Review Of 7Figure Funnel Franchise By Michael Cheney

Review Of 7Figure Funnel Franchise

Introduction To Review Of 7 Figure Funnel Franchise by Michael Cheney

Michael Cheney offers you the opportunity to clone his total proven business system if you purchase his 7Figure Funnel Franchise. Michael Cheney explains that you need to work at his system in order to achieve success, but that it does not involve making your own website, or owning and maintaining your own domain name, no building an email list and no buying of traffic. Michael Cheney claims that you don´t need to do Fan Pages, nor does the system involve scraping for contacts or posting in groups.

The system does, however, involve using Facebook in order to generate traffic, and Michael Cheney understands very well the dominance of Facebook and all the data which it holds about its users and also the algorithms which Facebook uses. He has some very good ideas about how to use Facebook, without buying Facebook Ads.

Michael Cheney´s 7Figure Funnel Franchise system involves 3 major stages:

  1. Get Traffic
  2. Get Big Commissions
  3. Get Paid

It is as simple as that, but Michael Cheney explains his methods in fairly great detail so that you know roughly how the system works and what you are required to do, which is – 1. GET TRAFFIC. Michael Cheney claims that the system provides all the necessary training in order to show you exactly what you have to do. You simply need to apply the time and effort consistently on Facebook to make the TRAFFIC happen, in order to make lots of money through commissions on product sales from all his sales funnels (8-9), and at all levels of the funnels. The bigger commissions coming from Deep Sales at the lower level of each sales funnel, and he shares these commissions with all his franchisees.

Who Is Michael Cheney?

Michael Cheney tells us that he has been carrying out marketing online for 17 years. He recounts how his life journey from starting to where he is now has taken a very long time, during which he made many mistakes and suffered many setbacks along the way. He explains that he likes to help people and that is why he wants to make his system available for others to benefit from, so that they can benefit from his experience.

Michael Cheney personally presents his sales video and he makes a very strong and professional pitch for you to buy his 7Figure Funnel Franchise system, claiming that you can get paid as soon as today, and that you can make serious money online, and more money by using less of your time, because you are following his tried and tested system which is proven to generate sales, as shown by the actual sales figures which he presents to you.

What is the 7Figure Franchise, And What Do You Get For Your Money?

When you purchase the 7Figure Franchise, you are taken to the member´s area where you have a dashboard which displays all of the courses which you have bought, and the training which takes you step by step through the system.

You can keep 100% of the revenue from your own sales of all of the following Michael Cheney products:

  • Commission Machine – which has sold more than $482k
  • Commission Cartel – which has sold more than $127k
  • Commission Black Ops – which has sold more than $173k
  • Fan Page Money Methods – which has sold more than $212k
  • Child´s Play Profits – which has sold more than $35k
  • Email Black Ops – which has sold more than $27k
  • List Building Black Ops – which has sold more than $32k
  • Scope For Cash – which has sold more than $6k

The total value of sales of all the above Michael Cheney products is more than $1.1m.

You will receive commissions from all purchases introduced by you, and this could be from any one of 8 or 9 sales funnels which prospective purchasers are introduced to. In this way, you can achieve commissions from the deep level of each sales funnel, in addition to the lower value introductory purchases, which are more usual.

Michael Cheney understands very well the psychology of the sales process and how to convert sceptical prospective buyers into purchasers, by giving them stepping stones to cross the ¨River of Doubt¨which they have to cross to go from prospect to purchaser as quickly as possible.

Michael Cheney claims that with his system, anyone can do it, that there is no particular technical skill needed. All you have to do is send traffic, which the system shows you how to do, and you generate money on demand.

The main traffic generation method is by using Facebook and building a following, but it does not involve forming Facebook Groups or having your own website, domain, or any of the usual requirements. Essentially you must drive traffic to your Affiliate Link which is embedded and any purchasers result in an immediate payment of the agreed commission to your Paypal Account, and there are various testimonials to this fact.

What Is Included In The 7Figure Franchise?

The above-listed software programs from Michael Cheney are included in the franchise purchase, and you have complete access rights to sell these.

