Review Of Funnel XROI System 2019

Introduction To Review Of Funnel XROI System 2019

We received an invitation to join a sales System at the end of December 2018, upon which we have carried out this Review Of Funnel XROI System 2019. On the face of it, everything seems very positive and you are given the information that this Done For You system can help you to attain at least $100 per day consistently online, hinting that $300 per day is possible, or even more, which would enable you to quit your job and develop this business as your own. On the introductory video you are told that you do not need any prior experience, nor do you need a product or your own website.

You are told that the Done For You system will provide all the necessary promotions, advertisements, emails, offers and leads.

You are even told that there are a limited number of free places available and that if these have expired on the Sales page then you can proceed to buy the system for $1997. Nice touch, encouraging you to sign up for free!

What you need to do is to drive traffic to the Done For You website which you will be provided when you agree to proceed and set up the system for yourself. You will be given step by step instruction of what to do next.

Lots of testimonials are shown on the sales videos, many of them without names so that you can verify who they are and when and over what period their successful results were obtained.

You are told that it is not a Get Rich Quick scheme and that your results depend on your hard work.

Who Is David Dekel?

David Dekel is a successful internet marketer and the owner of the Funnel XROI System. He claims to have developed this system out of long periods of trial and error using his own internet marketing systems since 2013.

What Exactly Does Funnel XROI System Do?

What we understand is that when you set up your Funnel XROI System, you can offer certain products on your website. You can then earn commissions on the sale of these products. In order to use the system, you need a Desktop or a Laptop computer (not a mobile phone or tablet).

Some of the products which you are encouraged to offer are as follows:

  • Easy1Up: which is a low-cost product $25, plus $5 registration fee.
  • High Energy: Balanced Lifestyle product.
  • Clickmagick: – tracking tool. This is an excellent product.
  • Udimi: – Sol ads provider, which is also an excellent product.
  • Vertex: – High-cost educational product $2000 – but high commissions possible.

You will be required to buy the products in order to be able to offer them for sale on your Done For You website.

The analogy of MacDonalds is used by David Dekel in his introductory video, and especially the need to be able to offer Multiple products. Where would MacDonalds be if they only sold burgers, on which their margin is a few cents only? MacDonalds is profitable because they have a range of complementary products, and the profit margins are on these rather than the basic (burger) product.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Funnel XROI System?

The Pro´s of Funnel XROI System on the face of it are:

You are getting a FREE copy of a successful and proven marketing system of product sales, upon which you will receive commissions of up to $1000 on educational software products.

The Cons of Funnel XROI System are:

You are being drawn into a sales funnel.

  • In order to offer products for sale you will be required to purchase those products, and these products range in cost up to $2000 +.
  • So before you can make any commissions on sales, you are already being sold to and required to invest.
  • Your available disposable funds and capital may become exhausted before you earn any commissions whatsoever.
  • Commissions are stated to be high, but the investment is also relatively high.
  • You are required to follow instructions in order to succeed without knowing in advance what those instructions require you to do.
  • The benefits are more with the operators Funnel XROI System rather than with the subscriber.

Pros and Cons Of Funnel XROI

What Is The Price OF Funnel XROI System 2019?

The price you pay if you accept the conditions with the offer is NIL. The Done For You System is provided Free subject to their conditions.

The conditions attached to the offer are:

  1. That you will follow instructions which you are given.
  2. That you will give a Testimonial to the company as soon as you have achieved success.

Are There Testimonials For Funnel XROI System?

There are a lot of testimonials for Funnel XROI System out there, as you would expect because a condition of you signing up for your free account is that you will give a testimonial to the company when requested after you have attained successful results.

Here is an independent Review of Funnel XROI System 2019, which gives a very thorough appraisal of the Pros and Cons, the reviewer has been inside the system.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of Funnel XROI System 2019

This Review of Funnel XROI System 2019 concludes on the basis of what we currently know, that we would not recommend Funnel XROI System to anyone.

We should perhaps qualify that to say that if you are prepared to invest several thousand dollars in the system, it may give you some return on your investment.

The way that Funnel XROI System is presented in its sales video is that it is free to the subscriber. This is not the case and you will be required to buy products on which you may be able to earn commissions.

Since we have not personally used the software, we would ask that if you have good experience with Funnel XROI, please let us know and we would be pleased to look at your feedback and comments.

Here is some advice from the independent reviewer in the video review, make your own mind up, but we suggest you check it out thoroughly before diving in.

Factors to Consider Re Funnel XROI

Factors to Consider Re Funnel XROI

Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019

Introduction to Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019, from Omar Martin.

In our Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019 according to the sales video for Buzzinar, the Squeeze Page is dead. People want and need a new way to collect subscribers, and Buzzinar is suggested to be that new way of doing things using a Viral Traffic System to spread word of mouth recommendations. This brings new subscribers into your sales funnel.

Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System

Who Is Omar Martin?

The Buzzinar Viral Traffic software package is prepared and marketed by Omar and Melinda Martin. Omar and Melina Martin are both experienced and successful marketers and have produced many software packages previously.

Review Of Buzinar App 2019

What Exactly Does Buzzinar Viral Traffic System Do?

The Buzzinar Viral Traffic software system is claimed to double a lead per day for 30 days.

Omar Martin claims to have generated more than $396k within one year, although we understand from the review of Buzzinar from Mike From Maine, that this event actually occurred in 2015.

Step 1: It is claimed to operate like Word Of Mouth Advertising so that the subscribers which you attract are real subscribers.

Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System

Step 2 of the Buzzinar Viral Traffic System is To Monetise the Leads.

Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System

How Much Does Buzzinar Viral Traffic System Cost?

The Buzzinar Viral Traffic System is for sale for $29.97 from JVZoo.

Are There Testimonials For Buzzinar Viral Traffic System?

Here is a Buzzinar Review From Denis Wright

Here is another Review Of Buzinar Viral Traffic Software System 2019 from Mike From Maine:



If the product is really good, we would have expected to see a lot more Review of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019 on Youtube.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019.

We have not yet tried the Viral Traffic System, but are tempted to do so because of the low price $29.95, and the 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

We do however recognise that if this product were wildly successful, there would be far more reviews on Youtube for this product.

So maybe on reflection, we will pass on this one.

If you have experience with Buzzinar and would like to share your thoughts with us, we would be interested to hear from you.


Review Of Buzzinar Viral Traffic System 2019

Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019

 Introduction to Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019

This is a Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019 from JVZoo.  We aim to give you a complete and concise overview of the capabilities and functionality of the SEO XBusiness App should you be interested to try it out or buy it. The SEO XBusiness App is claimed to make SEO Analysis and Consulting available to anyone, even newcomers with no experience, enabling anyone to make their own SEO Consulting Business using this software. If you are that much of a newcomer that you do not know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is getting high rankings on Google. Although the sales video is targetted at people who will use the SEO XBusiness App for consultancy purposes, it is possible also to buy this software for your own use as well and avoid the need to pay monthly for a similar product.

The SEO XBusiness App is a cloud-based software so that you can log in on any device and from anywhere in the world, so there is no need for downloads or revisions of software and updated version.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019

SEO XBusiness App 3 Step Process

Who Is SEO XBusiness App 2019 From?

