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Alpus Academy is a website hosted by PRIMO3, and it offers a wide range of Ebooks and Ecourses in various educational categories, it is the most amazing eLearning website, and provides some of the best learning software available today, in conjunction with partner websites, EcourseCapital and others.

Alpus Academy best elearning software

Alpus Academy

What Does Alpus Academy Do, Exactly?

Alpus Academy provides a range of amazing elearning opportunities through its wide range of ecourses and ebooks, some of which are listed below:


AlpusAcademyEcoursesEbooks Amazing Elearning












There are super informative Ecourses under the following titles:

1. Succeeding In The New Year Without Resolutions, by Harry Palmer.

Succeeding In The New Year

Succeeding In The New Year

2. How To Make Working  From Home Productive, by Julian Bright.

HowToMakeWorkingFrom HomeProductive

HowToMakeWorkingFrom HomeProduct




3. The Art Of Decluttering, by Margaret Rutherford.

The Art Of Decluttering

The Art Of Decluttering






4. The Health Benefits Of Detox, by Andrew Castle.

Health Benefits Of A Detox

Health Benefits Of A Detox





5. The Art Of Being Happy, by Cyril Weatherford.

The Art Of Being Happy

The Art Of Being Happy






6. Better Focus, Better Results, by Barbara Connell.

Better Focus Better Results

Better Focus Better Results




7. Healthy Kids, by George King.

Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids






8. Herbal Remedies, by Nicolette Armstrong.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies





9. Garden In Your Kitchen.

10. Beginner´s Guide To Wine.

Beginners Guide To Wine

Beginners Guide To Wine







Each ecourse is priced at $97 and provides the subscriber with 8 learning modules for their information.

The material is extremely good value and also comes with a money back guarantee.

There is a more  detailed review of each of the individual amazing eLearning ecourses separately click on the links below:

1. Succeeding In The New Year Without Resolutions, by Harry Palmer.

2. How To Make Working  From Home Productive, by Julian Bright.

3. The Art Of Decluttering, by Margaret Rutherford.

4. The Health Benefits Of Detox, by Andrew Castle.

5. The Art Of Being Happy, by Cyril Weatherford.

6. Better Focus, Better Results, by Barbara Connell.

7. Healthy Kids, by George King.

8. Herbal Remedies, by Nicolette Armstrong.

9. Beginners Guide to Wine.


Ebooks are listed below broadly under the banners, which correspond with online marketing niches:

A. Make Money Online

B. Making Money From Home

C. Home Business (& Hobbies)

D. General

E. Skills Training

F. Health & Wellness

Here are the categories of books on Ecoursecapital, and the book titles under each:

A. Make Money Online



  • Make Your Own Website
  • Web Business For Beginners
  • Promote your Small Business On The Internet
  • Search Engine Traffic Secrets
  • Web Copywriting Tune-Up Kit
  • The Ultimate Guide To Christmas On The Net
  • Clever HTML
  • BlogBiz For Beginners
  • Quick And Easy Blogs
  • Making Money With Affiliate Programs
  • How To Create A Website In 5 Days
  • Ezy Internet ABC
  • Ezy Steps To Blog Success
  • The EzyEbook Guide
  • Ebook Power (Tom Hua)
  • Ebook Farming
  • How To Create Hot Information Products
  • Guard Your Reputation Online
  • Family Net Safety Guide
  • Online Business Basics
  • How To Build Your Own PC
  • About Niches -A 6 Step System
  • Mail Order In The Internet Age
  • Ezy Internet Safety Guide
  • Internet Promotion For Beginners
  • The Wonderful World Of Podcasting
  • Podcast The Easy Way
  • Power Up Your Websites

B. Making Money From Home



  • Your Working From Home Guide
  • Fast and Powerful Writing
  • Simple Steps To Writing Success
  • Write Your Life Story Now
  • Write Stories People Want To Read
  • Say A Few Words
  • The Easy Guide To Journal Writing
  • Bring Out The Novel That´s Inside You
  • Your Freelancing Guide
  • How To Make Working From Home Productive
  • 21 Businesses to Start On A Shoestring
  • Simple Articles that Sell
  • Subscriber Boost
  • Starting Right With eBay
  • Advanced Selling On eBay
  • Selling Books On Amazon
  • Quick Turn Marketing Exposed
  • Success From Within You
  • Getting New Customers
  • What You Should Know Before You Borrow Money

C. Home Business (& Hobbies)

  • Make Money From your Hobby
  • Gift Basket Success
  • Refinishing Your Wooden Furniture
  • Fun Wooden Toys You Can Make And Sell
  • Women Working From Home
  • Real Estate Investment For Beginners
  • Real Estate No Money Down
  • Internet Strategies Of The Master Realtor
  • Spare Time Dollar
  • Quick And Easy Computer Scrapbooking
  • Kids Are Big Business
  • Guide To Keeping Goats
  • Making Your Art Journal
  • Make And Sell Candles
  • Profitable Puppets
  • Perfume Soap And Candle Making

