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OMS Review Best Autoresponder Software 2019

Introduction – Best Autoresponder Software 2018

The purpose of this post is to inform you about the available best autoresponder software for Email Marketing, which will assist you in building and maintaining your email list (of subscribers), which is one of the major assets of your online business.

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Because your email list is a vital and valuable asset of your company, the choice of which best AutoResponder Provider to use is a key decision.

Typically these email marketing software packages are used with an Auto-Responder to gather or collect email addresses from subscribers and to manage and send follow up emails to these subscribers informing them about your various Sales Campaigns. This principle will apply whether your business is Selling Products or Services or Displaying Advertisements or Affiliate Links.

The purpose of such SEO Marketing Software is to introduce subscribers into your Sales Funnel, where they can be offered your Doorbuster introductory offers to tempt them to buy, and then the Upsells and Downsells which are at the Back End of the Sales Funnel, if you are in E-commerce. The Doorbuster offers may be loss leaders, or possibly just break even. They are not usually very profitable. Upsells are offers made in the Sales Campaign which are more expensive and more profitable than the Doorbuster offers. Downsells are alternative offers made in the Sales Campaign which are less expensive than the upsells and offer the last chance to sell something to a buyer who has already purchased the Doorbuster offer, and declined the Upsell before they exit your site.

Tracking of subscribers can take place at various points along your Sales Funnel.

Email Marketing Software List

Examples of Email Marketing Software Programs are:

Email Marketing Software Price Comparison

To compare the pricing between options is difficult because each one offers slightly different pricing structures.

    • The cost of AWeber is free for a trial period of 30 days, then $19 per month, then $32.67 for the first quarter, thereafter $49 per quarter, or $177.65 per annum, for the first year then $194 per annum.
      • Emails : dependent on usage:<500 – Included, 501-2500 – $10/m, 2501-5000 – $30/m, 5001-10,000 – $50/m, 10001-25000 – $130/m, 25,001+ – contact supplier.
      • best autoresponder software

        AWeber home screen


    • The cost of GetResponse is $ per month, dependent on usage as follows:
      • Emails : 1000 subscribers – $15/m, 2500 subscribers – $25/m, 5000 subscribers – $45/m, 10000 subscribers – $65/m, 25000 subscribers $145/m, 50000 subscribers $250/m, 100000 subscribers – contact supplier.
      • best autoresponder software

        GetResponse home screen


    • The cost of MailChimp is $ per month, depending on usage as follows:
      • Emails: 500 subscribers – $10/m, 1000 subscribers – $15/m, 2800-5000 subscribers – $50/m, 10000 subscribers – $75/m, 20,000 subscribers – $150/m, 30,000 subscribers – $215/m, 40,000 subscribers – $240/m, 50,000 subscribers – $240/m, 100k subscribers, 1.2million emails – $475/m,  500k subscribers, 6 million emails – $2100/m, 1 million subscribers, 12 million emails $4200/m 2million subscribers, 24million emails – $8,300/m, 5million subscribers, 60million emails -$20,700/m, 10million subscribers, 120million emails – $40,700/m.
      • best autoresponder software

        MailChimp home screen


    • The cost of LeadPages is $ per month – to be confirmed.
    • best autoresponder sofware

      Leadpages home screen


  • Constant Contact

    • The cost of Constant Contact is $x per month – to be confirmed.
    • best autoresponder software

      Constant Contact home screen


    • The cost of Sendlane is $ per month – to be confirmed.
best autoresponder software

Sendlane home screen

    • The cost of Sumo is $ per month.
    • best autoresponder software

      Sumo home screen


For unlimited emails to 25,000 subscribers per month the comparative pricing is:

  • AWeber – $149
  • GetResponse – $145
  • MailChimp – $150
  • LeadPages
  • Constant Contact
  • SendLane
  • Sumo


  • AWeber – Good 
  • GetResponse – Good
  • MailChimp – Good
  • LeadPages – 
  • Constant Contact – Basic
  • SendLane –
  • Sumo


  • AWeber – Good 
  • GetResponse – Good
  • MailChimp – Good
  • LeadPages – 
  • Constant Contact – Basic
  • SendLane
  • Sumo

Site Technical Support

  • AWeber – Good 
  • GetResponse – Good
  • MailChimp – Good
  • LeadPages – 
  • Constant Contact – Good, including the weekend response.
  • SendLane
  • Sumo

Email Or SEO Marketing Software Reviews

It should be stated that the performance of each particular email software program may vary depending upon the particular conditions of its use, so it is difficult to give precise comparisons of performance unless testing is carried out under exactly the same test conditions for each product.


We have some experience of using AWeber and have found this to be extremely satisfactory and reliable.

The deliverability rate for AWeber is acknowledged to be above 95%.


We have also used MailChimp and found this also to be reliable, and attractive because a user can start with a free subscription to the software.

The deliverability rate for MailChimp is acknowledged to be above 90% and below 95%.

Sign Up forms from MailChimp are user-friendly.


The deliverability rate for GetResponse is acknowledged to be above 90% and below 95%.

GetResponse does not offer the following features:

  • Additional Annual Prepaid discounts for Non-Profits.
  • Customizable Templates, Coupons, Surveys & Polls,
  • Articles and Posts
  • Guides & Videos
  • Seminars & Online Training
  • Live Technical Expert Support

Constant Contact

The deliverability rate for Constant Contact is in the region of 97%, but it is a relative newcomer in the SEO Marketing Software field, so not as well established with users as AWeber, MailChimp or GetResponse.



Social Media Marketing Software

An example of a Social Media Marketing software program is Trustreach, which uses Facebook Messenger and offers a highly personalized way of marketing directly to the subscriber. Open rates for Facebook Messenger are in the region of 95%, so the conversion rate is much higher than with email marketing, which has open rates much lower than that.

