalf of other customers) at $197 per month, plus Fan Pages at $67 each.

What About AutoEngage Training?

There is also to be an AutoEngage Software Academy course which is likely to be priced at $1997.

What About AutoEngage Technical Support and Backup?

Anthony Morrison has a team of people developing software and providing technical back up and support to customers, so we believe that the support for AutoEngage will be as good as with all other Morrison Education software products.

OMS Conclusion

OMS has not tested and used this Social Media software! We have seen a live presentation of the AutoEngage software by Anthony Morrison, and have made this report and evaluation on that basis.

Anthony Morrison offered a 60-day guarantee to the limited chosen audience to which he made his initial sales offer of the beta/preliminary version that he would buy back the software from any users who did not find a dramatic increase in traffic and sales if they properly implemented the use of the AutoEngage software. He is obviously very confident of the capability and reliability of the AutoEngage software.

From our assessment of this AutoEngage software, from the presentation and live demonstration given on the webinar, we would NOT recommend purchasing this product if you have the need for Facebook Messenger contact with your potential customers.

We suggest to evaluate along with other available similar packages on the market, to see which best suits your needs.

We have recently changed our view of Morrison products owing to a total lack of Return On Investment over the last 18 months or so, during which we have bought many of his products.





Best Review of ClickFunnels – Sales Funnels Made Simple

Introduction – Best Review Of Clickfunnels – Sales Funnels Made Simple

ClickFunnels is a popular and market leading Sales Funnel software program marketed by Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team based in Boise, Idaho. Clickfunnels provides many standard template sales funnels as well as standard email templates and unique and powerful customer and traffic management software, in its enhanced form.



What Does ClickFunnels Do?

ClickFunnels™ – Marketing Funnels Made Easy

ClickFunnels Gives You Everything You Need To Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Products and Services Online! Without having to hire or rely on a tech team!

ClickFunnels™ – Marketing Funnels Made Easy

With Clickfunnels, you are just a few simple clicks away from a beautifully- designed website marketing funnel. Because we believe that’s how it should be!

ClickFunnels is a modular type of Funnel Building system, Sales Funnels Made Simple, which enables a user to quickly build any type of Sales Funnel from pre-prepared (pre-coded) modules, which you just push together, drag and drop style.

You do not need to be able to use HTML code in order to use ClickFunnels, so it is easy for any average person with no coding experience to quickly and efficiently produce fully functioning Sales Funnels.

There are numerous standard templates and files provided within ClickFunnels which enable a user to quickly adapt the standard templates to their particular requirements for Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Thankyou Pages, etc etc.

ClickFunnels™ – Marketing Funnels Made Easy

Introducing the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook. You’re only one funnel away… Get a free copy of the Cookbook. Step 1 of 2. Select a funnel type.

Additionally there are two modules of powerful extra functionality which are not available in the basic ($99 per month) subscription, which are called Actionetics and Backpack.

sales funnels made simple



Actionetics is a smart module which is available within ClickFunnels, which allows a premium subscriber ($297 per month) to send unlimited emails and have unlimited funnels. It deals with optimizing visitor and customer traffic to your website. It differentiates customers and visitors to your website based on their online behaviour and their individual profile and resources and capabilities. It acquires information about each visitor and builds a unique profile of every customer based on their own personal attributes, such as email address (initially) then age, gender, interests, as well as their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and also even their income bracket.

Actionetics uses SMART ANALYTICS CODE embedded in order in the website in order to accumulate all the above information on each and every visitor to the website and gives each customer a PERSONAL RATING which assesses how much this customer is of value to your business. This customer database and categorization allows the formulation of unique sequences of contact to each customer including bespoke emails, postcards, and also personal telephone contact with target customers at particular times. It is incredibly powerful!

Sales Funnels Made Simple

Actionetics module functionality


Backpack is another smart module within ClickFunnels, which is available to Premium subscribers ($297 per month) which analyzes the Shopping Trolley end of the business and works based on three rules:

    • Taking the Order/ Adding the Product to the Shopping Trolley
    • Sales Processes, including Multi-step order forms
    • Promotion – the driving of traffic and Affiliate Program

This Backpack module is also extremely powerful!

Sales Funnels Made Simple

Backpack Module Enhanced Functionality

What Does ClickFunnels Cost?

There are two different rates of payment for usage of ClickFunnels on an ongoing basis, beyond the 30 day Free Trial.