D. General

  • Simple PHP with Robert Plank (Tom Hua)
  • Passive Millionaire
  • Motivate Your Way To Success
  • Making  The Most Of Mind Maps
  • How To Make Money Interviewing Experts
  • Make Your Mark With MLM
  • How To Choose A MLM Winner
  • Nothing Can stop You Succeeding
  • Your Power Numbers
  • Scam Exposed
  • Leap Ahead (Tom Hua)
  • Planning Your Business Success
  • The Business Plan Workbook
  • Brand Yourself Successful
  • Set And Get Your Goals
  • Beat The Time Barrier
  • Boost Your Productivity Today
  • Bounce Back Go Higher
  • The New Resumes Guide
  • Succeeding In The New Year Without Resolutions
  • The Art of Decluttering
  • The Art of Being Happy
  • Better Focus Better Results
  • Beginners Guide to Wine
  • Winning Your New Job
  • Rich Life Poor Life, You Choose
  • The Senior Sourcebook
  • Resumes With Impact
  • Real World Sustainability
  • Surviving The Debt Crisis
  • Surviving The Recession
  • 7 Ways To Live Life To The Max
  • Avoid Burnout And Boost Creativity
  • Deal With Information Overload
  • Connect with More People
  • Creating Your Successful Future
  • The Golden Book Of Truth (Brett McFall)
  • Fixer Upper Fortunes
  • Forbidden Psychological Tactics
  • Organise Your Life – Find Your Missing Piece
  • Make Your Vision Real
  • The Penny Stock Trading System

E. Skills Training

Skills Training Amazing Elearning

Skills Training

  • Habits For Success
  • How To Become A Top Salesperson
  • Selling Made Easy
  • The Psychic Entrepreneur´s Guide
  • Teenpreneur
  • Top Telesales Techniques
  • Selling More Without Pressure
  • Crafty Selling
  • How To Say No
  • Success With Body Language
  • Simple Ways To Better Photos
  • Talk To Impress
  • Your Attitude Your Self Esteem
  • Empowerment
  • Customer Services Step By Step
  • Auction Strategies
  • Streamline Your Communication
  • Anyone Can Consult
  • Competition Commando
  • How To Really Motivate Yourself
  • Plant And Grow Your Money Tree
  • Real Life Negotiating
  • Negotiating In Real Life
  • Power Up Your People Skills
  • Networking Gets Results
  • Mindfulness Living Now
  • How To Make Meetings More Productive
  • Max Memory Power
  • Intuitive Mind Power
  • The 5 Steps To Personal Power
  • Easy Guide To Powerful Presentations
  • Beating Procrastination
  • No People Problems

F. Health & Wellness

Health Amazing Elearning



  • The Health Benefits Of Detox
  • Healthy Kids


OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We think that the ebooks from Alpus Academy are extremely good value, being priced at $9.97 each. They provide good general information on their respective subject matter.

Books can be ordered online and downloaded electronically by you as the subscriber.

Ecourses from Alpus Academy also provide amazing elearning opportunities and are very good value for money, and provide an abundance of information for a very low cost, 8 complete learning modules usually for around $97.00.

We would be interested to receive your feedback on the ebooks and ecourses if you try them out.



Services Offered by Online Marketing Software

Services Offered by OMS

If you need help with preparing information to help you to promote your online business, OMS can assist by offering the following services to give you a quick, responsive and effective service:

Animated Video Presentations

If you give us a script for your business or business idea, we will prepare a short animated video of length up to 2 minutes.

Here are some examples of our work for your information:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Our expert Video animator will prepare a draft for your approval from your script and specification. Once it is approved by you, we will post your animated video onto Youtube for you, just let us know your YouTube channel.

If you would like OMS to prepare a High Quality Marketing Video for your product or service then go here:








Business Mindset Training For The 12 Steps to Financial Freedom Pat Mesiti


OMS reviewed the 12 Steps to Financial Freedom which is a Business Mindset Training Course Offered by Pat Mesiti. It is a very intensive course which will challenge you about your personal motivation and values and get you to look into your character and question yourself fundamentally about what you want and why.

Who is Pat Mesiti?



Pat Mesiti promotes self-education and business mindset training for wealth creation. He has trodden a hard road to educate himself and to make himself successful and he helps others to do the same. He also does a large amount of charity work with young people in Australia.

Pat organises his business from Mesiti HQ in Queensland Australia, where he lives in Sydney.

He is a Personal Business Mentor and Lifestyle coach with a powerful and personable character. he offers personal mentoring and training courses, which are aimed at changing and improving a person´s mindset.

His claim is to be able to Offer Income Acceleration by changing a person´s mindset.

Pat is acquainted with many famous and successful personalities including Arnold Schwarzenegger.



What Does Business Mindset Training Mean Anyway?

What Does Pat Mesiti Offer?

Pat Mesiti offers many different courses and seminars in business mindset training as part of his business offering, under the categories:

  • Mindset Training
  • Business
  • Property.

Pathway To Prosperity

One of the events which Pat Mesiti offered at the recent Digital Nomads event organized by Andrew Reynolds at the end of June 2018, was  ¨Pathway to Prosperity¨which is a 3-day event valued at 1500GBP, or 3 x payments of 597GBP per month, to be organized on London in August 2018.

Within the curriculum Pat Mesiti promises to cover the following subjects:

  • 12 Irrefutable Laws of money
  • 8 Vital Associations for Wealth
  • How to Set Your Money Goals
  • 12 Steps to Financial Recovery and Acceleration
  • How to Develop a Financial Pathway to Freedom
  • How to Change Your Money Story and Financial Directions

Also, you will receive:

The Wealth Mastery Program, which is an extensive collection of mindset training, with inspirational life training presented by Pat Mesiti and guests. This is a Home study program.


Pat Mesiti also offers a Property Millionaires tour on his website, which is not populated in detail, but the events are priced at only $47Au, which seems very reasonable.



OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

Is Pat Mesiti´s Stuff Any Good?

We have heard Pat Mesiti speak on two occasions in 2017 and 2018, both times at business events organized by Andrew Reynolds. Pat Mesiti is a unique and forceful character and has the power to engage with an audience and project his personality to other people. He is very personable and asks very pertinent questions about you, your motivations, your success and reasons for lack of success.

We have not yet personally tried out Pat´s written material and courses on business mindset training, but will comment further once we have done so, hopefully in the near future.

