Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Introduction to Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019
Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019
John Crestani Sales Revenue

This is our Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019, after hearing several webinar presentations from John Crestani, which tend to follow a similar format. They usually refer to building yourself a 6 or 7 figure side-income online, and John Crestani gives Free Training at the online webinar about how to do this successfully, using his tried and tested proven methods which have made him millions.

John Crestani advises people not to quit their job, and that his offer is to make money as a side income only, not to involve replacing your full-time job. He says that you don’t need your own product nor your own website, nor an email list of clients, and also importantly, you don´t need employees to make this work. Nor do you have to provide customer support, as this is provided by the product manufacturer which you are offering. The system is Affiliate Marketing in its simplest form, but you need a good product which is Proven to Sell, and Sales Copy which coverts in order to make the system work. To drive traffic John Crestani recommends using paid ads.

His system recommends numerous sources of free adverts as well so that if you have $75 to spend on ads, you can receive more than $800 of free ads if you go to his recommended sources.

John Crestani´s system is tried and tested and he has successfully used it himself to make millions of dollars online, and he currently makes $400-500k using these methods. His system is used by large companies and small-scale users as well, both with great success.

John Crestani states that his system works and that you can start to make money on the same day you start if you follow it exactly, in fact, he suggests that it is possible to start to make up to $460 within a day. John Crestani shows his sales revenues as proof that his system works, and continues to work.

John Crestani also on occasions gives away hundreds or thousands of dollars to people who see the whole of his webinar presentation, as a sort of incentive to prove that he makes more than enough money using his proven system.

It is clearly stated that this is not claimed to be a Get Rich Easy system, that it will take a lot of work to get the system set up and running, however, after that it will only take about 4 hours per week to keep it maintained. In fact, it is stated that ¨Nothing Works Unless You Do¨, and that his results are not typical.

Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a very famous and very successful internet marketer, who has previously been featured in Forbes magazine, amongst many other magazines and media. John is 29 years old and lives in Malibu, California, and lives the laptop lifestyle.

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

John Crestani claims that his life changed after he read Tim Ferris´s book ¨The Four Hour Work Week¨. After that, he tried many systems for making money online but spent four years without any success.

Eventually, after much trial and error, he managed to find the right formula and has never looked back to his time as an employee after he ¨Fired The Boss¨. He mentions particularly a Mentor who helped him to find the right formula, Kelly Felix. He developed his business from zero to $400k per month in 4 years.

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online
Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online

What Exactly Do You get From John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

If you are chosen to work with John Crestani, as offered in the webinar, usually for a price of around $997, he promises to teach and mentor you in his successful online business method for providing a 6 figure online business, using Super Affiliate System.

The first step is to Find a Product which sells successfully. John Crestani uses as an example of Christie Brinkley´s beauty products, anti-ageing cream, which has sold successfully for him over many years.

He strongly recommends that you purchase a proven sales page, ie one that converts, rather than try to develop one yourself, as you will get immediate results from a tried and tested high converting sales page.

Traffic is the other key factor according to John Crestani, and Solo Ads is one method which is used because it gets quick results.

There are 2 upsells after the webinar is given, firstly the Super Affiliate System, which costs $47 per month and secondly the Internet Jetset Package.

There is a lot of value given in the webinar by John Crestani, and he highlights the most common mistakes which he comes across when reviewing work by his students, such as:

  • Not advertising internationally (English is spoken all over the world).
  • Not using free advertising network credits, such as Youtube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Amazon Services Ads, and many other networks which will give free credits for advertising if you sign up with them.
  • Creating your own pre-sell pages, it is better to outsource them from professionals in John Crestani´s view.
  • Doing your own programming, again it is better to outsource this to professionals.
  • Not using a swipe file, it is essential to use tried and tested emails and ads.
  • Not building recurring revenue, it is easier to sell to your existing customers then have to constantly seek sales from new customers.
  • Not targetting the right audience – John Crestani has developed his own 1-5-10 targetting workaround for Facebook Ads, which involves getting hold of a list of buyers for your chosen product, and getting a lookalike audience from Facebook to match this.

Pros and Cons of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Pros of John Crestani 6 Figure Side Income Online 2019.

  • John Crestani´s system is proven to work, and he shows you the results to prove the money he has made online using his system.
  • John provides a good step by step training, which tells you clearly what to do, and his recommendations on how to do it.
  • John Crestani provides good pre-built templates for Ads, Landing Pages and Campaigns.

Cons Of John Crestani´s 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019.

You are not guaranteed that the system will work, and you are reliant on the advice and mentoring from John Crestani and his team. Having said that, John Crestani´s reputation is extremely good and would not fair well from many failures of his coaching and mentoring.

There is a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, which we understand is honoured.

What Is The Price Of John Crestani´s Super Affiliate System?

John Crestani has made a limited time special offer which we saw on 1st January 2019, which seems to offer amazing value for money.

Here is the Special Offer which was priced at $997, offering more than $30k of value products and services if you purchased his Super Affiliate System.

Review of JohnCrestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

There are numerous products offered by John Crestani including Internet Jetsetter.

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Are There Testimonials For John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019?

John shows many testimonials from his own successful online students, and they genuinely give him a lot of praise for his various training and products, which has enabled them personally to achieve success.

Review of JohnCrestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019

Although we have not personally tried out his system, from our Review of  John Crestani 6 Figure Side-Income Online 2019, we have heard his webinar presentations on a few occasions, and each time the presentation was very similar and quite convincing. We did some research on reviews for John Crestani´s products.

From his webinar presentation information, we believe that John Crestani´s system works well because we saw the results presented by him in his sales video. We also heard the many testimonials from his students about how his system and products have helped them to achieve personal success online.

What we are not sure about is whether it really is possible to earn money so quickly from John Crestani´s system. Maybe that is not a big issue since his systems and methods do clearly work, so is it that important that you make money in days rather than hours?

If you are interested in trying out John Crestani´s Super Affiliate System, then you can go here and buy it from Clickbank, where you are sure of obtaining a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

John Crestani says on his video presentation, that the Money Back Guarantee is also for the protection of his team as well and that he will eject people from the course who are problematic and give them a full refund.

If you have experience of John Crestani´s courses and products, please let us know about it, and whether they lived up to your expectations.

If we eventually try this system out, which we could well do in future, we will give further information about our results and verdict.

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