The lowest Basic Subscription rate is $99 per month for the individual or small business user, with limited functionality, a pretty reasonable cost for Sales Funnels Made Simple.

The Premium Subscription rate for ClickFunnels with full functionality software including Actionetics and Backpack is available for $297 per month.

What is the difference between the lower and upper subscriptions, and why should I pay more?

There is a lot of difference between the lower and upper subscriptions to Clickfunnels in terms of functionality except that the higher level provides much more online storage of your funnels, for larger users.

You are limited to approximately 20 sales funnels with the lower subscription, whereas the higher subscription gives you unlimited storage, as well as enhanced software.

See above regarding the additional powerful modules Actionetics and Backpack, both of which are only available to Premium Subscribers, not to Basic Subscribers.

Why Is ClickFunnels Better Than Other Similar Funnel Building Software?

Competitors to ClickFunnels are Infusionsoft, and not only any other Funnel Building software packages but also to some extent ClickFunnels covers the functionality of email management software packages such as Unbounce, LeadPages, MailChimp, AWeber, Hubspot. You really need to define your precise Clickfunnels templates and SEO and customer management needs from the software, then match it with whether you need the Basic or Premium subscription with the Actionetics and Backpack modules. there may be more than one possible software architecture to solve your problems.

Because ClickFunnels is widely used in the online marketing software industry it is possible to easily interface with other users and Sales Funnel authors. We have specific experience of adopting sales funnels which have been pre-prepared by another author and downloading them and storing them in ClickFunnels for our use.

Does ClickFunnels Provide Training?

ClickFunnels provides good training on webinars which you can join weekly, or by viewing pre-recorded training videos. We have tried out and used this training over several months and it is very comprehensive and thorough and can improve your technical capability at funnel building.

Additionally, ClickFunnels offers intensive Bootcamp training at their Boise Idaho offices, but these can be expensive at around $10,000 to receive training to become a ClickFunnels Certified user. Having said that you can receive recommendations for consultancy commissions which can quickly make back the money you have invested in the training course. There is no shortage of customers wanting to use ClickFunnels.

Does ClickFunnels Provide Good Customer Support?

ClickFunnels provides excellent online customer support and we have not had any irresolvable problems during the time we have been using the software. The response is usually provided within a few hours of raising them during normal US working hours.

OMS Recommendation Regarding ClickFunnels

We have been using ClickFunnels, Sales Funnels Made Simple, for more than 6 months now and are very impressed with its ease of use and capability to quickly produce any type of sales funnel from the numerous templates which are available.

The cost of ClickFunnels is $99 per month at its most basic level, then $297 per month for the full functionality version, so the cost can be economical and viable even for small businesses.

If you have a need to quickly and efficiently produce sales funnels for your company or your clients, we would recommend that you try the 30 days free trial of ClickFunnels.

Sales Funnels Made Simple

ClickFunnels Dashboard

OMS Review of Webfire SEO Optimisation Software 2020

Introduction to Webfire SEO Optimisation Software

Webfire is a proprietary SEO Optimisation Software program which is highly capable and tried, tested and established. It is owned and marketed by Brian Koz and Shawn Casey, who themselves are very successful online marketers and entrepreneurs having sold many millions of dollars worth of products online over many years. They personally show and demonstrate the use of the Webfire software program which they have developed and continue to improve and licence for use to subscribers.

seo optimization software

Webfire Software Has Many Applications

SEO Optimisation Software

Webfire SEO Traffic Analyzing Software

What Is Webfire´s Functionality?

Webfire is a highly effective SEO Optimisation software program comprises 23 software tools which are all included within the software which has the following features:

  • Lead finding for any niche, daily, or whenever required
  • Keyword Research
  • Analysis of websites and all links, including competitors
SEO Optimisation Software

Webfire Online Marketing Software Analyse Sites

  • Domains – available and expired
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Formulation – Article Writer
  • Social Media Tools
  • Video Creator Tool

Webfire can promote and track Unlimited Websites for which Automation handles 95% of the workload.

SEO Optimisation Software

Webfire Online Marketing Software DASHBOARD

How Much Does Webfire Cost?

The cost of Webfire Software is $1997.

Is Training Available For Webfire?

Within the software itself, Webfire includes all necessary training modules, as well as recordings of all weekly training sessions, so the training is constantly being updated. The training can only be described as a top rate.