There are other examples of Social Media Marketing Software such as TRUSTMSG and Trust reach.

Free Internet Marketing Software

MailChimp offers FREE internet marketing software to its customers who have less than 10000 emails per month.

One of the numbers of emails increases above 10000, then subscribers must upgrade to the Business Grade at a cost of $ per month.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We have given an overview of many of the available internet marketing software programs for AutoResponders and email marketing, in particular, conclude the best autoresponder software as follows:

  • AWeber – Recommended
  • GetResponse – 
  • MailChimp – Recommended
  • LeadPages –
  • Constant Contact –
  • SendLane –

Our intention is to provide a thorough technical review with each of these email marketing software programs individually and to compare each of them so that we can inform you about a league table about which is the best SEO Marketing software program, in our opinion.

We will also inform you about the best free internet marketing software and what are its capabilities and limitations.

Additionally, we will review and inform you about the best social media marketing software programs as well.







OMS – Social Media – Make Money Online Free PDF

FREE Offer – OMS Social Media -Make Money Online PDF 2018

There are many ways to really make money online or to make money online fast and here we give you several ideas which we have summarized and which we can send you by email as a PDF document called ´OMS Make Money Online Free PDF´.

Make Money Online With Facebook

To really make money online or make money online fast using Facebook usually involves buying Facebook Ads, for which you need to open a Facebook business account from your personal Facebook account.

Facebook gives you a tracking pixel with which you can track your views, and sales conversions. This is important so that you can get feedback on the performance of your ads.

It is possible to identify a pre-selected audience for your advertisements using the filters available within Facebook, such as:

    • Gender: Male or Female;
    • Age: in band categories from children up to 65 years plus,
    • Parental categories: such as parents, parents with young children, grandparents etc,
    • Hobbies and interests,
    • and whether they are active buyers on Facebook.

Depending on the parameters chosen Facebook will give you an indication of the audience size which you will reach with your chosen parameters.

Hence you can target your chosen niche market using the parameters within Facebook Ads, and gradually refine your searches depending on the success of your sales campaigns in your quest to really make money online fast. So audiences can be pre-created or adjusted and testing of results can be done frequently until the right audience selection and sales results are achieved.

Facebook Ads for information and engagement are reasonably priced, but purchase of Facebook Ads for conversions has recently become very expensive. You can set the budget for your expenditure on Facebook Ads, and Facebook will automatically manage the Facebook Ads expenditure for you. For example Facebook can manage to expend at your specified dollar rate per day, until your budget is fully used. Alternatively the expenditure can be set dependent upon clicks or sales. You choose from the available parameters which method suits your business the best.

Make Money Online With Facebook Messenger

You can really make money online if you can get the maximum engagement with your prospective purchasers. One of the best ways to do this is using Facebook Messenger. The reason that Facebook Messenger is particularly successful is that Facebook Messages are almost always opened by the recipient, at a 95% open rate, compared with a less than 10% rate for emails. This leads to much higher engagement with the recipient or prospective buyer and thus much higher sales. Receipt of a FB Message is comparible wih receiving an sms on your telephone so it is viewed as a highly personal message.

There are some software packages which specialize in Facebook Messenger such as Trustreach or TRUSTMSG.

Make Money Online With Instagram

Use of Instagram is another way in which you can really make money online, and make money online fast, and this works in a very similar way to Facebook Messenger. Instagram is popular with younger users, and is also primarily intended for use of images. Images are a prompt to conversion of sales, so there is very high engagement with propsective buyers. See Pinterest which also has a high usage of images, and so is a means to really make money online or make money fast online.

Make Money Online With Pinterest

Use of Pinterest is a good way to build engagement and trust with prospective buyers and to provide social proof about your products and services, which will eventually lead to sales, and really make money online or make money online fast. Links to Pinterest are the best way to display images, and then link them back to your website for Call To Action. Pinterest is the fastest growing Social Media.

Make Money Online With Google

In order to Really Make Money Online, you need to get engagement with your prospective purchasers so you can use Google Adwords, as an alternative to Facebook Ads, or in addition to Facebook Ads, and Google Ads  are reasonably priced. The trick is to target your Google ads precisely to suit your audience, which is the niche market which you have chosen.

Make Money Online With Youtube

Another Fast Make Money Online method is to use Youtube videos, which are free. Google owns Youtube and sets the rules for use of url´s. It is forbidden to blatanty promote your website from Youtube, but you can link Youtube videos to other posts, where you can display your url

Make Money Online With Yahoo

Yahoo Ads work in a similar way to Google Ads, and also Bing Ads. Yahoo is not as popular as Google but it is still widely used for searches. Engagement with prospective buyers is the key to building trust which will eventually lead to sales from Yahoo.

Make Money Online With Bing

Bing Ads work in a similar way to Google and Yahoo. Bing is not as popular as Google or Yahoo, but it is still reasonably widely used for searches. Bing alows engagement with propsective buyers in the same way as Yahoo, and once trust is built then conversions will follow.

Make Money Online Using Twitter

It may be that for your business Twitter is the best way to really make money online or a fast way to make money online. Twitter has grown in popularity extremely fast and is a quick attention getter, so engagement with prospective purchasers is high.


In order to really make money online, and make money online fast, you need to maximize use of Social media. All of the above Social Media are readily available and they each have advantages and disadvantages compared with others. You need to decide which one or more of these Social Media best suits your business strategy and your budget.

Once you decide which of the Social Media to use, you then need to plan a strategy of communication and rollouts of information to prospective purchasers.

Once your business gets to a certain critical size then you need to move to automated methods of dealing with engagement, otherwise the task of managing and responding to communications becomes extremely laborious and time consuming.