The SEO XBusiness App is offered by JVZoo. The Authors of SEO XBusiness App are Luan Henrique and Radu Hahaiana, and below is the welcome page from their sales presentation, which tells a little of their story and how they started reviewing products online but had the ambition to develop and sell their own products. The product was launched 22 Dec 18.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App

Authors of SEO XBusiness App

What Does SEO XBusiness Do Exactly?

SEO XBusiness App is claimed to do the following:

Review Of SEO XBusiness App

SEO XBusiness App Capability

The functionality is claimed to include the following:

  • SEO Audit on any website – you just enter the URL and the software searches and analyzes.
  • Compare SEO performance and results for 2 sites, so you can compare your own site with that of your competitors.
  • SEO Action Plan Preparation of an action plan For Hundreds Of Keywords
  • Preparation of  WordPress Tags
  • On Page SEO Optimisation
  • Video Optimisation
  • Creation of Back Links to aid fast ranking of your website (you can also analyze your competitors’ backlinks and copy their sources)
  • Video Backlinks
  • Social Signals – you enter your URL and decide which Social Media platforms to share to.
  • Branding (Add Your own Brand logo to SEO XBusiness Reports and present them as your own).
  • Training and Tutorials
  • Settings
  • Reports from SEO XBusiness App can be printed and used as Lead Magnets for potential customers.

If you buy the Commercial Licence you have no restrictions and can undertake unlimited campaigns.

Here are some of the results claimed by the Vendors to be achieved using the SEO XBusiness App.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App

Review of SEO XBusiness Results

How Much Does SEO XBusiness Cost?

The cost of SEO XBusiness App is currently a very reasonable $17 one time purchase price for a personal licence. This seems to us to be extremely reasonable as all the other SEO analysis tools which we have come across are all priced at a similar level per month. Maybe that will be the eventual pricing strategy for this App.

The commercial licence is also priced incredibly keenly at $18.93 one time purchase price.

The price of the product is going up since the launch on 22nd December 2018, so the price which you may see or may pay could be different from the one which we saw at the time of this review. Eventually, the personal price will be $37 and the Commercial licence $47.

30-day money back guarantee is offered if you purchase SEO XBusiness from JV Zoo, so you purchase is relatively risk-free, even if you were to be unhappy with it.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App

SEO XBusiness Costs

There are 3 Upsells once you choose to buy the basic SEO XBusiness App, which are:

  • Upsell #1: A One Click Article Generator for $37.
  • Upsell/Downsell #2: VIP Training and Done For You Sales templates for $27.
  • Upsell #3: Reseller licence to sell SEO XBusiness App as your own product.

As can be seen from the SEO XBusiness App Sales Page, there is an offer of a Free 30-day plan of how to easily sell SEO services, which you can take advantage of if you buy now.

Depending on who you buy the product from, you may receive Bonuses, in addition to the Vendor´s bonuses, such as from the Video reviewers later in this Review Of XBusiness App 2019, there is Mark Gossage who offers 1200 Bonuses if you buy through him. Also, the other video reviewer offers 5 bonuses if you buy through him.

Are There Testimonials For SEO XBusiness?

There are numerous testimonials for SEO XBusiness Review, which are shown on the sales video. Here are a few examples of the testimonials:

Review of SEO XBusiness App

SEO XBusiness Testimonials

Here is a video Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019 from Mark Gossage ( from youtube, in which Mark highly recommends the App and also offers a massive deal including 1200 bonuses if you buy through him!

Here is another video Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019 from Liberty To Travel, and Bauk the owner there offers a package of at least 5 different free bonuses when you buy the App through him:

  • Bonus #1: How to Build A Website.
  • Bonus #2: How To Easily Create Backlinks for SEO.
  • Bonus #3: Advanced Youtube Ranking Strategies.
  • Bonus #4: 6 Ways To Make Money On Youtube.
  • Bonus #5: How To Talk To Business Owners to Sell Your Services.

There are also 2 other bonuses when you buy any upgrade of the original product licence:

    • Bonus #6: Craigsbank – Find Client´s To Sell To On Craigslist.
    • Bonus #7: Full Reseller Rights to Craigsbank.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019

We have not tried out this SEO XBusiness App software, but the functionality seems very good for the price at which it is offered.

Maybe we will try it out soon, in which case we will post the results on this page on our website.

Do you have experience of the SEO XBusiness App? If so, please share it with us and we would be interested to know about your experience, good or bad.


Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg

Introduction to Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg

In this Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 from Richard Legg, we explain how  Richard Legg offers you a chance to clone his successful business and copy his results from a proven business model which has been working and earning money for him for many years. The reason that Richard Legg says that his business system works if that it is based on 3 fundamental principles:

1. It is based on NOT SELLING things, ie giving them away.

2. It is based on getting Less Traffic.

3. It is based on legally ¨Stealing¨ from the experts.

Richard´s system is based on multiple funnels, ten in all, which are inter-linked so that all visitors are offered many different offers, upsells and downsells at every stage of each funnel. Richard´s system involves giving away valuable lead magnets (such as a $27 value video) in order to bring in subscribers and build your email list.

The amount of money potentially to be generated from each sales funnel is enormous, up to $6395, and by buying the Done For You Business 2019 from Richard Legg, you get the opportunity to earn commissions from visitors who you introduce to the multiple sales funnels, as well as to build your own email list, which is a tremendous asset for your business.

12 Month Money Back Guarantee

There is a 12-month money back guarantee with the 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 from Richard Legg. Provided that you actively follow the training and take the action steps required, Richard Legg is confident that the system will work for you too, even if you are new to internet marketing, and he guarantees that if you do not make 10x your investment within 12 months he will buy your business back from you. If you do not make money he will refund you in full, alternatively, Richard Legg´s team will work with you until you become successful.

This seems like a pretty unusual guarantee to us, since in many cases for similar product offerings, we have seen either a ¨no refund¨ policy in operation even for such high ticket items ($1997 is a pretty substantial investment), or a fairly minimal 14 day or 30 days or at best 60 day trial period. It can be fairly difficult to try out such a complex product as well as see discernable results in such a short period, so we are fairly sure that there may be many purchasers who are not entirely happy with the product they have purchased, and yet the time has elapsed outside the guarantee period, so they are not eligible for a refund.

This 12 month guaranteed money back offer is a big differentiator for us, and make it a fairly risk-free investment for any purchaser, as you can try the product out over up to 12 months before saying that you have had no success, and still be confident that you will receive a refund. The only thing you risk in that instance is the time which you have invested in trying out the product.

Who Is Richard Legg?

Richard Legg is originally from the UK, but has lived in Ireland and now lives in the USA.

Richard Legg is a successful internet marketer who has made millions of dollars using his funnel system, based on Giving Things Away, over many years, since he was a full-time student, more than 10 years ago. He developed the system which he uses initially while he was a full-time student and even in those early days was making more than $100k pa with it.

He claims that users of his system can make lots of money from a minimal expenditure of time using this tried tested and proven system for ¨giving away stuff ¨.

What Do You Get With The 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg?

