OMS Guidance on Keyword Research 2019

Introduction to Keyword Research 2018

This is a guide with a worked example of how to find relevant keywords, using different methods and also how to research keywords using the Jaaxy keyword tool. The methods which we demonstrate are as follows:

  1. Using Google, for Adword suggestions, known as the Alphabet soup method.
  2. Using Yahoo Answers.
  3. Using, for How to….? type answers
keyword research 2018
Keyword Research 2018

You will find our review of the Jaaxy keyword tool on our website, and we suggest that you read this post as well as the current one –https://onlinemarketingsoftwar…

We will also look at, which is a very effective Keyword Research Tool.

We will take you through step by step how to do the keyword research, and how to use the results effectively.

Step One – Use to identify some suitable keywords using the alphabet soup technique for Keyword Research 2018

First, consider the Keyword or keyword phrase which you want to research. In this worked example we are considering keywords suitable for Jaaxy Review, so we choose the words ¨best keyword¨ to search first.

Enter the words ¨best keyword¨ into Google, and note below the returns from Google:

  • best keyword research tool
  • best keywords
  • best keyword research tool 2013
  • best keywords for SEO.

All of these keywords or keyword phrases can be entered into Jaaxy, to see what results are displayed for each.

Keyword Research 2018
Google Keyword Research 2018

Step Two – Input the same keyword into Yahoo Answers

For example, we will insert some different keywords. Inserting the same search term ¨best keyword¨ into Yahoo Answers gives the following search result:

keyword research 2018
Yahoo Answers search best keyword


The above keywords or keyword phrases can be entered into Jaaxy as well to see what returns are made.


Step 3 – Enter the keyword search into EHow

Enter ¨best keyword¨search term into EHow

keyword research 2018
EHow – best keyword

This step gives ¨How to¨ type responses to search terms entered, in this case, ¨best keyword¨:

Next, the feedback from the above keyword searches can be entered into Jaaxy, so as to identify a list which can be saved and from which the competition (QSR) and Traffic to that keyword can be identified.

Keyword Research 2018
Jaaxy Keyword Search

So the most suitable words for further development can be identified, bearing in mind that of prime importance is that the keywords should make grammatical sense.

The next most important criteria are that the QSR (Competition) level should be less than 300 ideally, or possibly up to 400 in certain circumstances, where the website is well established.

The traffic to the site should ideally be more than 100 searches per month, although it is possible to start at a lower level and wait for the content on the post to increase the traffic level gradually.

Once there is a complete list of suitable keywords, this can be saved for reference.

The Domain compatibility feature in Jaaxy can also be used so as to see the availability of suitable domains for purchase and registration.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

There are many options available for you to carry out Keyword Research 2018.

Some of the best tools avalable are:

  • Jaaxy
  • Squirrly
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Ehow

It is important that your keywords appear in the post title, and url, and also within a heading in the content text, at least. It is important not to over-do the provision of keywords in your post or page.












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