Check out our review of Wealthy Affiliate, here, where you can find out how to maximise the use of Social Media in order to optimise your business.






How To Make Money Online With E-commerce 2019

Introduction How To Make Money Online With E-commerce

make money online with e-commerce

Make Money Online With E-commerce

There are many ways in which to generate sales and revenue, and one of the most popular and common ways is to make money online with E-commerce.

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

From all the publicity,  there is no doubt this is the surefire way to make money online with E-commerce, see the following advertisements.

Neil Patel is a world recognised guru, who gives his thoughts in the article below:


From Start to Profit: How to Set Up an E-commerce Store and …

Setting up an e-commerce store is an increasingly popular way of making money online. If you’re interested in getting into the action and setting up your own …

These are articles from Shopify, who can ease the path to setting up your store on their platform:


How to Start an Online Store: 7 Ways to Run a Successful Business

Jun 14, 2018 Coming up with ideas that will actually make you money is tough. … Check out these 17 places e-commerce entrepreneurs go to find the product …

How to Start An E-commerce Business Without Spending Any Money

When most people think about starting an e-commerce business, they have a vision … are so it makes your life easier to find out WHERE they are online/offline.
Here is another article from European Entrepreneur about E-commerce:

How to Make at Least $1,000 Your First Month of Ecommerce

Jan 18, 2017 The thought of making money while you sleep is enticing. … After working closely with clients on the e-commerce side, my family and I decided …

Dropshipping – What Is It? Why Do It?

Often the E-commerce sales method involves Dropshipping, which means that the E-commerce website company has an arrangement with a supplier or suppliers, that they will directly fulfil any orders which are made for his particular products, to the customer or buyer. An example is the AliExpress and Oberlo model on a Shopify store.

make money online with E-commerce


So the customer places an order with you, which is passed to your Dropshipping Supplier, who will despatch his product(s) to the customer. The customer pays for the product at one price, your selling price, to your Company. Your Company pays your Dropshipping Supplier his selling price, which is usually much lower than your Company´s selling price to the customer.

A big advantage of Dropshipping over the traditional model for retailing is that there is no investment in stock or premises, and no direct handling of the goods sold by your Company, so it is a relatively risk-free and low capital way of starting to sell online.

What Are The Costs Involved in E-commerce and How Much Money Can I Make?

make money online with E-commerce

Dropshipping Costs Ecommerce

The margin between your Dropshipping Supplier´s selling price to you and your Company´s Selling price to the customer is the margin within which you must pay for all your costs and also make a profit.

Your Company´s costs would include payments to the platform which you use, for example, monthly payment to Shopify, Amazon, TREX or Slingly. The latter two are based on the WordPress platform.

Also, your Company will have to pay your own staffing costs and overheads such as office rental, heating, air conditioning lighting, computers and software, advertising, and your own accounting and audit costs as well.

Frequently the margin within which your Company operates is a factor of 2 times their cost price, which sounds a lot, but your operational overheads can also be significant especially the cost of advertising using Facebook, Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube (cost of video preparation and posting).

make money online with e-commerce


Your Company should frequently carry out Sales Campaigns to promote certain of their products at particular times. These Sales Campaigns usually comprise Sales Funnels which make an Offer or Lead Magnet so as to invite a potential customer to leave their email address, which is then used for informing of the Sales Campaigns which follow the Squeeze Page.

Sales Funnels will typically start with a DoorBuster Offer, something to really attract a visitor´s attention, and get them to purchase. This may be at cost or slightly over cost, so not a high-profit margin usually. Once they have purchased, and before they exit the site, there will be an Upsell Offer, which is usually more profitable for you as the seller. The buyer may decline this and be offered a Downsell Offer before they exit the site. The Sales Funnel can contain several Upsells and Downsells. Sometimes buyers can get a little annoyed if there are too many Upsells and Downsells, so be careful not to overdo the offers in your funnel.

So your Company hopes to entice a buyer to buy several items, rather than just the first Doorbuster Offer which was at the start of the sales funnel, and this will greatly increase your profit margin on each item, and your overall revenue.

What Are The Risks Involved in Ecommerce?

There are numerous hurdles which you have to overcome in order to achieve a significant level of sales:

1. Traffic – there need to be a  lot of visitors to the E-commerce Website Company to stand a chance of getting some conversions. Conversion rates are usually low which can considerably affect your ability to make revenue and profit.

2. Trust – If they have never heard of your store, or if they have doubts they will receive the product they order, then visitors may not buy from you and click away to a store which they trust to buy from.

3. Fulfilment – Dropshipping fulfilment from China (for example), may have a time delay and an uncertainty so that people may not wish to spend their money on your site.

make money online with e-commerce


4. Platform Problems – Sometimes there are issues to overcome related to the Sales Platform which you choose to use, for example:

Amazon – There are lots of competitors on Amazon, and you do not own the customer, so you cannot build an email list from Amazon customers. Additionally, Amazon may decide at any time to close your store, and possibly offer the items which you were offering for sale, themselves, really? Yes, really!

Nevertheless, proponents of Amazon say that irrespective of the foregoing limitations, Amazon is still worth pursuing because visitors to Amazon are ready to buy, and therefore it is possible to achieve conversions at a higher rate than with other sites.

Shopify – There are regular outgoings with Shopify, for the store and also various app add-ons which are necessary for trading, so these need to be taken into account in the margin between your cost and selling price of products on Shopify.

TREX – Dropshipping fulfilment is from the USA, rather than China, but costs are higher as well, especially shipping (surprisingly, since shipment is within the USA).

Slingly – Regular ongoing costs of operating Slingly, and other similar WordPress commerce sites.

5. Build an Email List – This is an essential part of building your business so you need to carefully consider means which will allow you to do this (Amazon, in particular, puts great constraints on affiliates regarding ownership of the customer, and also even acknowledging repeat sales, these are Amazon´s contacts, not yours, even if you introduced the customer).