When you subscribe to Richard Legg´s 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 package you get the following within the package which you buy:

  • Your own license to 10 complete profit funnels
  • Done For You Hands-off affiliate promotions
  • Domain, and dedicated hosting and set-up
  • Traffic Training and advertising blueprints
  • Digital Millionaire Blueprint coaching
  • Full Support for you and your customers

Buying from the online webinar there were 3 Bonuses offered in addition within the sales price ($1997)

  • Bonus #1- Proven 6 Figure Affiliate Funnel (value $1997)
  • Bonus #2 – Proven 6 Figure EmailSequences (value $1997)
  • Bonus #3 -New Lead Magnets are given each month (value $13,200 pa)
Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019

6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 Value

What Is The Price Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg

If you go to Richard Legg´s website you will see the 6 Figure Business advertised for $2997, and you join a waiting list of applicants if you sign up there.

On his webinar, Richard Legg offers a discounted price of $1997, or two payments of $1100 to purchase the Six Figure business. The reason that a discount is offered from the webinar is that by buying there, you sign up to give a Testimonial to Richard Legg, which is valued at $1,000. It seems a fair trade, as you are only required to give a testimonial once you have had some success.

What About Training And Support for 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019?

From the testimonials which we have seen, it is reported that the Training and Support for the 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 are excellent. 

Are There Testimonials for 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg?

Richard Legg shows a large number of testimonials from his satisfied customers on his webinar, see some of them are shown below.

Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019

Testimonials for 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019

Here is another Review of 6 Figure Done For You Business 2019, called Workshop in this review:

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 From Richard Legg

After having reviewed the webinar from Richard Legg a couple of times, we thought that there seems to be some merit in his business idea, which seemed to be proven, and offered a lot of value for the investment required ($1997 as a one-off payment).

We signed up to purchase Richard Legg´s 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business, and are currently trying it out. Here is the homepage for our website:

We will update you on developments as we try out the system and make progress over the forthcoming months. We will report on earnings and any glitches which we encounter along the way.

Here are some associated links regarding the 6 Figure Done For You Business 2019:

Traffic Generation Club:

Affiliate Profits Club:

eMarketers Club:

Membership Marketers Club:

Power Copy Club:

Power Marketers Club:

Product Profits:

Success Upgrade:

Wealth Upgrade:

Web Profits Club:

Have you had any experience or Review of 6 Figure Apprentice Done For You Business 2019 from Richard Legg? If so, please drop us a line as we would be interested to hear your comments.


Review Of YouTargtr 2019 From Jono Armstrong

Introduction to Review of YouTargtr 2019 from Jono Armstrong

Jono Armstrong introduces you to and recommends it in his Review of YouTargtr 2019 and says he will be using it extensively for his own business in 2019. YouTargtr enables you to search for and identify popular videos which are monetizable. You can then use Google Adwords to place your own ads on other people´s viral videos in order to make money. What a great idea!

Who Is Jono Armstrong?

Jono Armstrong is a successful internet marketer based in Indonesia, who was originally from the UK. He is very active in the internet marketing software market offering many products from Warrior Plus and JV Zoo.

He regularly offers products on launches from these platforms and we regularly receive offers from him for many products of differing types. Jono Armstrong often works in conjunction with another successful internet marketer Brendon Mace.

Jono Armstrong will often offer his own custom bonuses with products which he recommends, so as to make these offers more attractive to you.

Come to think of it, he offers his own custom bonuses as an incentive to buy from him on every review which we have seen from him, and there are lots of them on Jono´s Youtube channel, see the illustration below.

Review Of YouTargtr 2019

Jono Armstrong Video Reviews

What Exactly Is YouTargtr And What Does It Do?

YouTargtr is a software package from Victory, which enables you to search for and find videos with viral potential and which are monetisable. So it enables you to find suitable videos, on which you can place your own Google ads, and make money because the videos where you place the ads are popular and are shared extensively, with lots of engagement, some of them becoming Viral. So the more traffic there is for a particular video, then the more chance you have of clicks on your own ads.

You can use YouTargtr for your own CPA offers, Affiliate Offers, and to reach out to influencers for your own benefit.

What Are the Benefits of Using YouTargtr?

In order to identify suitable potentially viral videos from Youtube, you would need to spend a very long time searching for such videos using the right keywords for the niche which you are in. Essentially YouTargtr enables you to quickly identify suitable potentially viral videos, and then put your own ads on these in order to make money. YouTragtr will save you a massive amount of time and effort.

One of the most powerful features of YouTargtr is the Video Rank Checker, which enables you to check what ranking any video has on Google for a particular keyword, and identifiable by locations, ie which country, and other criteria.

You can make your own Youtube Channel using YouTargtr.

How Much Does YouTargtr Cost?

YouTargtr costs just $27 at the launch price for the basic version. The price is supposed to increase after the launch.

There is an upsell to the YouTargtr Pro Version for $37, and if you do buy this Pro version you can achieve the following feature benefits:

  • Advanced Search Function
  • Audience Info Grabber
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Channel Research Tool

With these tools and features, you can select and search for videos of a particular length, or search for videos which are popular, in particular languages, published before or after a particular date, and videos made in normal or High Definition.

You can also purchase a YouTargtr Resellers Licence for a one-off Payment of $197. What this enables you to do is resell YouTargtr, and keep 100% of all commissions on your sales. So you would only need to achieve a few sales in order to make back your investment in the Resellers Licence.

Jono Armstrong´s Bonus Package to Accompany YouTargtr

Jono Armstrong offers you a discount coupon if you are late to purchase at the launch price and he can reduce the price for you if you buy through his affiliate link.

Jono Armstrong also offers you his own bespoke bonus package if you choose to buy from his affiliate link.

This Bonus Package includes Jono Armstrong´s Done For You Advertisements for YouTargtr.

Are There Testimonials For YouTargtr?

Jono Armstrong himself recommends YouTargtr and says he will be using it in his own personal business in 2019.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of YouTargtr 2019

We have yet to try out YouTargtr, so can’t really say that we are convinced enough to recommend that you purchase it.

However the price is not very high and the idea is a good one, to leverage other people´s popular videos which are getting a lot of engagement in order to benefit you own Ads with lots of traffic – Neat!

If we do get to try out YouTargtr, we will post our comments and recommendations here.

Have you tried YouTargtr? If so, what did you think of it? Was it worth the money? Did it do what it says on the tin?

Let us know, as we would be keen to share your observations!

Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 From Anik Singal

Introduction – Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 from Anik Singal

In Review Of Lurn On Demand Start-Up 2019,you will be shown step by step how to start and develop your own $multi-million e-commerce business, in a very short period of time. Just 8 weeks of training and coaching from LURN between the start of January and the end of February 2019 is all it needs. Anik Singal claim that it will transform your life for the better.

Review Of Lurn On-Demand Start-Up 2019
Anik Singal The CEO Of LURN Academy

The Course shows you from first basics how to conceive and start to develop a Shopify store, and takes you step by step through the training of how to do everything from niche selection, naming, keyword selection and identification, domain choice and registration, branding, product choice, through to Social Media marketing and sales development and scaling your very own dropshipping business.  You also get to learn Daymond John´s 4 steps to making a successful business, as well as the Shopify E-commerce training from LURN Academy. What an amazing opportunity to work with Anik Singal, Daymond John and three selected coaches from LURN Academy to have the training you and available for coaching and looking over your shoulder to ensure success with the development of your new e-commerce business.

What is LURN?