The Webfire subscription comes with regular free weekly webinar training provided by the owners Brian Koz and Shawn Casey, who personally explain the capability and the best and optimal usage of their proprietary SEO Optimisation Software.

At the weekly webinars, they explain the features of Webfire SEO Optimisation Software, as well as dealing with all aspects of online businesses and online marketing.

The weekly training webinars are also used by Brian Koz and Shawn Casey to answer Questions from real-life users of Webfire.

Brian Koz and Shawn Casey regularly run through real-life examples of the usage of Webfire, as well as any recent improvements or upgrades to their software.

What Added Value Can You Achieve From Using Webfire?

It is possible to achieve massive added value from the use of Webfire SEO Optimisation Software because it will enable the user and operator to analyze a massive amount of information about existing websites and competitors, including backlinks.

SEO Optimisation Software

Webfire Online Marketing Software Competitor Analysis

Armed with this information it is possible to offer additional services to clients as consultancy services, which can be extremely profitable, and help to offset the costs of Webfire.

Within Webfire is a Built-In Video Creator:

Webfire offers numerous tools for Social Media Marketing, including the Social Poster Fire WordPress Plugin.

SEO Optimisation Software

Webfire Social Media Marketing

What Are The Drawbacks Or Limitations of Webfire?

Having used Webfire for almost a year now, we have not found any major limitations of Webfire SEO Optimisation Software.

What About Technical Support For Webfire?

The Technical Support for Webfire SEO Optimisation Software is first class, and we normally receive a response within 24 hours of any support ticket being raised.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation Regarding Webfire

After have used Webfire SEO Optimisation Software for almost a year now, we have been extremely pleased with the results obtained from this tried and tested SEO Optimisation Software program.

OMS recommend any user to consider purchasing Webfire, which offers good value for money with the advanced technical comprehensive capability and competitive advantage which it offers.

If you require further reading about How to Improve Your SEO, we suggest that you check out this article from Avasam:


OMS Review Best Autoresponder Software 2019

Introduction – Best Autoresponder Software 2018

The purpose of this post is to inform you about the available best autoresponder software for Email Marketing, which will assist you in building and maintaining your email list (of subscribers), which is one of the major assets of your online business.

Top 10 Autoresponders and Email Marketing Tools | Digital …

Top 10 Autoresponders and Email Marketing Tools … even experienced) marketers often ask is: “What’s the best autoresponder service or email marketing tool? … You can certainly use the software to do standard email marketing as well.

7 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business Compared (2018)

Aug 29, 2018 Looking for the best email marketing software for your business? … list management, autoresponders, and email tracking with detailed insights.

[Free 9k Emails] 11 Best Autoresponder Email Marketing Software …

Autoresponder helps to automate your emailing process & strengthens your relations with customers. So choose best Autoresponder Email Marketing Software …

Because your email list is a vital and valuable asset of your company, the choice of which best AutoResponder Provider to use is a key decision.

Typically these email marketing software packages are used with an Auto-Responder to gather or collect email addresses from subscribers and to manage and send follow up emails to these subscribers informing them about your various Sales Campaigns. This principle will apply whether your business is Selling Products or Services or Displaying Advertisements or Affiliate Links.

The purpose of such SEO Marketing Software is to introduce subscribers into your Sales Funnel, where they can be offered your Doorbuster introductory offers to tempt them to buy, and then the Upsells and Downsells which are at the Back End of the Sales Funnel, if you are in E-commerce. The Doorbuster offers may be loss leaders, or possibly just break even. They are not usually very profitable. Upsells are offers made in the Sales Campaign which are more expensive and more profitable than the Doorbuster offers. Downsells are alternative offers made in the Sales Campaign which are less expensive than the upsells and offer the last chance to sell something to a buyer who has already purchased the Doorbuster offer, and declined the Upsell before they exit your site.

Tracking of subscribers can take place at various points along your Sales Funnel.

Email Marketing Software List

Examples of Email Marketing Software Programs are:

Email Marketing Software Price Comparison

To compare the pricing between options is difficult because each one offers slightly different pricing structures.