6. Build a Niche – It can be difficult to build a General Store, so the conventional wisdom is that you need to target your audience (customers)  in a narrow niche, which you specialize in.

7. Marketing Strategy – Your marketing strategy should be geared towards your particular niche and how to sell to those customers in your niche. If you have success then you can Scale the business upwards.

There is a lot involved in setting up a successful E-commerce Website Company, and when you consider the costs of the setup and reliable arrangements with Dropshipping companies (which may be located in China or other countries), then it may be prohibitive for you to do so.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

You can make money online with E-commerce, especially the Drop-shipping model.

Amazon is recognised as a good bet to make money online with e-commerce because visitors have buying intent.

Shopify is another option but said to be hard to gain momentum.

In order to streamline the process, you need to ensure that you have a reliable fulfilment company to support your operation. That means the correct, quality products delivered on-time to the customer.

The last thing you want is for unhappy customers to make complaints and return goods, or have to track goods which have gone astray.

If you are fulfilling your orders from China, you need to select reliable suppliers, so will need to spend some time pre-selecting these.

Consider trying out Wealthy Affiliate (WA) where you can make a website for free, and try out your ideas for dropshipping and e-commerce, and learn a lot of lessons from the training and also from other community members before you commit a lot of costs to your e-commerce platform.

Click Here to see the OMS review of Wealthy Affiliate.











How to Make (Or Possibly Lose) Money Online-Multi-Level Marketing MLM2018

Introduction to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

What is MLM?

Multi-level marketing

Multilevel marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products

There are so many advertisements for programs or educational software which enable you to have your very own business online from which you can MAKE MONEY ONLINE. It´s easy, thousands have people have transformed their lives, overturned the traces, and are now enjoying the Laptop Lifestyle, after joining our SIMPLE, DONE FOR YOU SALES SYSTEM!

Multi-Level Marketing – Who Does It?

The following companies are associated with MLM:

List of multi-level marketing companies

This is a list of companies which use multilevel marketing (also known as network marketing, direct selling, referral marketing, and pyramid selling)
Some MLM schemes have achieved notoriety and are know as Pyramid Schemes:

Pyramid scheme

schemes have existed for at least a century in different guises. Some multilevel marketing plans have been classified as pyramid schemes. In a pyramid scheme
Here is a well-known example of a company which uses the MLM model for sales:


a direct sales company that sells knives, predominantly through multilevel marketing. It is the parent company of CUTCO Cutlery Corp., Vector Marketing
Many of these offers involve Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Pyramid Selling and in our view should be avoided. Here we will explain why, using a fictitious example, which may sound very familiar to some of you who have been pitched by or even been involved in such schemes previously.




The reason for this recommendation to AVOID THESE SCHEMES (MANY OF WHICH IN OUR VIEW ARE SCAMS) is that often you will be required to BUY-IN to the program to start with. Sometimes the entry level payment is quite low, so as to induce you into the SALES FUNNEL.

Once you have been inducted into the entrance door of the scheme (TOP LEVEL OF SALES FUNNEL), you will be enticed to go to the next stage which may involve a PRODUCT LAUNCH, which you will be fortunate enough to participate in and benefit from massive commissions, well maybe!

You will be told that you have the once in a lifetime opportunity to make millions of dollars in commissions, as a result of helping to sell various ESTABLISHED HIGH-QUALITY SOFTWARE OR EDUCATIONAL products (often described as MARKET LEADING PROGRAMS AND WITH FAIL-SAFE DEMAND AND WHICH ARE PROVEN, TOP SELLERS).

A very attractive way to make easy money apparently, but the next step is that in order to qualify to sell this Market Leading Software, you must know about it, so you will be required to BUY A COPY OF THE SOFTWARE PROGRAM OR COURSE  (Wow, you never expected that, but you will be told that in order to succeed you must TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, and don’t worry the cost of this will be lost in the massive commissions which you are about to make. This is not going to be cheap, but don’t worry you will be offered a knockdown price available only to our partners in the scheme! OK THEN….

Multi-Level Marketing


Your wallet will be Several thousand dollars lighter, but you are now qualified to sell the market Leading Software Program. Everything is looking good and don’t worry the high commissions are just around the corner!

To reach the next stage you must now sell many copies of the MARKET LEADING SOFTWARE, your target is 100 copies for this month. So how to do that, you quickly run out of family and friends who might be interested to buy anything from you, especially if it is not the first MLM scheme in which you have been involved?

So, you need to buy traffic using Pay Per Click, or Facebook Ads, or other ads from Yahoo or Bing, or Solo Ads. Another expense, but don’t worry it will be a FRACTION OF THE HIGH COMMISSIONS WHICH YOU WILL MAKE FROM SELLING THE MARKET LEADING SOFTWARE PROGRAM.

Multi-Level Marketing


You will have been shown videos of regular guys and gals who have gone from ZERO TO MEGABUCKS OVERNIGHT making commissions from the MARKET LEADING SOFTWARE PROGRAM. The implication is that ANYONE can do this, you just need to participate in the scheme and you will automatically make money, you just need to take MASSIVE ACTION!. So being a MASSIVE ACTION TAKER you decide to give it a try, EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT.

Great! There are a few people interested in the MARKET LEADING SOFTWARE PROGRAM, which you pass on to the central sales team so that they can CONVERT ALL SALES FOR YOU, ITS OK BECAUSE YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!

The only thing is there are NO SALES or maybe if you are lucky ONE OR TWO SALES, so you get a little bit of the many thousands of dollars which you already invested in the MARKET LEADING SOFTWARE PROGRAM.






Multi-Level Marketing


Take a Step Back and Re-Consider Your Options!