LURN is the largest online provider of training for entrepreneurs and they make more than $200m of sales per annum. The CEO of LURN is Anik Singal and he is a very successful entrepreneur who dedicates himself to selling his training courses worldwide. His business has grown massively and is extremely successful because there are many many people who wish to develop their business online and take advantage of the internet for creating wealth. LURN has built a massive entrepreneurship centre in Maryland USA, from where they organise and manage their worldwide operations.

Review Of Lurn On-Demand Start-up 2019

Anik Singal has teamed up with Top People´s Shark Daymond John for this particular offering, and it is clearly the case that once you have started a successful business, you can develop your full potential by further consultation with Lurn and where you have access to this top entrepreneur Daymond John.

Anik Singal also does a lot of charity work and LURN sponsors schools in impoverished areas of India, and also in West Africa as well.

Who Is Anik Singal? Who Is Daymond John?

Anik Singal is a highly successful internet marketer who has made more than $200m in sales from his group of companies, of which LURN Academy is one. Anik tells his story that he started his business in 2003, at which time it took him 18 months to achieve his first online sale. In 2004, he transformed his business going from $12k to $150k per annum sales. He became successful but then lost everything, going $1.7m in debt. He turned things around however using his unique Influencer marketing methods.

You can tell that Anik Singal is passionate about what he does, and he loves to partner with his students and make them his next success stories and testimonials. Anik´s LURN Academy has build a large Transformational Home For Entrepreneurs in Maryland USA, which is at the disposal of his students who come from all over the World to learn his techniques and success methods.

Daymond John ¨The People´s Shark¨is partnering with Anik Singal on this offer from LURN Academy. Daymond has achieved more than $6bn in sales from his various companies, and he has invested in more than 250 companies to date. Daymond is the author of the best-selling book Rise and Grind.

Daymond took a long time to achieve his first successful business FUBU, which he started from scratch, and even shelved on a few occasions because of lack of financing capital to fund his expansion, but eventually he became sponsored by Samsung Textiles who invested in his company.

After that he has had multiple success stories and has assisted many companies in transforming their fortunes, as well as invested in about 150 companies as well.

What Do You Get From LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019?

Within the Review of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019, you are taught step by step how to start and operate your own Shopify e-commerce business and take it from zero to multi-million $ business.

You receive 8 weeks training through a concentrated series of workshops.

There is an introductory Pre-Workshop training series of modules to give you some preliminary training, ready for the concentrated series of training and coaching, which starts in January. Within this series of modules you are shown how to choose a niche, either general or specialist niche, choose a domain and register it, think about your brand for your company, and set up Paypal so that you can receive payments from customers, also look at AliExpress, where you can source the products which you are going to sell in your new dropshipping e-commerce business. You can also design a logo for your brand or commission one to be done for you from outsourcing at or 8 weeks of training modules are on the following topics:

Introduction to E-commerce

Find Perfect Profitable Products (Golden Product Guide)

Use of Apps and Introduction to Facebook

Facebook Ads

Mastery of Facebook Ads

Store Management Mastery

Instant Influencer Marketing

Your E-commerce Store Systems Optimisation and Discounts.

A Facebook Group is set up for subscribers to the LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019, and you can set up Mastermind groups, get help from coaches here, and interact with like-minded students.

There is a 6 module step by step Influencer Academy course.

You are given a list of the top recommended Influencers.

You are given Top Ad Creatives.

You are given 10 High Converting Landing Page Examples.

Stage 3 Creation of Content and Ads

Basically, this method is about Social Media, not advertisements. You are encouraged to share photos and videos of your products. The idea is to catch people´s attention with your images and encourage them to share with their friends. It is Interactive Marketing.

Stage 4 Scaling Your Business

You will need to find more Influencers, more products, more marketplaces, and automate your sources.

What you need to bear in mind is that it is easier to upsell an existing customer, or sell more products to them, rather than acquire a new customer which costs money and takes time and effort to achieve.

The next stage of the course is Daymond On Demand

This is where you are exposed to the Full Secret Money Model Training.

This involves 16 hands-on intensive training sessions. There are 8 weeks of workshops, involving 2 webinars per week, comprising 8 weeks of coaching.

So you are trained and given tasks to perform and you are also coached in the system and how to do it.

The Community which you have access to includes Anik Singal, Daymond John and the successful coaches who are allocated to your progression, all previous students of LURN academy, themselves running successful businesses.

How Much Does LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 Cost?

Anik Singal offers subscribers a very good deal with more than $9000 of value claimed to be included within the offer for subscribers to LURN On -Demand Start-Up 2019. There is a one-off payment of $997 for all of the training material and coaching for the two month training period and ongoing access to the Facebook Group.

Are There Testimonials For Review Of LURN On -Demand Start-Up 2019?

LURN offer many testimonials including from the 3 coaches who will be assisting you during the training course, who themselves were students of LURN Academy, and have used the methods taught to build themselves successful multi million dollar businesses online.

Geoff Hand is one of the coaches, whose business turns over $40-50,000 per month

Andrea Koput is another coach who is a success story of LURN Academy, whose business turns over $70,000 per month. She trasnformed her life going from $170k in debt to being a successful businesswoman

Aaron Delezenski is another LURN success story with a Million dollar sales turnover business.

Also Rosalee Maquinay is another student turned successful businesswoman and LURN coach for this course.

A big name testimonial for LURN Academy is Robert Kiyosaki the bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Here is a video review and interview with Anik Singal about his eSCAPE book, to which he often refers in his presentations, and you will find many such reviews of LURN products on youTube.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019

From Our Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 from Anik Singal we believe that it offers very good value for Money. We have yet to fully appraise the whole course since it was only subscribed a few days ago. We will keep you informed how things progress once training and coaching has been provided .

The Training course proper will start in January 2019 and is intensively scheduled to take 8 weeks, with 2 webinar sessions each week for training and coaching.

Review Of 7Figure Funnel Franchise By Michael Cheney

Review Of 7Figure Funnel Franchise


Introduction To Review Of 7 Figure Funnel Franchise by Michael Cheney

Michael Cheney offers you the opportunity to clone his total proven business system if you purchase his 7Figure Funnel Franchise. Michael Cheney explains that you need to work at his system in order to achieve success, but that it does not involve making your own website, or owning and maintaining your own domain name, no building an email list and no buying of traffic. Michael Cheney claims that you don´t need to do Fan Pages, nor does the system involve scraping for contacts or posting in groups.

The system does, however, involve using Facebook in order to generate traffic, and Michael Cheney understands very well the dominance of Facebook and all the data which it holds about its users and also the algorithms which Facebook uses. He has some very good ideas about how to use Facebook, without buying Facebook Ads.

Michael Cheney´s 7Figure Funnel Franchise system involves 3 major stages:

  1. Get Traffic
  2. Get Big Commissions
  3. Get Paid

It is as simple as that, but Michael Cheney explains his methods in fairly great detail so that you know roughly how the system works and what you are required to do, which is – 1. GET TRAFFIC. Michael Cheney claims that the system provides all the necessary training in order to show you exactly what you have to do. You simply need to apply the time and effort consistently on Facebook to make the TRAFFIC happen, in order to make lots of money through commissions on product sales from all his sales funnels (8-9), and at all levels of the funnels. The bigger commissions coming from Deep Sales at the lower level of each sales funnel, and he shares these commissions with all his franchisees.

Who Is Michael Cheney?