On the Mesiti HQ website are pages and pages of testimonials from satisfied customers, so we guess that their praise must be based on their experience of the courses, events and training offered by Pat.

Here is one of the free giveaways from Pat, when you sign up to his mailing list.



Do You Have Experience Of Pat Mesiti?

If you have personal experience of Pat Mesiti´s educational material and courses, then let us know your opinion and assessment, as we would be interested to know.



OMS Review of Online Video In Marketing


online video in marketing

online video in marketing

Online Video in Marketing

Video is a relatively new development in Social Media, but has rapidly grown in importance owing to the way in which people have readily adapted to and are hungry for the visual form of communication, and are eager to consume more and more video recorded information. Some people learn easier from the visual medium, rather than reading text. It continues to grow rapidly and is forecast to be by far the most widely used medium within 5 years.

Video has been phenomenally successful in the field of online Internet Marketing, especially on YouTube, because the videos are also ranked by Google.

Youtube Make Money Online

Youtube Make Money Online

People are more likely to watch a video which informs them about a particular topic, than to read the equivalent amount of text on the same subject. So videos are used to advertize products which are available, or to inform interested parties about the uses of particular products or availability of offers, or to inform about changes in situations in fact to inform people about more or less anything.

The videos are extremely powerful because they can be viewed by large numbers of people at any time (in fact at different times in different time zones and in different parts of the world) without the need to identify and locate those people.

Anyone can view a video from their computer or from their mobile video in marketing

No email address or identity is required such as is needed for email marketing, where usually an interested party must either send their email address or consent to receipt of an email about a particular subject.

There are a number of reasons for this fact, and one of the prime ones is that communication by video is more personal than communication via a website with pages or posts. It is direct communication between the author of the video and the viewer or recipient of the transmission.

Authors of videos have an opportunity to project their personality to the viewer, and gain their trust by at least starting to form a personal impression, the start of a personal relationship which can be further developed.

Additionally videos are relatively easy and cheap to produce, and can be authored or made by more or less anyone, thus opening up a powerful means of communication to more or less anyone, whether tied to a large company or promoting their own small brand and unique products.

Repeated viewings of the same video can generate a high income for marketers.

Social Media Sites – Youtube

Youtube is the second most popular Social Media medium, after Facebook. Youtube is owned by Google, and Youtube rankings have a relation to Google rankings.

Youtube Screen Shot online video in marketing

Youtube Screen Shot

Videos can be posted on Youtube for no cost and on any subject at all subject to conformity with Youtube rules and regulations.

Links can be placed in the footnotes to Videos which relate to relevant websites or other information so that visitors can look at relevant content. This feature is very powerful because it means that traffic can be created onto a website from an apparently unconnected subject.

Viewers of videos can subscribe to follow video authors on whom they are keen, which is another way of perpetuating communication, without any cost.

Anyone can make a Youtube Channel on which they can post their videos on any subject whatsoever.

Videos can be liked or shared as well, and some videos go viral, which can have a very dramatic effect on traffic related to such videos.

Social Media Sites – Facebook

Facebook is the most widely used of all the Social Media, and is used by 11billion people worldwide?

Videos can be uploaded to Facebook and made available to interested groups of people, using the Facebook Live Video facility.

Facebook Live Video online video in marketing

Facebook Live Video

Alternatively, videos can be streamed live to interested groups of people, which can then be posted and viewed later by other interested people .





Social Media Sites – WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows the transmission of images from an individual´s mobile phone to another party, including photograph and video images.

WhatsApp image online video in maketing

WhatsApp image

Social Media Sites – Twitter

Tweets can be made of trending topics and can link to images and videos, which greatly increases the power of a tweet which is limited to 140 characters.

Twitter Home Screen online video in marketing

Twitter Home Screen

Social Media Sites – Instagram

Instagram is a site devoted mainly to images but it is also possible to upload videos.

Instagram Home Screen online video in marketing

Instagram Home Screen

Social Media Sites – Facetime

FaceTime allows communication by real time audio and video to users who have internet or wi-fi connection.

FaceTime Home Screen online video in marketing

FaceTime Home Screen

Video Embedded Onto Your Website

Videos can be embedded onto your website which is an added way to add interest to your website, A lot of information can be communicated to a viewer in a short period of time and in an attractive way including sound narrative and music as well as moving images.

WA How to Embed a Video in WordPress - online-video-in-marketing

WA How to Embed a Video in WordPress

You can learn how to embed a video on your own website by following the training at Wealthy Affiliate, which you can see our review at this post here.

 OMS Conclusion

Online Video In Marketing is a very popular and powerful medium, and can be posted on either Facebook (or streamed live) on Youtube or embedded into a website with ease.

online video in marketing

online video in marketing

From these platforms (especially on Facebook and Youtube), videos can be viewed by thousands if not millions of interested people. Some videos are extremely popular and are termed to have gone ´viral´.

You can use this to help to generate traffic to your website if you have one.

The interested potential customers and clients visiting the video wherever it is located, can choose whether they watch the video, or not at all, or any portion of the video. The visitor has control over whether and to what extent he is informed by the video. Dwell time on the video is a Key Performance Indicator.

OMS can provide you with professionally prepared animated videos similar to this example:

If you wish to receive a proposal for carrying out your video commission to professionally enhance your own companies products and services, then click here.














The Wealth Training Company for Multiple Streams Of Passive Income

Introduction to The Wealth Training Company

What is the Wealth Training Company and what do they do? The Wealth Training Company is run by Darren Winters who advocates share trading as a means of achieving multiple streams of passive income, to supplement other means of income which you already have.

multiple streams of passive income

Who is Darren Winters?