    • The cost of AWeber is free for a trial period of 30 days, then $19 per month, then $32.67 for the first quarter, thereafter $49 per quarter, or $177.65 per annum, for the first year then $194 per annum.
      • Emails : dependent on usage:<500 – Included, 501-2500 – $10/m, 2501-5000 – $30/m, 5001-10,000 – $50/m, 10001-25000 – $130/m, 25,001+ – contact supplier.
      • best autoresponder software

        AWeber home screen


    • The cost of GetResponse is $ per month, dependent on usage as follows:
      • Emails : 1000 subscribers – $15/m, 2500 subscribers – $25/m, 5000 subscribers – $45/m, 10000 subscribers – $65/m, 25000 subscribers $145/m, 50000 subscribers $250/m, 100000 subscribers – contact supplier.
      • best autoresponder software

        GetResponse home screen


    • The cost of MailChimp is $ per month, depending on usage as follows:
      • Emails: 500 subscribers – $10/m, 1000 subscribers – $15/m, 2800-5000 subscribers – $50/m, 10000 subscribers – $75/m, 20,000 subscribers – $150/m, 30,000 subscribers – $215/m, 40,000 subscribers – $240/m, 50,000 subscribers – $240/m, 100k subscribers, 1.2million emails – $475/m,  500k subscribers, 6 million emails – $2100/m, 1 million subscribers, 12 million emails $4200/m 2million subscribers, 24million emails – $8,300/m, 5million subscribers, 60million emails -$20,700/m, 10million subscribers, 120million emails – $40,700/m.
      • best autoresponder software

        MailChimp home screen


    • The cost of LeadPages is $ per month – to be confirmed.
    • best autoresponder sofware

      Leadpages home screen


  • Constant Contact

    • The cost of Constant Contact is $x per month – to be confirmed.
    • best autoresponder software

      Constant Contact home screen


    • The cost of Sendlane is $ per month – to be confirmed.
best autoresponder software

Sendlane home screen

    • The cost of Sumo is $ per month.
    • best autoresponder software

      Sumo home screen


For unlimited emails to 25,000 subscribers per month the comparative pricing is:

  • AWeber – $149
  • GetResponse – $145
  • MailChimp – $150
  • LeadPages
  • Constant Contact
  • SendLane
  • Sumo


  • AWeber – Good 
  • GetResponse – Good
  • MailChimp – Good
  • LeadPages – 
  • Constant Contact – Basic
  • SendLane –
  • Sumo


  • AWeber – Good 
  • GetResponse – Good
  • MailChimp – Good
  • LeadPages – 
  • Constant Contact – Basic
  • SendLane
  • Sumo

Site Technical Support

  • AWeber – Good 
  • GetResponse – Good
  • MailChimp – Good
  • LeadPages – 
  • Constant Contact – Good, including the weekend response.
  • SendLane
  • Sumo

Email Or SEO Marketing Software Reviews

It should be stated that the performance of each particular email software program may vary depending upon the particular conditions of its use, so it is difficult to give precise comparisons of performance unless testing is carried out under exactly the same test conditions for each product.


We have some experience of using AWeber and have found this to be extremely satisfactory and reliable.

The deliverability rate for AWeber is acknowledged to be above 95%.


We have also used MailChimp and found this also to be reliable, and attractive because a user can start with a free subscription to the software.

The deliverability rate for MailChimp is acknowledged to be above 90% and below 95%.

Sign Up forms from MailChimp are user-friendly.


The deliverability rate for GetResponse is acknowledged to be above 90% and below 95%.

GetResponse does not offer the following features:

  • Additional Annual Prepaid discounts for Non-Profits.
  • Customizable Templates, Coupons, Surveys & Polls,
  • Articles and Posts
  • Guides & Videos
  • Seminars & Online Training
  • Live Technical Expert Support

Constant Contact

The deliverability rate for Constant Contact is in the region of 97%, but it is a relative newcomer in the SEO Marketing Software field, so not as well established with users as AWeber, MailChimp or GetResponse.



Social Media Marketing Software

An example of a Social Media Marketing software program is Trustreach, which uses Facebook Messenger and offers a highly personalized way of marketing directly to the subscriber. Open rates for Facebook Messenger are in the region of 95%, so the conversion rate is much higher than with email marketing, which has open rates much lower than that.

There are other examples of Social Media Marketing Software such as TRUSTMSG and Trust reach.

Free Internet Marketing Software

MailChimp offers FREE internet marketing software to its customers who have less than 10000 emails per month.