Does the above story sound familiar to you?

If you want to make money online, the LAST place you should start is on a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme.


OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

Usually we do not recommend Multi-Level Marketing as a matter of course.

We recommend that you start with a FREE membership of Wealthy Affiliate(WA) so check out our review here. Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing, rather than MLM.

You will be blown away by the comprehensive training and the backup, community help and technical support and the FREE website hosting (for two sites with FREE membership).

If you decide you like WA you can upgrade to a Premium Membership for $49 per month, click here, but you can stay as a FREE member for as long as you want trying it out or using it within the constraints of the FREE membership.

Check out the WA website and let us know what you think! We think Wealthy Affiliate is Amazing!

You won’t regret it, and you will MAKE MONEY ONLINE (NOT LOSE IT!).

Multi-Level Marketing

Happy Free Wealthy Affiliate Member








The Importance Of Customer Perspectives 2019

Introduction – Why Are Customer Perspectives Important?

Customer perspectives are important because they are usually the Visitors to a website, who are seeking a solution to their problem or an answer to a question or issue which they have (sometimes called a pain point). You need to identify your product or service which will relieve that pain point, or solve that problem for the customer, within the Niche market which you serve. Hence you have a big interest in Customer Perspectives.

Companies expend their efforts in order to research and better understand customer perspectives, because they are so important regarding the customer´s online experience, and therefore whether the customer will conclude their purchase with you.

Doug Dalton

online cosmetics company. There he focused his efforts on gaining customer perspectives to enhance the customer’s online experience. When Estée Lauder Companies
Some companies think that the customer perspectives are so important that they dedicate themselves to these.

Customer Perspectives

Get valuable customer feedback for improving customer service by becoming a client of Customer Perspectives today. Click or call 1-800-277-4677 today.
One of the most well-known ways of researching the customer perspectives if the Mystery Shopper

Become a Mystery Shopper I Customer Perspectives

If you have excellent observation and reporting skills, learn more about how you can become a mystery shopper for Customer Perspectives and avoid scams.

Customer Perspectives | Crunchbase

Customer Perspectives, a 30-year leader in the mystery shopping marketplace.
In more recent times, the customer perspectives can be ascertained via Social Media, for example, LinkedIn.

Customer Perspectives | LinkedIn

Learn about working at Customer Perspectives. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at Customer Perspectives, leverage your professional network, …
Customer perspectives

Potential Customers – AUDIENCE


Social media marketing

can be a useful source of market information and a way to hear customer perspectives. Blogs, content communities, and forums are platforms where individuals

Comparison Stage

The Potential Customer is wary of what he may find because he knows that it may not be easy to find the solution to the problem or the answer to the question.

Customer perspectives

Potential Customers Wariness

The Potential Customer may have previous experience of seeking his or her solution or answer, and not having found it, hence they are still seeking. This previous experience may have involved spending money or time, or both, and not achieving a successful outcome to the quest, hence the potential customer may be wary of spending any more money or time without being fairly certain that the solution or answer will be forthcoming.

As the Prospective Solution or Answer Provider, you need to reassure the Prospective Customer that you can indeed fulfil his or her requirement and provide the solution or answer which they are seeking, to their satisfaction. You need to gain their Trust in order to do that effectively.

Customer perspectives

The Customer Journey from initial enquiry to installation

How Can You Provide Re-Assurance and Confidence to the Prospective Customer In Order To Gain Their Trust?

A supplier or service/solution provider needs to engage with a prospective customer, and prove to them that they are capable of solving their problems or answering their questions.

On what basis does this engagement take place?

There needs to be communication between the parties, first of all, an exchange of words or ideas.

As a result of this initial communication, there will arise an understanding between the parties of what the problem or question is which needs to be answered? Further, the potential customer needs to appreciate that not only can you as the supplier or service provider answer the question or provide the answer but that they trust you enough to entrust you to do it for them.

How can such trust be built between the parties, the potential customer, and you as the supplier or service provider?

There needs to be a dialogue whereby you communicate your capability and experience of solving such problems previously. This can occur when you show the potential customer the previous problems which you have solved, and similar questions which you have answered. This is your PROOF that you can help them, and reaches an Affinity between you and the Potential Customer.


Not only must you prove your capability and experience of solving such problems and answering such questions, but there must also be an understanding of the cost of providing this service to the potential customer, which needs to be communicated. The consideration for which you will provide your service or product.

Communicating the cost of the service is not the end of the story. The Potential Customer may have other options, as you may not be the only party who has experience and capability, you may have competitors, who are known to the potential customer. The Potential Customer may trust one of your competitors more than he trusts you because he has bought services from them previously, so he may choose your competitor in preference to you.

You need to build trust with the Potential Customer or provide him with an enticement to order the goods or services from you. You may have a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which differentiates your offer or service from those of your competitors, and which is sufficient to entice the Potential Customer to try your service. For example. this USP may be an unconditional money back guarantee, in the event of lack of satisfaction with the product or service, so that the customer is at no risk of losing his money.

Very often the dialogue between a service provider and a Potential Customer takes a considerable amount of time, in order to build up sufficient trust between the parties, before an order is placed.

The dialogue may involve establishing some Empathy between the service provider and the Potential Customer, that you have both experienced the problem, and demonstrating that your answer to the problem can also solve his problem. This empathy can be established by an understanding that both the service provider and potential customer have similar problems in general, and similar outlook and aspirations.

For example, if the problem is to do with child care, then a conversation between the parties which explains the common issue (looking after the children while the parents are working), and how the problem was solved is a leveller, it is a very common problem for all parents. Similarly, all parents have the same problem at some stage of saving and paying for University or College fees, so a savings plan may be one possible solution.

