Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019

 Introduction to Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019

This is a Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019 from JVZoo.  We aim to give you a complete and concise overview of the capabilities and functionality of the SEO XBusiness App should you be interested to try it out or buy it. The SEO XBusiness App is claimed to make SEO Analysis and Consulting available to anyone, even newcomers with no experience, enabling anyone to make their own SEO Consulting Business using this software. If you are that much of a newcomer that you do not know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is getting high rankings on Google. Although the sales video is targetted at people who will use the SEO XBusiness App for consultancy purposes, it is possible also to buy this software for your own use as well and avoid the need to pay monthly for a similar product.

The SEO XBusiness App is a cloud-based software so that you can log in on any device and from anywhere in the world, so there is no need for downloads or revisions of software and updated version.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019
SEO XBusiness App 3 Step Process

Who Is SEO XBusiness App 2019 From?

The SEO XBusiness App is offered by JVZoo. The Authors of SEO XBusiness App are Luan Henrique and Radu Hahaiana, and below is the welcome page from their sales presentation, which tells a little of their story and how they started reviewing products online but had the ambition to develop and sell their own products. The product was launched 22 Dec 18.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App
Authors of SEO XBusiness App

What Does SEO XBusiness Do Exactly?

SEO XBusiness App is claimed to do the following:

Review Of SEO XBusiness App
SEO XBusiness App Capability

The functionality is claimed to include the following:

  • SEO Audit on any website – you just enter the URL and the software searches and analyzes.
  • Compare SEO performance and results for 2 sites, so you can compare your own site with that of your competitors.
  • SEO Action Plan Preparation of an action plan For Hundreds Of Keywords
  • Preparation of  WordPress Tags
  • On Page SEO Optimisation
  • Video Optimisation
  • Creation of Back Links to aid fast ranking of your website (you can also analyze your competitors’ backlinks and copy their sources)
  • Video Backlinks
  • Social Signals – you enter your URL and decide which Social Media platforms to share to.
  • Branding (Add Your own Brand logo to SEO XBusiness Reports and present them as your own).
  • Training and Tutorials
  • Settings
  • Reports from SEO XBusiness App can be printed and used as Lead Magnets for potential customers.

If you buy the Commercial Licence you have no restrictions and can undertake unlimited campaigns.

Here are some of the results claimed by the Vendors to be achieved using the SEO XBusiness App.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App
Review of SEO XBusiness Results

How Much Does SEO XBusiness Cost?

The cost of SEO XBusiness App is currently a very reasonable $17 one time purchase price for a personal licence. This seems to us to be extremely reasonable as all the other SEO analysis tools which we have come across are all priced at a similar level per month. Maybe that will be the eventual pricing strategy for this App.

The commercial licence is also priced incredibly keenly at $18.93 one time purchase price.

The price of the product is going up since the launch on 22nd December 2018, so the price which you may see or may pay could be different from the one which we saw at the time of this review. Eventually, the personal price will be $37 and the Commercial licence $47.

30-day money back guarantee is offered if you purchase SEO XBusiness from JV Zoo, so you purchase is relatively risk-free, even if you were to be unhappy with it.

Review Of SEO XBusiness App
SEO XBusiness Costs

There are 3 Upsells once you choose to buy the basic SEO XBusiness App, which are:

  • Upsell #1: A One Click Article Generator for $37.
  • Upsell/Downsell #2: VIP Training and Done For You Sales templates for $27.
  • Upsell #3: Reseller licence to sell SEO XBusiness App as your own product.

As can be seen from the SEO XBusiness App Sales Page, there is an offer of a Free 30-day plan of how to easily sell SEO services, which you can take advantage of if you buy now.

Depending on who you buy the product from, you may receive Bonuses, in addition to the Vendor´s bonuses, such as from the Video reviewers later in this Review Of XBusiness App 2019, there is Mark Gossage who offers 1200 Bonuses if you buy through him. Also, the other video reviewer offers 5 bonuses if you buy through him.

Are There Testimonials For SEO XBusiness?

There are numerous testimonials for SEO XBusiness Review, which are shown on the sales video. Here are a few examples of the testimonials:

Review of SEO XBusiness App
SEO XBusiness Testimonials

Here is a video Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019 from Mark Gossage ( from youtube, in which Mark highly recommends the App and also offers a massive deal including 1200 bonuses if you buy through him!

Here is another video Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019 from Liberty To Travel, and Bauk the owner there offers a package of at least 5 different free bonuses when you buy the App through him:

  • Bonus #1: How to Build A Website.
  • Bonus #2: How To Easily Create Backlinks for SEO.
  • Bonus #3: Advanced Youtube Ranking Strategies.
  • Bonus #4: 6 Ways To Make Money On Youtube.
  • Bonus #5: How To Talk To Business Owners to Sell Your Services.

There are also 2 other bonuses when you buy any upgrade of the original product licence:

    • Bonus #6: Craigsbank – Find Client´s To Sell To On Craigslist.
    • Bonus #7: Full Reseller Rights to Craigsbank.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of SEO XBusiness App 2019

We have not tried out this SEO XBusiness App software, but the functionality seems very good for the price at which it is offered.

Maybe we will try it out soon, in which case we will post the results on this page on our website.

Do you have experience of the SEO XBusiness App? If so, please share it with us and we would be interested to know about your experience, good or bad.

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