Darren Winters multiple streams of passive income

Darren Winters

Darren Winters is a very active public speaker and proponent of Mastering Business Investment, his own course about spread betting on shares trading. He claims to have spent a lot of his own time and money being mentored by the best share trading experts in the world in order to become highly skilled in this field. He also claims to have made many millions from his expertise, and offers his training courses in order to share his knowledge and expertise.


There is another story about Darren Winters however, and of a failed company, Amicus, which left many creditors unpaid when going into liquidation. See the below story from The Guardian:

There are concerns whether it is the same Darren Winters involved in Amicus and The Wealth Training Company, Darren Winters new company.

Here is their home page and website under the company´s title The Truth About Darren Winters, Business and Investing Mastery, so you can hear another view.

Multiple Streams Of Passive Income Or A Trickle?

multiple streams of passive income

Multiple Streams Of Passive Income Or A Trickle

What is Wealth Training Company?

Wealth Trading Company is a trading name of WIN, Winters Investment Network, of which Darren Winters owns 99 shares out of 100. The other share is owned by his partner.

Business And Investing Mastery

Business And Investing Mastery

Darren Winters claims to have intimate knowledge of the stock markets and trends during economic cycles, and the relevant stages for share trading, and the best type of stocks to invest in at each stage of the cycle, which are:

  • Early Capital Goods stage
  • Middle Expansion stage
  • Late Expansion stage
  • Early Contraction stage
  • Late Contraction stage

Darren Winters coaches on Trading Psychology, and Trading Emotions.

He proposes leveraging the power of Compound Returns consistently.

All this knowledge forms the basis for educational and training courses which are offered by The Wealth Training Company.

What is Good About The Offer From The Wealth Training Company?

People who have subscribed to Darren Winters courses express satisfaction about the amount of information which they receive.

There are many testimonials about Darren Winters and his training from The Wealth Training Company.

As part of his charitable efforts, Darren teaches children about his courses so that they have knowledge about shares trading to assist their future development. The proceeds from the events are all given to charity.

What is Bad About The Offer From Wealth Training Company?

We have not read anything particularly bad about Darren Winters, in fact we were surprised how little information is contained on Darren Winters personal Facebook page.

Darren Winters FB Page

Darren Winters FB Page

How Much Do Products From Wealth Training Company Cost?

The cost of Darren´s Wealth Training course is around 2000GBP, although full prices without discounting would be around 3000GBP and for those committing at the Digital Nomads event on 29-30 June 2018,  he gave a lot of valuable bonuses.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We have yet to try out any of Darren Winters products, so will make a recommendation in due course, when we have been able to make an assessment whether these products can contribute to your multiple streams of passive income.

In the meantime, if you have personal experience of Darren Winters, Business Investing Mastery or the Wealth Training Company, you are welcome to make a comment, or submit your own review, which we would be happy to receive.



OMS Review Of “Trading Options For Dummies”? With Sean Allison 2018

Introduction – Professional Options Trading Education Program Aka “Trading Options For Dummies”?!

Professional Options Trading Education Program is an educational program presented by Sean Allison who is a professional public speaker and Options Trader from Perth Western Australia, who now lives on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Who Is Sean Allison?

trading options for dummies


Sean claims to earn about $50k per month from his own personal trading activities, no wonder he can spend so much time on the golf course!




Sean is also a keen golfer

trading options for dummies

sean-allison-golfer and options trader




What Is A Professional Options Trading Program?

Sean Allison is a specialist Options Trader in stocks and shares who offers Professional Options Trading Education Program consisting of 9 training modules to achieve a strong foundation for Income Investing Success;

in other words “Trading Options For Dummies”?.

  • Key Concepts to Generate Income
  • Sean´s Basic Cheat Sheet
  • The Key Set Up For Charting Success
  • Understanding Put Options
  • Understanding Call Options
  • The Call Spread Strategy
  • The Put Spread Strategy
  • Mastering Trading Psychology
trading options for dummies


In addition to the above educational modules valued at 9000 GBP, Sean offers the following additional training:

  • 6, 1 hour long Skype sessions, which are valued at 1500 GBP, allowing a subscriber to get one-to-one access to Sean´s online coaches.
  • 12 months access to unlimited email support valued at 2000 GBP, providing online email support from Sean´s coaches during office hours.
  • How To Open Your Trading Account valued at 499 GBP, from which you will receive general assistance from one of Sean´s online coaches, with the procedure of opening your account, including help to complete the account application form.

Sean´s Crash Strategy which is valued at 2,997 GBP.

You will receive access to a bespoke program which Sean has developed which covers how to profit from a market crash.

Sean´s Options Trading Program 2 Day Workshop Training which is valued at 5,997 GBP

You will attend a live classroom style workshop, also you will receive 2 tickets for World Class Professional Options Trading Education, including catering for both days, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, provided free of charge.

At the 2-day Cash Flow workshop you are offered the opportunity to participate in the following activities:

  • Learning a 30-minute opening range strategy which can help students to make up to $11k per day.
  • The opportunity to discover Sean´s powerful squeeze strategy which enables you to identify when a stock is about to explode in value.
  • The opportunity to learn professional chart patterns that can make huge income quickly.
  • The opportunity to discover the 10 point check list to identify when the market is about to crash.
  • The opportunity to discover the step by step approach to finding income opportunities and exactly when to enter.
  • The ability to master Sean´s ultimate earnings strategy which turned $2,700 into $110,000.
  • Discover the exact steps to create an options trading business from scratch.
  • Learn the 3 secret chart set-ups which can create high probability income trading for life.
  • Receive one-to-one assistance by professional coaching and training staff.
  • Also, get all your questions answered.

trading options for dummies


You will become financially educated about Options Trading income generation, if you take advantage of all of Sean´s training.

