Understanding The Sales Process, Funnels, Up Sells, Down Sells, Cross Sells

Introduction To The Sales Process

Understanding the sales process in principle is essential before being able to comprehend what is the online sales process or process of conversions.

Personal selling

a sales process that typically includes up to nine steps. Some sales representatives develop scripts for all or part of the sales process. The sales process can convert ….

sales process flowchart or process map can be produced to represent the conversion process stages and can be adapted depending on the number of stages of the sales process.

A sales process template can be produced and adapted depending on whether there is a 5 steps sales process, or alternatively a 7 steps sales process (typical conversion process examples are shown below), or sometimes even more, up to 9 stages.

For example, simplified sales sequence examples are shown below:


An Example of the 5 Step Conversion Sequence is Shown Below:


An Example of a 7 Step Sales Sequence:












These diagrams explain that a purchaser may not purchase on the first or even second contact with a supplier, in fact it may take up to 7 or even 9 times before a prospective purchaser is ready to make a purchase, having researched the market, evaluated options, and familiarized themselves with your offer, and also most importantly built sufficient trust with your brand.

Sales Funnel Definition

The definition of Sales Funnel is a Process into which a purchaser is enticed into the mouth or entrance to the funnel usually with a low(er) value product and is offered various other products as Up-Sells, Down Sells, or Cross-Sells before they exit the sales funnel.

sales process

The Sales Funnel usually starts with a Lead Magnet such as a free offer, for example, an ebook, or downloadable information, which is offered by a vendor in return for which a potential purchaser enters their email address. This initial transaction provides the contact details for the vendor to inform the potential purchaser of offers in which they may be interested.

The potential purchaser goes through four stages prior to concluding a purchase:

    • Awareness
    • Consideration
    • Decision
    • Action

Upselling Definition

The definition Upsell means the offering of another higher value product in a Sales Funnel, usually after an introductory offer has been made by the vendor and accepted by a purchaser.

sales process
Upselling Definition

As an example of upselling, an Upsell in the context of a restaurant business would be the offer by MacDonalds Fast Food Restaurant of french fries and a shake, in addition to their basic offering of a burger.

The purpose of the Upsell is to increase the profit margin on any Sales Funnel. Usually, the initial or Doorbuster offer has little or no profit margin, whereas the Upsell has a greater profit margin. The net effect of the initial offer plus the Upsell is an increased profit margin.

Downselling Definition

The definition Downsell means the offering of another lower value product in a Sales Funnel, usually after an introductory offer has been made by the vendor and accepted by a purchaser, and a subsequent Upsell has been declined.

sales process
Down-selling definition

An example of a Downsell would be to offer an item such as a Low-Cost Personal Computer instead of a High Specification High-Cost Personal Computer. The purchaser´s credit card details have already been entered and the first purchase has been completed, the Downsell is a final attempt to increase the value of purchases before the purchaser exits the website.

Cross Selling Definition

The definition Cross Sell is the selling of an additional product or service to an existing customer.

sales process

So in this scenario, the customer is not new, there have already been sales previously so a certain level of Trust has been established between the vendor and purchaser.



The effort or Sales Intent is to increase the value of orders by selling additional items to the existing customer.

Sales Funnel Template Examples

Here are some real examples of Sales Funnels Templates Showing ¨Doorbuster¨ offers, Upsells and Downsells which you can adapt and use as templates for your own sales funnels if you wish.

Sales Funnel Template Example 1

sales process



Sales Funnel Template Example 2

sales process
Sales Process Template 2








Sales Funnel Template Example 3

sales process







OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

In order to succeed at making conversions, you need to fully understand the whole process of how to market your products and services, to the right audience, and how to encourage prospective purchasers to move from a state of unawareness about your product to sufficient trust to make the commitment to buy.

This is related to Branding, and this is the subject of a separate post.

2 Replies to “Understanding The Sales Process, Funnels, Up Sells, Down Sells, Cross Sells”

jessie palaypay January 30, 2018 at 6:19 pm

What type of sales funnel is appropriate for someone that has an affiliate marketing business? Can all three types of funnels be used? I know I can use up sells of products that I offer but how would you go about using a downsell type of sales funnel? Thanks for the info


    admin January 30, 2018 at 11:52 pm

    Hi Thanks very much for your comment. Affiliate marketing needs a squeeze page to collect emails (unless you are using other sources such as Solo Ads, or Facebook advertising). One you have the email list you can email special offers to all of your contacts which can be Upsells to an Affiliate link on a Landing Page. If your contact does not take up the Upsell you can set up automated emails to offer Downsells, say one or two day afterwards. Once you have the list you can offer pretty much anything except annoy your customers. Thanks. Alan


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