Michael Cheney tells us that he has been carrying out marketing online for 17 years. He recounts how his life journey from starting to where he is now has taken a very long time, during which he made many mistakes and suffered many setbacks along the way. He explains that he likes to help people and that is why he wants to make his system available for others to benefit from, so that they can benefit from his experience.

Michael Cheney personally presents his sales video and he makes a very strong and professional pitch for you to buy his 7Figure Funnel Franchise system, claiming that you can get paid as soon as today, and that you can make serious money online, and more money by using less of your time, because you are following his tried and tested system which is proven to generate sales, as shown by the actual sales figures which he presents to you.

What is the 7Figure Franchise, And What Do You Get For Your Money?

When you purchase the 7Figure Franchise, you are taken to the member´s area where you have a dashboard which displays all of the courses which you have bought, and the training which takes you step by step through the system.

You can keep 100% of the revenue from your own sales of all of the following Michael Cheney products:

  • Commission Machine – which has sold more than $482k
  • Commission Cartel – which has sold more than $127k
  • Commission Black Ops – which has sold more than $173k
  • Fan Page Money Methods – which has sold more than $212k
  • Child´s Play Profits – which has sold more than $35k
  • Email Black Ops – which has sold more than $27k
  • List Building Black Ops – which has sold more than $32k
  • Scope For Cash – which has sold more than $6k

The total value of sales of all the above Michael Cheney products is more than $1.1m.

You will receive commissions from all purchases introduced by you, and this could be from any one of 8 or 9 sales funnels which prospective purchasers are introduced to. In this way, you can achieve commissions from the deep level of each sales funnel, in addition to the lower value introductory purchases, which are more usual.

Michael Cheney understands very well the psychology of the sales process and how to convert sceptical prospective buyers into purchasers, by giving them stepping stones to cross the ¨River of Doubt¨which they have to cross to go from prospect to purchaser as quickly as possible.

Michael Cheney claims that with his system, anyone can do it, that there is no particular technical skill needed. All you have to do is send traffic, which the system shows you how to do, and you generate money on demand.

The main traffic generation method is by using Facebook and building a following, but it does not involve forming Facebook Groups or having your own website, domain, or any of the usual requirements. Essentially you must drive traffic to your Affiliate Link which is embedded and any purchasers result in an immediate payment of the agreed commission to your Paypal Account, and there are various testimonials to this fact.

What Is Included In The 7Figure Franchise?

The above-listed software programs from Michael Cheney are included in the franchise purchase, and you have complete access rights to sell these.

Not only are you purchasing full selling rights to all of Michael Cheney´s software, but you are given commissions from 8 or 9 of Michael Cheney´s funnels because all purchasers introduced by you will be targeted over a period of 8-9 weeks with follow up emails by the Funnel Franchise system. You will not see these emails which are automatically sent to prospects introduced by you, but if there are any sales, then you immediately receive the commission on them.

What Is The Price Of 7Figure Funnel Franchise?

You pay just $1997 as a one-off lifetime payment for 7Figure Franchise System, or you can choose to make one payment of $1100 immediately, then the second payment of $1100 after 30 days.

On the face of it, this price seems to be incredible value for money because Michael Cheney claims that the value of his offerings is as follows:

  • 100% commissions and instant payouts on all his products (which are listed above) VALUE $2997
  • Done For You Affiliate Promotions VALUE $7997
  • $1K commissions directly to your Paypal account VALUE $7997
  • STEP BY STEP Blueprint to making 7 Figures Fast VALUE $9997
  • FREE access to all digital products and upsells VALUE $4997
  • ACCELERATE directly to the money with 1:1 coaching with Michael Cheney (30 DAYS) VALUE $5997
  • BIG commissions are possible
  • BONUS #1 – Fast Track to Facebook Traffic VALUE $5860
  • BONUS #2 – Money Making Traffic VALUE $197
  • BONUS #3 – Even More Free Traffic VALUE $297

(Michael Cheney´s team member Michelle will send traffic for you for 1 hour with this last bonus)


The offer is discounted by $1000 (from $2997 to $1997) if you agree to give Michael Cheney a testimonial which he can use to advertise his system, which seems to be a reasonable win-win for you and him. So essentially all purchasers are locked into this commitment, neat!

Testimonials for 7Figure Funnel Franchise

Michael Cheney has a large number of testimonials for his 7 Figure Funnel Franchise System, which are included on his sales page.

One of the testimonials is from Jeff Sollee, who also posted a video review of 7Figure Funnel Franchise system on Youtube. Here it is so that you can see and hear directly what Jeff Sollee has to say. Jeff purchased the system and is broadly pleased with it. He has replaced all the things he was doing previously, with the 7Figure Funnel Franchise system and just follows this now. Jeff says that he has been trying to make money online since 2009, with very little success until he bought Michael Cheney´s 7Figure Funnel Franchise system. Jeff Sollee says that using Michael Cheney´s system he has started to make JVZoo commissions, which until 2017, he had not managed to do. He has earned $3690 in total from JVZoo. Jeff Sollee says that he earned a $1000 commission from 7Figure Funnel Franchise system within one week of purchasing it, and says that the time needed for using the system is minimal. Jeff Sollee´s other observations are that while the training is good, it is focussed on building a list and that although the training is there, the writing of emails is quite tricky and takes a lot of practice. Michael Cheney has perfected his own style of writing emails which is very effective. The other issue which Jeff Sollee raises is about the price point, and that you need to be committed to following the system consistently in order to recoup your investment. Jeff Sollee´s advice is not to mix training and stick with the Funnel Franchise training methods, and it will work. he praises the Done for You parts of the system, the access to products and the training within the system. He recommends it for anyone who is struggling, or who wants to raise their game. Jeff Sollee also offers a personal Skype call with himself if you decide to sign up and use his affiliate link, and posted links to the webinar and sales page.

Another testimonial which is available on Youtube is from Caterina Christakis, who is also featured on the Funnel Franchise sales page video, and she claims to be very pleased with her purchase of 7FigureFunnel Franchise System, which she says is Awesome. She says she earned $550 off one sale commission and mentions the 100+ products which she has access to on which many are 100% commissions, and some 50% commissions. Caterina says that Customer Support is excellent, and she has never come across anything as good, even though she has tried lots of different things, and is an experienced marketer. She says the training is some of the best available and that Michael Cheney simplifies everything and clarifies exactly what to do.

There are also some other reviews of 7Figure Funnel Franchise On Youtube, here is one by Tim Verdoux who is a franchisee and who interviews Michael Cheney and talks about Michael´s success and his personal story. It is quite a useful presentation because you see Michael Cheney´s character in the interview and get his advice first hand about ways of doing things according to his system. Michael explains that he is a family man and spends a lot of time with his family, 5 hours per day. He is also a keen cyclist and spends around 2 hours per day riding his cycle, and he cycles around 6k miles per annum. All this means his time for his internet business is limited by those other commitments. Michael Cheney advises people not to try to go it alone and suggests that they need a mentor to help them to avoid the pitfalls, which he experienced along the way. During his internet marketing journey, there were periods of up to two years when he did not make any money at all. Michael Cheney uses the example of all the effort of planning and organisation and long preparation for getting a spacecraft into orbit, as being similar to launching an internet business. In his case, he says it took him 17 years to achieve his current level of success. One of the drawbacks for people embarking on this journey is that there are so many options available to people, which can be a good thing but also can be a bad thing. People tend to acquire a lot of knowledge about lots of things, but not necessarily enough expertise in the one area which they need in order to achieve success. Michael Cheney advises people not to quit along with their journey as they will never benefit from all the effort which they have put into their businesses if they do. Michael Cheney further advises people to find the best people at doing what you want to do and to try to learn from them. He developed the idea for his current business model when he arranged a live training session in November 2016 in  Scotland and he started to offer greater and greater value to his audience of prospective buyers, in order to attract people to the event, and this trend has continued to become the 7Figure Funnel Franchise system. He added the $1k commissions later. He recounts one franchisee earning $22,312 in one day, and that they did not know where this money was coming from.