Also, you will learn all about the Options Trading business in an interactive training environment, if you fully participate in the training.

Sean´s Elite Squeeze Strategy which is valued at 1,997 GBP

You will discover a powerful strategy which can be used to see when a stock is about to have an explosive move enabling you to turn a small amount of money into a much larger sum, quickly.

Plus Lifetime Access to Sean´s Ultimate Trading Diary valued at 1,297 GBP

Sean offers lifetime access to his own personal Ultimate Trading Diary, so you are guaranteed to know trades which work, because these are the ones he is using as well.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We have not yet tried out Sean Allison´s training, but from what we understand he demonstrates good results in providing his:

Professional Options Trading Program

which is essentially “Trading Options For Dummies”. 

If you have tried it and would like to send us your review we would be happy to receive it.


Alternatively you could buy the book priced at $10.52 and let us know what you think about that:-):

Trading Options For Dummies: George A. Fontanills: 9780470241769

Thinking of trading options, but not sure where to start? Trading Options For Dummies starts you from the beginning with clear, step-by-step advice on how to  …

trading options for dummies








OMS Review Of Rethink Social Media Advertising By Paul O´Mahoney

Introduction – Paul O´Mahoney – ReThink Social Media Advertising

Paul O´Mahoney is a best selling author and a specialist in Social Media Advertising, who has become very successful through his use of webinars and social media endorsement producing viral traffic growth. Paul even became a Guiness World Record holder recently for the longest ever continual public speech.

As the author of a book called ¨ReThink Social Media – Stop Wasting Time. Start Earning Money¨, Paul states that the book is organised in the following manner to give a good grounding in Social Media to even the most uninformed reader. Paul Offers his own version of Social Media by re-thinking his approach to marketing strategies.

social media training course

Paul O´Mahoney Facebook


Paul acknowledges many of the people he has met on the way along his journey and writing his book Rethink Social Media. Those named include Gary McGeown, Donna Kennedy, Pat Slattery in Dublin in 2009, when his journey started. Apart from numerous unnamed friends (as Paul calls practically all his acquaintances) there is a big list of media and business celebrities who are acknowledged including:

Mark Anastasia, Milli Ponce, Richard and Veronica Tan, John DeMartini, John Assaraf, Tony Robbins, Andrew Reynolds, Tai Lopez, Richard Branson, Russell Brunson, and many more. If you want to see the whole list it would be better you buy the book (or borrow it) and read it.

Paul also thanks the various teams of people he has worked with along the way, as well as of course his family.

Precis of Re-Thinking Social Media

Section 1: Introduction

Paul quotes the following as the header to his introduction: ¨We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them¨, Albert Einstein.

social media training course

albert einstein

Paul states that an entrepreneur should have honesty and integrity as their most important assets.

He differentiates between the casual Social Media user and the entrepreneur who is trying to find advantage from the dialogue which takes place on Social Media, in order to identify and target potential customers.

Paul suggests that Social Media Advertising is essential for any business person to master and use for their business purposes in todays market place.

Chapter 1: Introduction – What is Social Media

Paul again quotes Einstein ¨If I had an hour to solve a problem I´d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions¨.

Paul´s idea was to write a book about Social Media which would enable business owners and entrepreneurs to re-assess or re-think their approach to using Social Media. He defines Social Media as a means to socialize, which is a natural inclination of people through the ages, but in this age is channelled through certain pipelines such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, depending on what priorities and messages people want to communicate. Pinterest is obviously inclined towards people who want to share images and graphics. Twitter on the other hand is favoured by people wanting to give very brief snippets of information. Paul´s view is that Social Media in its current form started to evolve around 2005.

Social Media means different things to different groups of people, so for the business owner it is important to be able to identify potential markets. What is clear is that it is used by almost half the people on the planet, and takes up a massie amount of time.

What the business owner needs to do is find a way to efficiently use what he needs from Social Media, without becoming distracted spending too much time, in order to maximize his profits from that medium.

Section 2: Concept

Chapter 2: Why Do Businesses Fail?

¨Entrepreneurs are the only people who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week¨, Lori Greiner.

social media advertising


Paul contrasts traditional businesses with modern internet type businesses. He also compares the role of the employee with the business owner. He questions the objectives of a business, what are its aspirations, pointing out that as an ex-employee a new business owner may not be at all suited to what he needs to do.

The conclusion from analysis of 101 business start-ups, 42% failed because there was no market need for the product or service being offered, as expressed by the sentence:

People do not buy what you think they need, they buy what they want!

What the business owner needs to do is simply give people what they want, and also make a profit, in order to stay in business.

The entrepreneur needs to leverage tools such as the internet and social media in order to transform how you run a business, marketing yourself successfully and better than the competition.

Chapter 3: An Unprecedented Opportunity

¨Great opportunities may come once in a lifetime, but small opportunities surround us every day¨. Rick Warren.

social media advertising


Re-think: Products are not at the core of business strategy anymore, but people´s problems are. A business´s success is determined by how well it solves a person´s problems. Social Media eases the accessibility of people in order to identify their problems, and also to avail them of possible solutions to their problems.

Section 3: Strategy

Chapter 4: It´s Very different to What You Might Think

¨The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows¨ Aristotle Onassis.

social media advertising


there are 7 stages of a traditional business which are:

1. The right niche.

2. Evaluate your ideal customers.

3. Target the right traffic.

4. Help them for free.

5. Immediate upsell offer.

6. Nurture your list.

7. Know your numbers.

The current day re-think is to focus on people´s urgent problems and solve them, then you will be rewarded.