Another example where empathy can be demonstrated is the issue of traffic, and how to deal with it in relation to child safety, because it is a common problem for all parents.

Many people hate their jobs and would prefer to have the freedom of self-employment, so this another topic for empathy since it is a common aspiration.

Other areas of empathy can be found in childhood memories, such as school time, or holidays by the sea. People also love to talk about holiday experiences and travel experiences as well.

These are all common adult experiences where some empathy can be found, as a basis for communication between service providers and potential customers.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

Customers may visit your site, and others of your competitors, up to 7 times before they satisfy themselves that they may want to buy your product or service.

Further to the communication, engagement, and build up and the establishment of trust, during the final stage before purchase, is when it becomes clear that the customer has Intent to Purchase.

The customer has reviewed all their options, including your competitors’ offers, and concluded that you are capable of solving their problem and that they trust you enough to buy your service or product at the price you demand.

If you do not take account of customer perspectives, then you run the risk that the customer may at any of the preliminary stages leading up to concluding a purchase go to any of your competitors to solve their problem.












OMS Guidance on Keyword Research 2019

Introduction to Keyword Research 2018

This is a guide with a worked example of how to find relevant keywords, using different methods and also how to research keywords using the Jaaxy keyword tool. The methods which we demonstrate are as follows:

  1. Using Google, for Adword suggestions, known as the Alphabet soup method.
  2. Using Yahoo Answers.
  3. Using, for How to….? type answers
keyword research 2018

Keyword Research 2018

You will find our review of the Jaaxy keyword tool on our website, and we suggest that you read this post as well as the current one –https://onlinemarketingsoftwar…

We will also look at, which is a very effective Keyword Research Tool.

We will take you through step by step how to do the keyword research, and how to use the results effectively.

Step One – Use to identify some suitable keywords using the alphabet soup technique for Keyword Research 2018

First, consider the Keyword or keyword phrase which you want to research. In this worked example we are considering keywords suitable for Jaaxy Review, so we choose the words ¨best keyword¨ to search first.

Enter the words ¨best keyword¨ into Google, and note below the returns from Google:

  • best keyword research tool
  • best keywords
  • best keyword research tool 2013
  • best keywords for SEO.

All of these keywords or keyword phrases can be entered into Jaaxy, to see what results are displayed for each.

Keyword Research 2018

Google Keyword Research 2018

Step Two – Input the same keyword into Yahoo Answers

For example, we will insert some different keywords. Inserting the same search term ¨best keyword¨ into Yahoo Answers gives the following search result:

keyword research 2018

Yahoo Answers search best keyword


The above keywords or keyword phrases can be entered into Jaaxy as well to see what returns are made.


Step 3 – Enter the keyword search into EHow

Enter ¨best keyword¨search term into EHow

keyword research 2018

EHow – best keyword

This step gives ¨How to¨ type responses to search terms entered, in this case, ¨best keyword¨:

Next, the feedback from the above keyword searches can be entered into Jaaxy, so as to identify a list which can be saved and from which the competition (QSR) and Traffic to that keyword can be identified.

Keyword Research 2018

Jaaxy Keyword Search

So the most suitable words for further development can be identified, bearing in mind that of prime importance is that the keywords should make grammatical sense.

The next most important criteria are that the QSR (Competition) level should be less than 300 ideally, or possibly up to 400 in certain circumstances, where the website is well established.

The traffic to the site should ideally be more than 100 searches per month, although it is possible to start at a lower level and wait for the content on the post to increase the traffic level gradually.

Once there is a complete list of suitable keywords, this can be saved for reference.

The Domain compatibility feature in Jaaxy can also be used so as to see the availability of suitable domains for purchase and registration.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

There are many options available for you to carry out Keyword Research 2018.

Some of the best tools avalable are:

  • Jaaxy
  • Squirrly
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Ehow

It is important that your keywords appear in the post title, and url, and also within a heading in the content text, at least. It is important not to over-do the provision of keywords in your post or page.













OMS review of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (

Introduction – What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a Keyword Research Tool software program from Kyle and Carson the owners and developers of Wealthy Affiliate and was designed to help subscribers to carry out Keyword Research, but in addition to this, Jaaxy also has a host of other features, which we describe in this post.

The most powerful functionality is available in the Enterprise version of Jaaxy. Jaaxy is also available FREE for trial, following which users can subscribe to the PRO version of Jaaxy (recommended by OMS).

To subscribe to Jaaxy go to this link here.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy Home Page Sign Up For Free

Jaaxy is the standard Keyword Tool offered within Wealthy Affiliate, so WA subscribers already have basic access to this powerful tool.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Screenshot – Jaaxy Keyword Tool

What Is The Purpose Of A Keyword Research Tool?

Generally, the main purpose of a Keyword Research Tool is to identify and confirm the following three things, in relation to the keyword phrase for the market niche which is being researched:

  1. The competition for the keyword phrase.
  2. The traffic for the keyword phrase.
  3. To confirm that the keyword phrase makes grammatical sense.

Desirable Features Of Any Keyword Research Tool

Regarding desirable features of Keyword Research Tools, when appraising options and comparing alternative solutions, take account of the following:

  • Avoid solutions which need to be installed.
  • Avoid solutions which offer PCC Guesstimates.
  • Avoid solutions which rely on Alexa as a key factor in determining competition.
  • Avoid anything which requires multiple steps or searches in order to arrive at the answer.
  • Avoid tools which do not give results from all search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing.

The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool – What Are It´s Capabilities?

OMS has used Jaaxy for Keyword Research and found this to be the most capable keyword research tool we have tried, which also does a lot more for your money, as we explain in our post below.

In addition to Keyword Research, users can also identify Domain Availability, so that they can purchase the most suitable Domains for the Keywords which they have identified. Jaaxy displays the usual .com, .org and .net availability, .com being the most preferable option.