One of the numbers of emails increases above 10000, then subscribers must upgrade to the Business Grade at a cost of $ per month.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We have given an overview of many of the available internet marketing software programs for AutoResponders and email marketing, in particular, conclude the best autoresponder software as follows:

  • AWeber – Recommended
  • GetResponse – 
  • MailChimp – Recommended
  • LeadPages –
  • Constant Contact –
  • SendLane –

Our intention is to provide a thorough technical review with each of these email marketing software programs individually and to compare each of them so that we can inform you about a league table about which is the best SEO Marketing software program, in our opinion.

We will also inform you about the best free internet marketing software and what are its capabilities and limitations.

Additionally, we will review and inform you about the best social media marketing software programs as well.







How To Make Money Online With E-commerce 2019

Introduction How To Make Money Online With E-commerce

make money online with e-commerce

Make Money Online With E-commerce

There are many ways in which to generate sales and revenue, and one of the most popular and common ways is to make money online with E-commerce.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

From all the publicity,  there is no doubt this is the surefire way to make money online with E-commerce, see the following advertisements.

Neil Patel is a world recognised guru, who gives his thoughts in the article below:


From Start to Profit: How to Set Up an E-commerce Store and …

Setting up an e-commerce store is an increasingly popular way of making money online. If you’re interested in getting into the action and setting up your own …

These are articles from Shopify, who can ease the path to setting up your store on their platform:


How to Start an Online Store: 7 Ways to Run a Successful Business

Jun 14, 2018 Coming up with ideas that will actually make you money is tough. … Check out these 17 places e-commerce entrepreneurs go to find the product …

How to Start An E-commerce Business Without Spending Any Money

When most people think about starting an e-commerce business, they have a vision … are so it makes your life easier to find out WHERE they are online/offline.
Here is another article from European Entrepreneur about E-commerce:

How to Make at Least $1,000 Your First Month of Ecommerce

Jan 18, 2017 The thought of making money while you sleep is enticing. … After working closely with clients on the e-commerce side, my family and I decided …

Dropshipping – What Is It? Why Do It?

Often the E-commerce sales method involves Dropshipping, which means that the E-commerce website company has an arrangement with a supplier or suppliers, that they will directly fulfil any orders which are made for his particular products, to the customer or buyer. An example is the AliExpress and Oberlo model on a Shopify store.

make money online with E-commerce



So the customer places an order with you, which is passed to your Dropshipping Supplier, who will despatch his product(s) to the customer. The customer pays for the product at one price, your selling price, to your Company. Your Company pays your Dropshipping Supplier his selling price, which is usually much lower than your Company´s selling price to the customer.

A big advantage of Dropshipping over the traditional model for retailing is that there is no investment in stock or premises, and no direct handling of the goods sold by your Company, so it is a relatively risk-free and low capital way of starting to sell online.

What Are The Costs Involved in E-commerce and How Much Money Can I Make?

make money online with E-commerce

Dropshipping Costs Ecommerce

The margin between your Dropshipping Supplier´s selling price to you and your Company´s Selling price to the customer is the margin within which you must pay for all your costs and also make a profit.

Your Company´s costs would include payments to the platform which you use, for example, monthly payment to Shopify, Amazon, TREX or Slingly. The latter two are based on the WordPress platform.

Also, your Company will have to pay your own staffing costs and overheads such as office rental, heating, air conditioning lighting, computers and software, advertising, and your own accounting and audit costs as well.

Frequently the margin within which your Company operates is a factor of 2 times their cost price, which sounds a lot, but your operational overheads can also be significant especially the cost of advertising using Facebook, Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube (cost of video preparation and posting).

make money online with e-commerce


Your Company should frequently carry out Sales Campaigns to promote certain of their products at particular times. These Sales Campaigns usually comprise Sales Funnels which make an Offer or Lead Magnet so as to invite a potential customer to leave their email address, which is then used for informing of the Sales Campaigns which follow the Squeeze Page.

Sales Funnels will typically start with a DoorBuster Offer, something to really attract a visitor´s attention, and get them to purchase. This may be at cost or slightly over cost, so not a high-profit margin usually. Once they have purchased, and before they exit the site, there will be an Upsell Offer, which is usually more profitable for you as the seller. The buyer may decline this and be offered a Downsell Offer before they exit the site. The Sales Funnel can contain several Upsells and Downsells. Sometimes buyers can get a little annoyed if there are too many Upsells and Downsells, so be careful not to overdo the offers in your funnel.

