Funnel Franchise Review 2018 From Mark Wightley

Introduction to Funnel Franchise Review 2018

Funnel Franchise Review 2018 is our review of Mark Wightley´s complete business system which you can enter on two levels, either as a Basic (Free) Member or as an Elite Member. It is designed to give you multiple streams of passive income from a totally organised and pre-tested funnel system, as well as giving you training and other products and support for your business.

Both membership categories give commissions, but the Elite level of membership gives a significantly greater remuneration level than that of basic Free members, no surprise there. See our benefits comparison table below.

This Funnel Franchise Review 2018 is intended to give you an overview and appraisal of this software system in order that you can decide whether it suits you to participate in it, and to what extent – as a Free or an Elite member.

Funnel Franchise Review 2018

Funnel Franchise Review 2018

Who Is Mark Wightley?

Mark Wightley is an experienced and highly successful internet marketer who is building his own business by offering you the opportunity to participate in this Funnel Franchise system which is also a form of Multi-Level Marketing Organisation.

You can see from the below screenshot of a Google search for Mark Wightley, that not all of his product offerings are well received:

Funnel Franchise Review 2018

Mark Wightley

What Are The Features And Benefits of The Basic (Free) Membership of Funnel Franchise?

As a Basic (Free) Member of Funnel Franchise, you enjoy the following benefits:

Funnel Franchise Review 2018

Funnel Franchise Free vs Elite Member

  1. 2 Tested Funnels provided for you free.
  2. The ability to build a massive email list.
  3. 10% Commission on all Funnel Franchise upgrades introduced by you.
  4. 7 additional International Affiliate Programs.
  5. Step by step email marketing training.
  6. Blog creation training.
  7. Traffic generation training.
  8. Access to Quality Traffic Packs.
  9. Funnel Franchise Promotional Material.
  10. Access to the Private Funnel Franchise Facebook Group.

What Are The Features And Benefits of The Elite Membership of Funnel Franchise?

As an Elite Member of the Funnel Franchise System, you enjoy all of the above benefits as per Basic (Free) Members, plus the following valuable benefits:

  1. 4 Tested Funnels.
  2. 80% Commission on All Funnel Franchise Upgrades.
  3. 15% Tier 2 commissions on all Funnel Franchise Sales.
  4. 25% Commission on coaching.
  5. 7 Additional Affiliate Products.
  6. Priority Support from Mark Wightley.
  7. Push Notification List Methods.
  8. Landing Page And Funnel Creation Training.
  9. Advanced Traffic and Tracking Training.
  10. Monthly updates.
  11. Weekly Traffic for Free.
  12. Notification List Training.
  13. YouTube Advertisements Training.
  14. Tracking And Split Testing Training.
Funnel Franchise Review 2018

FF System Elite Benefits

So How Does It All Work?

Once you upgrade to the Elite Membership, which typically is the case for 1 in 3 Basic (Free) Members to Upgrade, then you get a full video explanation from Mark Wightley about how the Funnel Franchise system works.

You have explained to you that in order for the Funnel Franchise system to work you need to set yourself up with some Essential Tools And Resources. These are:

1. Your own Domain – which you can purchase from Uniregistry, at a reasonable cost. Alternatively, you can use your own domain which you may already have. It is suggested that this should be based upon your name since you are going to be the Go-To Expert in your business.

You also need to set up an email address related to this domain, which again is recommended to be done using GoogleApps, GSuite, which costs $5 per month. You can get the first 14 days as a Free Trial before you need to start to pay for it.

If you wish to use your own domain, then Mark Wightley recommends that you check out using www.mxtoolbox.com, that there are no residual issues with it, which may affect your business adversely.

2. An AutoResponder – for storing all subscribers email addresses.

3. A Page Builder – For Building Landing Pages, Thankyou pages, Funnels and Blogs. Builderall is recommended as the most suitable tool for this purpose.

Mark Wightley also recommends that you purchase a Click Tracker, although this is not essential.

How Much Does Funnel Franchise Cost?

The cost of joining as a Basic Member of Funnel Franchise is $Nothing – it is Free to join!

The cost of joining as an Elite Member of Funnel Franchise is $397 or 10 monthly payments of $47.

You need to budget for the above mentioned Essential Tools And Resources as well as your Funnel Franchise payments.

Is Funnel Franchise A Scam?

From our preliminary evaluation Funnel Franchise is not a scam. You receive training and guidance in setting up your business system. Mark Wightley also sends you traffic on a weekly basis if you are an Elite member (but not if you are a Basic Member). You need to know that it is a form of Multi-Level Marketing, so you benefit from the number of new subscribers who you introduce to the Funnel Franchise system.

Testimonials And Reviews

Here is a review of Funnel Franchise System from Jeremy Bowen:

Here is another review of Funnel Franchise System from Ed Newman:

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

From our Funnel Franchise Review 2018 of the Basic Free Membership, we would suggest that it could be worthwhile to invest in the upgrade to Elite Membership of Funnel Franchise.

You can take the risk and pay the $397 upgrade fee, or you can spread the cost over 10 months at $47 per month for the Elite membership. It should be noted that you are warned that there is no refund policy on the upgrade to Elite Membership of Funnel Franchise. This is because Mark Wightley says that you will receive instant payment of commissions, and since you are dealing with downline members, it would become extremely difficult for him to deal with the complexities of refunds as you are part of a chain of transactions.

We are in the process of going through the set up at the moment, so will keep you informed about progress and any successes or notable events.

Alan James

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emman damian - November 13, 2018

It looks very promising! That is so cool. I’ll try it soon.

Vanessa R Lefebvre - June 11, 2019

I received an email about the system, and the 1 time $5 dollars. Is that true or are they going to take out monthly installments? I just was interested but I needed more info.

    Alan James - June 11, 2019

    Hi Vanessa, I do not pay a recurring fee, but you need to buy Builderall, which I did not do. Mark Wightley suggests not to promote Funnel Franchise, but promote the free 4 session training workshop. As you can see its a funnel and its a system so there will be upsells along the way, and you get commissions if you are successful. I have not spent a lot of time on Funnel Franchise to date basically because I did not want to invest in Builderall. The system does the selling for you as long as you get all the components of the system, Alan


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