The one thing which Michael Cheney insists that all his franchisees must do if they are to become successful is to work consistently and drive traffic to your personal affiliate link. This is the key to your success, other than that, you don’t need a list or a website. You must follow exactly the training steps for Facebook in order to drive traffic and the money will follow. Micahel Cheney says that his system will work for everyone, even Newbies and you don’t need technical skills in order to make it work.

We have noticed that many of the endorsements for the /Figure Funnel Franchise system are from people who are trying to sell the system themselves, effectively to benefit from the commission on the sale.

Independent Reviews Of 7Figure Funnel Franchise

For an unbiased Review Of  7Figure Funnel Franchise from Smart Affiliate Success click here.

Here is another unbiased Review Of 7Figure Funnel Franchise from Jack at click here.

Look at this independent review of one of Michael Cheney products at click here.

It might also be worth just considering what it means when you buy a franchise, check out this article click here.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation About 7 Figure Franchise System by Michael Cheney

In our Review Of 7Figure Funnel Franchise, and everything sounds very good on the face of it as presented by Michael Cheney. You do need to appreciate though that although you are buying a franchise, you are not building your own business. All the leads belong to Michael Cheney, so in terms of a long-term asset, your business is not worth much, the business strength is with 7Figure Funnel Franchise, not you.

Michael Cheney says that he has made more than enough money so he wants to help other people to do the same, by making his system available to them for a minimal cost, so that they can benefit from what he has learned in developing the 7Figure Funnel Franchise system over many years (17).

It was a little concerning, however, that there is no 30day Money Back Guarantee, such as you would normally expect with a product purchased from Clickbank.

Michael Cheney claims that if you do not make your investment back within 26 weeks, he will allocate his team to work with you until you do so. He guarantees that in this way you are guaranteed to make $24k.You need to get the traffic and he will show you how to do it.

We have not actually tried the software itself, but have read some reviews of software from Michael Cheney which claim that some of the software packages are not so good quality. It is said that several of the packages which you are buying do broadly the same thing, so maybe there is an overlap of capability.

Michael Cheney acknowledges that the elephant in the room is TRAFFIC, and how to drive it to your affiliate link. He offers the first 1000 visitors are for FREE. He also offers very specific and enlightened Facebook training which will help you to succeed with his system. Essentially you need to appreciate that a fundamental stage of the business (Traffic Generation) is your responsibility and that if you don’t make the traffic happen, then there will be no sales commissions

The Facebook system for driving traffic sounds very similar to that offered by Paul Lynch under MDCB (MyDotComBusiness), which we have reviewed separately earlier in the year.

Have you tried Michael Cheney´s 7Figure Funnel Franchise, and if so, how did you find it? Let us know what you think.

On the basis of what we know so far, our recommendation would be not to purchase this franchise.

Review Of Builderall Page Builder 2019

Introduction To Review Of Builderall Page Builder 2019

This is a Review Of Builderall Page Builder 2019 and Website Builder, and AutoResponder. It is a very powerful and flexible software package, which has many expensive features built it. It is marketed by Mark Wightley.

Review Of Builderall Page Builder 2019

Who Is Mark Wightley?

Mark Wightley is a successful internet marketer from Australia, who is marketing Builderall and recommending it. Mark also operates Funnel Franchise which we have reviewed separately.

What About The Builderall Team?

The Builderall story started only in 2011  but has been extremely successful so far. The founder of Builderall is the Brazilian entrepreneur Erick Salgado, whose two passions are Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Review Of Builderall Page Builder


What Are The Features, And The Pros and Cons of Builderall?

Features of Builderall

Builderall is an extremely capable website builder which allows you to construct your own websites, and all necessary Sales Funnels, Landing and Sales Pages. Additionally, Builderall incorporates an AutoResponder, so that you do not need to subscribe to one of the usual Autoresponder software packages such as AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, etc.

You can design your own website within Builderall and use any of the built-in templates. You can make your own videos within Builderall.

You can even make your own Apps within Builderall.

Builderall comes with its own built-in SSL, making this a very attractive feature.

Builderall is a relatively new software package.

Review Of Builderall Pagebuilder 2019


Pros Of Builderall

Builderall gives very good functionality at a reasonable price, $49.90 per month.

When compared with ClickFunnels, this would be much more expensive, either at $99 per month, or the full functionality Enterprise version costs $297 per month. The Builderall functionality is more flexible than ClickFunnels.

You can change background colours and images, fonts and text size.

There is the capability for dealing with GDPR compliance within the software, and also setting up membership sites.

The software is suitable for optimising for Desktop, Tablet or Mobile reception.

You can connect to as many domains as you want.

You can make your own Apps if you wish within Builderall.

There is SEO capability and browser notifications built into Builderall.

You can see where people are clicking on the screen with Builderall´s built-in ClickMapping feature.

Chat reviews are also included within Builderall.

You can prepare presentations using Builderall, and there is built in photo studio and videomaker.

The built-in email marketing system allows you to deal with up to 10,000 subscribers. You can deal with more subscribers, but you need to pay extra for that.

There is also an Affiliate program with Builderall, so apart from considering the use of the product you may wish to consider selling the product as an Affiliate, which can give you a good rate of commission.

If you want to try out Builderall, you can do so for 7 days for free, without needing to use your credit card.

Cons Of Builderall

One big consideration when choosing to use Builderall is that you are unable to transfer your sites and funnels to another platform, should you decide that you do not want to continue to use Builderall for whatever reason.

Some user feedback about the AutoResponder is not totally positive, so you need to check whether it is suitable for your needs before committing to it.

User feedback also says there have been glitches with the drag and drop functionality of the software.

How Much Does Builderall Cost?

There are 3 plans for Builderall membership which are:

Basic – $9.90 per month.

This level of functionality does not really give you enough benefits to start to use all the features

Standard – $29.90 per month

Enterprise – $49.90 per month.

To get the best functionality from the software you would probably choose the most expensive membership option.

Are There Testimonials For Builderall?

Review Of Builderall Page Builder 2019

Builderall Success Stories

On their website, there are numerous success stories about Builderall.

What Do Other People Think Of Builderall?

Here is a video review of Builderall from Crypto Robert, also known as Roope Kiuttu, of Wealthy Affiliate who gives a thorough appraisal and identifies the Features, and  Pros and Cons of the software as well as a few other options for consideration:

There are a lot of other reviews of Builderall available as well, here are a few of them:


This review compares the Affiliate Programs available for Builderall vs Click funnels:

Conclusion And Recommendation About Review of Builderall Page Builder 2019

We have yet to try out Builderall, but it certainly seems to be a powerful package and provides very good functionality and is very competitively priced compared with other similar products.