Additionally, Jaaxy can be used to carry out research into Market Niches.

Also, Jaaxy can be used to carry out research into Affiliate Program availability. So a member having identified their market niche, can research the available Affiliate programs for that niche, identify the products which are currently being marketed, and which of these has affiliate programs, and by comparison of all of these, identify and rank the most profitable Affiliate Programs. Jaaxy has access to more than 15,000 Affiliate Programs!

SEO Competition – Jaaxy can provide search results from any keyword which is entered. So by researching each of the identified websites one by one, a member can display results from Google, Yahoo and Bing, and all three combined, which covers approximately 99.7% of all Search Engine coverage!

From the detail of each website being researched, a member can display invaluable information about backlinks, Alexa rankings, word count, links on every site, meta keywords and meta descriptions. Armed with this comprehensive information, a member can prepare a plan to outmanoeuvre their competition.

Rankings – these are available for Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and can be constantly monitored and updated, thus keeping track on progress on process improvement. A member can automatically track their keyword rankings, for example, twice per week, or weekly, twice per month, or monthly.

All of the above-combined capability and features mean that a member can be Master of Keywords, which is the foundation for online business success.

What Is The Cost of Jaaxy?

There are three price levels for subscribing to Jaaxy. Amazingly there is an unlimited time Free trial membership, which gives a new subscriber 30 free searches on Jaaxy (not the usual time-limited trial period), which is plenty of opportunities to try out its capabilities.

To join Jaaxy as a Pro Member at $19 per month or $199 per annum gives a subscriber a very powerful version of Jaaxy with which to carry out the amazing functionality which is described above.

The Enterprise Membership level of Jaaxy costs $49 per month or $499 per annum and gives the subscriber the most powerful capability available.

See below the table which shows the respective functionality available with each level of membership.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy Price Comparison Table

OK, That Sounds Good, But Is Jaaxy Easy to Use?

I will explain how easy it is to use Jaaxy by showing some screenshots of the software program.

From the Jaaxy Home Page, a member can enter a Keyword of their choice.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Research Example Keyword Search

See the example keyword which we entered and searched for Hand Made Silver Jewellery, and the list of suggested relevant Keywords which Jaaxy displayed, along with other relevant related keywords.

What Are The Alternatives to Jaaxy?

There are  a few alternatives to Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool:

Moz (marketing software)

of tools in its SEO Toolbox, including Moz Keyword Explorer, a keyword research tool that provides keyword suggestions, SEO competition, opportunity
We have not yet tried out Moz, but will do so and post our review in due course.
We have reviewed Webfire software, so go here to read our review.

Keyword Tool (software)

Pros”. Retrieved 13 October 2016.  “KEYWORDTOOL.IO KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL“. Retrieved 13 October 2016.  “
We have not yet tried out, but will do so and post our review in due course.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

From review and our use of Jaaxy over several months, we would have no hesitation to recommend Jaaxy as one of the best available Keyword Research Tool.

Everyone should try out the FREE version of Jaaxy to ensure that they understand it, and that it will meet their requirements.

We recommend the use of Jaaxy PRO version for all professional users, as a minimum.

For POWER users we recommend upgrading to Jaaxy Enterprise version.

To subscribe to Jaaxy go to this link here.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy Home Page Sign Up For Free












OMS Slingly Review September 2019

Introduction – Slingly Review

Slingly is an e-commerce online marketing software package owned by Ricky Mataka, which works on the Shopify platform.



Slingly Review

Slingly Ecommerce

Who Is Ricky Mataka?

Ricky Mataka is a highly experienced marketing veteran with a lot of different sales and marketing campaigns to his credit.

Slingly Review

Ricky Mataka Facebook




We have seen Ricky Mataka speaking at the TREX conference in San Diego at the end of October 2017, and he certainly is an impressive speaker. He obviously knows a lot about marketing and gave good advice about strategies for marketing TREX products using Facebook Ads, also other methods which had worked for him to give big sales revenues and profits over many years.

Some Other Independent Opinions for Slingly Review


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Slingly Review – Forget What You Think You Know About eCommerce

May 5, 2017 Ricky Mataka is redefining eCommerce as YOU know it with Slingly. The world’s first 3 punch eCom system that can get results in 72 hours.

Slingly Review + Insider Secrets and a Badass Bonus

The new & improved Commercify 2.0 (Slingly) is here. You’ve seen my slingly review video so now read my full review with insider secrets and get your bonus!

Slingly Review – New Way To Do eCommerce? (Commercify 2.0)

May 6, 2017 This the last day you can get Slingly! Find out how it can make your sales in as little as 24 hours from now. Just take a look below! 24 hours of sale.

Slingly Review [ Commercify 2.0 ] – Take our targeting, products, and …

May 1, 2017 Slingly Review [ Commercify 2.0]: Every wonder what really goes on behind the scenes of a million dollar e-commerce store? Read this review …

Slingly Review (Closes Today) This Is Your Last Chance To Get It

May 10, 2017 There is a specific reason why you can’t make it with eCommerce. Find out how Ricky Mataka changes that with Slingly. Review and bonus …

Our Own Experience of Slingly

We subscribed to Slingly on 19th October 2017, after hearing a TREX webinar presentation which made it sound like they had a very saleable set of products, with unusual designs, and were expecting to get a Done For You store within a week or two as per the sales pitch.

After a few weeks, nothing had happened so we chased things up through the support desk at Slingly. It appears that our order had been overlooked, but they promised to get on the case.

After several more weeks, we chased things up again and eventually received the website completed on 13th December 2017, almost 2 months after we paid for our subscription.

We were charged the $100 monthly subscription payment to Slingly, for November, even though we did not have our store operational.

