OMS Review Best Autoresponder Software 2019

Introduction – Best Autoresponder Software 2018

The purpose of this post is to inform you about the available best autoresponder software for Email Marketing, which will assist you in building and maintaining your email list (of subscribers), which is one of the major assets of your online business.

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Because your email list is a vital and valuable asset of your company, the choice of which best AutoResponder Provider to use is a key decision.

Typically these email marketing software packages are used with an Auto-Responder to gather or collect email addresses from subscribers and to manage and send follow up emails to these subscribers informing them about your various Sales Campaigns. This principle will apply whether your business is Selling Products or Services or Displaying Advertisements or Affiliate Links.

The purpose of such SEO Marketing Software is to introduce subscribers into your Sales Funnel, where they can be offered your Doorbuster introductory offers to tempt them to buy, and then the Upsells and Downsells which are at the Back End of the Sales Funnel, if you are in E-commerce. The Doorbuster offers may be loss leaders, or possibly just break even. They are not usually very profitable. Upsells are offers made in the Sales Campaign which are more expensive and more profitable than the Doorbuster offers. Downsells are alternative offers made in the Sales Campaign which are less expensive than the upsells and offer the last chance to sell something to a buyer who has already purchased the Doorbuster offer, and declined the Upsell before they exit your site.

Tracking of subscribers can take place at various points along your Sales Funnel.

Email Marketing Software List

Examples of Email Marketing Software Programs are:

Email Marketing Software Price Comparison

To compare the pricing between options is difficult because each one offers slightly different pricing structures.

    • The cost of AWeber is free for a trial period of 30 days, then $19 per month, then $32.67 for the first quarter, thereafter $49 per quarter, or $177.65 per annum, for the first year then $194 per annum.
      • Emails : dependent on usage:<500 – Included, 501-2500 – $10/m, 2501-5000 – $30/m, 5001-10,000 – $50/m, 10001-25000 – $130/m, 25,001+ – contact supplier.
      • best autoresponder software
        AWeber home screen


    • The cost of GetResponse is $ per month, dependent on usage as follows:
      • Emails : 1000 subscribers – $15/m, 2500 subscribers – $25/m, 5000 subscribers – $45/m, 10000 subscribers – $65/m, 25000 subscribers $145/m, 50000 subscribers $250/m, 100000 subscribers – contact supplier.
      • best autoresponder software
        GetResponse home screen


    • The cost of MailChimp is $ per month, depending on usage as follows:
      • Emails: 500 subscribers – $10/m, 1000 subscribers – $15/m, 2800-5000 subscribers – $50/m, 10000 subscribers – $75/m, 20,000 subscribers – $150/m, 30,000 subscribers – $215/m, 40,000 subscribers – $240/m, 50,000 subscribers – $240/m, 100k subscribers, 1.2million emails – $475/m,  500k subscribers, 6 million emails – $2100/m, 1 million subscribers, 12 million emails $4200/m 2million subscribers, 24million emails – $8,300/m, 5million subscribers, 60million emails -$20,700/m, 10million subscribers, 120million emails – $40,700/m.
      • best autoresponder software
        MailChimp home screen


    • The cost of LeadPages is $ per month – to be confirmed.
    • best autoresponder sofware
      Leadpages home screen


  • Constant Contact

    • The cost of Constant Contact is $x per month – to be confirmed.
    • best autoresponder software
      Constant Contact home screen


    • The cost of Sendlane is $ per month – to be confirmed.
best autoresponder software
Sendlane home screen
    • The cost of Sumo is $ per month.
    • best autoresponder software
      Sumo home screen


For unlimited emails to 25,000 subscribers per month the comparative pricing is:

  • AWeber – $149
  • GetResponse – $145
  • MailChimp – $150
  • LeadPages
  • Constant Contact
  • SendLane
  • Sumo


  • AWeber – Good 
  • GetResponse – Good
  • MailChimp – Good
  • LeadPages – 
  • Constant Contact – Basic
  • SendLane –
  • Sumo


  • AWeber – Good 
  • GetResponse – Good
  • MailChimp – Good
  • LeadPages – 
  • Constant Contact – Basic
  • SendLane
  • Sumo

Site Technical Support

  • AWeber – Good 
  • GetResponse – Good
  • MailChimp – Good
  • LeadPages – 
  • Constant Contact – Good, including the weekend response.
  • SendLane
  • Sumo

Email Or SEO Marketing Software Reviews

It should be stated that the performance of each particular email software program may vary depending upon the particular conditions of its use, so it is difficult to give precise comparisons of performance unless testing is carried out under exactly the same test conditions for each product.


We have some experience of using AWeber and have found this to be extremely satisfactory and reliable.

The deliverability rate for AWeber is acknowledged to be above 95%.


We have also used MailChimp and found this also to be reliable, and attractive because a user can start with a free subscription to the software.

The deliverability rate for MailChimp is acknowledged to be above 90% and below 95%.

Sign Up forms from MailChimp are user-friendly.


The deliverability rate for GetResponse is acknowledged to be above 90% and below 95%.

GetResponse does not offer the following features:

  • Additional Annual Prepaid discounts for Non-Profits.
  • Customizable Templates, Coupons, Surveys & Polls,
  • Articles and Posts
  • Guides & Videos
  • Seminars & Online Training
  • Live Technical Expert Support

Constant Contact

The deliverability rate for Constant Contact is in the region of 97%, but it is a relative newcomer in the SEO Marketing Software field, so not as well established with users as AWeber, MailChimp or GetResponse.



Social Media Marketing Software

An example of a Social Media Marketing software program is Trustreach, which uses Facebook Messenger and offers a highly personalized way of marketing directly to the subscriber. Open rates for Facebook Messenger are in the region of 95%, so the conversion rate is much higher than with email marketing, which has open rates much lower than that.

There are other examples of Social Media Marketing Software such as TRUSTMSG and Trust reach.

Free Internet Marketing Software

MailChimp offers FREE internet marketing software to its customers who have less than 10000 emails per month.

One of the numbers of emails increases above 10000, then subscribers must upgrade to the Business Grade at a cost of $ per month.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We have given an overview of many of the available internet marketing software programs for AutoResponders and email marketing, in particular, conclude the best autoresponder software as follows:

  • AWeber – Recommended
  • GetResponse – 
  • MailChimp – Recommended
  • LeadPages –
  • Constant Contact –
  • SendLane –

Our intention is to provide a thorough technical review with each of these email marketing software programs individually and to compare each of them so that we can inform you about a league table about which is the best SEO Marketing software program, in our opinion.

We will also inform you about the best free internet marketing software and what are its capabilities and limitations.

Additionally, we will review and inform you about the best social media marketing software programs as well.






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