Review Of YouTargtr 2019 From Jono Armstrong

Introduction to Review of YouTargtr 2019 from Jono Armstrong

Jono Armstrong introduces you to and recommends it in his Review of YouTargtr 2019 and says he will be using it extensively for his own business in 2019. YouTargtr enables you to search for and identify popular videos which are monetizable. You can then use Google Adwords to place your own ads on other people´s viral videos in order to make money. What a great idea!

Who Is Jono Armstrong?

Jono Armstrong is a successful internet marketer based in Indonesia, who was originally from the UK. He is very active in the internet marketing software market offering many products from Warrior Plus and JV Zoo.

He regularly offers products on launches from these platforms and we regularly receive offers from him for many products of differing types. Jono Armstrong often works in conjunction with another successful internet marketer Brendon Mace.

Jono Armstrong will often offer his own custom bonuses with products which he recommends, so as to make these offers more attractive to you.

Come to think of it, he offers his own custom bonuses as an incentive to buy from him on every review which we have seen from him, and there are lots of them on Jono´s Youtube channel, see the illustration below.

Review Of YouTargtr 2019
Jono Armstrong Video Reviews

What Exactly Is YouTargtr And What Does It Do?

YouTargtr is a software package from Victory, which enables you to search for and find videos with viral potential and which are monetisable. So it enables you to find suitable videos, on which you can place your own Google ads, and make money because the videos where you place the ads are popular and are shared extensively, with lots of engagement, some of them becoming Viral. So the more traffic there is for a particular video, then the more chance you have of clicks on your own ads.

You can use YouTargtr for your own CPA offers, Affiliate Offers, and to reach out to influencers for your own benefit.

What Are the Benefits of Using YouTargtr?

In order to identify suitable potentially viral videos from Youtube, you would need to spend a very long time searching for such videos using the right keywords for the niche which you are in. Essentially YouTargtr enables you to quickly identify suitable potentially viral videos, and then put your own ads on these in order to make money. YouTragtr will save you a massive amount of time and effort.

One of the most powerful features of YouTargtr is the Video Rank Checker, which enables you to check what ranking any video has on Google for a particular keyword, and identifiable by locations, ie which country, and other criteria.

You can make your own Youtube Channel using YouTargtr.

How Much Does YouTargtr Cost?

YouTargtr costs just $27 at the launch price for the basic version. The price is supposed to increase after the launch.

There is an upsell to the YouTargtr Pro Version for $37, and if you do buy this Pro version you can achieve the following feature benefits:

  • Advanced Search Function
  • Audience Info Grabber
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Channel Research Tool

With these tools and features, you can select and search for videos of a particular length, or search for videos which are popular, in particular languages, published before or after a particular date, and videos made in normal or High Definition.

You can also purchase a YouTargtr Resellers Licence for a one-off Payment of $197. What this enables you to do is resell YouTargtr, and keep 100% of all commissions on your sales. So you would only need to achieve a few sales in order to make back your investment in the Resellers Licence.

Jono Armstrong´s Bonus Package to Accompany YouTargtr

Jono Armstrong offers you a discount coupon if you are late to purchase at the launch price and he can reduce the price for you if you buy through his affiliate link.

Jono Armstrong also offers you his own bespoke bonus package if you choose to buy from his affiliate link.

This Bonus Package includes Jono Armstrong´s Done For You Advertisements for YouTargtr.

Are There Testimonials For YouTargtr?

Jono Armstrong himself recommends YouTargtr and says he will be using it in his own personal business in 2019.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of YouTargtr 2019

We have yet to try out YouTargtr, so can’t really say that we are convinced enough to recommend that you purchase it.

However the price is not very high and the idea is a good one, to leverage other people´s popular videos which are getting a lot of engagement in order to benefit you own Ads with lots of traffic – Neat!

If we do get to try out YouTargtr, we will post our comments and recommendations here.

Have you tried YouTargtr? If so, what did you think of it? Was it worth the money? Did it do what it says on the tin?

Let us know, as we would be keen to share your observations!

One Reply to “Review Of YouTargtr 2019 From Jono Armstrong”

Michelle December 20, 2018 at 5:04 pm

Hello Alan,
Great information here. I love Jono and his reviews but I think this one missed me. Glad I found it here. Now this sounds like a winner. I might actually check it out. I am just growing my Youtube channel/presence and I would be very interesting in learning how to fully monetize it.
Thanks for the heads up.


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