We also paid all the usual charges to Shopify ($39 per month).

In December our credit card expired so the regular payment was not taken as normal, and we needed to update our payment details for the new card. We received an email from Slingly which stated that they had tried to take our payment five times, and because of the non-payment, our subscription was cancelled.

We replied pointing out the delay in the completion of the Done For You website and received a curt response saying that access to our site was denied until the payment problem was resolved.

We responded again stating that we had expected a better response to our earlier message pointing out the delays in completing the website build and thanking Slingly for missing the Black Friday and Cyber Monday date with their site build, also effectively missing the Christmas sales season because they only gave us access in mid-December.

Anyway, Slingly has taken our access away, so we now have to decide whether to continue with Slingly and pay up for what could be more poor service. or alternatively write off the total purchase payment which we have made as a poor choice, and not continue with Slingly at all.

Does anyone else have experience of Slingly (previously Commercify), and if so what was your purchase experience like?

There was also an aspiration to link Slingly with TREX, which was a possibility for a few months, then that aspiration disappeared as well so there is even less reason to subscribe.

OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

We can’t really see any reason to recommend Slingly, from our own experience. Maybe our experience was not typical? We don´t know.

Maybe you have a different experience and can recommend Slingly, or even do your own Slingly Review.

If so, we would be pleased to hear from you about it, so please share your experience with us.



OMS Guide to Keyword Research For Ecommerce 2019

Introduction To Keyword Research For Ecommerce

Keyword Research is essential in internet marketing for identifying relevant search terms in order to identify niches or audiences (groups of people) who are potential customers or users of your product or service.

keyword research for ecommerce

You need to research what people are looking for!

From the articles which we refer to you will see that Long Tail Keywords are very important for SEO because they make up 70% of all internet searches.


Keyword Research For E-commerce: A Beginner’s Guide

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E-commerce Keyword Research: The Ultimate Guide

May 15, 2017 This guide will walk you through the e-commerce keyword research step-by-step. With the right keywords, you’ll attract the right customers to your …

How to Create a Keyword Research Strategy for Your Online Store

Feb 21, 2018 This isn’t helped by the fact that many folks giving advice on e-commerce SEO aren’t applying the rigor necessary for real keyword research.

How To Do Keyword Research For An Ecommerce Website

Feb 14, 2017 A step by step guide on how to do keyword research for an e-commerce website. Learn how to find which keywords to target in your product …

5 Tips for Dominating Your E-Commerce Keyword Research …

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How to do keyword research for eCommerce website – Quora

Keyword Research is not just about Google Keyword Planner (GKP). GKP is a great tool but it does not provide you with the complete insights. Most marketers use  …


A key word is a single word or a group of words (key word phrase), which is used in order to make a search for a particular item in a keyword search on a Search Engine.

  • It is a word or concept of great significance.
  • A word which acts as the key to a cypher or code.

Key word Research is the process of finding keywords or keyword phrases which are relevant to particular niches.

Keyword research

Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into

A niche is a group of people, potential customers, or an audience.

There is a secondary stage as part of the key word research process of deciding whether a particular keyword or keyword phrase is suitable for development.

This decision is made as a result of analyzing the data obtained from the key word research and verifying its suitability.

Use Google For Key Word Research

Google Insights for Search

map. It displays top searches and rising searches that may help with keyword research. Results can be narrowed down with categories that are displayed for

As an example to demonstrate the keyword research process, if the word Christmas is entered into the Google search box, then a number of phrases are illustrated or suggested by Google below the search box, such as:

  • Christmas
  • Christmas tree shop
  • Christmas tree
  • Christmas songs
  • Christmas decorations
  • Christmas 2017
  • Christmas movies
  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas jumpers

This is because Google returns the most relevant, commonly used,  search terms in response to the keyword entered.

The purpose of key word research is to identify those key words which have the potential to be used for Search Engine Optimization in relation to your niche and for which it is worth developing content.

A keyword which is too broad will be pointless to develop content because there is too much competition or the subject is too vague. As an example, if a keyword is used such as American, it would apply to the whole population of the USA, which is around 220m people, which is far too broad an audience to be able to realistically target for internet marketing purposes.  For normal Search Engine Optimization, the audience or niche must be narrowed down considerably to be useful.

The key word search needs to narrow the audience down to a level which can be reasonably targeted without too much competition.

Other Keyword Research Tools

Within Wealthy Affiliate the JaaxyLite keyword research tool which is provided free to Premium members, and this will allow a user to identify the traffic and the competition for any keyword, as well as its grammatical sense.

For a key word or key word phrase to be worthwhile developing content for, the traffic should be in the region of 30-50 searches per month, and the competition should not be more than 100 for a new site.

Additionally, the key word should make grammatical sense as well as meet the search criteria identified above.

keyword research for e-commerce

Jaaxy Price Table Comparison

Within the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool,  Jaaxy Lite is provided as standard to Premium Members.

Jaaxy Pro can be subscribed to at $19 per month or Jaaxy Enterprise at $49 per month.

The Jaaxy software is more sophisticated than the WA Keyword Tool, and provides more information for a keyword researcher and allows the user to save searches for further analysis.

For our review of the Jaaxy keyword research tool click here.

Other Keyword Research Tools which could be used are:

keyword research for ecommerce

Squirrly pricing

Another good option for research is Squirrly, see their pricing options.


Yet another option is to ask questions on Quora, in order to do key word research.


OMS Conclusion And Recommendation

If you have an e-commerce business, you need to find the optimum way to get traffic to your website. E-commerce is a particular internet environment where you need to successfully differentiate your brand and your products from the many competitor websites and companies.

As an e-commerce business owner you have a lot invested in getting traffic to your site so that you can maximise conversions or sales, hence choosing the right tool for efficient key word research is essential.