So your Company hopes to entice a buyer to buy several items, rather than just the first Doorbuster Offer which was at the start of the sales funnel, and this will greatly increase your profit margin on each item, and your overall revenue.

What Are The Risks Involved in Ecommerce?

There are numerous hurdles which you have to overcome in order to achieve a significant level of sales:

1. Traffic – there need to be a  lot of visitors to the E-commerce Website Company to stand a chance of getting some conversions. Conversion rates are usually low which can considerably affect your ability to make revenue and profit.

2. Trust – If they have never heard of your store, or if they have doubts they will receive the product they order, then visitors may not buy from you and click away to a store which they trust to buy from.

3. Fulfilment – Dropshipping fulfilment from China (for example), may have a time delay and an uncertainty so that people may not wish to spend their money on your site.

make money online with e-commerce


4. Platform Problems – Sometimes there are issues to overcome related to the Sales Platform which you choose to use, for example:

Amazon – There are lots of competitors on Amazon, and you do not own the customer, so you cannot build an email list from Amazon customers. Additionally, Amazon may decide at any time to close your store, and possibly offer the items which you were offering for sale, themselves, really? Yes, really!

Nevertheless, proponents of Amazon say that irrespective of the foregoing limitations, Amazon is still worth pursuing because visitors to Amazon are ready to buy, and therefore it is possible to achieve conversions at a higher rate than with other sites.

Shopify – There are regular outgoings with Shopify, for the store and also various app add-ons which are necessary for trading, so these need to be taken into account in the margin between your cost and selling price of products on Shopify.

TREX – Dropshipping fulfilment is from the USA, rather than China, but costs are higher as well, especially shipping (surprisingly, since shipment is within the USA).

Slingly – Regular ongoing costs of operating Slingly, and other similar WordPress commerce sites.

5. Build an Email List – This is an essential part of building your business so you need to carefully consider means which will allow you to do this (Amazon, in particular, puts great constraints on affiliates regarding ownership of the customer, and also even acknowledging repeat sales, these are Amazon´s contacts, not yours, even if you introduced the customer).

6. Build a Niche – It can be difficult to build a General Store, so the conventional wisdom is that you need to target your audience (customers)  in a narrow niche, which you specialize in.

7. Marketing Strategy – Your marketing strategy should be geared towards your particular niche and how to sell to those customers in your niche. If you have success then you can Scale the business upwards.

There is a lot involved in setting up a successful E-commerce Website Company, and when you consider the costs of the setup and reliable arrangements with Dropshipping companies (which may be located in China or other countries), then it may be prohibitive for you to do so.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

You can make money online with E-commerce, especially the Drop-shipping model.

Amazon is recognised as a good bet to make money online with e-commerce because visitors have buying intent.

Shopify is another option but said to be hard to gain momentum.

In order to streamline the process, you need to ensure that you have a reliable fulfilment company to support your operation. That means the correct, quality products delivered on-time to the customer.

The last thing you want is for unhappy customers to make complaints and return goods, or have to track goods which have gone astray.

If you are fulfilling your orders from China, you need to select reliable suppliers, so will need to spend some time pre-selecting these.

Consider trying out Wealthy Affiliate (WA) where you can make a website for free, and try out your ideas for dropshipping and e-commerce, and learn a lot of lessons from the training and also from other community members before you commit a lot of costs to your e-commerce platform.

Click Here to see the OMS review of Wealthy Affiliate.











How to Make (Or Possibly Lose) Money Online-Multi-Level Marketing MLM2018

Introduction to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

What is MLM?

Multi-level marketing

Multilevel marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products

There are so many advertisements for programs or educational software which enable you to have your very own business online from which you can MAKE MONEY ONLINE. It´s easy, thousands have people have transformed their lives, overturned the traces, and are now enjoying the Laptop Lifestyle, after joining our SIMPLE, DONE FOR YOU SALES SYSTEM!

Multi-Level Marketing – Who Does It?

