Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 From Anik Singal

Introduction – Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 from Anik Singal

In Review Of Lurn On Demand Start-Up 2019,you will be shown step by step how to start and develop your own $multi-million e-commerce business, in a very short period of time. Just 8 weeks of training and coaching from LURN between the start of January and the end of February 2019 is all it needs. Anik Singal claim that it will transform your life for the better.

Review Of Lurn On-Demand Start-Up 2019
Anik Singal The CEO Of LURN Academy

The Course shows you from first basics how to conceive and start to develop a Shopify store, and takes you step by step through the training of how to do everything from niche selection, naming, keyword selection and identification, domain choice and registration, branding, product choice, through to Social Media marketing and sales development and scaling your very own dropshipping business.  You also get to learn Daymond John´s 4 steps to making a successful business, as well as the Shopify E-commerce training from LURN Academy. What an amazing opportunity to work with Anik Singal, Daymond John and three selected coaches from LURN Academy to have the training you and available for coaching and looking over your shoulder to ensure success with the development of your new e-commerce business.

What is LURN?

LURN is the largest online provider of training for entrepreneurs and they make more than $200m of sales per annum. The CEO of LURN is Anik Singal and he is a very successful entrepreneur who dedicates himself to selling his training courses worldwide. His business has grown massively and is extremely successful because there are many many people who wish to develop their business online and take advantage of the internet for creating wealth. LURN has built a massive entrepreneurship centre in Maryland USA, from where they organise and manage their worldwide operations.

Review Of Lurn On-Demand Start-up 2019

Anik Singal has teamed up with Top People´s Shark Daymond John for this particular offering, and it is clearly the case that once you have started a successful business, you can develop your full potential by further consultation with Lurn and where you have access to this top entrepreneur Daymond John.

Anik Singal also does a lot of charity work and LURN sponsors schools in impoverished areas of India, and also in West Africa as well.

Who Is Anik Singal? Who Is Daymond John?

Anik Singal is a highly successful internet marketer who has made more than $200m in sales from his group of companies, of which LURN Academy is one. Anik tells his story that he started his business in 2003, at which time it took him 18 months to achieve his first online sale. In 2004, he transformed his business going from $12k to $150k per annum sales. He became successful but then lost everything, going $1.7m in debt. He turned things around however using his unique Influencer marketing methods.

You can tell that Anik Singal is passionate about what he does, and he loves to partner with his students and make them his next success stories and testimonials. Anik´s LURN Academy has build a large Transformational Home For Entrepreneurs in Maryland USA, which is at the disposal of his students who come from all over the World to learn his techniques and success methods.

Daymond John ¨The People´s Shark¨is partnering with Anik Singal on this offer from LURN Academy. Daymond has achieved more than $6bn in sales from his various companies, and he has invested in more than 250 companies to date. Daymond is the author of the best-selling book Rise and Grind.

Daymond took a long time to achieve his first successful business FUBU, which he started from scratch, and even shelved on a few occasions because of lack of financing capital to fund his expansion, but eventually he became sponsored by Samsung Textiles who invested in his company.

After that he has had multiple success stories and has assisted many companies in transforming their fortunes, as well as invested in about 150 companies as well.

What Do You Get From LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019?

Within the Review of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019, you are taught step by step how to start and operate your own Shopify e-commerce business and take it from zero to multi-million $ business.

You receive 8 weeks training through a concentrated series of workshops.

There is an introductory Pre-Workshop training series of modules to give you some preliminary training, ready for the concentrated series of training and coaching, which starts in January. Within this series of modules you are shown how to choose a niche, either general or specialist niche, choose a domain and register it, think about your brand for your company, and set up Paypal so that you can receive payments from customers, also look at AliExpress, where you can source the products which you are going to sell in your new dropshipping e-commerce business. You can also design a logo for your brand or commission one to be done for you from outsourcing at or 8 weeks of training modules are on the following topics:

Introduction to E-commerce

Find Perfect Profitable Products (Golden Product Guide)

Use of Apps and Introduction to Facebook

Facebook Ads

Mastery of Facebook Ads

Store Management Mastery

Instant Influencer Marketing

Your E-commerce Store Systems Optimisation and Discounts.

A Facebook Group is set up for subscribers to the LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019, and you can set up Mastermind groups, get help from coaches here, and interact with like-minded students.

There is a 6 module step by step Influencer Academy course.

You are given a list of the top recommended Influencers.

You are given Top Ad Creatives.

You are given 10 High Converting Landing Page Examples.

Stage 3 Creation of Content and Ads

Basically, this method is about Social Media, not advertisements. You are encouraged to share photos and videos of your products. The idea is to catch people´s attention with your images and encourage them to share with their friends. It is Interactive Marketing.

Stage 4 Scaling Your Business

You will need to find more Influencers, more products, more marketplaces, and automate your sources.

What you need to bear in mind is that it is easier to upsell an existing customer, or sell more products to them, rather than acquire a new customer which costs money and takes time and effort to achieve.

The next stage of the course is Daymond On Demand

This is where you are exposed to the Full Secret Money Model Training.

This involves 16 hands-on intensive training sessions. There are 8 weeks of workshops, involving 2 webinars per week, comprising 8 weeks of coaching.

So you are trained and given tasks to perform and you are also coached in the system and how to do it.

The Community which you have access to includes Anik Singal, Daymond John and the successful coaches who are allocated to your progression, all previous students of LURN academy, themselves running successful businesses.

How Much Does LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 Cost?

Anik Singal offers subscribers a very good deal with more than $9000 of value claimed to be included within the offer for subscribers to LURN On -Demand Start-Up 2019. There is a one-off payment of $997 for all of the training material and coaching for the two month training period and ongoing access to the Facebook Group.

Are There Testimonials For Review Of LURN On -Demand Start-Up 2019?

LURN offer many testimonials including from the 3 coaches who will be assisting you during the training course, who themselves were students of LURN Academy, and have used the methods taught to build themselves successful multi million dollar businesses online.

Geoff Hand is one of the coaches, whose business turns over $40-50,000 per month

Andrea Koput is another coach who is a success story of LURN Academy, whose business turns over $70,000 per month. She trasnformed her life going from $170k in debt to being a successful businesswoman

Aaron Delezenski is another LURN success story with a Million dollar sales turnover business.

Also Rosalee Maquinay is another student turned successful businesswoman and LURN coach for this course.

A big name testimonial for LURN Academy is Robert Kiyosaki the bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Here is a video review and interview with Anik Singal about his eSCAPE book, to which he often refers in his presentations, and you will find many such reviews of LURN products on youTube.

Conclusion And Recommendation For Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019

From Our Review Of LURN On-Demand Start-Up 2019 from Anik Singal we believe that it offers very good value for Money. We have yet to fully appraise the whole course since it was only subscribed a few days ago. We will keep you informed how things progress once training and coaching has been provided .

The Training course proper will start in January 2019 and is intensively scheduled to take 8 weeks, with 2 webinar sessions each week for training and coaching.

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