Chapter 5: You Must Learn For The Right To Earn

Ïf you think education is expensive, try ignorance¨. Derek Bok.

social media advertising


Paul contrasts the traditional view to go to school, do well in exams and find a job which will set you up for life.

The Re-think is that you must learn for the right to earn. Financial freedom is possible with education, coaching, incremental improvement and consistent action in order to reach the maximum potential.

Section 4: Tactics

Chapter 6: Right Niche

Ÿou can have everything you want in life, if you will just help other people get what they want¨. Zig Ziglar.

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Contrast the traditional thinking that: You need a great idea about what people need to have a great business: If you pursue your passion the money will inevitably flow.

Re-think: People buy what they want, not what they need. The focus of your business is not you, it is the people who are potentially going to buy your product. If they don’t want it, you don’t have a business.

Chapter 7: Evaluate Who Your Ideal People Are

¨Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together¨, Robert Redford.

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Traditional thinking is that one size marketing fits all, you need to get the message out there.

Re-think: The message should perfectly match the right people for our niche.

Chapter 8: Target The Right Free Traffic

¨Stop waiting for the right person to come into your life. Be the right person to come to someone´s life.¨Leo Babauta.

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Traditional thinking is that your business should post consistently on social media and offer discounts and sales to get people to buy.

Re-think: Social media should be focused on the user, encouraging engagement and serving their desires.

Part 2: How Do Emotions Lead to Action?

Ïf you want to charge people financially, you need to first charge them emotionally!¨ Paul O´Mahoney.

Traditional thinking: Your goal is to do whatever it takes to get your prospects to take the appropriate action.

Re-think: In order to have your prospects take action, there are a number of emotional factors at play; when you get them right, it will make an enormous difference to your marketing results. Focus on moving people from interaction to conversion then monetization. You need to charge them in order to change them.

Part 3: The Social Youdia Journey.

¨The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step¨, Lao Tzu.

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Traditional thinking is to focus on the bottom line, not the relationship.

Re-think: Social Media is not for selling products or services in most instances. It is about creating awareness and building trust over time, ultimately resulting in the person agreeing to move your relationship out of the exclusivity of the Social Media and into another means of personal communication such as email.

Part 4: Your Traffic Options

¨Be patient, everything is coming together¨, Anon.

Traditional thinking: You need to write all your own blogs, and post fresh content every day. You need to be an expert in something in order to blog. From your blogs you will get traffic after ranking in Google.

Re-think: No one cares what you have to say because they would rather listen to and read about people whose brand they trust.

Paul goes on to describe the various media which are available for a business person to deploy and engage with prospects on.

Chapter 9: Help For Free

Öur prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.¨Dalai Lama.

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Summary: The premise is that you try to set up a new relationship with a stranger by offering them some help for free, in return for their contact details.

Re-think: Your main goal with Social Media is to build a database. Giveaways do not necessary have a lot of value, depending on how they are marketed. Perceived value may be increased by limiting supply or imposing a close down date.

Chapter 10: Immediate Upsell

Ültimately, the business that can spend the most to acquire a customer wins¨, Dan Kennedy.

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Summary: Clarify the value ladder, the next stage is to work out how this material can be delivered efficiently and automatically to our leads.

Traditional thinking: Target people who write books with Google Ads or traditional media and send them directly to our website, which offers a 3-day program for $2997.

Re-think: Lets find out who may be interested by collecting their contact details and then immediately work out if they are a buyer. Then lets build up trust with smaller tiers of lower priced products that continue to increase as we gain an additional ten of commitment each time. Then build up the value proposition as high as possible.

Part 3: Back End Sales

Summary: Once your front end funnel is in place, then the fun begins from a money perspective.

The back end funnel refers to the highest price offering from $500 up to $000´s.

Traditional thinking: Once i have sold my core offering to a customer/client I need to focus on getting more people in the door as leads to keep my business profitable.

Re-think: Unless you have a back end sales funnel in place, you are leaving the vast majority of your profit potential on the table. Set up a value ladder which enables you to add many high value items. Sales funnel software enables the whole process to be simplified.

Part 4: Where Do I Find Products or Services to Sell?

Summary: The immediate upsell is an essential part of a highly profitable online business.

Traditional Thinking: It makes sense to create your own products or provide your own services.

Re-think: There is no need to create your own product or service in order to be successful in business.

Chapter 11: Nurture Your List

Ïf you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.¨Bob Hooey.

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Summary: After going to the effort of finding a targeted lead and setting up sales funnels, nourishing a relationship with this lead, moving them from a lead to a prospect, to a customer, then repeat customer a client and even an addict is essential for maximizing profitability and client happiness.

Traditional thinking: Lets get our prospect to the finish line as quickly as possible whatever it takes and once they get there its time to find another.

Re-think: Winning in business is a long term play that involves putting people, and specifically relationships with people, first. How well your business deals with your leads passions desires and wants determines how successful your business will be.

Chapter 12: Know Your Numbers

Ïf you can’t read the scoreboard, you don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers.¨Warren Buffet.

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Summary: Knowing what to measure and making a point of sitting down once a week to review it yourself or with a team will allow you to introduce a feedback loop into the Re-think model resulting in a self-correcting and course adjusting model that the external environment may require.

Traditional thinking: The numbers speak for themselves.

Re-think: Measuring the right numbers and regular reviews will allow you to continue to reduce expenses and increase profitability of your business. Regular reviews are the key to success.

Section 5: Systems and Flowcharts

Chapter 13: Pulling It All Together

Step 1: The Right niche

Step 2: Evaluate Who Your People Are

Step 3: Target the Right Traffic

Step 4: Help For Free

Step 5: Immediate Upsell

Step 6: Nurture Your List

Step 7: Know Your Numbers

¨Doing The Right Thing is More Important Than Doing The Thing Right¨. Peter Drucker.

