Paying online, How to Drive Traffic to Your Etsy Store

How to Best Drive Traffic to Your Etsy Store 2023

If you’ve ever run a store on Etsy, you’ll know it is not an easy business. There’s a fair bit of competition, and it’s hard to achieve your desired sales. Moreover, the numbers on your Stats page aren’t always motivating. If all this sounds incredibly familiar, there’s only one question you should be asking. How to drive traffic to your Etsy Store?

There’s no doubt that you’ve got a brilliant product with excellent pictures to promote them. However, unless and until there’s someone to see it, it’s of no use. Therefore, if your Etsy Store isn’t doing too well, you need to focus on your traffic.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Etsy Store?

Increasing the traffic to your store is the most vital element when you want to increase conversion rates and ultimately drive up your sales. It’s simple. The more traffic you get, the more chances you get to turn visitors into customers. Accordingly, here are some ways to increase the traffic to your Etsy Store.

  • Improve your Visuals

This can be true for most online businesses but especially so for an traffic to your etsy store. Your store visuals are the lifeblood of your store. People can’t help but be attracted to good visuals. Be it your brand logo or product pictures, they should be bold and impressive.

That way, even people who don’t know about your products or weren’t planning to buy your products, will be tempted to at least click on your store and see the pictures in more detail. This would be the perfect chance for you to convert new visitors. Moreover, a good display can also help you stand out amongst the competition.

When everyone is selling the same thing, the only way to distinguish yourself is through how you present yourself. Amazing product pictures will make you distinct when visitors are browsing Etsy. Furthermore, when it comes to online stores where buyers can’t touch or feel what they’re buying, they need to see good product pictures.

Therefore, cool product pictures that highlight their best features will also help drive traffic to your etsy store and increase sales in your Etsy Store.

  • Etsy SEO

If you’ve opened a store recently, you might not know this, but Etsy operates much like a search engine and has its own algorithm. As a seller, if you learn how this algorithm works, you can use it to your advantage without much effort on your part. Not only that, but there are also various other seller tools for driving traffic to your store.

Since Etsy is like a search engine, your goal should be to try and get your products listed on the first page and higher up in the searches so that visitors can see you before other competitors. This will not only increase traffic but also help you in dealing with competition. Accordingly, one easy way to do this is to use appropriate and relevant tags.

If a person is searching for something particular such as ‘customized gold name rings,’ and you have used a similar tag in your product, Etsy will put your business first. Moreover, by using tools like featured listings, you can display your best products at the very top of your traffic to your etsy store page. That way, whenever someone visits, they’ll see the best products and be tempted to try them.

Then, there are also the store stats, promoted listings, etc., all these tools can further help you get in your audience’s sight and drive traffic to your etsy store.

  • Use Social Media

Etsy is not the only place to bring traffic from. You can drive traffic from external sites too. Moreover, the best way to do this is through social media platforms. Platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc., have a large number of users that can hopefully be converted into customers.

Similar to the keywords and tags you use on Etsy, you can use appropriate hashtags on Instagram and Facebook to appear in the right searches. You can also post a lot of other content to attract people and engage with your audience. People love to see behind-the-scene pictures, so you can show the making process of your product. You can also post photos of work-in-progress products.

If people like your stuff, they’ll even share it with their friends and family and you’ll benefit from free marketing. The more people you reach, the higher the traffic will be in your store.

However, you should be careful. If you’re new at this and can’t handle all the pressure, it would be better to choose one or two social media platforms and just stick to them. Setting up numerous profiles and not doing justice to even one of them won’t be of much help to your store. Therefore, pick one and focus on that to generate useful, engaging content for your visitors.

  • Collaborate with Influencers

If you can’t reach that many users or your audience yourself, a good option is to ask someone else to do it. By someone else, we mean influencers who have a fair bit of followers and who would be interested in your products. You can send your products for free as PR packages to the relevant influencers and ask them to promote it or just give their honest opinion on it.

These influencers’ followers will at least look up your products, if not buy them, when they see their favorite personalities talking about them. Moreover, it doesn’t even have to be a promotion. For instance, if you’re making handmade engraved leather notebooks, you can ask someone to write a blog post on simply why a notebook is necessary.

Then, you can share that post on your own profile for people to see and visit your store.


Hopefully, you’ve learned a few tips and tricks on how to drive traffic to your Etsy store. However, regardless of how you decide to do it, there are two crucial things to remember. Firstly, you must be consistent. For instance, if you’re using social media, try to use it regularly to keep your followers engaged.

Secondly, you need to be patient. Your goal is not to bring temporary traffic for a short period. But instead, you want to slowly and steadily increase your traffic permanently. Moreover, these things take time, for which you need a little patience. After which, you’ll be sure to reap some great rewards.

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