It is well worth considering in comparison to ClickFunnels, depending on what your precise needs are.

What other options are there? Thrive Themes could be used in conjunction with WordPress as an alternative option, but you would need to buy an AutoResponder separately.

If you have tried out Builderall, then let us know what you think of it.








Review Of How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest Angie Gensler 2019

Introduction to Review Of How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest Angie Gensler 2019

How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest is a video training available from Angie Gensler, who has made a business success out of her expertise in Pinterest, since launching in December 2016.

grow your email list with pinterest

grow your email list with Pinterest

There are other reference articles on the benefits of How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest.

Click Trends

How to Grow Your Email List With Pinterest #socialmedia #smm #socialmediamarketing #smo


Another platform to consider. How to Grow Your Email List With Pinterest #KeystoneHDC #HotelMarketing…


How to Grow Your Email List With Pinterest

Who is Angie Gensler?

Angie Gensler worked in marketing in the busy and pressurised corporate world in the USA, and found more freedom to enjoy her life and family when she formed her own business in 2016, enabling her to quit her high paying job.

She tells her story in a short Free Training Video entitled ¨How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest¨.

Angie explains how she was stressed in her corporate 6 figure job, and not happy with her lifestyle, as she was overstressed and overworked and sick of the travel which her corporate job entailed. She spent 10 years as a professional corporate marketer before she came to that decision.

Angie Gensler also has 13 years of experience running her own businesses. Angie has a Degree In Marketing, and also an MBA.

Angie explains that she is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to build a business with balance because she believes in family time. She explains that she did not want a Non-Stop business, because of her belief in Family Time.

Angie is the Author of an Ebook entitled ¨The Viral Pin Formula – 7 Ingredients To Incorporate Into Your Pin Designs¨. See the ebook ViralPinFormula here.

Angie laid the plans for her own business in November 2016 and decided on her corporate strategy with her husband. She has carried out a lot of research into different business models and tested out different business tactics. When they launched the business in December 2016, they were surprised that the results which they were obtained from their marketing exceeded their goals and expectations, and she shares those success methods in her training.

Using the methods she describes in her training, she achieved 100 subscribers within 10 days, and more than 500 subscribers within 30 days and this is what she describes in her training video ¨How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest¨.

What Does Angie Gensler Offer?

Angie Gensler offers several training packages in becoming proficient and then expert at using Pinterest. She has used and developed these methods to progress her own business and will teach you using the same methods of How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest.

Angie Gensler offers to teach small business owners and Team Of One Marketer how to grow their business and get results, and she emphasises that this should be at your own pace, she is not a believer in the Hustle.

Angie Gensler has many training and information videos on Youtube, mainly on the subject of Pinterest, and showing you how to get your content shared, as well as a lot of other advice for small business owners.

Angie Gensler Videos On YouTube

Angie Gensler also offers the following services on her website:

Why Pinterest – What Are The Benefits?

In her training video ¨How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest¨, Angie Gensler explains some of the content of her Course Pinterest 101, and how Pinterest marketing works.

Pinterest is a Visual platform for users to discover ideas and inspiration. So Pinterest uses Pins which are essentially either Images or Videos, together with content, and a link to an online source.

Pinterest is partly a Social Network, enabling users to Like, Comment, Save and Follow other Pins and Members, with whom you can collaborate in order to work on Group boards.

Pinterest is also a Search Engine, so you can carry out very specific keyword searches for images videos and ideas, which is explained in one of Angie´s free training videos.

Pinterest also runs on Content, so you need to send traffic to your blog posts, which is the most popular and successful method, or send to a YouTube video or a Podcast, alternatively you can send traffic to a Squeeze Page, or a Sales Page or a Product Page, giving you an enormous capability to make conversions.

One of the big benefits of Pinterest is that you can get a very early influence on a visitor´s buying decision, which is extremely powerful.

Another benefit of Pinterest is that you can get instant traffic without paying for advertisements.

Also in Pinterest, your content lives forever, unlike most other Social Media platforms where your content or posts have a very short lifespan.

For SEO, Pinterest is very good because it is a rapidly growing platform, with plenty of opportunities for user growth in 2019 and beyond.

Pinterest posts can be automated using tools such as Tailwind, which can save you a lot of time.

Pinterest Ads cost a lot less than Facebook Ads and can produce significantly better results.

How Much Do Angie Gensler´s Training Products Cost?

Angie Gensler offers several products, and has bundled these up with a great Special offer:

Pinterest 101 – normally priced at $97

Pinterest 101 explains from the basic level:

  • How Pinterest works
  • How to brand your business
  • Create a Pinterest strategy
  • Building a strong Pinterest profile
  • How to create your own Pins
  • How to add your own Pins to Pinterest
  • How to grow your own Audience and Traffic
  • Pinterest Growth Strategies
  • How to make an Automation Strategy
  • Understanding Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Traffic Trifecta – normally priced at $297

Angie Gensler has prepared this advanced in-depth course about Pinterest strategies for existing Pinterest users and content creators. The objective is to produce consistent traffic for your business using 3 main strategies:

1. Tailwind Tribes

The basic entry level for Tailwind tribes is $9.99 per month, which should be sufficient for a small business, without needing to go to the more expensive Enterprise membership of Tailwind. You receive access to 5 tribes with the basic entry-level membership of Tailwind Tribes, but Angie Gensler shows you how to hack this limit to receive greater benefit. She also provides you with all the necessary spreadsheets and swipes files to manage Tailwind Tribes.

2. Pinterest Group Boards

Angie Gensler shows you how to find the best Group Boards for your business. She shows you simple tricks of how to get the best out of Pinterest Group Boards for your business and supplies you with the necessary swipe files, scripts and spreadsheets for management of Group Boards.

3. Promoted Pins On Pinterest

Angie Gensler has carried out testing on Facebook Ads and Pinterest Promoted pins and concludes that Promoted Pins offer much better value for money and a better Return On Investment. Angie Gensler will show you the best ways to promote and how much to spend on promotions. She will give you a cheat sheet which explains how to build your campaigns.

Special Offer From Angie Gensler for Pinterest 101 and Pinterest Traffic Trifecta – $297 If you Buy Within 5 days.

If you buy this deal after seeing Angie Gensler´s Free training Video Entitled ¨How To Grow Your Email List from 0 to 500 in 30 days or less using Pinterest¨, then you will receive the following:

Pinterest 101 as described above (normally priced at $97 if purchased separately)

Pinterest Traffic Trifecta (normally priced at $297 if purchased separately)

30 Minute Coaching Call With Angie Gensler (Valued at $150) where you can discuss your Pinterest Strategy with her, ask her questions, and receive personalised feedback on the discussion.

Bonus #1 – A Copy Of Angie´s Viral Pin Formula Ebook, which explains the 7 ingredients to creating viral pins, including explanations of 52 Irresistible Power Words, and Supercharged Headlines (Valued At $37).

Bonus #2 – Tailwind credit of 3months on an annual membership (Valued at $30).

Bonus #3 – Access To Angie´s Pinterest Support Group, which enables you to ask questions in a support forum, engage with other support group members, receive important updates, and maintain ongoing access to Angie Gensler (Valued at $47 per month).

