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Introduction to Internet Business School

Internet Business School Videos is a company owned and operated by Simon Coulson who is a very successful internet entrepreneur, who also operates the Internet Business School, based in Kent, England, where you can learn internet marketing strategies in order to achieve success for your business.

learn internet marketing strategies

What Is The Internet Business School?

The Internet Business School offers a wide range of educational courses including Internet MoneyMaking Strategies course organised by Simon Coulson, teaching the methods which have brought him success with his own businesses.

learn internet marketing strategies

Who Is Simon Coulson?

Simon Coulson is a very successful internet entrepreneur who was originally a BT Engineer who was made redundant from his job after 14 years.

learn internet marketing strategies

Simon invested some of his redundancy pay-off in himself and did an internet course in the USA from which he was able to learn internet marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimization, also building wesbites and Search Engine Optimisation.

He had the idea to write property guides about investment in Bulgaria, where a friend of his had invested in property, and invited him to do the same. Although Simon bought a property in Bulgaria, he has never ever set foot in it. Despite this, he wrote an ebook called Guide To Buying Property In Bulgaria, which was extremely successful. He then followed up with other similar guides to buying property in Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia and other Balkan countries.

Simon discovered as his business grew that he could outsource some necessary tasks for his businesses, paying experts to prepare the content for his e books.

After running out of ideas for property guides, he realised that the same principles which had given him success in that niche market could equally be used in any other niche market.

Simon then started to develop Membership Sites from which he could earn recurring income rather than one off sales revenue. In order to start out, because he had limited reviews of his own (5) he offered memberships for free provided that subscribers contributed their own review. After receiving more than a hundred subscribers reviews within a week, and more than 500 reviews within a month, he was able to charge a monthly recurring fee for membership of the site, which has more than 11,000 members, and generates revenue of more than 500k pa.

Another business which Simon Coulson set up was selling Air Conditioning units, simply by negotiating a commission with the manufacturer and supplier of the units, and marketing on their behalf.

Simon Coulson has re-invested a lot of the money he has made in improving his own capabilities and systems, and says he has spent 150k on that. He recommends students to invest in themselves, to improve their education and capabilities as well. He however, is disparaging about an MBA course which he invested in which he thinks was 90% wasted because the teaching was by academics, who are not experienced in real business, only in theory.

Simon recounts a conversation he had with Richard Branson about how to find ideas for businesses. Richard Branson stated that he often gets ideas for his businesses (more than 300) from bad experiences as a consumer. For example Virgin Airlines was founded out of his dissatisfaction with established carriers. Similarly Virgin Record Stores was founded to try to offer a better service to consumers.

Simon has become personally extremely wealthy as a result of his various Online businesses, and moved to his dream home on the set of the popular television series ¨The Darling Buds Of May¨, and even offers weekend stays at his property for those who might be interested to do that.

Here is a video of Simon Coulson sharing tips at the National Achievers Conference:

What is Simon Coulson´s Philosophy, What is His System to Learn Internet Marketing Strategies?

Simon teaches a 3 step system to learn internet marketing strategies whereby the components are:

1. Website

2. Traffic

3. Conversion

Not only do you need those components, but you need to be offering a product or a service which is in demand by people. This is your Niche or audience of potential buyers for your product or service.

Testimonials – Does The Teaching Work?

Simon recounts many of his students who have become successful using his methods and teaching in a variety of different niches, for example:

Rick, who has made a successful business writing e books of How To Become different types of career, such as Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Fireman, Nurse.

Another called Ben, wrote an ebook on How to Become a DJ.

Another student called Mark made around 200k from driving traffic to Resale Rights Products sites.

Another student called Karen has made a success of Affiliate Marketing.

Yet another student Thierry has made more than 50k from sales of snail caviar, showing that Simon´s methods and teaching work for sale of physical products as well as e books and software.


Simon Coulson advises prospective students to appoint their own Mentor. Before doing so, students should question their prospective Mentor´s abilities and expereince using the following questions:

1. Are they making money?

2. Are they teaching current methods?

3. Can they make things happen?

4. Have they proved that they can do things, make things happen?

5. Can they teach?

6. Are they really offering a real system or offering just a Magic Button?

How Much Do The Courses and Educational Material Cost?

There are a range of courses and educational material available, and suggest you check the website for costs of these. From our assessment these are around the norm in the marketplace.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We have seen presentations from Simon Coulson on two occasions live, during 2017 and 2018, and he presents himself modestly, although he has made a major success with internet marketing of educational products such as ebooks, ecourses and membership sites.

We have not tried out Simon Coulson´s courses yet, but from an arms length appraisal his teaching does work, and he has many testimonials from his students who verify this to be the case.

Certainly Simon has made a great success and earned revenue of more than 20m US$ from using his own methods and system.

If you want to try out any of Simon Coulson´s courses from the Internet Business school go here.

If you sign up for any of Simon Coulson´s products from this link then we will receive a commission.

We have not yet tried and evaluated Simon Coulson´s ecourses, but have heard him speak and he certainly demonstrates good results.

We would invite you to write your own review and advise us of your own assessment of Simon Coulson and the Internet Business School.

If you would like to look at another community and teaching which will help you achieve the same outcome as Simon Coulson, check out our review of the Amazing Wealthy Affiliate here.









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