Not only are you purchasing full selling rights to all of Michael Cheney´s software, but you are given commissions from 8 or 9 of Michael Cheney´s funnels because all purchasers introduced by you will be targeted over a period of 8-9 weeks with follow up emails by the Funnel Franchise system. You will not see these emails which are automatically sent to prospects introduced by you, but if there are any sales, then you immediately receive the commission on them.

What Is The Price Of 7Figure Funnel Franchise?

You pay just $1997 as a one-off lifetime payment for 7Figure Franchise System, or you can choose to make one payment of $1100 immediately, then the second payment of $1100 after 30 days.

On the face of it, this price seems to be incredible value for money because Michael Cheney claims that the value of his offerings is as follows:

  • 100% commissions and instant payouts on all his products (which are listed above) VALUE $2997
  • Done For You Affiliate Promotions VALUE $7997
  • $1K commissions directly to your Paypal account VALUE $7997
  • STEP BY STEP Blueprint to making 7 Figures Fast VALUE $9997
  • FREE access to all digital products and upsells VALUE $4997
  • ACCELERATE directly to the money with 1:1 coaching with Michael Cheney (30 DAYS) VALUE $5997
  • BIG commissions are possible
  • BONUS #1 – Fast Track to Facebook Traffic VALUE $5860
  • BONUS #2 – Money Making Traffic VALUE $197
  • BONUS #3 – Even More Free Traffic VALUE $297

(Michael Cheney´s team member Michelle will send traffic for you for 1 hour with this last bonus)


The offer is discounted by $1000 (from $2997 to $1997) if you agree to give Michael Cheney a testimonial which he can use to advertise his system, which seems to be a reasonable win-win for you and him. So essentially all purchasers are locked into this commitment, neat!

Testimonials for 7Figure Funnel Franchise

Michael Cheney has a large number of testimonials for his 7 Figure Funnel Franchise System, which are included on his sales page.

One of the testimonials is from Jeff Sollee, who also posted a video review of 7Figure Funnel Franchise system on Youtube. Here it is so that you can see and hear directly what Jeff Sollee has to say. Jeff purchased the system and is broadly pleased with it. He has replaced all the things he was doing previously, with the 7Figure Funnel Franchise system and just follows this now. Jeff says that he has been trying to make money online since 2009, with very little success until he bought Michael Cheney´s 7Figure Funnel Franchise system. Jeff Sollee says that using Michael Cheney´s system he has started to make JVZoo commissions, which until 2017, he had not managed to do. He has earned $3690 in total from JVZoo. Jeff Sollee says that he earned a $1000 commission from 7Figure Funnel Franchise system within one week of purchasing it, and says that the time needed for using the system is minimal. Jeff Sollee´s other observations are that while the training is good, it is focussed on building a list and that although the training is there, the writing of emails is quite tricky and takes a lot of practice. Michael Cheney has perfected his own style of writing emails which is very effective. The other issue which Jeff Sollee raises is about the price point, and that you need to be committed to following the system consistently in order to recoup your investment. Jeff Sollee´s advice is not to mix training and stick with the Funnel Franchise training methods, and it will work. he praises the Done for You parts of the system, the access to products and the training within the system. He recommends it for anyone who is struggling, or who wants to raise their game. Jeff Sollee also offers a personal Skype call with himself if you decide to sign up and use his affiliate link, and posted links to the webinar and sales page.

Another testimonial which is available on Youtube is from Caterina Christakis, who is also featured on the Funnel Franchise sales page video, and she claims to be very pleased with her purchase of 7FigureFunnel Franchise System, which she says is Awesome. She says she earned $550 off one sale commission and mentions the 100+ products which she has access to on which many are 100% commissions, and some 50% commissions. Caterina says that Customer Support is excellent, and she has never come across anything as good, even though she has tried lots of different things, and is an experienced marketer. She says the training is some of the best available and that Michael Cheney simplifies everything and clarifies exactly what to do.