So, if you are prepared or able to afford to buy both packages together, within 5 days of seeing the training video, then you will receive more than $1000 of Value for an outlay of $297. You receive lifetime access to all courses and any updates which may be made in the future. There is a 30 day Money Back Guarantee with this offer.

Are There Testimonials for Angie Gensler Products?

Angie Gensler provides one Testimonial from Bob Storrs of, who praises her training when compared with other training courses which he has purchased.

Erika testifies that her traffic increased by 80% within 10 days using Angie Gensler´s methods described in her Ebook Viral Pin Formula – 7 Ingredients To Incorporate Into Your Pin Designs.

How To Grow Your Email List WIth Pinterest


Conclusion and Recommendation

We are in the process of trying out Angie Gensler´s training products and will report later about the results which we have found.

We think Angie Gensler´s training is well thought out and well presented, and the methods seem to work.

If you want to look at Angie Gensler´s training products, go to .

grow your email list with pinterest


Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 from Patric Chan

Introduction to Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 from Patric Chan

Review Of CB Passive Income version5.0 2018

Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019

Here is our Review of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 which is a ClickBank product from Patric Chan, which enables you as a license holder to earn affiliate commissions from ClickBank from products which Patric Chan chooses and markets. The program was first released in 2013, so it has several years of track record during which time it has been improved through several versions. Patric Chan claims that it is a proven method of making regular affiliate commissions from ClickBank products which have been chosen by him, so effectively you can “Clone Everything” that Patric Chan does, and easily earn affiliate commissions by modelling his established business.  You as the license holder are obliged to send traffic to his web pages in order to create sales and earn your own commissions from the traffic which you drive to his products and web pages.

Who Is Patric Chan?

Patric Chan is an experienced and successful internet marketer who makes available his own proven CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 system for earning affiliate commissions, to you as a new subscriber. Patric Chan markets many software products usually from ClickBank (CB).

Here is some more information and here are some images for Patric Chan.

Patric Chan is the author of several books about Internet Marketing, and he has co-authored the book “Clicking Cash” in 2012 with Robert G Allen, and another book called “Wake Up Millionaire”. Bill Bartmann the Author of “Billionaire Cash”, also endorses Patric Chan.

Review of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2018

Books By Patrick Chan

Patric Chan has secured testimonials from several high profile internet marketers who endorse his brand, people such as Anik Singal, Russell Brunson, and Corey Davis, a former Vice President of ClickBank. This is quite an achievement because these are leaders in the internet marketing world, and for them to endorse Patric Chan, they obviously respect him and his methods.

What Does CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 Do Exactly?

When you become an affiliate of Patric Chan´s CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 system, you undertake only to send traffic to your own “Secret Web Page”, which is set up for you by Patric Chan when you subscribe to his system. All the rest of the system is Done For You by the CB Passive Income Version 5.0 program. Patric Chan will choose the ClickBank products to market and  will prepare and issue all the emails to subscribers and deal with the Sales process

Effectively you are cloning Patric Chan´s proven system for earning affiliate commissions from selling ClickBank products online.

CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 provides free software which is used as Lead Magnets on a Squeeze Page to obtain subscribers email addresses.

Your obligation is to drive traffic to your website, which encourages new subscribers to products which have been chosen by Patrick Chan.

You earn affiliate commissions from all sales made as a result of traffic from you.

It is as if you are a franchisee of Patric Chan´s system.

What Are the Features and Benefits of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019?

You get the benefit of all the development work which Patric Chan has invested in his CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 system, and you are piggybacking on an established and successful business, and helping to build it.

You get the benefit of all the pre-prepared emails which Patric Chan has prepared for sending to subscribers at every stage of the buying relationship, from the first introduction to the conversion of sales, and ongoing maintenance.

Patric Chan offers coaching as a bonus for purchasing his system, as well as regular training updates and videos.

Importantly there are three methods of training in how to drive traffic, which is available to you as a subscriber:

  1. Solo Ads
  2. Bing Ads
  3. Youtube traffic

There are 7 sales funnels which you can choose from in order to promote on your website.

How Much Does CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 Cost?

The cost to purchase CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 is $47 per month, or alternatively a one-off payment of $497 for lifetime membership of the program.

There is an Upsell as soon as you purchase the CB Passive Income Version 5.0, which is that you are offered a One Time Upgrade to Inbox Pro, which is priced at $97. There is a second upgrade which is Mass Bot Profits which is priced at $99, one-time payment. If you exercise either of these options and purchase the upgrades, you can add all the email addresses which you obtain via your sales funnel, to your own Auto Responder. This enables you to build two of your own email lists at the same time, and prospectively double your profits, if you market related products to your extended list of subscribers.

All of the Subscription costs are covered by ClickBank 30 day full money back guarantee, in case you don´t like the product after buying it.

If you decide on the Upgrade Option to Inbox Pro, then you will receive the following bonuses for signing up:

Bonus 1 – 106 instant email package, which gives you pre-written email campaigns which you can use and edit and adapt for your own purposes.

This comes with a 1.5-hour training video from a famous 6 figure marketer, who brainstorms his email ideas.

There is also Credibility Campaign training, Concept Campaign training, and a Proprietary Product Launch Program.

Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2018


Bonus 2 – A free account to in-house Automation Count Responder, which will assist you to be able to send email campaigns for minimal cost (approximately 0.65cents per 1000 emails) to your expanded email subscribers list. This Auto Responder is compatible with all the major Auto Responders such as AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp etc.

Review of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2018


The following diagrams illustrate the benefits of the Upgrade to Inbox Pro:

Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2018


Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2018


Are There Testimonials for CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019?

Here is a favourable Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 from Stefan Schwarzberger who is a subscriber and active successful user:

Here is an independent review from Seth Johnson, who is an internet marketer who has made a Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 and is getting good results from it. He shows you inside the system in his review.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation after Review Of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019

After our Review of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019, we concluded that it all sounds extremely good. Patric Chan has spent the money developing and perfecting his system over several years since 2013 and he is willing to let you benefit from his expertise and success by becoming a franchisee of his system for a minimal cost of $47 per month, or a one-off payment of $497 for the lifetime membership.

Your obligation is to send traffic to the website, and you will benefit from commissions paid directly to you. This may not be easy, so you need to understand how you can do it, and how much it may cost you in order to generate sales and momentum in your business.

You can choose to buy the 2 Upgrades, the first of which Inbox Pro is priced at $97 one time payment, is recommended, and the second upgrade Mass Bot Profits is priced at $99 one time payment. Both are intended to drive traffic to your webpage automatically, so are worth investing in. The Upgrades allow you to build your own email list, which you cannot do if you just buy the basic version.

Additionally, you can benefit from all of the email addresses for subscribers introduced by you. You can store these email addresses in your own AutoResponder and use them to market other products of your own as well as the ClickBank products which the CB Passive Income system provides for you.

We are in the process of trying out the system ourselves as it seems to be a win-win. We note the favourable Review of CB Passive Income Version 5.0 2019 from an existing subscriber Stefan Schwarzfischer who is successfully using the system himself and another favourable review from Seth Johnson who has successfully tried it out with good results.

We are starting to get new email subscribers through now, approximately one per day, which is quite good since we have not done any paid promotions of our webpage, so this has come only from free organic traffic. Hopefully, we will start to see some commissions coming through shortly. We will keep you updated on progress.

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