Chapter 14: Metrics

¨What gets measured gets Improved¨. Peter Drucker.

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Summary: Knowing your numbers gives you an awareness of whether you are in a business that has a chance of success!

Traditional Thinking: If you keep your head down and work hard, inevitably it will come good in the end!

Re-think: If you don’t lift your head up and take an overall objective view of your business using metrics designed to focus on key aspects of your business you are most likely doomed to fail.

Section 6: Conclusion

Chapter 15: Key Watch Outs:

¨The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world which is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks¨. Mark Zuckerberg.

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Summary: With any business it would be foolish to focus exclusively on your day to day tasks without keeping an eye on the external environment.

Traditional Thinking: In the event of some failures, or warning signals in the online marketing space, it may be time to completely reconsider what you are doing there and possibly abandon it, especially as email marketing is dead.

Re-think: It is important to keep an eye on what potential issues are around the corner for your business. You need to focus on upcoming challenges, threats, weaknesses and opportunities. Get advice from people in the know rather than listening to hearsay and rumours.

Chapter 16: Final Wrap

Ïf someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you´re not sure you can do it, say yes- then learn how to do it later¨. Richard Branson.

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Summary: The 7 step process as listed above and how it can be adapted in the world of Social Media.

Paul offers training courses in the Social Media methods which he uses and the cost is 2000GBP for a 4 day course which includes his personal support and mentoring.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We have not tried out Paul O´Mahony´s training courses as yet. He presents good results and is obviously a thoughtful proponent of Social Media for business, even though he confesses to personally not being  a fan of sharing personal information on Social Media.

Paul has obviously put a lot of effort into researching and writing his book Re-thinking Social Media Advertising.

If you have experience of Paul O´Mahoney´s courses or methods and wish to share your review, we would be happy to receive it.

To get another view of approaches to Social Media, as well as setting up a business online, check out our review of the Amazing Wealthy Affiliate here.



Learn Internet Marketing Strategies At Internet Business School

Introduction to Internet Business School

Internet Business School Videos is a company owned and operated by Simon Coulson who is a very successful internet entrepreneur, who also operates the Internet Business School, based in Kent, England, where you can learn internet marketing strategies in order to achieve success for your business.

learn internet marketing strategies


What Is The Internet Business School?

The Internet Business School offers a wide range of educational courses including Internet MoneyMaking Strategies course organised by Simon Coulson, teaching the methods which have brought him success with his own businesses.

learn internet marketing strategies


Who Is Simon Coulson?

Simon Coulson is a very successful internet entrepreneur who was originally a BT Engineer who was made redundant from his job after 14 years.

learn internet marketing strategies


Simon invested some of his redundancy pay-off in himself and did an internet course in the USA from which he was able to learn internet marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimization, also building wesbites and Search Engine Optimisation.

He had the idea to write property guides about investment in Bulgaria, where a friend of his had invested in property, and invited him to do the same. Although Simon bought a property in Bulgaria, he has never ever set foot in it. Despite this, he wrote an ebook called Guide To Buying Property In Bulgaria, which was extremely successful. He then followed up with other similar guides to buying property in Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia and other Balkan countries.

Simon discovered as his business grew that he could outsource some necessary tasks for his businesses, paying experts to prepare the content for his e books.

After running out of ideas for property guides, he realised that the same principles which had given him success in that niche market could equally be used in any other niche market.

Simon then started to develop Membership Sites from which he could earn recurring income rather than one off sales revenue. In order to start out, because he had limited reviews of his own (5) he offered memberships for free provided that subscribers contributed their own review. After receiving more than a hundred subscribers reviews within a week, and more than 500 reviews within a month, he was able to charge a monthly recurring fee for membership of the site, which has more than 11,000 members, and generates revenue of more than 500k pa.

Another business which Simon Coulson set up was selling Air Conditioning units, simply by negotiating a commission with the manufacturer and supplier of the units, and marketing on their behalf.

Simon Coulson has re-invested a lot of the money he has made in improving his own capabilities and systems, and says he has spent 150k on that. He recommends students to invest in themselves, to improve their education and capabilities as well. He however, is disparaging about an MBA course which he invested in which he thinks was 90% wasted because the teaching was by academics, who are not experienced in real business, only in theory.

Simon recounts a conversation he had with Richard Branson about how to find ideas for businesses. Richard Branson stated that he often gets ideas for his businesses (more than 300) from bad experiences as a consumer. For example Virgin Airlines was founded out of his dissatisfaction with established carriers. Similarly Virgin Record Stores was founded to try to offer a better service to consumers.

Simon has become personally extremely wealthy as a result of his various Online businesses, and moved to his dream home on the set of the popular television series ¨The Darling Buds Of May¨, and even offers weekend stays at his property for those who might be interested to do that.

Here is a video of Simon Coulson sharing tips at the National Achievers Conference:

What is Simon Coulson´s Philosophy, What is His System to Learn Internet Marketing Strategies?

Simon teaches a 3 step system to learn internet marketing strategies whereby the components are:

1. Website

2. Traffic

3. Conversion

Not only do you need those components, but you need to be offering a product or a service which is in demand by people. This is your Niche or audience of potential buyers for your product or service.

Testimonials – Does The Teaching Work?

Simon recounts many of his students who have become successful using his methods and teaching in a variety of different niches, for example:

Rick, who has made a successful business writing e books of How To Become different types of career, such as Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Fireman, Nurse.

Another called Ben, wrote an ebook on How to Become a DJ.

Another student called Mark made around 200k from driving traffic to Resale Rights Products sites.

Another student called Karen has made a success of Affiliate Marketing.

