Find The Best Way To Optimise Your YouTube Videos Online Efficiently

Introduction To The Best Way To Optimise Your YouTube Videos

In order to find The Best Way To Optimise Your YouTube Videos, you need to make sure that you carry them out in the most effective and professional way. Here is our advice on the steps to take to ensure that you optimise for the best results:


1. Make A Strategy of What You Want to Do On YouTube Overall – What Is Your Aim Or Goal?

Before you start creating videos you should know what you want to achieve with your YouTube channel. This means that you need a Strategy of what sort of YouTube videos you want to produce and how they will each fit into that overall strategy.

Ideally, you want the consistency of branding because that is what you are building by producing your own videos, and each one should represent and enhance your own brand.

Possibly you have a plan for preparing Training videos which show people How To do things.

Also, you may have a strategy to Review Products, and these should be put in another category.

You need to think about how people will find the videos which they are searching for, so give them an easy route map or finder to do that, using appropriate categories and tags.

2. Make A Plan For Each Video

For each video which you prepare, you will need to prepare an Outline of what story you want to tell people. This can be done by Storyboarding in advance so that the video is fluid and communicates what you need to the audience in a clear and logical manner. This means that you pre-decide the Order Of Events, and which sound bytes or video clips that you may want to incorporate. Above all, you need to decide what is the point of the video, what do you want people to get out of the video?

From the very start of video preparation, you should research and optimise the Keywords which will be present in the video and will be the words found by search engines, bringing visitors to your YouTube channel

3. Write A Script

You need to go through Step By Step your storyboard and write a script which reflects everything which you want to say, so as to coincide with the storyboard. Things need to sync on the video. If people see an uncoordinated unprofessionally prepared video they will quickly click away. That is not to say that the presentation cannot be relaxed, you just need to ensure that you effectively communicate with your audience.

4. Entertain and Or Educate People

Your video needs to grab people´s attention and keep it, so it will need to be either entertaining or educational. Maybe your video will be both, but if it is neither then people will quickly click away.

5. Find a Trend If Possible

If you become aware of trends, especially viral trends, then try to use these for best advantage. It will reap massive dividends if such a  video becomes viral and give you massive exposure.

6. Use Categories and Tags For Optimization

Try to enhance the success by completing the necessary description of video on YouTube, and adding relevant Tags, and hashtags and categorizing your video as well. You also get an opportunity to optimize the exposure with the video thumbnail.

7. Make A Playlist

Especially as you make more and more videos it becomes more necessary to order and categories them, so it is best to prepare a Playlist from the outset.

8. Be The Top Promoter

You are the one with the most interest in the success of your own videos, so you need to ensure that at every opportunity you share these videos on Social Media, not just once but several times. The usual Social Media are necessary, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest etc., and because on the first issue they may not be seen you can re-post them regularly.

9. Decide On Equipment and Software For Video making

Not everyone can afford to buy specialized equipment for video production  so we suggest that you start off with what you have readily available.

Use a smartphone for recording the video.

If you can afford it, then buy software which will enable you to edit the videos for best effect. One such software is ScreencastOMatic, and there are others at different price levels.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation To Find The Best Way To Optimise Your YouTube Videos Online Efficiently.

In order to find The Best Way To Optimise Your YouTube Videos, you need to become an expert at producing videos for yourself.

An acknowledged expert at video preparation and publishing is Dave Sharpe from Legendary Marketer, and you can find his video about preparing your own videos here.

If you wish to sign up to Legendary Marketer then have a look at our OMS review of Legendary Marketer.

There are lots of other expert video makers out there, such as Anik Singal from Lurn Nation. See how he very effectively communicates with his audience. Anik Singal is a copywriter by profession and background so you will note that his videos are always very effective, and expertly scripted.

See below for some other information and tips about optimising your videos.

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