There are also some other reviews of 7Figure Funnel Franchise On Youtube, here is one by Tim Verdoux who is a franchisee and who interviews Michael Cheney and talks about Michael´s success and his personal story. It is quite a useful presentation because you see Michael Cheney´s character in the interview and get his advice first hand about ways of doing things according to his system. Michael explains that he is a family man and spends a lot of time with his family, 5 hours per day. He is also a keen cyclist and spends around 2 hours per day riding his cycle, and he cycles around 6k miles per annum. All this means his time for his internet business is limited by those other commitments. Michael Cheney advises people not to try to go it alone and suggests that they need a mentor to help them to avoid the pitfalls, which he experienced along the way. During his internet marketing journey, there were periods of up to two years when he did not make any money at all. Michael Cheney uses the example of all the effort of planning and organisation and long preparation for getting a spacecraft into orbit, as being similar to launching an internet business. In his case, he says it took him 17 years to achieve his current level of success. One of the drawbacks for people embarking on this journey is that there are so many options available to people, which can be a good thing but also can be a bad thing. People tend to acquire a lot of knowledge about lots of things, but not necessarily enough expertise in the one area which they need in order to achieve success. Michael Cheney advises people not to quit along with their journey as they will never benefit from all the effort which they have put into their businesses if they do. Michael Cheney further advises people to find the best people at doing what you want to do and to try to learn from them. He developed the idea for his current business model when he arranged a live training session in November 2016 in  Scotland and he started to offer greater and greater value to his audience of prospective buyers, in order to attract people to the event, and this trend has continued to become the 7Figure Funnel Franchise system. He added the $1k commissions later. He recounts one franchisee earning $22,312 in one day, and that they did not know where this money was coming from.

The one thing which Michael Cheney insists that all his franchisees must do if they are to become successful is to work consistently and drive traffic to your personal affiliate link. This is the key to your success, other than that, you don’t need a list or a website. You must follow exactly the training steps for Facebook in order to drive traffic and the money will follow. Micahel Cheney says that his system will work for everyone, even Newbies and you don’t need technical skills in order to make it work.

We have noticed that many of the endorsements for the /Figure Funnel Franchise system are from people who are trying to sell the system themselves, effectively to benefit from the commission on the sale.

Independent Reviews Of 7Figure Funnel Franchise

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OMS Conclusion And Recommendation About 7 Figure Franchise System by Michael Cheney

In our Review Of 7Figure Funnel Franchise, and everything sounds very good on the face of it as presented by Michael Cheney. You do need to appreciate though that although you are buying a franchise, you are not building your own business. All the leads belong to Michael Cheney, so in terms of a long-term asset, your business is not worth much, the business strength is with 7Figure Funnel Franchise, not you.

Michael Cheney says that he has made more than enough money so he wants to help other people to do the same, by making his system available to them for a minimal cost, so that they can benefit from what he has learned in developing the 7Figure Funnel Franchise system over many years (17).

It was a little concerning, however, that there is no 30day Money Back Guarantee, such as you would normally expect with a product purchased from Clickbank.

Michael Cheney claims that if you do not make your investment back within 26 weeks, he will allocate his team to work with you until you do so. He guarantees that in this way you are guaranteed to make $24k.You need to get the traffic and he will show you how to do it.

We have not actually tried the software itself, but have read some reviews of software from Michael Cheney which claim that some of the software packages are not so good quality. It is said that several of the packages which you are buying do broadly the same thing, so maybe there is an overlap of capability.

Michael Cheney acknowledges that the elephant in the room is TRAFFIC, and how to drive it to your affiliate link. He offers the first 1000 visitors are for FREE. He also offers very specific and enlightened Facebook training which will help you to succeed with his system. Essentially you need to appreciate that a fundamental stage of the business (Traffic Generation) is your responsibility and that if you don’t make the traffic happen, then there will be no sales commissions

The Facebook system for driving traffic sounds very similar to that offered by Paul Lynch under MDCB (MyDotComBusiness), which we have reviewed separately earlier in the year.

Have you tried Michael Cheney´s 7Figure Funnel Franchise, and if so, how did you find it? Let us know what you think.

On the basis of what we know so far, our recommendation would be not to purchase this franchise.

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