The following companies are associated with MLM:

List of multi-level marketing companies

This is a list of companies which use multilevel marketing (also known as network marketing, direct selling, referral marketing, and pyramid selling)
Some MLM schemes have achieved notoriety and are know as Pyramid Schemes:

Pyramid scheme

schemes have existed for at least a century in different guises. Some multilevel marketing plans have been classified as pyramid schemes. In a pyramid scheme
Here is a well-known example of a company which uses the MLM model for sales:


a direct sales company that sells knives, predominantly through multilevel marketing. It is the parent company of CUTCO Cutlery Corp., Vector Marketing
Many of these offers involve Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Pyramid Selling and in our view should be avoided. Here we will explain why, using a fictitious example, which may sound very familiar to some of you who have been pitched by or even been involved in such schemes previously.




The reason for this recommendation to AVOID THESE SCHEMES (MANY OF WHICH IN OUR VIEW ARE SCAMS) is that often you will be required to BUY-IN to the program to start with. Sometimes the entry level payment is quite low, so as to induce you into the SALES FUNNEL.

Once you have been inducted into the entrance door of the scheme (TOP LEVEL OF SALES FUNNEL), you will be enticed to go to the next stage which may involve a PRODUCT LAUNCH, which you will be fortunate enough to participate in and benefit from massive commissions, well maybe!

You will be told that you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to make millions of dollars in commissions, as a result of helping to sell various ESTABLISHED HIGH-QUALITY SOFTWARE OR EDUCATIONAL products (often described as MARKET LEADING PROGRAMS AND WITH FAIL-SAFE DEMAND AND WHICH ARE PROVEN, TOP SELLERS).

A very attractive way to make easy money apparently, but the next step is that in order to qualify to sell this Market Leading Software, you must know about it, so you will be required to BUY A COPY OF THE SOFTWARE PROGRAM OR COURSE  (Wow, you never expected that, but you will be told that in order to succeed you must TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, and don’t worry the cost of this will be lost in the massive commissions which you are about to make. This is not going to be cheap, but don’t worry you will be offered a knockdown price available only to our partners in the scheme! OK THEN….

Multi-Level Marketing


Your wallet will be Several thousand dollars lighter, but you are now qualified to sell the market Leading Software Program. Everything is looking good and don’t worry the high commissions are just around the corner!

To reach the next stage you must now sell many copies of the MARKET LEADING SOFTWARE, your target is 100 copies for this month. So how to do that, you quickly run out of family and friends who might be interested to buy anything from you, especially if it is not the first MLM scheme in which you have been involved?

So, you need to buy traffic using Pay Per Click, or Facebook Ads, or other ads from Yahoo or Bing, or Solo Ads. Another expense, but don’t worry it will be a FRACTION OF THE HIGH COMMISSIONS WHICH YOU WILL MAKE FROM SELLING THE MARKET LEADING SOFTWARE PROGRAM.

Multi-Level Marketing


You will have been shown videos of regular guys and gals who have gone from ZERO TO MEGABUCKS OVERNIGHT making commissions from the MARKET LEADING SOFTWARE PROGRAM. The implication is that ANYONE can do this, you just need to participate in the scheme and you will automatically make money, you just need to take MASSIVE ACTION!. So being a MASSIVE ACTION TAKER you decide to give it a try, EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT.

Great! There are a few people interested in the MARKET LEADING SOFTWARE PROGRAM, which you pass on to the central sales team so that they can CONVERT ALL SALES FOR YOU, ITS OK BECAUSE YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!

The only thing is there are NO SALES or maybe if you are lucky ONE OR TWO SALES, so you get a little bit of the many thousands of dollars which you already invested in the MARKET LEADING SOFTWARE PROGRAM.






Multi-Level Marketing


Take a Step Back and Re-Consider Your Options!

Does the above story sound familiar to you?

If you want to make money online, the LAST place you should start is on a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme.


OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

Usually we do not recommend Multi-Level Marketing as a matter of course.

We recommend that you start with a FREE membership of Wealthy Affiliate(WA) so check out our review here. Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing, rather than MLM.

You will be blown away by the comprehensive training and the backup, community help and technical support and the FREE website hosting (for two sites with FREE membership).

If you decide you like WA you can upgrade to a Premium Membership for $49 per month, click here, but you can stay as a FREE member for as long as you want trying it out or using it within the constraints of the FREE membership.

Check out the WA website and let us know what you think! We think Wealthy Affiliate is Amazing!

You won’t regret it, and you will MAKE MONEY ONLINE (NOT LOSE IT!).

Multi-Level Marketing

Happy Free Wealthy Affiliate Member