Review Of Velocitii Commission Generation Software From Paul Prissick 2018

Introduction – Review Of Velocitii Commission Generation Software From Paul Prissick 2018

Velocitii commission generation software is a method of online revenue generation marketed by  Paul Prissick who claims that it can produce up to $231 per day, which equates to approximately $84,000 per annum. This is a significant revenue, and we have no idea if the amount claimed can be realised from the information we have at present, so we suggest caution be applied before purchasing the product. Having said that the software system is offered with a full money back guarantee.

Velocitii Commission Generation Software
Velocitii – Speed and Revenue

Who Is Paul Prissick?

Paul Prissick is an experienced internet marketer who is offering Velocitii through JVZoo? Paul Prissick works with Mark Barrett in bringing various products to market.

Another product from Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett is called Profit Reign, and we refer to a review of this product below.

The Velocitii software is actually labelled with Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari as the owners, so presumably, Paul Prissick is selling this product on their behalf as an affiliate.

Velocitii Commission Generation Software
Velocitii Owners

What Exactly Is Velocitii and What Does It Do?

Velocitii commission generation software is claimed to be a beginner friendly revenue generation system, for which you do not need an email list, nor do you need a website. It is claimed to use 100% free traffic. It is based on proven case studies which have produced the results claimed. it is also claimed to be completely beginner friendly. All you need to do is watch the training videos provided and then copy what is shown. There are many free add-ons and bonuses provided with the software so that you are buying a complete Done For You system for revenue generation.

Velocitii Commission Generation Software
Velocitii Features






Features Offered With Velocitii

Look at the features of Velocitii here:

Paul Prissick claims that Velocitii enables you to benefit from multiple commission streams, which will eventually give you Financial Freedom.

Velocitii Commission Generation Software
Velocitii Multiple Commission Streams

Velocitii Commission Generation Software
Velocitii Financial Freedom

What Is The Deal With Velocitii – How Much Does It Cost?

Firstly, Paul Prossick offers what appears to be an amazing offer. He includes numerous Upgrades in his One Time Offer, such as:

  1. A Done For You Campaign
  2. Automatic Cash Funnels, which makes this your own personal cash generation machine.
  3. $1k paydays consistently, offering you the ability to scale your business.
  4. Advanced Velocitii Tactics, enabling you to 10x your profits.
  5. An Autopilot set up so that you can do everything on a remote control, saving you time.
  6. 100% Private Label Rights, enabling you to sell this product as your own with 100% commissions.

Additionally, the following Extra Bonuses Are Included:

  1. Your Own Exclusive Profit Funnel valued at $397.
  2. Your Own BLG Money System valued at $197.
  3. Free Traffic Wave Software 2.0 valued at $127.
  4. Free Traffic Forever XT valued at $99.
  5. Your own personal Consultation  With Paul Prissick for one year, valued at $2500.
  6. Black Label Done For You valued at $1750.
  7. Free Leads Bonuses (23.941)valued at $2200.
  8. Mail to Paul´s Buyer List valued at $2997.

Additionally If you invest in the main offer plus any 3 One Time Offers you receive your own exclusive profit funnel valued at $897, Free TrafficWave 2.0 valued at $127, Free Traffic ForeverXT valued at $99, and a Year´s Free Consultation with Paul, valued at $2500, Black Label Done For You Buying Traffic valued at $1750 value.

If you invest in any 4 One Time Offers and you will receive all the above bonuses, plus 23,941 free leads bonus, and Mail To Buyer´s List valued at $2997.

Paul Prissick offers a Full Money Back Guarantee with his offer.

I had to double check this offer and according to Stuart Lewis´s review of Velocitii it is available for $13, which is an amazing value purchase. Maybe there are a lot of Upsells once you click to purchase at this price?


Is Velocitii A Scam?

We do not know the full performance and capability of Velocitii, having not yet tried it out.

Here is a review of another product from Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett, called Profit Reign.

Velocitii Testimonials

The Owners offer the following testimonials from satisfied customers regarding Velocitii.

Velocitii Commission Generation Software
Velocitii Testimonials
Velocitii Commission Generation Software
Velocitii Testimonial

Here is an honest review from Momen Khaiti.

There are lots of other reviews of Velocitii on Youtube, so just search on Youtube under the product name, and you can see them. Here is another review from Dan Ashendorf.

OMS Conclusion and Recommendation

We have not yet tried out Paul Prissick´s offer to purchase Velocitii Commission Generation Software. We hope that the price has not been escalated too much by the time we purchase, as it is threatened to rise in price dramatically in the near future, owing to high demand.

Velocitii seems to offer an amazing amount of value if it works, as stated by the advertising claims and as testified in the Testimonials.

Do you have experience with Velocitii? If so, please share your experience with us.



6 Replies to “Review Of Velocitii Commission Generation Software From Paul Prissick 2018”

Anita November 4, 2018 at 8:29 pm

That seems like a lot of value, but I would still be rather skeptical as to whether or not to take the chance that it would work. I have seen some of Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett’s products, particularly Profit Reign, before and I viewed the videos without putting it into practice right away. When I went back to the links to view them again and to give it a try, the links did not work. I would certainly suggest not purchasing something from them unless you have the time and energy to invest to actually be able to do it right away.


    Alan James November 4, 2018 at 8:34 pm

    Hi Anita, Thank you very much for your prompt comment, and observations. I also saw a review of Profit Reign, which did not rank it highly (4/10). It seems to be a big risk to buy this product even in order to review it fully. I was surprised to see what appeared to be a large number of videos giving Velocitii a favourable review, on Youtube. Alan


emman damian November 7, 2018 at 6:50 am

It looks like a good platform for commission. I’ll look into this further.


SHWANA November 10, 2018 at 11:37 pm

I am very suspicious of software claiming to provide success, traffic, and monetary gains. I am a firm believer that all of the above only come through our own hard work and drive.
I am a little confused as to how much Velocitii’s software actually costs. You listed some prices “valued at”. Are these the actual prices that they are charging because if so this system looks like a rip off. I would prefer to build my online business on my own. How about you?


    admin November 12, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Hi Shwana, thanks very much for your comment. I quoted the values and I need to re-visit for the actual price of the software currently, as it was about to go up. I will update the post with the accurate cost, Alan


    Alan James December 29, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    Hi Shwana, Thank you for your comment. I agree that I would prefer to develop my own business. I have been reviewing more and more products recently which make fantastic claims about success, traffic, leads, revenue etc. It is really quite overwhelming, Alan


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