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Best Offer Vault Review: How to Use It and Make Money

If you’re an affiliate marketer and feel that your efforts can use a shot in the arm, Offer vault review is just what the doctor ordered. The people behind the search tool describe it as the Go-To Source For Affiliate Marketers, and they are right in that regard. Offer Vault Review is a research tool that affiliate marketers can use to search for lucrative affiliate offers and CPA programs they can promote on their sites.

As a site owner, you can use the tool to look for profitable services and products to promote. A data-driven approach is the only way to shrug off stiff competition in the sector and turn a tidy profit. Offer vault review is on hand to help you with this aspect of your business and ensure hefty paydays.

Offer Vault Review

Most affiliate marketers make money by promoting affiliate links to various companies or e-commerce stores. They get a commission when a customer uses a referral link to buy a product. Savvy markets often delve into the more lucrative CPA (cost per acquisition) sector as well. With CPA offers, you get paid a commission when your online referrals convert into a lead.

The nature of these leads vary between companies and could include making a phone call, opting into a mail list, making an appointment, or buying a product or service. Cost per action programs are sometimes more lucrative than affiliate programs from various online stores.

Offer Vault puts a myriad of affiliate and CPA offers at your fingertips. It’s essentially a search engine that lets companies list and advertise their CPA and affiliate offers in a bid to expand their business reach and grow their sales. Offer Vault puts over 60,000 affiliate and CPA offers within reach to let you pick the ones that suit your needs. Using this platform can help steer your affiliate marketing sites in a more lucrative direction.

Who Needs Offer Vault?

Anyone operating in the online space can benefit from using Offer Vault. If you’re just starting out, Offer Vault can double up as keyword research tool. It lets you cut through the noise and pick a profitable niche right off the bat. A careful selection of niche, products, and affiliate network is crucial to your success as an affiliate marketer.

For experienced bloggers, Offer Vault gives you a chance to monetarize your email list. With the help of the search platform, you can pick a selection of relevant products and services and send them to the people on your email list. Sending the right offers to the right audience results in fantastic conversion rates.

If you’re a business owner, Offer Vault has your back as well. It gives you an avenue to connect with skilled affiliate marketers eager to join your affiliate program or snap up your CPA offers.

How to Use Offer Vault

As is the norm with most search engines, Offer Vault is a free service, for affiliate marketers at least. Better yet, you don’t need to signup to make use of its services. Just fire it up on your browser, and you’re ready to go. However, it’s advisable to sign up because it unlocks additional features and training materials. You can save searches, set up email alerts, and view restricted landing pages.

The platform has a simple search function that allows users to narrow them down by topics, affiliate, CPA offers, among other parameters. The site returns relevant results to help you evaluate the relevant offers. If you like an offer, you need to sign up with a suitable company to join their network.

Highly Customizable Searches

Offer Vault search function presents data in six columns.

  • Offer Name – the name of the product on offer
  • Payout – the amount of money payable after a successful lead or sale
  • Type – how you get paid – from leads, Cost Per Action, Sale, or Click
  • Category – the category where the offer falls
  • Network – a link that leads to the network where the offer originates from
  • Updated – when the offer was last updated.

You can refine your search further by including some additional features – all offers, Mobile, Pay per call, New, Traffic, New, Networks, and Jobs. You can narrow your search to a single country, customize your search preferences, or use the advanced search feature.

Joining A Network

Offer Vault facilitates you to find networks carrying affiliate offers or CPA offers that suit your specific needs. As such, the platform only provides you with clickable links that lead to the network carrying the offers. Clicking these links redirects you to the network’s website.

You must join a network to promote the offers they have going. You should know that some affiliate networks often qualify their members. As such, some systems have minimum requirements that you must meet before you’re accepted. Some of these factors could include niche relevance, web traffic, or even country of origin.

Pros and Cons of Offer Vault


  • It’s free of charge for affiliate marketers
  • A large selection of offers available
  • Presents detailed information including commissions
  • Offers advertising opportunities
  • Highly customizable search options
  • Relevant training manuals and videos for subscribers
  • Ability to save searches and set email alerts
  • Available worldwide


  • You need to signup to access some of the features and training material
  • The site has lots of ads, giving it a cluttered look

How to Make the Most of Offer Vault

One thing you should know is that Offer Vault is but a powerful search tool. As such, it does nothing more than help you discover some of the most lucrative affiliate and CPA offers available. Your success is dependent on your ability to use the offers you unearth. The results can help you identify a profitable niche to get into when starting out as a blogger or an affiliate marketer. For seasoned sites, getting on affiliate programs with handsome payouts increases revenue.

The network behind each affiliate or CPA offer sets out the terms and conditions as well as additional requirements. Pay attention to these details, especially the requirements, to increases your chances of eligibility. A lot of other affiliate markets are also trying to muscle in on the lucrative deals. Stick only to the offers where you make the minimum requirement to avoid disappointment.

Conclusion of Offer Vault Review

Offer Vault is an incredibly powerful, not to mention indispensable, tool for anyone playing the affiliate marketing field. It makes quick work of niche selection for anyone looking to join the sector while helping seasoned marketers pick the most lucrative offers on the market. It provides you with a highly customized search option for highly targeted results. It reduces your search for profitable affiliate programs and CPA offers to a few clicks of a button, all free of charge.

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