Yet another student Thierry has made more than 50k from sales of snail caviar, showing that Simon´s methods and teaching work for sale of physical products as well as e books and software.


Simon Coulson advises prospective students to appoint their own Mentor. Before doing so, students should question their prospective Mentor´s abilities and expereince using the following questions:

1. Are they making money?

2. Are they teaching current methods?

3. Can they make things happen?

4. Have they proved that they can do things, make things happen?

5. Can they teach?

6. Are they really offering a real system or offering just a Magic Button?

How Much Do The Courses and Educational Material Cost?

There are a range of courses and educational material available, and suggest you check the website for costs of these. From our assessment these are around the norm in the marketplace.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We have seen presentations from Simon Coulson on two occasions live, during 2017 and 2018, and he presents himself modestly, although he has made a major success with internet marketing of educational products such as ebooks, ecourses and membership sites.

We have not tried out Simon Coulson´s courses yet, but from an arms length appraisal his teaching does work, and he has many testimonials from his students who verify this to be the case.

Certainly Simon has made a great success and earned revenue of more than 20m US$ from using his own methods and system.

If you want to try out any of Simon Coulson´s courses from the Internet Business school go here.

If you sign up for any of Simon Coulson´s products from this link then we will receive a commission.

We have not yet tried and evaluated Simon Coulson´s ecourses, but have heard him speak and he certainly demonstrates good results.

We would invite you to write your own review and advise us of your own assessment of Simon Coulson and the Internet Business School.

If you would like to look at another community and teaching which will help you achieve the same outcome as Simon Coulson, check out our review of the Amazing Wealthy Affiliate here.









OMS Review Of Steven And Darren Essa´s Money On Demand System

Introduction to Steven and Darren Essa´s Money On Demand System

Darren and Steven Essa are the owners of the Money On Demand X10 Effect System, which involves producing and publishing online webinars in order to generate revenue, which the two brothers claim to be far more profitable than any other means of making money on the net.

Who Are Steven And Darren Essa?

Steven Essa is a highly successful Webinar Training Expert and International Speaker who presents himself as the premier proponent and practitioner of presentation of webinars on the internet.

Hailing from Australia, and has had great success with his system called Money On Demand, the X10 Effect. Hailing a No 1 Amazon best-selling author as well from his book Money On Demand.

money on demand system


Darren Essa is Steven´s brother who owns 50% of the Money On Demand X10 Effect business, as well as several other businesses which they jointly own.

Darren is a proponent of partnerships in business as a means of achieving multiple streams of passive income online, and describes their methodology of leveraging the knowledge from their webinar system which they have optimised, and applying it to multiple other businesses, some of which they have commoditised and include in their package training.

What is Money On Demand System, X10 Effect?

Money On Demand is the Webinar training system offered by Steven and Darren Essa, and the software needed to implement the training.

money on demand system


What Does The Money On Demand Training Comprise?

The Money On Demand training comprises the following:

  • 8 Training Modules on CD, in order to help to create and launch high converting products and automate the online selling process.
  • Ready Made Webinars, which can be accessed and used to start earning revenue immediately.
  • Phone Support from the Money On Demand support team during UK office Hours.
  • Email Support from the Money On demand support team.
  • Private Facebook Group Access, where you can meet and interact with other Money On Demand students.

Additional facilities and functionality available at extra cost are as follows:

  • Webinator Software.
  • Facebook Ads Blueprint and Social Media 360 Home Study Course.
  • 2 Day Money On Demand Workshop.

Here is an explanatory video about How Steven Essa Created a Webinar Formula which led to marketing of the Money On Demand System (X10 Effect).

Is Money On Demand, The X 10 Effect Any Good?

What Benefits Will Money On Demand Bring To My Business?

Steven and Darren Essa claims that subscribers to his business system can dramatically improve their performance in 3 ways:

1) Conduct Professional Webinars

Subscribers, once they have carried out the necessary training will be able to make their own webinars and place them on the internet using Youtube or using zoom or skype or GoToWebinar conferences.

2) Automate the Webinar Sales Process

Steven´s Webinator software allows a subscriber to easily and quickly and efficiently prepare their own webinars for presentation on the internet.

3) Leverage Webinars For Maximum Profit

Using Steven´s guidance and mentoring from his extensive experience of preparing and presenting webinars, you can see the most profitable ways to mobilize your new skills.

money on demand system



How Much Does Money On Demand, the x10 Effect cost?

The cost of Money On Demand, the X10 Effect is 1500GBP, or a deposit of 497 GBP, followed by 2 x monthly payments of 597GBP. The cost of the offer depends on the venue and offer on the day, some of the above functionality and services may be monetized. Steven Essa offered  a particularly good deal including many bonuses for free at the Digital Nomads conference organized by Andrew Reynolds on 29 June to 1 July 2018.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We believe that the principle of Videos On Demand is exactly what is needed for internet success owing to the runaway success of video on Social Media channels such as YouTube.

Steven Essa has mastered the art of webinar preparation down to a fine art, and has also developed his own software in order to make webinars, called Webinator software. His system seems to be one of the best available on the internet.

We have not yet tried out Steven Essa´s training but once we have done so we will complete our review of the Money On Demand System.

The alternative of course, if you dont have money to invest in the X10 Effect System is to think through and formulate your own formula for success, using your own expertise, and who knows, it may be a winner!

If, however you do not have the two thousand pounds to invest in buying the Money On Demand system, and you do not have the expertise currently, why not check out this FREE training from Wealthy Affiliate. You can get access to see how to make your own webinars for minimal cost, go here to see our review of the Amazing Wealthy Affiliate. If you do not like the training you can unsubscribe at any time. You do not need a credit card in order to try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE.




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